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    Art by Jeiel Yozama, scholar of the Nonareichen.

    Species : Zombie / Magic Material

    Family: Undead

    Habitat: Quitonne LVL C Containment.

    Diet: Mana of men

    Common Statement: I want you to be like me. So let it in. LET ME IN.

    Jeiel's Comment: A worse form of a Zombie Mamono. I've seen it in action... horrific. You should steer clear of this one, and whatever area it's infected. Serious.

    A type of Zombie Mamono believed to be born from one of the lumps of flesh extracted from a Carniscula. Magi-scientists from Quitonne, the containment and research facility of unstable Mamono under the former tyrant Circe, saw that the extracted flesh from the flesh-amalgamation Mamono is sentient and wishes to have a body of its own. As its requests were granted by allowing it to merge to a human female host, the researchers started to notice the transformed female exhibiting hostility, raving how it wanted to "corrupt the flesh in pleasures like never before seen" and have other life to be in her likeness. Over time, as its demands were not met it thrashed out of control, and since then the Necrophyte had been deemed a LVL C threat. A total of 30 Necrophytes currently in Quitonne's third underground level - which is probably, for the best of the Naether in overall.

    The word 'necrophyte' is translated loosely as 'disciple of the flesh'. This name suits the Mamono for a number of reasons. First, they bear the appearance of someone who surrenders to flesh and is already a embodiment of it. Second, they "worship" flesh - or in a more accurate sense, the desire to subject the flesh in carnal delight.

    A Necrophyte starts off as a lump of flesh that often clambers on an individual (a human woman or another Mamono) after being touched by a Necrophyte, or appears collectively when one is exposed to a specific area where Necrophytes have manifested for more than 4 hours (this airborn strain is often eliminated once the area is sanitized via conflagration). The lump doesn't take too long before it starts wrapping itself on all corners of the female body, its growing presence emanating a pleasant warmth. Should there be attempts to remove the flesh-lump, the substance counterattacks by broadcasting increased spasms of pleasure on where it expanded. The afflicted being will pant in delight and jerk violently, unable to resist. An ecstatic grin will be painted on the victim's face. Thus, the Necrophyte is born, ready to spread her influence to the rest of the realm.

    Although surrounded by the bonded 'flesh' that now corrupts their minds to be pink-minded, the Necrophyte is able to speak and think normally, being a very intellectual sort of Zombie. However, in the same nature as a March Hare she often twists words with a sick, sensual undertone to them. For example, saying, "you look lovely" becomes "you are so lovely, I want to defile you" in their heads. The bonded flesh constantly shudders throughout the Mamono, making her writhe and moan wetly as she walks in heavy steps towards her destination.

    The Necrophytes are constantly on the lookout for other living bodies to "create progenies", as they would call it, as well as sources of mana to feed upon. Therefore, they find the urge to wander into places with a large density of inhabitants such as villages and towns. Being slow movers, the Necrophytes can be easily left behind by their chase, so they will team up with each other and coordinate attacks. They allow their bonded flesh to 'extend' like fleshy tentacles that connect to one another like a set of chains, boxing the victim in as they come in closer for the 'kill'. If need be, they will allow the extensions to dig on the ground and expand around the area, cutting off other plans for escape.

    Upon pouncing on prey, the Necrophyte sloppily violates it. She allows her bonded flesh to grow extensions that pry at the individual's sensual areas. She inserts into any orifice or area of entry, generating a pulse of warmth at the end of her extensions that pleasure the man/woman into submission. For a female victim, she will soon be enveloped by a splitting-off extension from the main bonded flesh, as she is overwhelmed by depravity and made into another Necrophyte on the spot.

    For a male, the feel of the warm body upon him drives his body's own curiosity to explore "flesh" -which is actually the bonded flesh' Miasmic ability to corrupt the dermal senses. The man will twitch and moan incorrigibly, which the Necrophyte will take as a cue to violate him more. She will push his male tool inside her and allow the mana from his semen to soak into every fiber of her being.

    Any Necrophyte who has sex for the the first time become enthralled by the act so much, she will stay glued to him for as long as she wants. She will even go as far as use the mana she absorbed from him to create a sphere of flesh containing a small, solid room with a bed, pillows, a window to the outside world, table with chairs and other decorative additions as she sees fit (she and the man will live here for the rest of their lives). In this created habitat, the man will constantly be under the warmth of the Necrophyte flesh, continually desiring for his wives' body and demanding that his wife "service him", which the Mamono obliges in delight. The sphere itself will generate tentacles that hunt food for the Necrophyte's husband; that way, they don't have to worry about leaving the comfort of the sphere.

    At most, a sphere will contain the husband and either one to five Necrophytes, both parties fighting for their carnal urges to be satisfied by their opposite other all the time. The sphere will grow every year, adding extensions that the Mamono believes is beneficial to normal living. To the Necrophyte, the worship of the flesh is satisfied by continual sexual intercourse, and the act is what they live for.

    Similar to the Ill Carrier, the birth rate of the Necrophyte is low. Pure Necrophytes born from men and their Necrophyte wives are rare to come by so Impure Necrophytes (those resulting from Necrophyte infection) are always made, but should one exist, it would have a bonded flesh growth that gives it a regal appearance as well as a level of intelligence and strength that allows it to trump and command others of its specie. Only Quitonne has the existing population of Necrophytes - but who knows. Maybe in the Badlands, the unexplored section of the Naether, an entire group of them flourish, undisturbed and growing at an alarming rate.

    Done! So I mentioned Carniscula. Means I'm making her soon. So, hope you loved it! Peace out!

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