• you are a human child (shota) who has lived a very difficult life

    After an incident related to demonic energy your father became an incubus and your mother in a (insert species here)

    in spite of that you thought you could go ahead but it was not like that

    your parents focused so much on having sex that they forgot about you completely

    since then you have had to work for yourself by working very hard just for a few crumbs of bread

    you are ambitious, thirsty and ill

    it's only a question of days so that you perish and your parents do not care in the least


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    • I don’t think that’s how it works.

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    • Yep definetly not how it works, no mamono could ignore a man. If the location became a demon realm (which most likely happened here due to the sudden influx of DE),then we could asume that they would be living in a freshly mamono filled location, a single man Like the boy should not have remained single and ignored in those span of days,in that type of place, especially if he can't fend for himself, he should have been picked off the moment a single newly turned mamono saw him. 

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    • That's not at all how it works, like the well being of children is one of the most powerful drives for a mamono. Like, their maternal instinct might be as powerful as their reproductive instinct. Even if, by some freak deformity, the mother and father did end up being neglectful like this, another mamono would step in. Actually that could be kinda funny.

      Situation like this one:

      Other mamono sees this kinda shit happening: TRIGGERED

      Booting AngryMama.exe...

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    • More like: booting ass-beating.exe...

      God forbid you get a more powerful one strolling by.

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    • Then a mamono with a strong sense of protecting something walks by, like per say a Hellhound. Now that would be interesting to watch.

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    • Thing is, the scenario is one where a large amount of D.E. has been added to an area causing the monsterization of the parents and the parents have been able to focus on snu snu without outside interference. The only scenarios I can think of that could cause this are either a mass immigration of mamono or a successful mamono invasion. Both would lead to a lot of mamono being around, likely in a wide variety. So this wouldn't be a single mamono who is likely to notice this but probably a community.

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    • The thought of that amount of mamono pissed scares me.

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    • Thanks for your opinion I will strive to make WWD more attached to the logic of MGE

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    • Now, a WWYD where a mamono notices the behavior sounds like a helluva story. Someone should make it

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    • That's what I'm doing.

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    • Noice

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    • I can see it either being ridiculously badassed no matter what mamono is used, but I'd pay money to see a Dragon or Hellhound go on an Angry Mama Rampage or maybe something that's normally harmless like a Kobold or Kikimora.

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    • Of, sorry guy. There is one none really thought of that I’m going with. It’s unfortunately none of those.

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    • I love the thought of a weresheep just decking a dragon or something

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    • The Reptile King wrote: I can see it either being ridiculously badassed no matter what mamono is used, but I'd pay money to see a Dragon or Hellhound go on an Angry Mama Rampage or maybe something that's normally harmless like a Kobold or Kikimora.

      Again, I stand by my belief that an angry Kiki-chan could make even Hellhounds and Dragons cower. Of course, you have the hard task of getting Kiki-chan truly angry first...

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    • I actually do think that this exact situation could occur, even if it is VERY unlikely. It does not has to be in a DR or during a Monster Exodus, some accident could cause the release of demonic energy. Maybe it was a magic ritual gone awry or outside influence of more ill tempered mamono. Since i am a Fan of many types of Fantasy, i can see a "special hero origin" in all this.

      Yes, the parents would be mutations, since Monster are very fond of their offspring (Vampires not THAT much, since they could snatch their husband). Also the chance of another Monster taking him in would still be there (It is a suffering child. And a human. With a Penis. Could make a husband one day...) and could even in a hardcore order country be happen (since MG do not really care about borders), or at least taken care of (order does not have to be evil).

      To my short and simple answer of they main topic.

      I would steal, beg and con myself back to health. At least healthy enough to leave. Then i would prepare for a longer adventure and head out to seek fame, fortune and a good waifu for the daugthers we will have.

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    • Sorry for the bad spelling. I am from Austria.

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    • It all started with that stupid sword.

      Sure, mother and father had been neglectful before, but this was the turning point.

      They had gone to scour some ancient ruin in a different far-off place, and when they had returned a sword had grown into mother's arm.

      The shaking of the mattress echoed through our house, and almost woke the neighbors.

      An astonishing feat, considering our closest neighbors live half a mile away.

      I had been working for hours on end today, sanding the tough coatings off of seeds before gently bleaching the exteriors to prevent molding.

      I had produced about thirty buckets of prepared seeds, and as the sun set for the evening and crickets began to chirp, we began the hard work of razing the old plants.

      Thistles and nettles alike crackled and snapped as the overgrown and rotted field burned under our torches.

      Though many of us had simple magical power, it was far too weak to burn the field, and so we merely used it to light our dryer tinder.

      As the last vestiges of the flaming fields burnt and crumbled into the night wind, we lined up to collect our pay, I had made 80 crescents, enough to cover the cost of food and drink for the night.

      A slow, pathetic walk to the one store still open at this time of night began.

      Though town was in the opposite direction of home, I had no real desire to return now anyway.

      I entered the shop, and the chirping of crickets echoed faintly as the door creaked and moaned slowly closed.

      As the door finished closing, about forty candles sprung to life with an eerie white light, illuminating my filthy body for all to see, as well as the beautiful duo who stood in the center of the convenience store.

      The Danuki "sisters," a mother and daughter, were nocturnal, and so their store was open from sundown to sunup, and sold almost every variety of goods.

      A pair of signs which blocked the only windows proclaimed as much:

      From blanket to Bosom, if you want it, we've got it, for a price~♡

      Since these new signs had gone up, their sales of fresh Holstaur milk had skyrocketed, and they'd begun putting it in a seperate section of duplicate food items such as baked goods, making the switch optional.

      And the soundproofed storeroom had remained closed during all business hours.

      "Are you well, Bartholomew? You haven't looked this downtrodden since that out of town harlot decided you wanted to be stepped on!"

      I grimace at the memory.

      "Yes, well, I wouldn't really have minded if dragons didn't have claws."

      She nodded solemnly.

      Next to speak was the mother, distinguishable only by her slightly fuller figure.

      "What would you like to purchase this evening, our prices are much lower now!"

      I looked around the impossibly large interior until I found the camping section, tents and tinderboxes were replaced with self-building houses and hearths, all held in little boxes you could carry in your pocket.

      Some packages included pantries stocked with food, but all included an instruction manual, which taught how to operate the device and how to survive without it in case it was lost.

      With their newly lowered prices, I could buy five, whereas before I would have been unable to buy one with a year worth of money.

      "If I didn't know you better, I'd call this discount suspicious!"

      My shout echoed down the seemingly endless hallway that was the convenience store.

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    • Ok, almost done with this. I'm at the fun part anyway.

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    • Ok, I'm done. Hold on to your hats, this may be vulgar.

      Edit: This is the jist of it. Just gotta put a true end to it.

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    • (I know this is not a MGE type WWD but when someone said post a story i just could not help myself and take up the challage to brake up my writing. funny thing is at first i was thinking a mother gain type story, but with her having sex and basicly pushig the MC out of the nest that was out... then i was thinking about a sister. nah to easy and no fun.... so i submit the following in reply to your WWD)

      Since your parents have given up on you due to having sex all the time. you decided to leave home and try to make a living on your own.

      But with only the little pocket money that you have been able to scrap together. It does not even amount to even ten dollars. So, traveling to your closest relative is out of the question.

      But as your wandering the neighborhood one day you see a sign ‘help wanted’. In front of the local bathhouse.

      As you enter you are almost overwhelmed by the heat and steam coming off the baths. As you regain your senses. You hear “Welcome to the ‘Dizzy Mouse Bath House’, sir. How can we help you?”

      When you look for the voice you look around the room next to you are two large potted plants. And the room is covered in bamboo. And between two doors one marked male the other marked female. You see a counter and sitting behind it a Large Mouse who is reading a book. But you can not tell what type of book.

      As you point at the ‘help wanted’ sign “are you hiring?”

      “yes, we are. But I think you’re a little young to be working.”

      “My parents have forgotten me. And I need some place to work. So, if you please can you hire me. I promise to work really hard. And do everything you tell me to.”

      “I can only pay you minimum wage and understand I am only hiring you on a temporally base. If you cannot fill everything that is asked of you. We will let you go. “

      “that is fine I just need to make some money so I can survive.”

      “in that case my name is Rosemary.”

      “My name is Charley. It is nice to meet you, Rosemary.”

      “in that case let me show you around. You will be tasked to clean the male bath twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening after everyone goes home. You will also be expected to measure the PH balance every hour without fail. And if you see that any of the supplies needed to keep the PH balanced is running low, inform us. And I will take care of it. Also, if anything needs to be fixed in the bath please inform us so that we can get it taken care of right away.

      As she is explaining your responsibility. She is taking you on a tour of the bathing facilities. She shows you the changing room, the main male bath, and the more private baths, and lastly, she shows you where the cleaning supplies are kept.

      “there I only one last thing. Never pass this door.” the door she is talking about is in the back of the bath house.

      “ok, I can do that.”

      At first, the job is hard and it takes hours to clean the males’ side of the bathhouse by yourself.

      As you do as you have been told of keeping the logs of the PH levels balanced and keep the owner informed of any changes to the space. The job starts to get easier as you build up muscles and calluses on your hands from the hard work. But after some time, the job becomes easier and you start to explore the space. Because your only ten that door you were told not to open keeps calling your name for some reason for you keep going back to it.

      Even once you were found looking at it “what are you doing? Did I not tell you not to enter that room?”

      “yes, I am sorry. I will get right back to work.”

      But still, that door kept calling to you. until one day your curiosity won out of your reason.

      As you enter the room you can’t see anything but darkness. But you can hear noise coming from the dark.

      “hello is anyone there?”

      You hear quite a few voices reply back. But when you go to turn around you find that many hands are dragging your way into the darkness until you find yourself in I single light from above.

      As you look around you hear a familiar voice calling out to you. “did I not tell you not to open that door.”

      “yes, you did. I am sorry I am scared. Please, can I go…”

      “you are well past that at this point. But if you want to be hired on full time then you need to please all of us.”

      As she says that six large mice walk out of the darkness.

      “what do you plan on doing to me?”

      “Oh, we plan on taking care of you for the rest of your life. in more than one way. But first, you need to survive…”

      Sometime later you found that keeping up with six is easy but you question how you’re going to survive. When your children grow up. And they decided that they don’t want to leave the nest. How are you going to live with your decision to enter that door? 

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    • and think that I unleashed this

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    • A FANDOM user
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