• Family: Dragon

    Type: Reptile

    Habitat: Caves, Volcanoes, Underground, Sacred Sites, Seismically active regions (Primarily in the Reptile Kingdom, sometimes the Mist Continent, rarely in Zinpangu)

    Diet: Omnivorous, wild animals, etc., men's Spirit Energy

    Disposition: Proud, Diligent, Strong-Willed, Cold, Apathetic, (Warm, Devoted)

    Fearsome dragons of the underworld, Fucanglongs are close relatives to the Ryus of Zinpangu and appear much the same with a long serpentine body that seems to slither across the ground while seemingly never touching it, or gracefully swimming through sky. Though often a Fucanglong is bulkier and more muscular with more visible and powerful legs. Their humanoid body parts tend to be lean and powerful, like that of a natural warrior. Their scales tend to be in colors that invoke the volcano, in burning reds, and oranges, scorched blacks and ashen grays. Like all dragons they are capable of taking a bestial, primal form from before the rise of the current demon lord. They often prefer using this form when interacting with unfamiliar people as it helps warn off foolish humans who should not trespass in lands not meant for mortals.

    It is a Fucanglongs duty to direct the eb and flow of the molten materials in the deepest depths of the earth, they do so for a wide variety of reasons, most often pushing and pulling pressure so that it is released as volcanic eruptions in desirable places and prevent seismic upheaval where it would cause calamity.

    They preform this duty with a great deal of dedication and work together in a massive coordinated effort with one another, using the molten rock itself as a medium to transmit messages and reports to one another over great distances. Collectively the direct and shape seismic activity. However, they do not do it to suit the whims and needs of the mortals, or even the gods themselves, they do it solely to help the life as a whole grow. This makes them appear cruel and apathetic to most, in truth, this is not out cruelty but because they are looking from a wider point of view than more than most humans or mamono. They may cause an eruption that burns down an ancient forest, but they do it so that new life can grow from the ashes. They may destroy a village or city but only when those living there have pushed things too far and rarely without prior warning first. Many regions are actually quite reliant on the Fucanglongs driving the volcanic forces towards them, including the volcanic regions and the deep sea settlements of sea mamono who rely on thermal vents at the sea floor.

    Gods, great heroes, and legendary kings also commonly recruit the the assistance of Fucanglongs as guardians of great treasure, magical artifacts and sacred or cursed locations. Often these treasures and places are dear possessions of those who sought out the Fucanglongs aid or are items that are so evil or powerful that it cannot be trusted to be left unchecked or allowed to fall into mortal hands. The Fucanglong will perform this role as diligently as her normal duties, not allowing any to come near her charge without permission from its rightful owner.

    They also hold a proud nature that can be expected of dragon-kind and while they do not expect gratitude or to be liked, they loathe disrespect, and demand that they be treated with a degree of reverence that they feel is appropriate with one her performs the duties that they do. Often those who live around the homes have laws in place out of respect and fear of the Fucanglong, such as regular offerings of food, finery, and riches, or laws against any building anything that would block a scenic view that the Fucanglong may have from her home.

    In battle Fucanglongs are difficult foes, powerful both physically and magically, specializing in molding the earth, blasting foes with flame, and the generation and manipulation of molten stone and metal. More over, they do not shy away from physical conflict like other Ryu type dragons, they are often skilled with a variety of weapons. Many who challenge a Fucanglong find themselves overwhelmed very quickly, by blade, by flame, or by crushing coils. On top of this Fucanglongs are incredibly agile, despite being bulkier than their Zinpangunese cousins. Capable of swimming not only through the sea and sky like a Ryu, but also through rock, soil, and magma.

    Their pride, inhospitable home, and cold hearted dutifullnes leave Fucanglongs with an air of unapproachablness. Often the only company a Fucanglong has is the mamono who dwell within the volcanoes and the very few temples who are set up in reverence of them and even they keep the business like Fucanglong at arms length. Still though Fucanglongs are still mamono and in spite of their dedication to their duties they still feel the need to find a man for themselves. In hope if sating this need they keep a close eye on local communities for men who suit their tastes and watch him closely using mamono that have been recruited to their aid or with use spying magic to determine if he is worthy of her.

    After a Fucanglong decides that a man is worthy of her, she spirits him away to her home, often a lavish palaces formed within heart of her volcano, created with her magic out of the stone and magma of the volcano itself and stocked using the offering made to them. However at the same time it is surrounded by molten rock, leaving it inescapable and impenetrable to any creature that cannot travel through the molten rock. There the Fucanglong will attempt to court the man, showing him the warm and gentle side to themselves that is rarely seen in her normal day to day life. She will treat him as an honored guest, ensuring that he is comfortable and his every want and need is tended to, recruiting Salamander and Hinezumi guards and creating Lava Golems and Ignis servants to make sure he us taken care of, even when she must be away to see to her duties. Whenever she is not engaged in her duties she will be with him, showering him in affection and making her desires for him while making sure that nothing is forced upon him by any of the mamono in her palace.

    Should a man continuously refuse her advances she will return him to his home and with a heavy heart return to her duties and her search. However should a man accept her advances, the Fucanglong will be overjoyed and immediately sweed him away to her chambers to consummate their impending marriage.

    Married Fucanglongs show a side to themselves that us much more reminiscent of their Ryu cousins, doting over their hsubands in a gentle and devoted manner. They will use the finery that is sacrificed to them and materials pulled up from the molten depths to make lavish gifts to her husband and similarly to how they demand to be treated, a Fucanglong loathes any degree of disrespect be disrespect towards her husband will ruthlessly stomp those notions out. Just as the Fucanglong is revered so to does she demand her husband be revered. Fucanglongs also consider all things that belongs to her, also belongs to her husband and everything in the Fucanglongs palace is open to his use, including the Fucanglongs servants. In fact, it is common for Fucanglongs to feel guilty about being unable to pay enough attention to their husbands when they must perform their duties so they will often instruct their servants to tend to her husband when they are absent, often leaving a Fucanglongs husband with a harem of firey mamono.

    Men who are married to Fucanglongs are often subject to a magical ritual performed to the Fucanglong in order to keep safe and comfortable inside if a volcano. It allows him to be comfortable in extreme heat and to swim through magma as easily as the Fucanglong herself. However the spell is directly linked to the bond between him and the Fucanglong and as that bond grows stronger, so does the effects of the blessing. Eventually these men can gain the ability to manipulate the elements of the volcano, just as their wife does.

    [Inspired by a game of monster girl merging and based off of Chinese myth. The Fucanglong, easter dragons of volcanoes and the underworld. A close relative to the Ryu, but polar opposites in many ways. Enjoy. Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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    • Going to be real akward for one to try courting a man who's home they basically burnt down.

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    • I'm thinking about doung a Dragon Shogun for my continent, but this brings a new level of 'fiery desire'. Not so much as other fire based creatures, but like Jester said, it's going to be really awkward when courting comes.

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    • Only if she burnt down something important to you. Generally speaking that isn't the most common thing. It's just an example to show how they can be cold hearted.

      But yes it would be super awkward. She'd probably avoid courting someone from a village that she's destroyed.

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    • By the way, I know its says that she's lean and powerful and all that, but how bulky do they get? Like Tank-busting bulky or ninja-like bulky? I'm also wondering about any variants of the Fucalongs, especially ones that may abandon their duties conpletely

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    • Going to be honest with ya: this one looks a bit too much like a case of 'holier-than-thou' with a bit of 'nobody can touch me'.

      Now, don't get me wrong, I get it. Nature isn't exactly one to take a look at the guy mounting a small home on a hill when she decides that an earthquake in that particular direction is a good idea. Or when a village just happens to be in the way of this new water bed that's promptly flowing its way. I get that.

      But, this one looks like she's going the extra mile in 'I'm better than all of you' mentality. And honestly, I don't really see a man willingly setting with her unless she forces it. Also, I don't really see her really trying to gun for a man for other reasons than pure convenience, even less if there are places for her to get that stuff monsters crave so much. I doubt any of then would go for a so-called 'unimportant' when alternatives are available.

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    • That's where the Fucanglong variants come in, if there are any in Rep's head at the moment.

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    • That's kinda the point. Her duties supercede her feelings or the feelings of others.

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    • So basically she would be tolerable by Order standards, somewhat.

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    • Yea, I thought it was deliberate. With that said, so far, there isn’t the same bell ring as the last one. To me at least. Good stuff, but there isn’t anything for me here, unfortunately.

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    • That's how it goes Jester

      And no K Duel, the order would not approve of her.

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    • Aww...

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    • Like I said, it’s cool. I’m just going to stray from this one.

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    • That's fine

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    • Well...I don't know about this...but if you want to, you could do the Bazelgeuse monster girl. Hasn't been made yet, but if you want a pic...well, just look at the 'special' rule site for it with an artist tagged krennk0v (or something similar to the artist username) You'll get a pretty good idea. Just a thought. May or may not be suitable for this site, as the pic dosent show any 'overly inducing' areas, I think.

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    • A rule 34 site? You kniw that there's like 4 of those

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    • Want me to send you a link?

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    • Honestly, that's what you should have done from the start.

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    • All right. Here you go. But remember: i am only doing a link. Whether or not you want to post this or is entirely postable on this site is still unknown. I am posting this because I believe that the pic is as non-graphical as possible while still meeting the quota.

      Without further ado: heres the link: .

      Only for those 18+ since its a rule 34 site, but not for the pic (i think.)

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    • ...So? It good?

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    • Not bad. Not what I'm looking for with a pic though.

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    • I see. Well, i tried.

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    • Fucanglong... weird name but ok

      Apathetic +1



      Lamia type+1


      Presumably adult+1


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    • Wut? Only 4 out of 10?

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    • Well she is a mamono and that drops her down a point. Ask if she had legs then she'd be a 6/10

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    • She does have legs. They're smol but they are legs. And I'm gonna count that 6/10 as a 7/10 due to the nonsense of her being a mamono, because we both know you liek monster tities. If you didn't liek monster tities, you wouldn't be here.

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    • Minus one for creepy tiny feet! But I'll retract the mamono statement so still a 4/10

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    • Bah, you're just being a tsundere.

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    • With any profile, you gotta make it look professional. 10/10 for me on that part.

      As for the appearance...I'll give it a solid 8 for a solid warrior body. Preferred non-legged chinese dragons, but thats just me.

      Ability wise, a perfect 10. As far as she goes, a dragon that controls volcanoes and guards treasures designated by higher beings amd lords, its only fair to give her that 10.

      Husband hunting...I'll put it at a 6, because of the whole 'I burned your house and I'm sorry, but would you please marry me' tidbit. People who live near these Dragonic mamono better have homeowners insurance...

      As far as taking care of a husband...solid 9, because if she were to devote all her time to the husband while performing her duties, she would've gotten a 10.

      How she takes rejection: another sweet 10. Dosent give up, even though saddened, she continues her duties and finds another mate calmly (unless she burns up a house, but i'll neglect that part because this is graded on handling rejection.)

      Effects to the husband: solid 8, because it is powerful, but only to a certain extent. Which is good, but it also kind of sucks, especially since you probably can only control the volcano that the married Fucanglong has claimed as her home.

      (This is how I think this profile is graded, but that's just me. Pay no heed to this if you feel this is irrelevant to you. It's still a very good profile regardless what I think.)

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    • Her magic and thus the abilities she grants her husband applies to all fire, stone and volcanic materials. Unless something is interfering with it, her husband can do crazy lava bending stuff regardless of where he is at.

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    • SmutAuthor97 made some videos featuring my work.

      Part 1

      Part 2

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    • A FANDOM user
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