• Question for all of you. If you were creating a monster-girl based on the spotted hyena... what would you do with the real-life species trait of a pseudo-penis? Work it in somehow or ignore it? Asking since I'm at a loss for what to do.

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    • For context, here's the most recent species draft:


      Family: Hyenaman (They get a separate category since Hyenas are a different family of animal life from anything else IRL)

      Type: Beastman

      Habitat: Savannahs

      Disposition: Aggressive, Dominant, Brash, cunning, protective, highly intelligent, social

      Diet: Meat, eggs, men's mana


      Hyenafolk are highly aggressive monsters that travel in small groups of 3-5, but solitary examples aren't unheard of. They tend to be very tall and muscular, with dark markings akin to spots visible on their shoulders and hips. Their behaviors and appearance differ somewhat depending on whether or not they're in a group. Overall, they are deeply social creatures, with lone specimens having either been driven from their pack or they are searching for something specific.

      'If in a group, the strongest and most aggressive member calls the shots, enforcing her “rule” with an iron fist. A solo hyenaman is far less aggressive and more cunning to make up for the lack of packmates. 'Lead and lone females tend to be very voluptuous, while subordinate females tend to be more modestly endowed.  A pack will defer to the lead female on most decisions, including who the pack takes as a Husband. The lead female will generally pick a strong, combat-capable male.

      After deciding on a man, the pack will then ambush him at a source of drinking water. The subordinate females will drag him back to the lead female after attacking him and taking his weapons and armor. She will then mount him and use every ounce of instinct she has to drive him wild with pleasure. While riding him, the hyenafolk will praise the man’s prowess in battle, attesting that she and her pack will be valuable companions.

      A lone female, not wanting to risk injuring herself attacking a capable warrior, will generally go for a less physically capable, more naturally submissive male. She will follow him for hours or until nightfall, attacking while he's either asleep or preparing to go to sleep. While riding him, she’ll talk about how she loves him and wants to protect him. Both lone and pack hyenafolk take very good care of their husbands, making sure they stay safe and well-fed. The husband of a pack will be expected to provide pleasure to the entire pack, but the lead female takes priority. A solitary hyenafolk will do her best to keep her husband safe and well-fed, taking joy in his company as they roam together and make love frequently.

      * * *

      This species is still very much a rough draft, and I have a couple ideas for additional features but I’m not entirely sure about them.

      • Feature: Spotted Hyena females in real life have a genital structure similar to that of a male, to the point of this structure becoming erect to frighten off unworthy males. This structure opens up and becomes a quasi-normal genital structure after the female’s first litter. I want to import this trait somehow, given its unique nature among mammals, but I’m not entirely sure how.

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    • Sounds good so far. As far as the psuedo-penis goes, I'd personally say ditch it. It's a bit too much like futa, which doesn't really fit the setting. (admittedly, I'm biased. Futa is not a fetish I can get around at all....seriously, why is it a thing.)

      If you're set on having that feature, you pull the old DE fixes everything trick, and have your hyena girl's lose it automatically if they sense the bloke they're going for isn't in to it.

      At the end of the day though it's up to you. You've got the creative freedom to make the mamono you want to see, go nuts!

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    • My first thought was it being used to transform a human woman into a hyenafolk (like how the werewolf bites a girl to convert her), with it disappearing after being used for that purpose (similar to how it disappears in real life after the hyena first gives birth).

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    • Makes sense. It's not for me, but you do you mate.

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    • Thanks. I'm still pretty new to this, so the advice is appreciated.

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