• Family: Dragon

    Type: Reptile

    Habitat: The Peaks of Honor (A location I will add later on the Ahorian World guide, hopefully)

    Diet: Omnivorus, prefers sushi, Men's spirit energy

    Dispisition: Calm, Honorable, loyal (if a hunan male ever bests her in combat), easily angered by deplorable acts of dishonor, tolerates the Order (But does NOT like them)

    Zaerog, one of the Legendary Mamono that resides within the land of Ahora, is considered to be theoretically the primary reason that Ahora exists on a separate plane of existance of Earth. Little is known about her, since she secludes herself upon the Peaks of Honor, a sacred place few dare to enter. Only the most willing, and courageous of human male individuals attempt to claim her as his wife, only to be defeated and sent back. While it is true that all have been defeated by her so far, she shows respect to those that try, not speaking ill of their attempts simply because she longs for one to best her at her apex, as like all mamono, she was mamonoized by the current Demon Lord and therefore lusts for a man, but she does so by the Ahorian code of honor, thus enabling her to retain her reason even after long periods of time have passed.

    Many who tried to challenge her speak of the combat prowess she possesses, stating that when facing her, it was like facing the fury of a thousand dragons matched with the desire of an erupting volcano. Yet at the same time it was like battling against the grace of flowing rivers and the tactical accuracy of precision. Needless to say, all depict her as one of the most powerful mamono to exist within Ahora.

    No one is sure of how old she is, but many believe that she was descended from the gods, thus giving a plausible explanation for such astounding conviction, strength, and lifespan. Others believe that she is simply only ageless, and the only reason because of her power is that she wields two of the many Legendary Weapons forged in the ancient beginnings of Ahora, the Legendary Supesupuriita (space splitter in Japanese) and the Ishi no Hi (Fires of Will in Japanese.) Two blades that have both impacted Ahora greatly. One blade is said to have saved Ahora from destruction by splitting the air, creating a rift that swallowed the land and sent it into a different spatial plane. The other is said to bear the combative will of Ahora, and is also said to have brought about the constant fighting as a means for preparing for the day when war will come to their sanctuary once more. Like all Legendary Weapons forged in Ahora at the time, they are unbreakable, and the only way for one to obtain such a gift (chances are more likely for a human male) is by besting a Legendary Mamono in combat, and afterwards is presented as a token of acknowledgement as her Lord (for a Human male. In the case of a mamono, its just the gift.)

    Despite being alone within the Peaks of Honor, she keeps in contact with the outside world via messages, spreading her teachings about the value of maintaining honor within society, reflecting off her personal experiences throughout the years. Yet while she is knowledgeable about honor in general, she knows less about the other virtues of the Ahorian code of Honor, such as Benevolence, Justice, Respect, Honesty, and Loyalty. There is a Legendary Mamono for each of these virtues, but tracking them down will not be easy, as Zaerog is the only one shown to be stationary.

    Besides the fact that she is challenged, her teachings have brought about Temples of Honor. They are places where one learns the true value of being honorable to oneself and to others, despite the return gesture of dishonorable proportions. Since the factions of Ahora constantly spring up and invade other constantly made communities in the prospect of converting them to the virtue desired, many people speculate that the fighting in general may just be a really brutal debate about which aspect is more deserving than the rest in the Ahorian code of honor. Followers of Zaerog's teachings can and will attempt to convert other places to the lines of having Honor before all other virtues.

    It's also known that Samurai Dragons and Dragon Shoguns often revere Zaerog quite highly, and thus many, if not all, of their species and any species of Dragon native to Ahora align themselves with the Honorized factions. Zaerog, herself being a Dragon, wears the battle armor that has served her well thus far, and is onyx blue, and is similar in terms of general appearance besides the armor to their more bipedal relatives, being a but more curvy and well endowed as well as bearing a toned definition to match her stature.

    Regardless, it should be heeded to not dishonor her or other mamono loyal to her, as such an act will bring about their heated fury to prove to you that honor is nothing short of a serious matter. Otherwise, they treat you honorably just as you would treat them.

    (For more info on what the land of Ahora is, go ahead and click or touch this link. Please note that it does bear sone grammar issues.)

    (Pretty much finished. Let me know if there are any gaps i need to fill, or if you have any comments, feel free to post them.)

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    • Well, i know this hasn't been read, because I apparently fail at creating new regional mamono. Still, this is where i got the idea from this pic.
      Imagekingly 1 Zaerog unmamonoized

      Zaerog unmamonoized

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    • K Duel, don’t get flustered about it. Sometimes it takes a while for one’s work to gain momentum. I’ve posted two WWYDs in the past month and both have received little to no traffic. Don’t worry about it. Now let me read this and I’ll tell you what I think in a bit.

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    • OK! So after reading this, I would recommend putting this in your blog rather than the monster board as this profile is dedicated to a single character and not a species of Mamono.

      Ultimately though, Zaerog sounds like a very interesting character who deserves some spotlight. That said I suggest to go further with this character and write stories of her past, maybe some her exploits and even get her into RPs. You’ve got a good setup here with her character, now you should expand upon her.

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    • Alright. Will do. (Augh, made a mishap kudos.) I put the land of Ahora on the blog, but when I went to go and edit it, i couldn't edit it because right now im primarily using my phone for this. Hence why i've put this on here in the first place. I appreciate your thoughts, and thank you for your input, Hound.

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    • (And actually, some of the profiles on the monster board are single mamono, such as Dagon, god of mersharks. Even Chessland as a bio was put on the Fan made monsters board.

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    • I’m just saying as a specific character it’s better in your blog. The fan-made board should be reserved for monster species, otherwise the board will get crowded with people OCs. Eitherway it’s not a big deal, more of a nitpick. So don’t concern yourself about it.

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    • (Never mind! Just edited the Ahora land bio on me blog! Thougb its more on grammar than additions.)

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    • Btw, from now on Legendary Mamono (Basically gods) of Ahora be in Blogs

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