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    A charging Dia is a sight no one wants to see.

    Family: Dragon

    Type: Reptile

    Habitat: Deserts, Arid Steppe, Savannahs

    Diet: Herbivorous, loves cactus

    Disposition: Strong Willed, Belligerent (Lustful, Irritable)

    Dias are fearsome desert dwelling wyverns. They are easily identifiable by their frill and horns, bearing a similarity to the Trike in that regard. The frill grows out from the back of their head, protecting their neck and they two twisting horns growing out and jutting foreward as their primary weapon. Their tail ends in a distinctive hammer like club and they tend to very large and heavily muscled with thick armored scales. Like all dragons they can revert back to their primal form, from before the age of the current demom lord. 

    Dias are unique among dragons, being a wyvern that has taken on a herbivorous lifestyle, however this should not be mistaken for them being meek. As desert dwellers, Dias have a limited supply of food and water and are thus fiercely territorial to their own kind and anything with a similar level of power and they will not tolerate the presence of a predator in their territory at all. They are known for their short temper and ferocious stubbornness they refuse to back down to anything, unless soundly beaten.

    Unlike most wyverns they are very poor fliers, and almost never take to the sky. They are often mistaken to be flightless by those inexperienced with them. Dias will only fly when no other choice is available and many view it as a sign of weakness or cowardice. Instead Dias prefer burrowing, which they can do with surprising speed. Given how slow and clumsy they are in the air, it is often more efficient for a Dia to dive into the sands and tunnel to where they are going than it is for them to try to fly there. During the day, Dias spend most of their time underground, either resting, or patrolling their massive territories, only coming up when disturbed or to settle territorial disputes with other powerful desert dwellers. During the night, they surface to feed, primarily on cactus, which is their favorite food.

    For Dias, territorial duels are a frequent and they are never willing to back down without a fight, even against overwhelming foes. The only thing that a Dia will hide from is an Elder Dragon. They lack any form of magical ability or ranged attack, but they make up for this with their immense physical abilities. Dias are stronger, tougher, and faster than almost anything else they'll  meet and this allows them to use their horns and tail hammer to devestating effect.

    They're primary tactic is simple, lower their head and charge. Their massive horns will make short work of anything caught in their path. However should this not work, Dias will fight more tactically, using their skill in subterranean movement to attack foes from below, or even from out of the walls or ceiling if the fight is taking place underground. They also have a deafeningly loud roar, which they will use to stun their foes and create an opening to attack. Some Dias have even learned how to launch giant boulders into the air as the burrow, letting these boulders bludgeon or crush their foes. Ironically the Dias greatest strengths are also their greatest weaknesses. When provoked into a blind rage, it isn't hard to trick a Dia into charging which can be used to her foes advantage. It isn't unheard of for a Dia to accidentally get her horns stuck in a large rock or cliffside after a poorly thought out charge. Also, while underground, they rely on their hearing to navigate which leaves them vulnerable to sonic attacks. A loud enough noise can cause a Dia to panic and try to surface, only to get stuck half way out of the ground.

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    When a Black Dia notices you, you have but one choice. Prepare your pelvis.

    Unlike most mamono, Dias count humans be they man or woman on their list of threats to stomp down. Thus, even approaching an unwed Dia is often considered to be a fools errand. However, Dias periodically enter a heat period. During this time they're body is filled with intense hormones, causing them to turn to a distinct black color. These hormones harden their armor even further and cause them to become even stronger and faster than before. It also causes them to become excessively lustful, so much so that it leaves them in a constant state of frustration in which they will charge anything that moves.

    Needless to say, when they see a man while in this state, they can't resist and immediately charge, though with very different intentions. A Black Dia in pursuit of a man is nigh unstoppable, willing to smash her way through any obstacle to catch him. Often the Dia will put him to the ground and mount him immediately, regardless of her surrounding in order to satisfy her intense need. Afterwards the initial mating, the Dia will carry the man off to her den and continue her attentions until the end of her heat period.

    Once wed, Dias tend to mellow out significantly, especially if their husband brings them to live in town, where the need to maintain a territory is significantly lower. They still remain short tempered and stubborn but they will tolerate others living with them. They are quick to use their horns when they hear of any slight against their husband, either as a thinly veiled threat or to outright attack the foe. A Dia lowering her head is often a deadly threat. Her husband is also capable causing her to enter her heat period early with enough stimulation.

    Losing a fight is not uncommon for a Dia, such is life for someone who frequently enters into battle. However to lose a horn is a thoroughly traumatic experience for them. Many will be able to recover from this and simply regrow the damaged horn, however on rare occasions, the trauma from losing a horn will cause a Dia to undergo a metamorphosis, becoming a Deviant Type. They will grow larger, stronger, faster and tougher, the brocken horn will grow back in deformed, never growing to its full length and growing out into multiple points, while the other horn will grow larger and thicker. Her body temperature will increase exponentially, causing parts of their body to glow from the heat and steam to burst out from their bodies when they get angry. The loss of both the battle and her horn leaves these Dias with a brocken pride and immense anger. They will viciously fight anything and everything, taking out their anger on the world, thus earning them the title of Bloodbath Dia. Some have said that only true love can heal their brocken pride and quiet their endless rage.

    [And there we have it folks our Diablos mamono, the horniest wyvern in the desert. Took me a bit to workout the Bloodbath Diablos, there's really no clean way to do that one... Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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