• You and five other guys are eating a an outdoor dining pizzeria. The outdoor area is located next to the sidewalk and the entrance of the pizzeria. It's barricaded with a 1.5 meter stone wall with a iron gate as an entrance. The place has stone pavement where the dining furniture stands on. All of the pizzas made at the pizzeria is stone-baked. The outdoor dining area also has umbrellas at the center of each table for shade. Though, it closes during the rain and in the Winter.

    When you all sit at the table near the wall, you decide to take the seat near the wall. A werecat waitress comes pouncing. She gives a cute pose before taking your orders. She asks for your drinks first before your order. You decide to drink a coke. As for the food order, you all decide to order two large meat supreme pizzas with stuffed crust. After a while, the werecat waitress gives another pose again before leaving to get the drinks first.

    A couple minute have passed since she dissappeared. Out of the blue, your friends start to gaze at you.

    "Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn!" They all shout in unison.

    You look behind to see a very sexy mindflayer, with ample breasts and all. Behind her are five other mamono: inari, raiju, myconid, wight, and lilim respectively. They all have different builds, but they have such curves like the mindflayer.

    As the two groups meet, you and the mindflayer locked eyes. Just as you hear a thud, you avert your eyes to see that the waitress brought in your drinks. She then looks at you and the mindflayer and puts a palm at her cheek.

    "Ara, ara," she softly speaks, "you have such a good lady do you, mister?"

    You then feel a hand cupping you chin. Then a purple cheek comes close to yours. You realize it is the mindflayer, but it was too late.

    "Damn right, girl," the mindflayer proclaims, "this boy is mine."

    What would you do?

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    • I activate my jetpack and skyrocket my way out of there!

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    • HoundTheDestroyer93 wrote:
      I activate my jetpack and skyrocket my way out of there!


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    • A FANDOM user
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