• Fantail

    Creator’s note: This mamono was created in loving honor of a childhood pet. Some pieces come from the Koi fish.

    Family: Mermaid

    Type: Aquatic

    Habitat: Cold Freshwater

    Diet: Crustaceans, small insects, plant matter, men’s mana

    Disposition: Friendly, Social, intelligent, gentle


    A freshwater cousin to the Mermaid, Fantail are very friendly and gregarious creatures. They run slightly smaller than their saltwater cousins, a Fantail coming to a Mermaid’s shoulder if they were laid side by side with their tails level.

    Their tails tend to be a reddish orange on top fading into a bright golden color on the underside. They have long, elegant fins with a similar gradient to the tail, and tend to have red hair and golden eyes.

    A Fantail’s charm is described less as “sexy” and more “cute”. While they still have the bodies of adult women, their friendly, gentle demeanors make them seem cuter and more innocent than their mermaid cousins.

    Other monsters view these girls as lucky, and will protect them should harm be threatened.

    They aren’t shy at all, and will surface to speak with anyone who enters their territory. Preferring to make friends over enemies, the Fantail are confident and outgoing, unlike some other aquatic mamono. A large part of her social life is her school, 3-5 other Fantails who are either her sisters or dear friends.

    This social nature carries over into when they decide to claim a husband. The entire school will pursue the same man. If men aren’t readily available where they are, the school will move downstream.

    If a man is found the Fantail will sing to him like their mermaid cousins, a choir of voices that lures him in as if he were on a string. Once the man is within reach, the girls will claim him in a frenzy of activity. While one has mounted the man, the others will keep him afloat if necessary. Each member of a Fantail school will get at least one round.

    Once the man is married to the Fantail school, he will move to live next to their pond or river, eventually designing his home to be filled with water with wooden walkways. They are loving wives, making sure to care for their husband and his home as best they can.

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    • There it is! Our Goldfish/Koifish Mamono. I like the concept of them working in schools and the Koi aspect of them being considered lucky.

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    • Thanks! I looked it up and the Fantail (the type of goldfish my pet was, but most goldfish are like this in general) are really REALLY social creatures. So I decided to incorporate that by making them work in a group. They're a bit smaller than the Mermaid since their freshwater habitats don't have that same seemingly infinite space for them to grow. They get protection because of them being considered lucky... and because in terms of combat prowess they're somewhere between marshmallow fluff and a baby duckling. They're too friendly for their own good, basically.

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    • Well, you honored your fish. Hopefully she's okay with being classified as a mamono in this wiki...

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    • I'm sure she doesn't mind. I was sorely tempted to have them come in more colors than a red to gold gradient, but I decided against it.

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