• You were living in mamono friendly region, which was both a great thing, and a nightmare.
    Even worse for you is that you were a man of very small stature, and even the weakest of mamono's could easily overpower you, if they would be so inclined.
    And many of them were so inclined.

    On the positive side you had made a friend. a friend that could easily hold just about everyone else back.
    You had hanged around with her since daycare, and nowdays you were inseperable, and to your relief she lived only couple houses down the street.
    In fact you barely dared to go out of the house, unless whe was with you. reason being that you would be either bullied by other boys, or taken by some other mamono.

    She loved you very deeply, and yuo knew that quite well. You... well you weren't sure was it love, but you definitely had feelings for her.
    The broblem was that she was large, even by Ushi Oni standards. Yet she didn't seem to want to go further with your relationship, which was very odd knowing their reputation.

    This evening you asked about it from her.
    She looked quite sad when you brought up the topic.

    After trying to avoid it for little while, she admitted that she was scared.
    She told that her mother was rather weak, unlike her, yet she had seen how bruised her father was every morning after she had heard her parents having fun during the night.
    Almost every morning her mother was apologising for hurting her father, they had couple times even had to go to see a doctor, when she had gotten lost in her exitement, and her father was rather big and strong man.
    She would want nothing more than take you in to her bedroom for a night, but she's afraid that she would literally crush you, if she really get's exited, and knowing what she is, she knows quite well that she will get very exited.


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    • I'd take a cue from real spiders, such as those who are eaten by theor mates.

      The males tie up the female before mating, which they allow.

      No grievous harm that way!

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    • Can you really tie her up hard enough that she isnt able to crush you, yet leave her enough ability to move, that she actually enjoys it?

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    • I dunno.

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    • Then is that even an option?

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    • It is if you use unbreakable thread or rope.

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    • Does she like bdsm?

      If so, why not use chains on her?

      Also I would do it anyways because
      Snu snu
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    • Plus Necromancy exists.

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    • Me: "If I were an Incubus then I wouldn't be so frail as to be seriously injured if you got carried away, right?"

      Ushi Oni: "Err... I guess so"

      Me: And a drop of your blood would turn me into an Incubus, right?"

      Ushi Oni: "Yeah, It... Would"

      Her eye go wide as she puts 2 and 2 together, with that she makes a small cut on her arm with her claw which quickly heals, but with tiny drop of blood dangling from her finger she carefully puts it in my mouth.

      As I swallow the droplet of blood I didn't feel much of a change apart from a massive spike in Libido until "Corvus, Your Iris's have turned red and... that's a massive tent your pitching there" My friend points out.

      "So, you wanna go test my theory out then?" I ask after looking down and seeing the tent in my trousers "you don't have to ask me twice" My Ushi Oni friend eagerly responds before scooping me up in her arms and rushing to her bedroom.

      Few hours pass and we're still going at it and the only thing that broke was the bed.

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    • Click here to watch a scrub get built.

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    • Ah, Jester has arrived with awesome story once again.

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    • Glad to be of service.

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    • A FANDOM user
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