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    A Kage

    A Kage is a shadow that was animated by the Demon Lord, they are easily recognized by their dark skin and glowing yellow eyes. They tend to have a quiet dispition however they are highly loyal to friends and their chosen partner, they are easily angered and often times even easier to startle. If startled this monster becomes extremely violent and will use their magical abilities to destroy the thing that startled them. They will also attempt to study the thing that startled them by following it around for months on end.

    These Monster girls are usually seen in human settlements selling things they have scavenged from battlefields or have stolen from others as merchants. They can also be seen in graveyards as most of the Kages are highly interested in Zombies.

    The Kages are a carnivorous monster species that will eat almost anything so long as it has some form of meat held within it.

    Furthermore; these monsters look down upon anyone who cannot defeat them battle, and finally this species tends to find women more pleasing than they do men, especially if the female has proposed or is dead.

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