• Family: Arachnae

    Type: Bug

    Habitat: Rivers and Lakes, other aqiatic places with caves on land nearby.

    Disposition: Ferocious, Driven, Cooperative (to a point), (When married) Dutiful, Loyal

    Diet: Mostly unmamonoized fish, sushi, Men's spirit energy

    The Minibite Spider, regarded as the only kind of Arachnae in the Emberlight Depths to have developed both gills for breathing underwater and the normal lung structure to survive breathing on land, making them an amphibious species of mamono. They use the watery depths of rivers and other such places where the blue liquid runs deep enough, taking advantage of the fact they can remain largely unnoticed when submerged.

    Usually, Arachnae can only be seen going at it solo when hunting for a husband. However, with the Minibite Spiders, they, like their Piranha distinctions, travel in schools, ranging from about one hundred to a thousand members in one group. Despite their small size of being roughly half the height of the human male, they more than make up for it with their dedication to pursuing both prey and husbands. A married husband to these mamono will always find himself in a harem, and since he's part of a very large group, these Arachnae will go and perform tasks for him, no matter how menial it may be.

    Because of their willingness to work together, most would think that they are unified. This is purely wrong. While Minibite Spiders are cooperative, they argue a lot, and there is no clear leadership among them, as decisions can change almost instantly, with tge exception of deciding on a human male. The only true sense of order cones from their married husbands, as the Minibite Spiders follow his orders regardless of the bickering. It is also worth of note that because of a single kiss from these creatures bestows the husband the gift of water-breathing, sometimes they initiate sessions underwater.

    Instead of feasting on non-mamonoized bugs, they prefer fish related products, such as carp, sushi, and other seafoods. How they swim about ties into their exoskeletal legs, as they have microscopic fins that allows them to pass through like a fish underwater. But in contrast to this, they are not physically strong, and compared to the other species, they rely more on their arguing teamwork rather than brute force to solve their problems. They are slso able to climb up waterfalls, but this is only for the more finesse of the Minibite Spiders.

    Just as their name suggests, they leave small bite marks, but they ho quite deep. They resent biting human males, nut they are not afraid to do so in self defense. They don't have any problems in terms of biting the other mamono in order to deter them from their aquatic territories, which they claim diring the peak of their lives.

    They're able to weave webbing underwater, and use this as a method for obtaining a husband for the school of Arachnae. They also use this as a means to catch fish more easily, and it's not uncommon to see most of them take up fish markets in order to also locate a human male (since if one comes to the stall, they might see that since he likes fish, he may be a candidate for the school's future husband) while providing quality goods.

    When laying claim to a male, their small but generously endowed school will either ambush hin, or seize him in full force, using their numbers to their advantage. In actuality, their methods only inflict minor harm when it comes to obtaining their man. They are distinguishable by their blue exoskelatal body.

    Since they are in such large groups, many schools often take their husband to the Bottomless Depths, a place where the water seems never ending and...well...bottomless. Creatures living in the Emberlight Depths also use repellant runes to prevent infestations of their major rivers and lakes, thus driving more Minibite Spiders to the unending pool of water.

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