• Family: Giant

    Type: Giant

    Habitat: Blacksmith shops in towns, communities and cities. (A large number of their species making their home in Nixstrite)

    Disposition: Calm, Expressive, Social (When married) Devoted, Loyal, Overprotective

    Diet: Omnivorous, sometines chews on edible crystals, Men's spirit energy

    The Diamondarm Cyclops (more commonly referred to as Crystal Smiths since their main job is taking materials and crafting them into weapons and armor of great worth) is a race of Cyclops who, after spending time down in the Emberlight Depths for generations, developed crystal, diamond like arms that allow them to put up to their forearms in the hottest of temperatures. Like many of their Monoeyed race, they have difficulties in seeing three dimensional objects, their appearance being well endowed and quite tall, usually in different skin and hair colors. However, Malacia (Goddess of Crystals and Magic), upon seeing their plight, offered them a solution in exchange for supplying her warriors with high quality equipment without cost.

    The race of Cyclops agreed to this, and Malacia bestowed them, using her magical mastery, the gift of being able to perceive two dimensional as well as three dimenional objects and people. Because of this, their art of creating weapons has increased dramatically, since all Cyclops were born with the knowledge or genetics to gauge how hot the fire is and what materials would be needed, etc., to the point where they are able to craft weapons/armor capable of defeating or withstanding god-like creatures. However, the materials required to make such a weapon or armor is quite rare and demands the best of materials available, thus when one is put on the market, it tends to sell very quickly.

    Unlike normal Cyclops, because of either crystal imbued arms or by the generosity of Malacia, they are more expressive and social. They maintain their cool when human males are around, and they will subtly offer a male human who interests her a weapon of great value, in exchange for one thing: to be her beloved other. If a man disagrees to this, it's not harmful to say the least. A Diamondarm Cyclops will handle rejection quite well, going back to her work as if nothing happened. But if he agrees, then she will begin the process of forging the weapon with the most precious thing of them all (to her): a shard of crystal from her own arm (which regenerates quite quickly), as if to signify their arrangement to be together.

    Oddly enough, when these kinds of weapons are made, the individual who's own shard is in the item can be able to actually sense their location st all tines, which is quite handy if wanting to know where her beloved is at in the current moment. Since their work is valued greatly, even if one were to settle in a remote vicinity alone, towns would sprout up in a couple of years around the individuals by the prospect of obtaining their work alone. Contrary to this fact, many Diamondarm Cyclops get a tad embarrassed at the fact they might've caused a community to be located in a place that offers little commodities besides the ones structures provide.

    While they owe Malacia a lot, they aren't loyal to her. In fact, part of this ties into her work, as all Diamondarm Cyclops will craft whatever the requester wishes, provided the customer and blacksmith are on neutral or friendly terms and pays the amount required before the smithing project begins.

    A married Diamondarm will occasionally dote over him, giving him the love any married woman would. Despite being unloyal (yet supportive) of Malacia, they are solely loyal to their husband. If a single husband were to obtain a couple of these Diamondarm Cyclops, there would be no qualms, provided they have some time with him. It's not usual either to see two or even three Diamondarm Cyclops in a single blacksmith shop, working together to make ends meet.

    However, should anything threaten their husband, thanks to their crystal-like arms enhancing their strength and the force of their punches, a single blow is enough to shatter even the hardest of bedrock, making creatures think twice when attempting to harm their beloved other, though there are limits to their durability. With the forearms and arms themselves are extremely durable, their main body is still affected by tempatures and more physical force than they hope to bear, as well as harmful magic, thus their species name makes them look more threatening than they really are.

    (Pretty much finished, open for refinement, has Emberlight Seal of Approval)

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