• You wake up with a feeling not unlike a hangover, only to realize that you didn't have anything to drink last night, and you're not in your room, or your house, or any place that you can recognize, the place your in kinda looks like a dungeon, which would explain why you're chained up and gagged... upon making note of all of these facts, it is pretty clear to you now that you have been drugged and kidnappped.

    You are fully clothed however, so that's a plus. Then again that also means your kidnapper may not be a mamono which is likely to be whole lot less fun than if it were a mamono.

    At this point you hear a deap, distinctly male chuckle. So yeah you definitely were not kidnapped by a mamono, if you weren't already worried about your health and wellbeing, now is probably the time to start.

    A figure steps into, one that you recognize as none other than the Reptile King. A being that, so far as you know, is both insane and functionally omnipotent. Once again if you aren't worried, now is definitely the time to start worrying.

    The Reptile King smirks down at you, "Glad to see you woke up, I was beginning to think that I killed you an overdose or something. That would have been awfully inconvenient. I would've had to fins a new guinea pig and everything..."

    He shrugs, "Well you're not dead so I would assume you would like an explanation as to what is going on. Simply put, I've grown bored. And not just the normal kind of bored either where I'd curse the Sabbaths boytoys into having a fetish for MILFs or bury a temple to chief god in cupcakes or drive an alien race extinct in a bloody genocide. Oh no, I've grown bored in a much grander scale than that. This whole thing with the Demon Lords little squabble with the Chief God and the way things are being run in the Royal Makai, it's been going on for millennia and it's grown rather dull. I've decided to mix things up a bit!"

    He motions in a grandiose fashion, "and what better way to do that than a change in leadership! Since the Demon Lord and Fallen Hero are boring, why not replace them? And via random selection, I've chosen..."

    He suddenly pokes you in the nose, "YOU! to become the next Fallen Hero. Yes, yes, no need to thank me. You'll literally have the weight of the world on your shoulders and bored eldritch beast from before the gods threatening devour you and everything you hold dear if you fail to do anything of interest. And no you don't get a choice in the matter. Think of it as you being chosen by Fate itself to go forth on a glorious adventure!"

    He growls angrily and briefly mutters under his breath, "Except unlike Fate, I don't cheat at cards... bastard and his gojira damned blue black deck..."

    He smiles to you again, "Now I'm not a bad guy, so I'm going to let you choose what kind mamono that will be your demon lord waifu, something other than a basic succubus of course can't have more of the same after all..."

    He points to a nearby door, "Then I'm going to toss you and your new waifu into that time dilation chamber over there for oh let's say, three or four hours, well three or four hours for me and the rest of the world, for you two it'll be something along the lines of thirty or forty million years."

    He pauses in thought, "or was it billions... oh well, point is you and your waifu will have plenty of time to throw as many wild orgies as you want so you can grow up big and stwong. Then when I let you out, you two can make yourselves useful and usurp the current Demon Lord and her husband and make something interesting happen! Maybe even remake all of minster kind in you're own twisted image or murder the chief god or something! Wouldn't that be fun!"

    The Reptile King walks around where you can't see him, "I let you think about your options before you pick who you're going to rule for eternity with. Or well, as much as eternity you get before I get bored with you being in charge and have you assassinated or get you a fancy retirement to Fiji or something..."

    • An hour later...

    The Reptile King returns and removes the gag so you can speak, "Now then what have you decided?"

    (Ladies, you're a mamono of your choice and you just flop all of the genxer involved in you becoming the new demon lord, whether you like it or not.)

    What do you do?

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    • “Ok rep, five things.”

      “One: I for one don’t really care about the chief god and demon lord’s ‘little squabble’ as you put it.”

      “Two: because of how I was created, There is an extremely high chance that my spirit energy is deadly to Mamono. “

      “Three: I pretty much turn into a “psychotic, rip out wombs and fetuses” monster when I absorb to much demonic energy. Sure it’s temporary but still! “

      “Fourth: if you already have all this equipment and really all that bored, why not do it yourself?”

      “And finally I’ll pick a lich because she might be able to fix points two and three, as well as being able to put me back together if my body is damaged to the point my souls have to leave it.”

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    • (first off, nice Aladdin reference; secondly sincere apologies if I butcher your OC)

      After the relief that the gag is off, I convincingly pretend to agree and pick the waifu of my choice, if the RK can prove to me he has the means to send me to the MG world to begin with. The RK agrees, undoes my bonds and presents the wiafu and portal to me.

      I laugh, more maniacally than happy, and the RK is confused. "Since when were you under the impression it wasn't fate that chose me?" I say, and reveal my power and nature as a comparable transcendent being, the Soul King. As my eyes take on their usual unnatural shape due to activating my power, the RK half-amused, half-offended demands to know what's going on.

      I merely raise my hands in a defensive posture, as I use The Visionary to manifest comfortable chairs and some drinks for us. Sitting down, I proceed to explain my actions: "You see, RK-sama... can I call you that? Anyway, I'm a Transcendent being that has fled from my home realm for reasons of my own. I've crossed the omniverse for centuries looking for a place to call my own. So far, most of the local cosmic beings tend to take offense at my presence for some reason. Eventually, I learned of a rather desirable, isolated 'verse called the MGE. Unfortunatly, it is barred from almost all exits and entries, save for a few higher beings that can go in and out".

      RK dawns in understanding with an amused smile, "You used me? Clever, but I do wonder how?" "Simple", I say "My greatest power is The Almighty; among others, I can see and control my own future and fate to an absurd degree. That being said, there are things that transcend even that, so I made it my fate to be picked by you for your 'game' so I had a way in".

      RK smiles creepily "And what if I refuse to cooperate?" I proceed to chuckle; "Oh, don't you want to see what happens if a being such as myself gets in there? Regardless, you may be older, stronger, and crazier than me, but I'm far from defenceless. I could easily teleport you to Grand Zeno's palace in a way that'll spook him. Sure, you could survive, but do you really want to find out?"

      (I leave it up to you if your OC is amused enough to comply)

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    • Dude, the whole reason things are how they are is because a succubus is in charge!

      You can't just plop something else into the cosmic throne and expect similar results, you put a yeti in charge and every monster will be part yeti instead of part succubus.

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    • "No. I don't want the responsibility, I don't want the title and I sure as fuck don't want to be the butt of some cosmic joke. I refuse. If you're that bored, take up knitting."

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      • Justheretowrite

      The Reptile leans over you with a cruel smirk, "Good thing the Yeti is already part succubus huh?"

      He unceremoniously tosses you and a yeti into the time dilation chamber and shuts the door.

      • Beyondrapture

      The Reptile King frowns, "I believe I told you that you don't have a choice, but since you don't want to make a decision, I'll have to give you a mate that'll do it for you."

      He tosses you into the chamber, soon after a hellhound goes flying into the chamber with you and the door slams shut.

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    • God fucking damn it. If I'd just rolled with it I could be drowning in Inari tail fluff by now.

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    • Gary carefully nods. He had everything in mind; the way to rule, the people to choose, everything. In fact "Yea. sure, hold on. Gimme five minutes..." Gary runs from the place...

      ...only to come back with another. His best friend, Fernando. Gary decided that Fernando would be the one to do rulership. Gary decided that he would be his eternal advisor. As for the monster? Well, there was that one woman Fernando said he particulary enjoyed. Gary could vouch for that sentiment, considering he spent the day trying to get the 'dead man' odor out of their appartment.

      So, Gary as the advisor, Fernando as king and a Raiju as queen. Why not Gary? Gary prefered Fernando to rule. He was...more willing, as to say. His incubi blood said so. And frankly, Gary was down with a case of delirium anyway...

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    • "Dragon. And clearly someone who has over 200 hours in crusader kings is the perfect man to rule. Also how the hell am i supposed to get the mamano to stop screwing 24 hours a day and actually contribute to the war effort? Propaganda?"

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    • K'eth looks up from his newspaper with glasses over his eyes. He looks exceedingly unimpressed at Reptile King's state of affairs. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-"

      K'eth becomes greyed out as an another one appears, pulls out the map of the MGE world and zooms in on the Royal Makai. An video... livestream...? Of the Demon Lord and Fallen Hero fucking is seen. This other K'eth clicks on the the two and a blue screen pops up with big bold black words stating 'Enact Second Enchantment Now?' 'Y/N'

      This other K'eth proceeds to click on the 'Y.' He hums... as the world shifts to accomidate and a scream of rage can be heard from Heaven as someone has finally lost.

      The map is zoomed into another location, in Zipangu and the view of an Ushi-Oni giving birth is seen... but what is born is not another female Ushi-Oni... but a baby boy... an incubus.

      K'eth looks up to Reptile, rolls the map up and disappears just as the greyed out K'eth stops being greyed out.

      "uuuuuuuuuuuh no. Don't want too... everything's awesome now." The K'eth vanishes in a outframe of where he used to be and the glasses and newspaper gently flutter to the ground like they were feathers.

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    • Blue Black deck...

      Sounds like Nicol Bolas without the red...

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    • Ever since learning that the Reptile King himself was my kidnapper, my heart hasn't stopped beating like a drum.  When he reveals his plan to make a mamono and me powerful enough to overthrow the current Demon Lord and her husband I can only think of my previous life of being a lazy man who simply played video games and ate pizza.  I'd give an arm and a leg to go back to that life right now, but when the Reptile King has your life in his claws what other choice do you have?  When he finally removes the gag and asks me if I made my decision I reply with a simple, "What other choice do I have?"

      I have a plan running through my head of how I want to lead things when my wife and I take the throne from the current rulers.  Getting rid of the Sabbath and the Order is a high priority, but also development on finally giving the monsters the ability to produce male mamono rather than strictly female, but I'll cross that bridge if and when I get there.

      My choice is a Cu Sith named Sadie, but I request a favor from the Reptile King and with his power he makes Sadie's physical body more like an adult's though she keeps her canine features.

      When that matter is settled we're tossed into the time dilation chamber and are left to our own devices.  I lost track of how much time had passed in that chamber, but all that mattered was the fun between Sadie and me.

      Four hours pass and soon we're launched back out of the chamber and face plant right in front of the Reptile King.  I'm not very appreciative of the abrupt retrieval, but I do feel a thousand times stronger than before.  I squeeze my hand shut a few times, imagining myself crushing a sun.  "Master, I feel so much more powerful than ever!" Sadie cheers as she stands up grinning.

      "So do I Sadie, and please don't call me Master.  You know I don't like that title," I request as I rise to my feet.

      "Sorry Ugo," Sadie says with a giggle.

      I look to the Reptile King and reply, "Sadie and I shall go enact the next part of your plan now.  Just know that it will be a difficult battle and I don't exactly have the qualifications to run anything."

      We both head to an armory where we find a massive assortment of armor and weapons waiting for us.  Swords, maces, crossbows, you name it, they were there.  I select a set of armor made from crystal that feels like nothing when I put it on.  Next I grab a Demon Realm Silver battle axe off of a rack that has its blade glowing blue from a frost enchantment.  Sadie chooses a rapier.

      Next we make our way to the library for Sadie to pick out a spellbook and a wand if she wishes.  After a half hour of skimming through books the Cu Sith settles on a spellbook with an assortment of powerful battle magic.  The wand she chooses is a healing wand.  "I want to fix you up if you get hurt Ugo," Sadie explains to me, leaving me to smile.

      Both of us are geared up and set.  Now, the prize.

      The night is soft as Sadie and I approach the gate to the Royal Makai.  The grand palace would make even the most flamboyant of nobles blush in admiration.  Two Dullahan guards see us approaching and immediately rush out toward us.  They draw their swords and stop at arms length saying, "Halt!  Who are you?"

      "We have come to see the fantastic Demon Lord and her husband!" I reply.

      "Our Lord is not seeing anyone at this time.  She is tending to personal business with her significant other," one of the Dullahans responds.

      I roll my eyes with an, "Of course," facial expression.  What else would the Demon Lord be doing with the Fallen Hero besides important duties.

      "Come back tomorrow when the palace is open!" orders the other Dullahan.

      "Sorry, but we really need to see them," I say with more force as I attempt to step pass them only to be stopped by one of them pressing their hands against my armor and warning, "Leave these grounds now you two.  This is your last chance."

      I didn't see the peaceful option working out anyway, so I now decide that it's time to test out my new power.

      My battle axe zips through one of the Dullahan's torso's in a blur and she collapses to the ground writhing in pleasure.

      The other Dullahan stares in shock at her fallen comrade, but a powerful wave of magic shot from Sadie's hand blows her way and she lands on the ground with a metallic THUNK.  Her head rolls away from the impact and when it stops she is staring at us with a pleasured expression.

      Seconds later the front doors of the palace open followed by the gate and a squad of Dullahans file out toward us followed by a Minotaur in steel armor and clutching a large DRS morningstar.  One of the Dullahans leading the team points to us and shouts, "You want a fight!  We'll give you a fight!"

      After a minute the entire team is on the ground shaking in ecstasy.  I walk over to the downed Minotaur and mutter with saddened eyes, "Forgive me for this my dear, but if I had the choice to walk away from this I would."

      Sadie and I enter the palace and as expected, their guards are on us like moths to a light.  To call it destruction would be an understatement.  None of their weapons or magical abilities could match up to us.  Even a visiting Lilim who was apparently a professional sword fighter didn't stand a chance.  They lasted a few minutes longer than those out front, but it was still a beatdown like no other.

      We eventually stand outside the large, ornate door to what is presumably the Demon Lord and Fallen Hero's private chamber.

      I raise my weapon and yell out for those in the hall and the room to hear, "Demon Lord!  Your forces have fallen by our hands!  You bring your husband and come out to face us!  We seek to take over your throne!"

      A few minutes of silence pass.  At one point Sadie whispers to me, "You think they're still at it?"

      "Knowing the Demon Lord, probably," I reply only for the door to groan and slowly open.

      I ready my weapon as the door gradually reveals our two most powerful opponents.  As soon as I see the Demon Lord I struggle to have to keep my jaw from dropping.  She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life.  If I didn't already have a wife with me and the Demon Lord was still single I probably would have dropped to my knees and begged for her to go to town on me right then and there.  The Fallen Hero looks like the typical rugged warrior without the armor and blade.  Both of them appear not too impressed with our rude presence.

      "You interrupted our fun times," scolds the Hero.  "You two are quite brave to come here.  You do realize who you're challenging right?" says the Demon Lord.

      "That's why we've come here," I tell them, growing nervous every second for the inevitable battle.

      "Yes!  Ugo and I are going to dethrone you!" Sadie announces with uncontained excitement.

      The Hero and the Demon Lord narrow their eyebrows at us and I motion for Sadie to hush though she doesn't seem to notice my gestures.

      "Well, considering the mess you made in the halls I suppose a polite request to vacate the area won't be heeded," the Demon Lord says, noting the slew of fallen guards behind Sadie and me.

      "Yup, and once we remove you from power we are going to run things better than you could!" Sadie says in almost a shout.

      "Sadie, stop boasting!" I mumble in a desperate bid to silence her, but to no avail.  The Hero folds his arms and says, "You two sound quite cocky."

      "Yes, do you have any idea how hard it is to run the affairs here?" adds the Demon Lord.

      "Look you two, I didn't have much of a choice in the matter here, and the fact that we tore through your palace guard like butter should speak volumes of how powerful we are!" I explain, remembering the Reptile King's words vividly.

      "We even defeated a Lilim!" Sadie announces.

      The ruling couple exchange glances with each other for a moment before turning back to us.  "You are indeed powerful, but are you powerful enough to defeat us?" the Hero asks as he stretches out his arms and legs and a dark purple mist flows around him.

      "Heck yeah!  The Reptile King himself saw to that!" Sadie boasts as spikey pieces of armor materialize out of thin air and wrap themselves around the Hero.  "Did he now?  I figured he was content with us in charge.  Guess the old lizard's finally decided to make some political maneuvers," the Demon Lord says as a glowing pink longsword forms in the Hero's hands.

      "He...mainly said he was doing this out of boredom," I mutter.

      "So he made you his lapdog for the purpose of his enjoyment?  Well, guess I can't blame him.  Life is bound to get boring when you're immortal," the Demon Lord says with a smirk.

      "Enough chatter!  We have come too far in our progress for you two upstarts to destroy it!" the Hero shouts as he rushes at me forcing me to block.

      "Ugo!" Sadie cries out as she watches me lock blades with the Hero.  The Cu Sith is blindsided by a punch from the Demon Lord and sent flying all the way to the other end of the hall.

      I push away the Hero and go for a strike that is so fast that it even surprises me.  My opponent is able to block in time, but my attack is so swift and brutal that it causes him to stumble and nearly lose his sword.  I know I had gotten stronger since my time in the chamber, but not this strong.

      The Hero jumps for a strike and I sidestep it and counter with a kick to his back and a slash to his left arm.  He yelps as his left arm falls limp from the hit and he glowers at me.

      Down the hall there is a bright orange glow and the Demon Lord is seen crashing into a pillar.  The Hero sees this and yells out, "My love!"

      His foolish opening leads me to go for an attack, but he blocks it although barely and nearly loses his balance.  Two fireballs shoot down the hall and engulf the Demon Lord in vicious purple fire.  I can only imagine that Sadie has managed to gain the advantage as I continue my fight with the husband though through each attack and block it appears that he's fighting a losing battle.  From time to time he tries to launch a vicious assault on me, but I easily deflect each flurry.  Amusing considering this is my first time in physical combat.

      Throughout the battle the Hero and Demon Lord's attacks become increasingly desperate, though each time they either fail or barely manage to scratch my wife and me.  There is destruction present throughout the battle as a result of the duel for the throne.  Holes in walls, tables overturned, jewelry scattered about, hopefully the Kikimoras and Shoggoths don't mind cleaning up the mess if and when Sadie and I succeed.

      Eventually, the Demon Lord and the Hero lock their hands together and launch a large pink beam at us.  "Ugo!" Sadie screams out as she thrusts her paw outward and emits a beam of her own albeit of a purple color.

      Both magical beams clash creating a massive burst of energy in the center.  I watch as both sides struggle to overcome each other.  Nervousness grows within me as the beam of the ruling couple begins to inch its way  toward Sadie.  I watch for her beam to push back, but it continues to steadily lose ground against the couple.

      Thinking fast, I pick up a crossbow off of a fallen guard and aim it at the Fallen Hero.  The trigger is pulled and the DRS bolt shoots toward him and grazes his shoulder, causing him to yell out and look towards me.  This distraction allows Sadie's beam to regain ground and it begins to move toward the Demon Lord and her husband.

      "Honey!" the Demon Lord screams out causing the Hero to snap back to reality, but he's too late to assist as Sadie's beam envelops both of them and they scream in pleasure from within the intense magical power.  Intense brightness nearly envelops the hall, hiding the doors of their private chamber from my naked eyes.

      I turn away from the brilliant light to spare my only pair.

      Soon the light subsides, leaving us back in the hall that is heavily damaged from Sadie's beam.  The bedroom itself is far worse for wear as broken walls and furniture stained what I presumed to be a once gorgeous bedroom for the Demon Lord and her husband.

      On the floor lay the defeated couple themselves, completely unconscious.

      Sadie looks to me with innocent eyes and asks, "Did we beat them?"

      "I think we did," I answer.

      I walk closer to the bodies and set my hand against the Hero's cheek.  It's warm to the touch.  Sadie moves beside me and asks, "You think they'll surrender when they wake up?"

      "I don't know.  Probably a good idea to bind them in case they try to fight back," I respond.

      Sadie gestures toward the couple and her open paw glows pink.  In seconds two pairs of glowing magic-disabling handcuffs trap their wrists together and would render them unable to use any spells should they desire a second round upon awakening.

      "Now what?" asks Sadie.

      "I guess we wait?" I reply, unsure of what to do with our defeated opponents.

      Rapid footsteps grab our attention and we hear a voice, "Your highness!  We saw the destruction of the palace from our post and came to see if everything wa..."

      Three Dullahans round the corner and the speaker's jaw drops at the sight of the Demon Lord and her husband on the floor and bound.

      One of the Dullahans points a shaky finger at Sadie and me and shouts, "You!  You two b-b-b-beat them!?"

      "Yes, my wife and I have defeated the rulers of the Maou," I answer.

      The trio is struggling to comprehend both of our answers and the sight before them.  They raise their swords at us with confused scowls on their faces.  One of them yells out, "Are you agents of the Chief God!?"

      I give that Dullahan an incredulous look and ask in a monotonous voice, "If we were heroes sent by the Chief God, why is my partner a mamono?"

      All three Dullahans stare at each other trembling.

      Sadie raises a paw at the trio and says with a cheerful, "Fear not, for we do not seek to destroy the Maou!  In fact, we're going to make it better than anyone could conceive!"

      The mamono warriors' faces become ripe with rage at the idea of a couple usurpers running the Maou more effectively than their former rulers could.  They prepare to attack, but I raise my hand and tell them, "If we were able to defeat your King and Queen, what makes you think you'll do any better?"

      No answer from any of them, but one of them leaps at me to attack.  I cleave through her torso and she flops onto the floor with her body sprawled out.  The second Dullahan rushes at Sadie who takes her down with a fast fireball.  Our remaining Dullahan clutches her sword and her legs quiver.  I advise her, "Look at how quickly we took care of your friends.  I suggest you reconsider attacking unless you want to share in the same humiliation as them."

      Her sword drops from her hands and she steps back.  "What good am I against you two?" she mutters as she retreats down the hall.

      Eventually, moans emanate from the two lovers and we see them begin to stir.  The Hero is the first to open his eyes and he looks around, seeming to have forgotten where he is.  The Demon Lord is next and she sits up scratching the back of her head.  Both are quite groggy, but when their glares settle on us their eyes become fierce.

      "You only won the first round, but there's still the second," the Hero says as he jumps to his feet and moves his hands only to realize that their bound together.  He stares at us in shock and snaps, "What is this!?  Release us!"

      "No.  You'll just lose the second round too," I reply.

      "Don't you dare mock me!  I was once a great and powerful hero of the Order!" the Hero warns with an enraged expression.

      "You were once one, and you still are a powerful warrior, but you've been beaten," I say.

      "You and your Cu Sith wife are just cowards!  Binding us like this!" the Hero says as his gaze snaps to his wife who is currently trying to break out of her cuffs with magic.

      Her hands flicker purple, but they just fade away.  I shake my head and tell her, "Don't bother, the cuffs are designed to shut off the magic of even the most powerful beings."

      "And we're not cowards!" Sadie angrily yells at the Hero.

      "A person who relies on taking away his opponent's ability to fight is a coward in my book," the Hero growls, his glare becoming increasingly venomous.

      "I wouldn't call ourselves cowards.  Just people who want to avoid prolonging fights as much as possible," I tell him.

      "What do you plan on doing in our place anyway?" the Demon Lord asks me, much to her husband's horror.

      "My dear, what the hell are you doing!?" he demands.

      "Shush sweetie, I wish to hear what these two have in store for the Maou and the world," the Demon Lord instructs her partner.

      The Hero appears to hold back any other protests he was prepared to say and listens in to my plan.

      During our opponents' time out cold I had conjured up an idea of how I wanted to run the Maou and keep things moving in an efficient manner.

      "Well, to start off I want to get rid of the Sabbath.  Not through violent means of course, but by means of turning their members into adults.  Next on my agenda is spending more resources on giving mamono the ability to give birth to males rather than keep it restricted to females.  Finally, keep the Order on the back foot and try to improve relations between humans and mamono," I explain.

      It probably isn't the best agenda, but it's a start.

      "I see," the Demon Lord responds while the Hero maintains his anger.

      "It's a good plan!" says Sadie.

      "And we have clearly been beaten, so what do two plan on doing to us?" the Demon Lord asks with a seductive grin much to the shock of her husband.

      I hesitate, realizing that I never actually thought of what to do with the rulers of the Maou.  The Demon Lord notices my puzzled expression and chuckles asking, "I suppose the King didn't allow you to think that far ahead did he?"

      "Does he ever let anyone go about their day in peace?" the Hero grumbles.

      The pressure for an answer builds up and I spit out the first thing that comes to mind, "Have you two ever thought of taking a break from all this?"

      I see the couple's faces fall and the Hero is to first to react by saying, "We have breaks all the time you idiot!"

      "Relax my dear.  Are you implying that you and your wife's rule is temporary erhmm..."

      "Ugo," I reply, filling in the blank for the Demon Lord.

      I continue, "But I mean follow a new path in your life.  You know, find something that ignites your interests?  Something that might lead you to a better life than a rulership?"

      "Nothing will ever replace my wife's and my love for caring for our subjects," the Hero asserts.

      The Demon Lord gives her husband an unimpressed look and says, "Dear, I love you, but you know I prefer to speak for myself on certain matters right?"

      Her husband grows embarrassed and utters, "Oops, sorry!"

      She scoffs and turns back to me answering, "We've always felt that we've done a fine job as rulers, but I have had a nagging interest of just leaving this behind and trying something new."

      "We could do all of that stuff now," the Hero quips.

      The Demon Lord shakes her head at her husband and says, "No no no, I mean do something else without any of the pressure of running a nation.  You know, something we can do and enjoy by ourselves without assistants interrupting us and warning about pressing matters that need to be tended to.  I'm talking about rest and relaxation.  There's so much to do in that world out there, but we have very little time to do them because of our duties to the Maou.  Think dear, we've done this for so long.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the freedom to participate in other activities and let someone else take over for a change?"

      Her husband scratches his chin in thought.  Then he replies, "I don't feel comfortable with someone under the employ of the Reptile King manning the throne in our place.  Ugo said himself that he didn't really have a choice here."

      I raise my hand toward the Hero in a reassuring gesture and say, "Don't worry, while he may have put us up to this, I guarantee you that my wife and I won't do anything to drive all of your hard work into the ground."

      "I believe I can trust that they'll do just fine," says the Demon Lord to her husband adding, "Didn't you hear his plans for the Maou."

      "Yes but...the Sabbath have been a bit troublesome lately," says the Hero.

      "Like I said, I plan on ridding the world of their little ilk," I say.

      The Hero lets out a reluctant sigh and wraps his arm around his wife asking, "What would you like to do first honey?"

      "Well, first I want to let my subjects know about the change in leadership.  Then I would like to visit the aquatic palace of Bao Zhu.  I hear she's got one of the finest diners in her kingdom," the Demon Lord replies.

      Her husband nods and mutters with an unsure smirk, "It's settled then."

      An hour later a speech is given by the couple regarding how Sadie and I would be the new rulers of the Maou in their place and how we would take care of them.  When I spoke I informed the audience of my plan to spend resources on research that would allow mamono to give birth to males and to do my due diligence in making sure that the Order wouldn't become an even bigger threat to our way of life.

      The crowds appeared skeptical to Sadie and I as I expected them to be.  Best we could do now is to convince them through that we would be very capable rulers even though this is my first time in such a position.

      In the months that follow I have several of my subjects begin work on a secret project dubbed Project O.  Project O involves the development of a specialized cannon that when fired could transform lolis and any member of the Sabbath into a fully fledged adult.  Also as promised I dedicate many resources to mamono researchers working to find a way to allow male mamono to be birthed into the world.  On top of that I have my generals who have pledged to serve me after my wife and I became rulers mobilize their troops to keep the Order in line.  So far there have been no news of them causing major trouble.  The news that I have gotten about them are primarily small skirmishes and V.I.P.s being captured.

      Unfortunately, with the positives come the negatives.  While Sadie and I do have assistants helping us with our duties we almost never have any free time to enjoy.  This is mainly due to enormous amounts of paperwork and having to decide on new policies based on ideas from folks both domestic and foreign.  The free time that we do get is limited to a day at best, but we make sure to make the most of it.

      Within a year Project O is completed and I name the cannon the Oppai Cannon, primarily out of laziness.  It is test fired on a Werecat who was a part of the Sabbath and the pink swirly beam of energy transforms her into an adult woman.  I grin and congratulate the team as the Werecat tries to get used to the body that she abandoned so long ago.

      The problem regarding the cannon is that while it is a potent weapon against the Sabbath, it's range is quite limited.  My team solves this by constructing smaller versions of the cannon and attaching them to seafaring ships and airships to increase its usage across the world.  Excellent, everything is coming together.

      Later on word reaches the Royal Makai that my air force's bombing campaign is having a high success rate against the Sabbath.  Many are resistant to accepting their new bodies, but I'm confident that they'll come through soon.  Several attempts have been made by the Sabbath to break into the Royal Makai and stop us, but they were all foiled thanks to the superior guard forces that patrol the palace.

      One morning however, as I am standing at the window of our bedroom, a massive purple explosion erupts in the far distance.  It leaves me stunned as I observe the powerful mamono guards down in the palace courtyard enter defensive positions.  Several Demons followed by an armored Wyvern soar in the direction of the disturbance.

      Concern grips me.  The Order or the Sabbath could be planning a huge attack on Sadie and me.  I take several deep breaths and remind myself that we were powerful enough to defeat the former Demon Lord and her husband.  Whatever the incident out there is we could most likely deal with it in a jiffy.

      I move by my wife's side and gently nudge her whispering, "Sadie?  Sadie wake up.  Something's happening outside."

      "Can I have one more biscuit Master?" Sadie groans as she shifts her sleeping position.

      A scowl appears on my face at being called Master once more.

      I'm about to shake her more roughly when the door bursts open that causes Sadie to spring awake in shock.  A Ratatoskr stands in the doorway, frightened and panting.  "Lord's big!" she announces.

      "What's going on out there?" I ask, motioning toward the window.

      "Ugo, what's happening out there?" Sadie asks as she and I witness several smaller purple explosions occurring in the city.

      "It's the Sabbath!  They've launched a major offensive against the Royal Makai!" the squirrel messenger shouts.

      "Sounds like they're really desperate out there," I say as I walk over to my wardrobe to dress in some light clothing before Sadie and I trek down to the armory and gear up to teach the Sabbath a lesson for thinking they could tango with us.

      "If we beat them here we'll demoralize them to the point that they'll never be able to threaten anyone again!" Sadie says as she hops out of bed in anticipation of our next battle.

      "Don't be so sure about that my dear.  Even if we defeat their most powerful figures I doubt it will be enough to convince them to give up," I say as I turn to the Ratatoskr and ask, "Were you able to see who was leading the attack?"

      The messenger nods and says, "I did sir, but..."

      "But what?" I prod, raising an eyebrow at her.

      Whimpers are all that escape the Ratatoskr until she finally cracks and says, "An Ocelomeh is leading the attack!"

      I stop in my tracks and turn to her stunned.  Sadie does the same.

      "A loli Ocelomeh?" I ask, checking to make sure that my ears are working.

      The Ratatoskr shakes her head and replies, "No, an adult Ocelomeh is leading the assault!  A powerful one by the looks of it!  She's making mincemeat of your forces!"

      All of a sudden, a Demon crashes through the window of our bedroom and lands against the bed.

      "Ugo, Sadie!  Bring your sorry asses out here and fight!" a challenging female voice screams out.

      My wife and I head to the window and look down to see that the courtyard is an absolute wreck.  Pieces of debris lie everywhere as do plenty of fallen guards.  Much of the dirt has been torn out of the earth and covers the ruined stone pathways leading into and out of the courtyard.  In the center of it all is an Ocelomeh who has an assortment of red tattoos all over her toned body, a light purple fire appears to emanate around her, her macuahuitl is slung over her back and she wields a pair of DRS flaming short swords.

      An angry Baphomet and Witch stand at her flanks.  The Baphomet points up at us and barks, "You have tormented us long enough!  Many members of the Sabbath were corrupted because of your adultification cannons!"

      "We're putting a stop to it now and taking the throne from you!" the Witch shouts.

      "I'll throw you twos' asses through the ringer and make you mine!" the Ocelomeh screams with a sadistic grin.

      "You can't beat us!  We defeated the former Demon Lord and her hubby!" Sadie shouts down to them.

      "I convinced them to give me their power and I've got Bastet aiding me as well as the tezcatlipoca!" the Ocelomeh yells out adding with extra ferocity, "And now I'm gonna use them against you!"

      "Will you ladies at least give us the chance to get ready?" I shout down to the group.

      "Nope!" the Baphomet and the Witch shout in unison.  The Baphomet leaps toward us with her scythe drawn while the Witch flies up at us on her broomstick.

      Sadie and I are quick to react.  I deliver a powerful kick to the torso of the Baphomet that sends her falling back to the courtyard and Sadie launches a fireball that strikes the Witch and is enough to disable her as her broom does a tailspin into the earth.

      The Ocelomeh laughs at her cohorts' unsuccessful attempts and boasts, "I'll let you all get ready!  Then come down here and we can have ourselves a proper fight!"

      "Who are you!?" I shout down to her.

      "Elvira Da Rosa!" she screams with pride.

      "We're going to crush her ego so hard Ugo!" Sadie says to me bounding up and down.

      We rush down to the armory and grab our equipment.  Then we run out to meet Elvira who licks her lips upon seeing us approach and says, "I'm going to enjoy this fight!"

      "Just don't be crying when Ugo and I beat you!" Sadie warns as she prepares a fireball.

      Elvira shakes her head at Sadie and smacks her lips, "When I'm through with you the first thing you're going to do is kiss my toes you cocky little doggy."

      Sadie launches her fireball at Elvira and she sidesteps the projectile.  Elvira then jumps at Sadie with both of her swords raised.  The Cu Sith raises a hasty shield that stops the Ocelomeh's blades and allows only their tips to stick through.  I take the opportunity to charge at Elvira with my frost enchanted DRS battle axe poised to strike.  The feline sees me coming and abandons her swords to jump out of the way of my swing.  She tries to counter by delivering a flurry of swift kicks, but I dodge each one.

      My wife drops her shield which allows the swords to clatter to the floor and unleashes a beam of ice at Elvira, who ducks under it.  I swing for her head, but she rolls away and with incredible speed she darts at the exposed Cu Sith and is hit square in the chest with a drop kick that sends her into the grass that survived the initial attack.  Elvira re-equips her swords and I bite my lip out of anger of the Ocelomeh hitting my wife.

      I leap at Elvira and she rolls out of the way of my slash, soon running at me with her swords swinging.  I block and dodge, but she's much faster than I anticipate and the bloodlust that is running through her eyes tells me that this is not a fight she will lose quickly.

      By the end of Elvira's string of attacks Sadie has recovered and fires another fireball at our opponent who jumps over it and forces me to dodge out of the way.

      Elvira again charges at Sadie with her swords ready to cut her up.  Sadie fires two more fireballs at Elvira who evades both of them and thrusts at Sadie, but just before her double stab can connect Sadie blinks out of existence in a display of pink sparkles, reappearing at the opposite end of the courtyard.

      I dash at Elvira and attack once again, but she springs into the air and lands behind me in a flip.  Before I can twirl around to face her I feel her swords slash across my back, giving me a brief sensational feeling until it wears off.  My axe goes for her neck and she ducks under it, proceeding to sink one of her swords into my knee, causing me to grunt in ecstasy.

      "Ugo!" Sadie cries out.

      Elvira peeks to her right and bounds back out of the way of a chilly blue freezing beam that whisks by, courtesy of Sadie.  When the beam ends I see Elvira airborne and her foot shooting for my face.  I hop aside and strike at an opening on Elvira's back, but she charges forward to evade it.

      Several whiffed swings later I finally manage to land a hit on Elvira's back.  She stumbles for a moment before she recovers and gives me a stare of sadistic glee.  "Well done," she mutters.

      Elvira leans backward, allowing several of Sadie's fireballs to pass.  The Ocelomeh then jumps at the magic user, who bounds aside of her and counterattacks by launching an ice beam at her.  Since Elvira is too close to Sadie to effectively dodge, the beam successfully hits her and freezes her in a block of ice save for her head.

      I walk up to her and say, "This is where it ends for you!"

      "Bite me!" Elvira snaps.

      My battle axe raises above my head, ready to finish the duel when her entire body glows orange.  Pieces of ice are shot everywhere as the aura around Elvira violently expands outward, freeing her from her chilling prison.

      Sadie and I look at each other. 

      "We'll beat her master!" the Cu Sith proclaims.

      Elvira spits on the ground and says to me, "Your wife needs to shut her yap."

      "Don't talk about Sadie like that!" I grumble.

      The fight carries on.  More of the courtyard gets devastated as Elvira and I exchange blows and Sadie provides support with primarily offensive spells.  Our blades clash and sparks fly in this ferocious combat.  At several points I have Elvira on the back foot, but during other periods of the skirmish she manages to get me on the defensive.  Elvira even attacks Sadie sometimes, but fortunately the Cu Sith manages to avoid her strikes.

      During that fight I feel more and more worried not about losing against the Ocelomeh, but more about what would happen if the big lizard finds out that my wife and I lost to said Ocelomeh alongside the Sabbath.  Considering we are supposedly two extremely powerful beings right now, the ideas spawning in my head aren't very kind.  Despite my concerns, I remind myself of the power Sadie and I possess.  If we could beat the Demon Lord and her husband with it, then surely we can beat Elvira and her Sabbath accomplices.

      At one point a brown mist is emitted from Sadie's paw that wraps around Elvira's swords.  The blades rapidly rust and disintegrate off of their hilts similar to a fine ash.  Rather than grow frustrated that she lost two of her swords to a rust spell, Elvira instead tosses away the two handles and brandishes her claws.

      "Getting serious now," Elvira warns as her claws burn white.

      She dashes at me and I step aside.  Without her swords Elvira launches an even more vicious assault on me, her claws slashing at me with intense speed as I barely manage to block each strike with my weapon.  A soft green aura pulsates around my body and I feel my resilience receive a boost.  "Thanks Sadie," I mutter.

      Sadie casts a bolt purple magic that arcs toward Elvira who as expected rolls out of the way.

      We need to end this fight soon.

      The Cu Sith summons a dark grey thundercloud that drifts in the direction of Elvira.  Bolts of lightning are fired from it, forcing Elvira to take evasive action, jumping and running across the courtyard.  As I watch her circle the area avoiding the lightning bolts she bounds from the dirt and lands behind Sadie.  Sadie's eyes widen as the thundercloud is about to fire on her and I shout to her, "Get out of the way!" 

      She blinks out of danger and Elvira takes the full electrifying hit.  It knocks her back several feet and she lands in a mound of dirt.  A second later she bursts out of the dirt pile and is back on her feet glaring directly at me.  I feel my heart sink as Sadie reappears at my side with a hopeful smile.  The thundercloud itself meanwhile dissipates.

      Elvira dashes at me again with even greater determination.  Her attacks target me, but this time with more speed and her claws manage to pierce my blocks and my armor.  I feel a portion of my energy being sapped as each of Elvira's strikes connect.  My defense fails further and the Ocelomeh shows no signs of slowing up.

      Sadie is near the entrance to the castle preparing a lightning spell. Silence seals my mouth to avoid alerting Elvira to it. I can only take the hits that further drain my strength.

      The lightning is shot toward Elvira, who hops aside just in the nick of time. I attempt to dodge it as well, but the hits I suffered from our Ocelomeh opponent's claws has left my agility expended. As a result, I take the full brunt of the shock attack and get blasted into the earth, kicking up a mountain of dirt behind me.

      "Crap, Ugo!" Sadie cries out in horror at her accidental friendly fire.

      Elvira switches her attention to Sadie who is now shaking in terror. I groan and rise out of the ground clutching my battle axe. "Hey, leave her alone!" I call out to the Ocelomeh, hoping to pull the battle back between her and myself.

      She glances back at me and snickers saying, "My claws left you pretty heavily drained! Take a rest!"

      I ignore her suggestion and advance toward her with my battle axe raised. Although my body is pleading for rest, I hustle through the exhaustion with the desire to protect Sadie.

      Elvira smacks her lips and shakes her head saying, "I gave you a chance."

      "Hold on Ugo!" Sadie yells out as her paw glows yellow and tiny specks drift from it. She thrusts her paw out toward me and a yellow orb flies at me, but Elvira steps in front of it and takes the projectile, flexing as her body glows a temporary yellow.

      "Hey! That was meant for Ugo!" Sadie scolds the Ocelomeh who retorts, "It was! Thanks for the rejuvenation Sadie!"

      Elvira leaps at me and slashes at me. I lean back out of the way of the first one, but the second one catches me on my throat and I can feel my remaining power pour out along with an immense burning pleasure. With my body incapacitated I fall backyards onto whatever piece of the stone pathway still remains.

      "UGO!!!" Sadie cries out in agony.

      Elvira saunters toward Sadie with her claws on full display.

      Sadie's face becomes flush with anger and she screams at Elvira, "I'LL DEFEAT YOU YOU SPOTTED BITCH!"

      "Better watch that rage!" Elvira warns as she jumps at Sadie, narrowly missing a roundhouse kick by inches as she blinks out of the way and casts several fireballs that shoot toward the feline. As expected, Elvira dodges each one. Sadie fires off another round of flaming projectiles and they too are evaded by the swift Elvira.

      "Hold still!" Sadie shouts as she creates a wall of ice in front of her only for Elvira to break through it with a kick and force Sadie to teleport away once more.

      "You can't keep this up forever doggy!" Elvira tells Sadie who reappears in the far corner of the courtyard.

      "We'll prove to you that we're still the best!" Sadie shouts.

      "It's just you for now!" Elvira informs her as she ducks under a shard of ice launched from Sadie's array of offensive spells.

      Elvira once again closes the gap with Sadie and the Cu Sith teleports, but Elvira takes out her macuahuitl and hurls it in a seemingly random direction, but Sadie pops up in the exact spot the weapon is and has her torso impaled, causing her to scream out in ecstasy as the Demon Realm Silver disables her body.

      I watch helplessly as Sadie collapses to her knees and doubles over onto the ground dropping her spellbook in the process. Elvira proceeds to grab Sadie by her collar and drag her by my side where we both find ourselves staring up at her proud form. My battle axe is kicked away by the victor and I ask her, "H-how were you able beat us?"

      Elvira chuckles, being sure to soak in her victory before replying, "Like I said, I persuaded the former Demon Lord and her husband to give up their power to me. I also received Bastet's blessing and the tezcatlipoca."

      "But...your claws. How were they so effective at draining me of my power?" I inquire.

      Elvira removes her club from Sadie's body and says, "I spoke to a Lilim who was nice enough to give me these. I'll have to remember to thank her when I'm ruling the Maou."

      "Wait, ruling the Maou?" I ask, puzzled.

      "Yup, you think I came here just to raise hell? Nope, I came here to take charge, and you two are going to be my lovely pets," Elvira explains.

      "T-that means the Sabbath...," Sadie starts, but Elvira cuts her off and says, "Don't worry, I'll make sure those pieces of dirt don't get too far."

      Elvira snaps her claws and says, "That reminds me."

      She produces a pair of orange collars and snaps them around Sadie's and my own neck.

      Immediately, I feel my strength and other abilities return to that of a regular human like I was in my old life. I attempt to raise my hand to touch it, but I'm still currently too exhausted.

      "What did you do to us!?" Sadie whines as she struggles to break the collar off only to fail miserably.

      "Collars of Obedience. Gifts from Bastet," Elvira explains as she pets Sadie on her head, "Had to work really hard for them."

      Elvira places her hands on her hips and says, "Only I can remove them, so trying to remove them yourselves is useless."

      She then moves her left foot in front of Sadie and commands, "Now kiss my foot."

      Sadie lightly shakes her head and utters, "No."

      The collar on Sadie begins to glow and her eyes widen.

      She struggles to disobey Elvira's order as her head lowers down toward the feline's foot and gives it a gentle peck.

      "If you refuse an order, then the collar will make you do it," Elvira says as she retracts her foot and places her other foot in front of me. "Kiss," she repeats.

      I don't hesitate and lower my head toward her foot, giving it the kiss as ordered.

      "Good boy," Elvira praises me.

      She then gestures toward the palace and says, "You two come with me to the bedroom. We have lots of business to attend to. Perhaps you can also get me accustomed to what you've done here."

      Sadie and I rise to our feet and follow our new master and ruler to the chamber.

      These next few months have been rather hectic. For starters, Elvira revealed that she had only helped the Sabbath to get closer to us and rather than grant them what they were promised, she betrayed them, making use of the Oppai Cannon and its smaller brethren to drastically reduce their numbers. She had also trained up mamono strike teams that would hunt down and convert the remaining members of the Sabbath into adults. Elvira was also hosting weekly ritual offerings to her gods and invited many other Ocelomehs worldwide to participate. She thankfully had allowed Sadie and I to work on our own projects so long as they didn't involve attempting to overthrow her as she so graciously told us, "I have spies everywhere."

      She had also continued research on allowing mamono of all species to give birth to males.

      One day, as she's sitting atop her throne preaching to her subjects about the improving state of the Maou and Sadie and I silently stand by I think of the being that first put us up to this and hope that we put on quite a show for him.

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