aka TJK or Jan

  • I live in My giant submarine, called the Trieste. It can fly, at which stage it is called the Urauser. (IT'S NOT YELLOW!)
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Rauser pilot, with a bit of scientist and badass thrown in.
  • I am a male fighter pilot
  • I may mention ICARUS in some of my comments. ICARUS is the AI that is installed in my submarine and in every Luftrauser. ICARUS is somewhat similar to JARVIS in terms of intelligence, capability of personality, and power over connected machinery. Speech said by ICARUS is indicated by parentheses. For example, <Affirmative.>
  • There is a cloning machine on board the Trieste. It activates whenever my vital signs drop significantly, and it is hard-wired to my DNA. The electrical nerve signals from the last thirty minutes prior to death are input into my brain during cloning. Basically, when I die, it activates, creating a direct continuation of my life back on board the Trieste.

These are my superpowers:

Aerial Adaptation: My body is fully capable of withstanding high g-force turns, breathing normally at high altitudes, ignoring the low temperatures found at aforementioned high altitudes, and most other ill effects of vigorous flying.

Aviation Inuition: I can fly anything that flies. Simple as that.

Luftrausers-poster design
IMG 3257

My submarine.

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