• You and four other guys are performing at your high school's prom. Though your band does mostly metal, you guys sometimes do soft rock.You are the lead vocalist and keyboard player. The rest of the band plays aucoustic, electric, bass, and drums perspectively. 

    At the nigh of the prom, all of you are getting you equipment ready as the lights are still off. When they come off, you and your keyboard are in the front. The acoustic and rock guitarists are at your left and the bass and drums are at your right.

    You ask the crowd to quiet for a bit. With the silence, you all start to perform. Ther song your band play is Take Me to Your Heart by Michael Learns To Rock(MLTR).

    The softness of the song starts to make the couples look at each other. The atmosphere of the prom is quite pleseant. Some of crowd start to sing along with your band. 

    After the song ends, the crowd cheers for you all. As the crowd silence itself, the lights go out for the next performance. As you guys start to set the equipment aside until prom is over, you feel a weak bite from behind. When you turn, you see a jabberwock.

    The Jabberwock is blushing slightly like she's being bashful. Her dress is slightly lewd because her dress exposes much of the top part o her chest. Her eyes make her look so innocent as she looks down.

    You know that acoustic guitarist has a inari, but you're not certain if that logic could be applied.

    "H-hey," the jabberwock stutters. "Could we have some alone time?"

    What would you do?

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    • Seeing as how my band and I aren’t scheduled to play another song for 30 mins, I agree and go spend some quality time with the Jabberwock.

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