As a child, I was alone. I never had friends, and I never talked to girls. As such, I had created a persona.

The monster under the bed.

She was kind, like my mother never was. She listened like my father never did. She promised that when I grew up, she'd marry me.

You may ask, if she was so nice, how was she a monster? Well, that's because she was an Arachne. Specifically, a Jurougumo. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Too bad it was all in my head. That's what the therapists told me, that such things don't exist. Shouldn't exist. They also told me that I should tell her to go away if ever I saw her again, and, just like every night, she came to me one last time.

She was sorrowful, but she gave me this promise; "I will come back. And when I do, I will marry you." Then she disappeared forever.

Or did she?


Timejump to present day. Now, everyone knows that monsters are real. Scientists found an island full of monstergirls, just off of Japan. Somehow the island had remained invisible for hundreds of years. People have begun to wonder if their legends are true, and has started a Monstergirl/Anti-monstergirl split in humanity.

It seems that the island, which people are calling the Mamano Realm, is one of a trio of islands, Wonderland and the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm is off the coast of Italy, while Wonderland is off the coast of Britain.

I've just finished high school, and I'm glad. I've had to deal with guys thinking of Mamono as sluts and whores, to use when they get the chance then toss away, and girls jealous of all those monstergirls who mature faster than humans, and all those who are still childish in body but can still lure men away.

I just want to get into a good college and start a life as a chef/manga artist. I found a really good school in japan that has everything I want, and I'd worked four summers to get enough money to go. I even skipped out on many videogames that I thought would be amazing.

The college I chose was called Danketsu U, the first extraspecies college in the world. They sent me a ticket, free of charge. I have a feeling that they have a pretty thin bottle-neck when it comes to humans they'll allow there, as there are technically no male monsters. They've survived by "kidnapping" males, mating with them, and living out their lives with their new husbands. So there's no competition in that department. Of course every guy with his head in the gutter will want to be there. I'm glad they chose me.

When I got there, I was greeted by an Elf with dark skin and white hair. Despite what's said about how lustful Dark elves can be, this one was dressed in modest attire. Her blouse was buttoned to her neck, and her skirt reached below the knee. Her clothes were as dark as her skin, without a speck of color.

She bowed deeply as I approached her, saying, "Welcome, Aiden-sama. We are pleased to accept you here."

I nodded, blushing a tiny bit. She smiled, then guided me to a bus outside, with three other humans inside, and quite a few Mamono. I sat next to a human boy, who had light orange hair, and a face speckled in freckles.

I try to ignore this rambunctious boy, as he tried to get me to talk about the college. I mean, this guy won't shut up!

"So I heard that the dorms will be coed. Don't think I would be able to handle that, with all that demonic energy stirring me up. Of course, there's a chance the human girls would be transformed, and we'd have no choice as they overpower us with their pheromones. What do you think?"

I sighed. "Well, I really didn't come here for sex, as hard as it is to imagine."

He nodded. "Cool. Cool. But what if..."

I snapped. "Look," I shouted, "I just want to get my degree. I could care less what happens between now and then!"

I got up, moving a few seats ahead. I sat down, not really paying attention to who I had sat next to. I probably should have.


this girl, but with black hair.

I had sat down next to a dark priest, or a nun who had been corrupted by a Fallen God. She looked modest enough, with long, black hair, little makeup, and a floor-length gown. But I could see her ears, horns and tail, and her body was barely concealed by the gown, busty as she was, and tight as the gown was. And her face held an expression of malice as she scooted closer to me.

I started thinking about this girl in a lewd manner, but I staved off any reaction by not thinking of her at all. Soon, we had reached our destination. We filed out of the bus, and were all of us confused.

We were looking at a city.

The dark Elf got out, and stood before us. "Hello," she stated, "My name is Yorokobi. You may address me as Ms. Yorokobi, or Yorokobi-sama. I will be your guide and student administrator. Are there any questions before we begin the tour?"

"Um, yeah," said the ginger, raising his hand, "M'name's Jack. I have a pretty big question. Where's the school?"

Yorokobi giggled, "Right behind me. This city," she gestured, "is your campus."


Jack has to guide me back onto the bus. I never read anything like this on Danketsu U's website. I mean, an entire city?!? It was amazing!

Yorokobi drove us to a building that looked like a five-star hotel. She led us inside, saying, "This'll be your dormitories while you stay here. If you need to know anything, ask the front desk."

The dark priest raised her hand, "Are we going to have roommates or anything. And a follow up question; are we separated into male and female?"

Ms. Yorokobi nodded, "You will be paired up with someone you would be most comfortable with, but besides that, there will be no gender segregation here. If that is all, please tell the front desk your name, and you will be given a room and a key."

I got in line at the front desk, and they gave me a key. A bellhop helped me with my luggage, and left promptly after dropping off my bags. I dragged them inside, and flopped on my bed.

"Um, hello?"

I sat up. That wasn't a guy.

In the doorway, I saw a girl. She had long, silky hair of red and black, a round, soft face, and a generous bust that even her baggy hoodie couldn't hide. Her skin was white as porcelain, except the red marks on her cheeks. Of course, the voice would have been enough for me to recognize her. But the final straw was her green, striped arachnid lower half.

"Hello, monster-under-my-bed." I whispered.


"Well, I guess we should get this out of the way. My name is Asuka Shiruku. And you are?" She held out a slender hand. I took her hand, replying, "Aiden McTire. And... why are you here?"

She looked away, hurt. I immediately realized my mistake. "I mean, not that I don't want you here. But aren't I supposed to be bunked with a guy?"

She shrugged, "I-i was told I would be roomed with someone I would be comfortable with." She climbed up on top of the other bed, her many legs folded beneath her. I sat down next to her. "Didn't think I'd ever see you again."

She shrugged again, turning away to hide a blush. "I-I told you I would be back, didn't I? M-my mother did many things to ensure we would meet again, even so far as removing the barrier shrouding the monster islands."

I took her hand, pressing it in mine. "Y-you have to understand," I stammered, "Everyone I knew told me you didn't exist. I had to push any thought of you to the back of my mind."

I dropped her hand, then began to unpack my stuff. As I crammed my clothes in my drawers, I heard a shifting behind me. I turned, then hurriedly raised my hands to my eyes. Asuka had removed her top, her large breasts in full view.

"Um, would you like some privacy?" I asked. She shook her head, "You didn't seem to mind when we were kids."

"Well, that was when we were kids," I groaned, "I wasn't mature enough to react to it. And you weren't mature enough for me to react to."

She smiled, purring, "Turn around." I did so, and in a few seconds, she bade me turn back around, and I did so, only to find a silk sheet running between our beds, effectively blocking my view.

I changed, comforted that the sheet blocked her view, too. Now in comfortable clothes, yet still stylish (a black button-up on top of a red shirt, and a pair of boot-cut jeans, and sneakers), I rapped on the wall.

"I'm gonna head out. Would you like to come with me?" I asked.

Asuka parted the webs of her creation, and my breath was taken away. She was wearing a traditional red Kimono with black blossoms and tie. Her hair was done up with wooden combs. She threaded her arm into mine, resting her head on my shoulder. "Of course, my love."

End Ch 1

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