• You are the warrior prince and future ruler of the kingdom ruled by your mother and father. Many years ago your father made a deal with a lilim for power and wealth. In exchange for becoming strong and rich, he would hand you over to her the day you turned 18. Being a cocky person when he planned to take the wealth and power he decided not to hand you over the coming day. You were eight on that day and many things have happened during the past ten years. Your father with his new power slain the powerful dragon that was endangering the kingdom remarried giving the kingdom a new queen had a daughter together celebrated her birth with a massive feast big enough for the kingdom and has gone to war with multiple kingdoms and won all of them. Your father became one of the most powerful kings ever known but his glory would soon be snuffed out following what happens next. Seeing that he cheated her on the deal the daughter of the demon lord has declared war on your father's kingdom. She urged her mother and father to help her by sending their most powerful army to get what she deserves even if it meant turning your future kingdom into a demon realm. The kingdom is now under attack by a massive army of mamono and things are looking bad. Every soldier that attempts to fight the invaders has fallen to them. They have taken over the town turned all the woman into monsters and men into incubi. Finally finished with the town and the people they make their way to the castle. With the combined strength of a hell-hound minotaur and a wurm the doors to the castle break apart letting the monsters into the castle. All the guards do their best to fight them off only to suffer the same fate as everyone else along with the servants. When you and the king heard the mamono enter the castle you barricaded the door with everything you could get your hands on and arm yourselves. Although the door was fortified shut it was not enough to keep them from coming in but its enough to hold them off for a while the only other way in or out was the windows. Knowing the monsters will soon get here your father turns to you and says. "I'm sorry my son but you must escape this place behind me there's a trap door that will lead you to an underground secret passageway use it to escape to a nearby town I will fight them off as long as possible for you your mother and sister to escape". That's when you both realize your mother and sister are not in the same room with you. "Oh god no, they must be hiding in their bedrooms that's the place I told them to take refuge in when there's an attack". All of the mamono are on the first floor of the castle you are on the third floor and the bedrooms are on the second floor. WWYD? (I redid this to give it some pizazz I know its far from perfect but please try to make a good response something nice and long that's all I request)

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    • [I tried...]

      What idiots ! Why such stupid instructions from my father ? It has lost its splendor in recent months, as monsters approached the kingdom. I wondered even where was this warrior king who had defeated the mighty dragon. My honor does not allow me to flee like a coward leaving my mother-in-law and my half-sister in danger and I draw my sword.

      - I'll go get them.

      The door opened slightly to let pass before barricading. I go down to the second floor, the furthest door is that of my half-sister and the closest to my mother-in-law's, I go to the farthest. The main door of the first floor was giving way and I heard the chief of security on the first floor preparing his troops to try to buy time and trying to give them courage and hope to his troops.

      Chef : My brothers of the sword ! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands ! Let no man forget how menacing we are ! We are lions ! Do you know what's there, waiting beyond this battle ? Immortality ! Take it ! It's yours !

      I sneak into the crowd, I feel that the doors will give in and I enter the room of my step sister to fall on my mother-in-law mad with concern.

      Mother-in-law: My daughter is not here, she must be in my room! I don't want to die or...

      - Not now !

      Mother-in-law: You... did you come to save me? I.... Hurry, let's go. Their leader has everything ready for all kill us or worse.

      -The leader behind these attacks is good, but I am the best !

      I grab my mother-in-law's arm and pull her down the hall. When we are halfway to the door of his room. The main door gives way and a flood of succubus enters and clashes with the guards. The Lilim is here too. It probably keeps more powerful monster to control the city. Clever of him, divide and conquer. I drop my mother-in-law's sleeve and point my sword at the leader of this attack. If I kill the Lilim, nearby troops may have panicked with luck... or the opposite effect will occur.

      - I will put an end to all this....

      The Lilim stands in front of me and starts to laugh.

      Lilim: My little prince, you should have been in my bed and not to see that... Your brave audience will die and you will marry me as agreed.

      I turn to see my mother-in-law take the stairs of the upper floor alone. She makes fun of her own daughter and thinks only of herself as always. I turn to challenge the Lilim who takes a charming pose.

      Lilim: Let's see... You don't like to see your bride in danger and you'll take me to a nearby room.

      She moves forward and I move my sword, I miss to kill her. The surprised Lilim recoils with a gesture of the hands and putting his body forward in a vulgar pose.

      Lilim: I said... You'll come and take me in your arms and carry me in a bed to "consume" your wife !

      - No.

      Lilim: It was not a question... Too bad, you're one of those who can resist my charms.

      She takes out a sword and throws herself on me. I parry her blows and I have to back off, she is fast... Very fast and I miss several times losing an arm, I feel that the Lilim takes a kind of sadistic pleasure to try to hurt me. I step back and with a powerful kick, she makes me cross the door of my mother-in-law's room. I pick myself up to not fall to the ground and back, a quick glance in the room fails to make me let go of my sword. There are two bodies, my half-sister's and my mother-in-law's.

      - What....

      Lilim: Yes, humans are predictable... The leader of the birth pit, the succubus who knows everyone and raises the Lilim to make good lord and find the perfect candidate to succeed our mother, she took part to that. Blooden took on the appearance of a servant and during the attack on the castle. To isolate the queen was only simple....

      The Lilim burst out laughing. I had sent a powerful succubus to my father. The succubus was probably dead... I was just doubting with the recent events.

      Lilim: You can not protect everyone Prince Dzete... You could not even protect your family !

      Mad with anger, I go down on the lilim and pull her back. I don't even think about parrying and the powerful monster girl backs just defending herself. The fight is back in a corridor where there are only the succubes who are victorious, the majority violating the guards. The fact that Lilim backs down in front of me, a simple human makes them look at me. Nobody moves to help him and staying as spectators, letting my fight end without incident. A violent blow allows me to remove his weapon. I lift my sword to slice it and end letter to this madness. I'm going to kill a Lilim...

      A sharp pain was felt and I let go of my sword before putting the final blow. I turn to face the attacker. A beautiful succub with caramel skin and wearing a fake red throwing the bloody crown at my feet. Blooden I think, she beat everyone on the third floor ? What power...

      - Blooden ? HELLO I AM...

      Blooden: Yes, you don't have to talk anymore, my young treasure.

      The succubus throws again this spell and a pain to take me in the belly while I fall on my knees in a long cry of pain. The Lilim gets up and takes his weapon before sticking it under the throat.

      Lilim: I won !

      Blooden: No, he won... I intervened.

      Lilim: It's still my victory !

      Blooden: So, you are being overtaken by a card player, losing against his army with yours and coming to implore mom and dad to help you and end up being beaten by a young boy. I don't call it won. I am very disappointed, you were like Druella, full of promise at your beginnings to finish as low.

      The Lilim laughs as if making fun of Blooden, she raises her blade to give me the coup de grace and Blooden decapitates her.

      Blooden: You're not even on your guard anymore. What a disappointment you give !

      The succubus leans over and picks up the weapon before turning around me.

      Blooden: And there, the last human not dead or transform that can not do anything anymore.

      - Stop your little game... Finish your job !

      Blooden: You know what... No, I condemn you to a second extra life. Come on, good luck. You are good, but I am the best !

      I am helpless at the departure of succubus and collapse in the ruins of the castle in the middle of the dead. When I wake up, there is only me left alive... No one else is there and soldiers of the order arrived and look at me with an evil eye. They think I hid while fighting. The head of the Lilim is with that of my Father in the middle of the village with a sign saying...

      The King and the Queen of Idiots!

      Dzete is adopted! ~

      Signed Blooden. <3

      I am helpless and two members of the order handcuffed me, I would be tried in the next days and probably executed in case of doubt by a court, with luck, I should exile... I swear to find and kill Blooden, if I come out alive from the judgment of the order


      At the castle of Demon Lord two days later. Private discussions begin...

      Demon Lord: So, according to reports, this Dzete killed one of my daughters. What's the truth about this case, Blooden.

      Blooden: I decapitated her for fault, my queen. Dzete would have executed it if I had not saved it. Your daughter only showed arrogance and after four mistakes, I punished her.

      Demon lord: You release yourself, four mistakes, you kill ordinary by the second.

      Blooden: This one was like Druella and the one who reigns on Wonderland... Alas, she failed.

      Demon lord: Blooden, I understand your frustration and your refusal to take a husband, but you should have someone who loves you ...

      Blooden: There is no longer any "pure incubus". I would marry only with a man stronger than me... And this hero has not yet shown himself. Dzete is just a name on a list. I have to go and release him under my false identities in the Order. I would tell him the beach where your bastard girl is hiding... We'll see who will win. I'm leaning towards Dzete, but your bastard girl could win with luck ! One thing is certain, she will not spare him and it will be hard for him to win.

      Demon Lord: Blooden, what is your goal in the end, you always act in a strange way...

      Blooden laughed before changing his face tone and took the one of a stern and angry woman.

      Blooden : Madness and destruction. You shouldn't ask questions you know the answers to, it's not polite.

      The mighty demon lord sighed, as Blooden came out gracefully.

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    • Im not trying to complain and im happy I got a long reply I was hoping it would be more light hearted.

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    • Sorry.
      I rarely deliver happy ending. Dzete and Blooden are destined to always self-destruct, like a mutual suicide between them. One can not live while the other breathes... Finally, it is especially the case for Dzete who thinks only to take revenge. Blooden, she does not care much about Dzete being, the world can burn or the Order can win, as long as it's fun for her.

      If you wanted a "happy" ending, you can tell you that the bastard girl of the demon lord quoted in the epilogue has saved Dzete from the drowning (because yes, Dzete can not swim) and "blabla romance" and they ended up to marry and to have lots of children. Ok, it was bad for a happy ending. XD

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    • dually noted

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