This is a Flow Kelp fanfiction please enjoy!

In this one Axel lives in a small village and is a Fisherman, we join him as he leaves for a long day of work.

The sun begins to come up over the horizon as I set my first net. "Sunrises like these remind me of the good in life." I say to myself as I stand in my small rowboat with my other fishing equipment 

"Today I'm gonna bring in a big haul I can feel it in my bones!"

I decide to set up three nets before taking a little break. I tie one end of each net to a pole with a bell on it, so I can know when it's time to pull in a net. After testing the knots to make sure they were tight enough I decided that I deserved a little nap. As I slept little did I know that a little head was peeking out of the water. A Pair of dark green eyes stared at the boat wondering what a boat doing out so far from shore. The Flow Kelp began to approach the boat when a current caught them off gaurd an they were pulled under. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem because they don't need oxygen but the current pulled the poor girl into a net!

"Now who in their right mind would just leave a net in the middle of the ocean?" The Flow Kelp began to squirm in the net trying to untangle themselves. Meanwhile...

I woke up to hear my bell ringing. I look to see that one of the nets are squirming. 

"Oh jeez whatever it is that I caught it sure is freaking out!" I say as I use all my strength to heave the net on board. I struggle for breath as I look over at the net expecting to see a monster sized fish but was disappointed to find that all that I brought up was a couple of medium sized fish and a girl... Wait a girl? I quickly rush to the girl getting out my jackknife and cutting the net around her. As I did the girl looked up with me and I was taken aback there on the boat may have been the preetiest girl I had ever seen her dark green eyes sparkled in the sun and her small grin that began to appear as I cut her free was absolutely adorable. As I cut the final rope constricting the poor girl I'm surprised once again when she leaps onto me knocking me over onto the boat she gives me a huge hug and squishes head in between her... er... um...Pillows? And says

"Oh thank you so much for rescuing me how can I ever repay you?"

"Uh you could start by letting me go." I say in a muffled voice. 

"Huh?...OH!" She blushes as she lets me go. " I'm sorry I didn't even realize. Well hi I'm Kala."

"Hi I'm Axel, so uh what you doing out here?"

"Oh um well you see..."

"Yes what is it?"

"Well... Will you marry me?"



"Whoa whoa whoa slow down please."

"Please marry me please I don't want my mother to kidnap someone."

"Um well I've never been one for romance but." I get on my knee as I gaze into Kala's eyes as we kneel there looking into each other's eyes flower petals start to fall from nowhere and I say. "Kala I would love to be your husband." Tears fill Kala's eyes and she cheers as she pulls me into her pillows once again.

I guess I really did bring in a big haul.

The End~

There is my first fanfiction decided to make it a little numerous hohope you enjoyed it you havhave a request leave it below see all ya beautiful folks next time!