• You are a teenage boy walking with some other boys to a village that is said to have mamono living there. Being a troublemaker your willing to do just about anything whether it be for laughs and or for money. Performing outrageous things like stealing girls clothes vandalizing the entire town or some other crime. Putting everyone through hell is how you live and its got everyone riled up at you either way with no shame you still perform them. Now your on your way to the mamono country to perform another task now set up by your acquaintance. After walking for a half hour you all arrive at a far distance near the mamono town. Your friend turns to you and says "Ok here's the deal the mayor is paying us to go into the enemies territory to get rid of a pest for good to say the least so here's what we're going to do we'll disguise ourselves as mamono walk into the demon realm you see before you then do what we came here to do got that?". Hearing the plan you put on a wig female clothing and pads then head to the town. A few minutes later you arrive at the city square near other mamono. Suddenly you feel a hand grab you by the skirt stopping you in your tracks. Turning around you see it's your companion who's the one who grabbed you. Right when your about to ask him whats up he says something that makes you quiver "Sorry this is nothing personal but I'm just doing my job". Soon your clothes and wig are ripped off your body leaving you out in the open wearing nothing but briefs. As you stand there shocked and hoping none of the mamono notices you're a human your backstabbing companion then shouts out "HUMAN THERE"S A HUMAN RIGHT HERE IN OUR CITY GET HIM BEFORE HE RUNS AWAY!" WWYD?

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    • Wouldn’t be the first time I was in trouble with some mamano so I’m prepared... but I don’t think my friend here is. Before any of the mamano can reach me I pull on my briefs to rip out some threading, I then reach into the hole I mad doing this and pull out a old silver ring and put it on.

      “Your right, I am a man... a married man” I say as I see quite a few monsters backing away disappointed,” but...”. I grab onto my friends skirt and rip it off. “He is unmarried I know... I heard he loves dark elves”.

      I could just see my friends face dumb founded by this turn of events. “Wait... Umm, well... I’m also married” he tries to justify but as a response I just point to his finger. The rest is a blur but I know that man is “happy” right now with a Dark elf... while I’m still around

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