• You were contacted by attorney, it seems that you are going to inherit a rather sizable property not too far outside of the town. unfortunately that town was practicly on another side of the continent.

    The property had belonged to very distant relative that you hadnt even heard of, but then again you didn't have much family alive since your parents had passed away in an accident when you were just a teenager.
    No grandparents, no aunts or uncles, not even cousins that you would know. It had been you versus the world, and while life definitely wasn't easy, you were getting along, just about.

    There was a catch thuogh. You got a letter the same day. It was the old reculse who had lived on the property.
    The letter told that there are things that most humans dont know, and if one were to go telling about those things, he or she would be most likely locked in mental institution.
    Those things are monsters, they actually exist, althuogh they are extremely rare, and hunted down by organization called "The Order."
    The property is a sactuary for hundreds of monsters, and you would be the caretaker of said property. How ever, if you enter, you may never leave, as you will become the number 1 target on Order hitlist.
    The property has servial magical barriers that do not let anyone, or anything in, unless they are invited by the caretaker.
    There is also notable amount of magical items, some very dangerous, and some rather common secured in the property.

    After readin the letter you were laughing. Apparently you are inheriting some delusional old man. but your laghing was cut short when you noticed that the letter was burning in your hand.
    The fire didnt burn you, it didnt even feel warm, but the letter turned in to ashes in your hand.

    You tried to do some research about the man and the property, but almost everything comes up with no single answer.
    Only real thing you found was that last time the property had changed owner nearly 250 years ago, The attorney that was working on this case confirmed that there was something odd about the the property and the previous owner.
    The man who had passed away was looking like 70 year old, also confirmed by his autopsy, but according to all records that was found he should have been nearly 300 years old.
    This brings you more questions than aswers.

    Right now, you are contemplating should you sell almost everything you own, just to afford the trip to claim this property. in which case you are far from home, and most likely have to live in the mysterious building.
    or should you just forget everything about the whole mysterious house.


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