• Family: Beetle.

    Type: Undead.

    Habitat. Caves and canyons in the Emberlight Depths, Cragspur.

    Disposition: Quiet, Lonely, Patient.

    DIet: Omnivorous, Men's Spirit Energy.

    Crag Crawlers are said to be the corpses of old monsters that used to live around the Emberlight Depths reanimated by Demonic Energy. They take the form of gigantic beetles covered in Rocky plates from the waist down, and from the waist up they take the form of a decaying woman with features commonly associated with members of the beetle family.

    These mamono spend most of their life before being married wandering throughout caves and canyons, still possessed by that ancient instinct to search for prey there. Their lower body will endlessly search the land, eating anything it can find. Meanwhile, the upper body will look for a husband, wanting a companion.

    When they spot a man they will begin to chase after him, refusing to stop until the man ends up in her embrace. Once this happens they will lovingly caress the man and ask him what he wants her to do to him. Once they do everything the man wants, if they haven't already they will proceed to have intercourse until her eggs are fertilized or the man gets too exhausted to continue.

    After this, they will spend the rest of their time aiding their husband. During the day by bringing him to his work place and by making meals for him, and at night by doing every single thing he wants to him.

    Once their eggs hatch, they will spend time each night teaching their children about all the ways to please a man. These lessons are often wasted, as their children often are busy playing with each other and don't care yet about having intercourse.

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