• Family: Lamia.

    Type: Reptile.

    Habitat: The Temple of Ascending Serpents.

    Disposition: Proud, Devoted, Hard-working.

    Diet: Carnivorous, Men's Spirit Energy.

    The Handmaidens of Saqra are powerful Lamia who serve the upper levels of the priesthood of Saqra. They, like most Lamia in the Emberlight Depths, have snakes for hair. However, they also have beautiful wings with feathers of every color of the rainbow. Their tail shares this coloration.

    They also emit a warm glow which is said to heal the wounds of those that are near them and lessen the effects of disease. It is for this reason that they are often healers for the denizens of the Temple Of Ascendant Serpents. This position earns them the respect of many.

    There are no recorded cases of one actually having to hunt for a man, as many of the Emberlight Depths' denizens would feel honored to marry one, and often will approach them asking for their hand in marriage. They will often wait until a man they are fond of comes to them, letting the other suitors be claimed by the lower members of the Priesthood. 

    Once they have their wedding they will spend every single night engaging in debauchery, with the Handmaiden coiling around their man and showering him with love, while her serpent hair caresses him and injects a aphrodisiac into him, allowing their fun to go on for longer periods of time than normal.

    They will continue to serve the upper levels of the priesthood diligently, the man who they have married only inspiring them to do better at their job. Despite this, their mind is filled with thoughts of the night ahead, and how they will show their man their love.

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    • Are their wings actually functional Or they just for show? Because I find the idea of a flying snake pretty funny.

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    • Actually, there is a flying snake in mythology called a Quazetacoatl ( i probably misspelled, but hey), so its actually folklore.

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    • Yeah but given the depictions I've seen of Quazetacoatl( I know what you're talking about I just can't be bothered to look up how to spell it. lol)

      it looks closer to a serpentin dragon. Although it does have rainbow feathers I believe.
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    • The functionality is set at "Whatever the plot requires."

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    • And the Quetzlcoatl similarities are on purpose, as Saqra is pretty much an equivalent to that God.

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    • A FANDOM user
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