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Lake water that received the blessing of fallen “undine” water elementals. The effect of the demon realm's water that aids in the absorption of excess demonic energy within the body is enhanced, and it has a reputation for making the spirit energy of one's husband taste more delicious. It is said that monster wives buy it up whenever it comes in stock. Incidentally, it can also be used to replenish energy, or heal.

Additionally, bathing in the demon realm's water aids the absorption of excess demonic energy stuck on the body in the same way, and it can cleanly wash it away, so many monsters take a bath and clean their body as preparation before having sex in order to improve sex with their husband. The hot water in bathhouses made in demon realm cities is also made from the water of the demon realm, so many monster married couples enjoy bathing together.

Furthermore, for monsters, washing away excess energy causes their womb to throb, and also has the effect of preparing them for intercourse with a man, but for the same reason as in the case of the demon realm's air, monsters don't get so aroused that they go out of their minds from this water.[1][2]

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