• You trained your whole life to achieve mastery over all kinds of fighting styles and martial arts be they weaponless or not. You had leared from every master in the zipanuan dojo you grew up and surpassed each and every one of them in battle. 

    Your goal was to gain what the ryu grandmaster of the dojo called "enlightenment of the soul", which she said could only be achieved by strict "love" for all martial arts, though you never really got what she meant by that. So in order to reach that goal of yours you trained for year, but even when you could defeat all students and masters she still told you that you were far from getting there.

    One day you asked her again on what you should do to get closer to your desired purpose and she told you that only training in solitude would not get you there, even if your were to do that for thousands of years. So you pleded to her to give you a hint on what to do. At first she mentioned your "lonely" training method, but after mumbling to herself that you would never understand any of her hints, she lost herself in thought until she seemingly came up with an idea.

    She told you that every year a certain nation called dragonia would hold a great tournament, were warriors and martial artists fought for glory, honor and something special in front of many kings and queens, even the demon lord herself would watch. Now fame, honor or gold didn't interest you, but she assured you that the challenge alone would bring you a big step close to your goal. Hearing this you decided to follow her advice and make your way to dragonia.

    A few months later you arrived at the capital with the same name as the nation and to your luck you still had enough time to register for the single performances. 

    The rules were simple:

    1. Only weapons made out of demon realm silver were allowed 
    2. The use of magic is limited to certain spells which didn't concern you as you were no mage
    3. Battles are one time in anture and are completed after one fight
    4. You had to fight alone with no help of others

    In order to win you had to defeat all opponents and claim the first place. Now for any normal warrior this would be a hard challenge, but you were different all these years of training made you a force to be reckoned with even by dragons. 

    And so the time for your first battle had come, you were prepared both mentally and physically to give it your all. As the announcer said your name you walked through the door inside the ring. It was huge to say the least, enough space that even a dragon could fight without beeing restricted at all. The ring itself was surrounded by the stands for spectators with special stands for nobles. The most impressive stand hosted the demon lord and her husband as well as the queen of dragonia herself, just as your grandmaster told you.

    During the short time you lost yourself in thoughts your opponents name was already announced so you got your concentration back and prepared for the upcoming battle. Your opponent was an (insert Mamono) and both of your got together in order to shake hands as a sign of mutual respect before the fight. 

    While you two were exchanging greetings she suddenly smirked and and said: 

    "You look like a fine and handsome warrior thankfully i get to keep you as my trophie after i defeat you"

    You were dumbfounded at her statement, but nonetheless you made yourself ready to fight then the final countdown started. 



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