Ms Yorokobi led us around town on foot, showing us the necesities. It took up the whole day, and I was exhausted at the end. When we got back to our room to prep for diner, I colapsed on my bed.

Closing my eyes, I slipped into my memories.


I was five. My mother had stayed at work late, and my dad was at a bar. I was ammusing myself with a lego set, making kingdoms and heroes rise and fall. I was looking for a red long peice, and it appeared in front of me, in the slender hand of a young girl.

Her lower body was that of a spider, but she was still beautiful in my eyes. Her long, black hair and slender form saw to that. I took the block from her, and set it in place.

"Thank you," I mumbled, not sure how to act. I knew how my dad acted around my mom, and I knew it wasn't right.

She nodded. "C-can I play with you?" she asked. I nodded in turn, and told her the plot of my adventure.

We did things like this often, sometimes playing with my stuffed animals, or legos, or just talking. Sometimes, she would create something out of her silk, and I would laugh and cheer at the finished product, exclaiming how good it was. She would blush, saying that her mom was much better than her at it.

On my tenth birthday, she professed her desire to marry me, and I admitted that I wanted it as well.

Down, down, I tumbled in my memories, untill I reached the last time I saw her.

Her body was begining to fill out, being around thirteen. I could care less, what was weighing on my mind was so heavy.

"Girl?" I asked, for we hadn't told each other our names. They didn't seem necessary, since she was my oldest and only friend. She sat down beside me.

"I-i need to tell you something." I looked at her gravely, my vision blurry with tears. "I c-can't see you any more."

She hissed and recoiled, so surprised at my words was she. "No, my love! We were going to get married! Please say you're joking!"

I shook my head. "It's not like it's my choice!" I sobbed. "They tell me you're not real, and that you should go away. I love you, but I don't know what to do!"

She growled, hot tears streaming down her face. "Fine," she whispered. She climbed out the window, then looked back at me. "But I will come back. And when I do, I will marry you."


I woke up, feeling slender, pale hands on my shoulders. "It's time for dinner," Asuka whispered. It reminded me of the dream, and I began to cry. She looked into my eyes, and I said, "I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to send you away when we were kids."

She smiled, "It's ok. I'm here, just like I promised. Now, let's go to dinner."


We walked arm and arm to the dining hall, which looked similar to what you'd see in a mansion. I pulled a seat out of the way for Asuka, and she knelt next to my seat. As soon as I was seated, I fellt a strange pressence weighing on my mind. It seemed... nasty. Full of lewd intentions. Don't ask how I knew that, I don't know myself.

About that time, I heard the chair on the other side of me being pulled out. I looked to my left, and saw her: the Dark Preist I'd seen on the bus. She smiled.

"Hello," she purred, "We had met on the bus. Thou werest kind enough to sit next to me, and I never had the opportunity to thank thee, and to introduce myself. I am Cadhla O'Caelan. And you are?"

I took her hand, answering, "Aiden MacTire. And this is Asuka Shiruku. Would you like to have a seat?"

Asuka gave me a look, but kept her mouth shut. Cadhla nodded, "Most kind of thee," she replied, sitting, smiling like I'd just given her the keys to the kingdom. The pressence intensified, and I had trouble keeping my mind from wandering. Especially as she kept "accidentally" bumping my leg with hers. Soon, I was feeling so hot, I had to get out, get some air. I didn't realize Cadhla was following me.

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