• Alright! Back on the beat, guys. Based on another request made, here she is. A peaceable mascot of the SCP Foundation now a Mamono. Get a read on ! And don't forget about  reading  the realm for all things Naether! Read ON! 

    Trickle /Gell Slime


    Art by Jeiel Yozama, scholar of the Nonareichen.

    :  Slime

    Family:  Slime

    Habitat: Quitonne Containment Facility (roams freely), UNKNOWN if widespread

    Diet: Positive energy (from living beings)

    Common Statement: HUGS ! HUGS ! TICKLES!!

    Jeiel’s Comment: -------BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!! STOP!! STOP TICKLING !!!

    The Trickle is a non-violent, non-volatile Mamono created by Circe in the past as her personal masseuse. The intention alone was quite simple; the end result just turned out ugly (even for her twisted tastes). As a result of the Mamono’s nature becoming too ‘out-of-hand’ for the despot, Circe sent it away into the Naether, where analysts continue to study other ways to use her while allowing her to wander freely in the Quitonne containment facility.

    Trickles are often called by another name – Gell Slimes. Their slime composition is often more gelatinous and viscous than the other Slime species. In fact, Trickles are able to phase through small crevices and spaces effortlessly. When touched by other beings, their peanut to orange-colored slime will feel incredibly warm and soothing. The feeling is similar to the application of a body lotion, this fact tying close to the original reason why they came to be.

    The Trickle, for the most part, craves a weird kind of conflict unlike the rest of the Naetherkin species. They are incredibly lewd – and their lewdness is displayed through their urge to ‘hug’ living bodies and tickle the living lights out of them. They usually do this when subjected to heightened emotions. This means that when they’re extremely happy, sad, angry, distraught, or fearful they will leap at the nearest organism and tickle them without restraint.

    The real reason behind the tickling isn’t exactly clear, but it’s said Trickles do this to gather positive energy that floats out from living beings after being ticked, which usually takes form of heat. When performing this act, the Trickle will give their target an ear-to-ear-smile while her slime frenetically dives into every nook and cranny they can touch. This leads them to completely overwhelming the body of their victim in slime, which soon warms up to the individual to such a degree that it ‘heats them up’

    As the Trickle continues to tickle a person senseless, she inadvertently pries at the sensitive parts, sending the individual into a state of pleasure. The more the Trickle senses ‘happiness’, the more her tickling increases. It will come to a point the victim, out of sheer desire to feel more of his/ her captor, will look for the Trickle’s head and force his/her lips on her. Sexual delight immediately lightens the Trickles up; they will switch from ‘wanting tickles’ to ‘wanting sex’. They will reform, holding their partners firm as they bond with them via physical insertion. The resulting energy the Mamono will gain from this will be something that be engraved on their mind so deeply that they will never get over it.

    After tasting sex, Trickles will tickle their partners, eventually leading to a playful request for coitus that the other individual will happily oblige. Trickles actually don’t care if they find a man or not; they are happy with whoever they partner with – be it man, woman or Mamono. All they want is to soak in their partner’s positive energy; however, sex with a male often drives them into a sexually-awakened state. With a husband in tow, they will often latch on to the latter, constantly moving her fingers near his neck, back or penis to ask for sex. Mana will become their new diet, and it will be the only food they will desire all their lives.

    Trickles are not known to fight. They settle discord through their hugs and tickles, and even the sturdiest and bloodthirstiest of foes fall to them as they always manage to find a being’s ‘ticklish spot’ without breaking a sweat.  Their ability to disable others without hostile intent allows them to render even the strength of Kuvelos’ useless. This may be a reason why  Kuvelos, after much research, claim to hate all Trickles, wishing that these Mamonos ‘die in an eternal inferno’.

    Done! Criticisms and comments are welcome on her ! Gonna work on maybe 6 more next week. Got a lotta time in my hands. On to the next!

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