• Family: Arachnae

    Type: Bug

    Habitat: Dark places in the Emberlight Depths, Dim-lit communities, etc.

    Disposition: Calm, Rational, Stoic (at times), Sociable. (When angered or trying to terrify someone: Fear-inducing, Hostile, and a tad Crazy.) (When married: Devoted, Loving, Kind, and overprotective)

    Diet: Omnivorous, Men's spirit energy

    Deepgaze spiders are the third largest spiders known in the Emberlight Depths besides the daughters of Virutela and Virutela herself. Towering over men by a couple of feet, these arachnae have the frightening ability to actually see what's inside a person's soul, giving many the impression that they are a species of Grim Reaper, to which oddly enough besides the ability mentioned, have no traces of the power over the dead. They are distinguishable by their onyx-black caraspace, adorned with the symbol of a pair of eyes on it.

    Being, like all arachnae, a mamono that seeks out a husband, they will use their soul-staring ability to freeze up a target they find and bring him to a secluded location to initiate the 'session'. They are, despite what people say about them, a completely reasonable sort. In fact, many who police the area of the Emberlight Depths often deputize the arachnae both for their great eyesight as well as their soulful ability, and being sociable does help when such an outlook on their species is a tad disheartening.

    However, when angered, or when they have the absolute need to terrify someone (which is extremely rare for their species), they often have a knack for inducing or placing a good deal of fear in one's heart, almost as if scaring someone was natural for them. However, they can get a bit overboard, and sometimes this leaves most who encounter them in their 'fear mode' traumatized from their experience. But if a person (or mamono) because of this gets traumatized, they become deeply regretful of their actions, and will do whatever means necessary to help him (or her) get over it.

    A married Deepgaze spider is often devoted to making sure her husband is happy, since their species often reflects fear. They give their husband a great deal of love, and they are kind, although sometimes when something happens that the Deepgaze Spider thinks is dangerous to her husband, she will get overprotective.

    (Let me know what you think, Tikkit, and if there's anything else I need to add, let me know.)

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