• Family: Wolf.

    Type: Elemental.

    Habitat: Cities and Open Plains in the Emberlight Depths.

    Disposition: Ferocious, Lustful, Loyal.

    Diet: Carnivorous, Men's Spirit Energy.

    Crystalline elementals that take the form of a Werewolf, they are a common sight around Nixstrite and other places with high amounts of Crystals. They often form packs in these areas that, all centered around the Alpha Glitterfur. 

    Their paws are covered in fur like crystals, which are known for their ability to coax out their husbands love. Their legs are also covered in this crystalline fur, and their hands and legs are their favorite assets to use in pleasuring their husband.

    Before they can obtain a husband, they must form a pack led by a Glitterfur of above average power and will. These Alphas are rather hard to tame, and more often then not will take the man she takes for the pack instead. Once a Alpha gathers a pack she will take them husband hunting.

    She will have the weakest girl in the pack attempt to subdue the man first, if she does manage to she will earn the right to using him first. Should she fail however, the Alpha will interfere to prevent her fellow pack member from being hurt and subdue the man by herself, draining him of his spirit energy and then letting her pack mates have their fun. 

    The pack will share the man then, having him feed them and whatever children they have. Should the pack grow too large however for the man to sustain them, the second strongest and a few others will leave to form their own pack.

    Should a man dominate the Alpha she will shower him with love and affection, following him around and begging for his love, a big change from one who isn't tamed, where instead the man follows and begs her. Seeing their Alpha submit to the man will cause them to also submit, and the entire pack will do everything they can to please their husband.

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