• You are sitting in a club with a ceiling that's 25 meters from your foot. There are only four stairs that go up to the skywalk that has tables up there as well. The lights of the club are mostly purple and blue. The tables and seats are black. The bar stations is outfitted with LED lights.

    The Music starts to ramp up the party. Looking up, you see a nekomata flying to you. As the burp from the music drops, she lands on your face butt first. The force from her landing forces you to hit your head on the wall.

    The nekomata gets up after she lands. As you try to get up, you see that you're bleeding. Not only that, you also feel a big headache. As the nekomata looks back to you. She put her hands to her mouth and gives a shock look.

    "Oh my," she cries, "what do I do? I think I did something bad."

    What would you do?

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    • I question why are we here? Just to suffer?

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    • First time at a club and this happens. I'd leave the help there and go to the hospital. Once I know everything is fine I go home with the full intention to NEVER go to another night club. Seriously what the hek was I thinking I don't even like big get togethers why would I like a night club.

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    • The top one is mine i meant neko not help

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    • A FANDOM user
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