Game under the stars.

HeyHey how is it going! Me? Well let’s just say that writing is a great stress reliever so here I am. So this is an idea that I’ve been toying with for a while but it is by no means an original concept. So you should be familiar with the set up. But I don’t think smut will really fit into this one cause I want to concentrate more on the game. If you’re looking for fapping material this is probably not the place. Please enjoy my stress relief! Note for those who are good at first person writing: I tried to keep it FP and real time but I tend to always stray back to third and past tense for the description of the setting.

Four days. For F’in days we’ve been being chased. Or what’s left of us. I reach my hands out to the flame that four others shared. Once again wincing against the chilled wind sweeping into the new cracks in my armor. The cape that once kept it out was at least two days back in a spider’s nest.

I looked over the remains of our group once more. “Pathetic” I thought for the fifth night in a row. Our group used to be made of seven strong well equipped mercenaries but now look at us. Our leader taken by an Oni whore because he got to drunk, and two of us lost in the forest. We didn’t even see them go. Just carted off in the night or lead away buy magic. I don’t know.

It’s not like we aren’t used to traveling through monster territory. But I guess there was a reason that the leader always kept our number at seven. Maybe it was a magic ward or perhaps just the magic number that was considered too much for normal monsters to bother with.

James started one of his coughing fits that he had been plagued with recently. I don’t really want to see the blood that is going to follow so I stand to excuse myself to water a sand dune. It is amazing how quickly the landscape changed from green and lush to dray and sandy.

I could still hear James coughing as I redo a metal plate over my nethers. Funny there are more scratch marks on this one piece of metal than the rest of my armor. And that is quite the accomplishment seeing as how I had discarded almost half of my suit over the course of the great escape. I chuckled darkly over the idea of that name. We are headed into order controlled territory as fast as we can. But we might as well just head deeper into demon realms it’s so far away.

The moon looks nice tonight at least. A solid first crescent I note. “How long does that make the full moon off?” I think and try and figure it in my hazy head. It’s too much for my tired brain to chew on though. I better go and get some shut eye before the sun comes up I reason as I turn from the peaceful view of the moon and stars over the open dessert and back to the flickering red of a tiny fire. It wavered desperately in the harsh wind even in the valley between the huge dunes. But it promised a slightly warmer area and safety from a few kinds of monsters.

I step as carefully as my worn out legs can manage with the heavy boots on. Back to the ring of light around the fire. I had planned to flop down as close to it as I dare and drop into uneasy rest as soon as I entered the ring of light. But a warning bell goes off in my head screaming at me that something is wrong. “What is it and where is it” Are my thoughts as my fatigue falls away replaced by the drug of adrenaline that I had become all too tired of.

I carefully scan the horizon and make out not one but three dark figures against the sand dune valley wall. “Get ready here they come!” I warn my companions as draw my own sword. The warning bell screams even louder as I finally find out what it was trying to tell me. The ring of light is unoccupied and the three dark figures disappear over the rim of the valley without even looking back.

“O God.” I’m not even angry at them, we had agreed on this. If you fell behind you got left behind. All that was left now was to turn around and face my fate. I knew she was there now, she had probably seen me take my leak and followed my oblivious ass all the way down the hill.

The adrenalin coursed through my veins even faster. I know that I probably won’t die even if it is a very dangerous kind, but that doesn’t make imprisonment and sexual torture sound any better. I would rather die than become some whore’s play thing. So this is it. I reach to my back and grab the lone survivor of a twin blade set. It’s chipped and dulled by the run in with the solider beetles but it’s all I have left.

I can hear a low rumble of amusement from behind me. Whatever it is must be a beast type. Good, my blade can still be of use then. I imagine that I look as intimidating as I ever will as I turn around in wrecked armor my sword extended strait to the side outlined against the withering flame. But my opponent is only exited more by it seeing that I’ve chosen to face her instead of run.

“Purrrrrrrfect.” She coos from her crouching position on all fours. “I do love a man who faces theirrr fate with honorrr.”

“And I, a foe who shows themselves before a fight.” I maintain a neutral expression. She seems to be some kind of cat if the purrs are any hint. I can take her, but if she gets the drop on me I’m done for. Her eyes glow a pale yellow reflecting the fire light and narrow at my words.

“Hummmm” I could see the grin despite the dark and the fact that she was still a good 10 feet away. Well within pouncing distance no doubt though. “then whyyyyyy don’t we have a lil’ chat by the fire luuuuuuuv?” she started circling me towards the fire. “Sense we like each other so much already.” a girlish giggle escaped her.

“She might not be that bad” But just as I thought this she closed half the distance between us with pure lust written on her face. I swung my sword around to a kendo stance. Practiced ease put my weight square over my hips and my feet spread and ready for sharp movements. Perfect for a counter attack. But she closed half the gap and stopped at that, an amused smile once again coming to bear on her lovely face.

Wait lovely? I’ve seen monsters for almost all of my life, and most I would say are cute or at least alluring in their own way. But here sitting in the sand like a mischievous cat was a beautiful woman… monster… sphinx? Yes it is a sphinx it must be. She has a sharp chin defined by shoulder length hair the color of sand. Her eyes witch where yellow as I noted before where outlined in the black make-up common in Egyptian culture. She is warring what I would call a two piece bikini of yellow and blue stripes, it barely covered her modest bust and left little to the imagination on her lower half. Her well-toned limbs turned to fur just above the knee and elbow giving the impression of large socks and gloves. If it’s normal for gloves to end in three large paw like digits that is.

A typical cat of the desert. “Like what you see little boy?” a shadow of an appendage twitched just out of sight, it must be her tail.

I thought I could take her but just being under her predatory gaze is making my knees shake. Or maybe it’s the cold wind, I can’t tell any more. I’m numb all over from either the cold or the fear. I wasn’t even paying attention to what she was saying until I notice a faint glow coming from beneath me.

Her smile grew wider as she simply sat there. Alarm bells ringing out again. Something about sphinx that was not normal. They did something else what was it. Come on brain think think…

I spare a glance down to see a curse circle writing it’s self out beneath me in the sand. “The sphinx curse!” I say out loud dropping my sword and the last of my mock tough guy act. I could fight her but I had no defense against magic. The sphinx curse is about riddles, but she didn’t ask any so why is this here now?

Wait she did ask a question… I remember that but what did she say? For once I wish that I’d pay attention to what a girl is saying instead of ogling her. The circle is almost done though I need to say something even if it’s just a shot in the dark. “Y-YES! The answer is yes!”

She jumps at my confession before smiling even bigger. Dam girl should be a Cheshire not a sphinx. The curse circle dissipates leaving nothing to tell of its past presence and I let out a small sigh of relief. Whatever the question was must have been simple. But now I’m unarmed, I must have been backing up or something as the sphinx now had my sword lying next to her. “Weeeeell thanks darrrrling. Yourrrrr kinda cute too.” she winks at me sending a shutter down my spine and more bells going off. What a frickin church my head is tonight, what the hell now. Just what did I agree to?

O wait. Alone, unarmed, in front of a horny monster… I know what comes next. She stalks slowly towards on all fours me purring in the dyeing fire light. “I prrrrrromise to be gentle. You look so frrrrragile my sweet toy.” she giggles again in the cute girlish way of hers. No stop it captain distraction in need ideas on how to not get raped not on how cute she is. Riddles, she likes riddles. Giver her one that she can’t solve and she might go away.

Luckily I am quite the creative thinker when I’m not exhausted and backed into a corner. So it was quite simple to draw an old one from memory. “Trees!” I blurt out like a fool. This at least drew odd head tilt from her even though she was still approaching and I was still slowly backing away. She probably is thinking I must be crazy but I don’t care. “H-how do you make a tree out of three leaves!” I shout cringing as she is within arm’s reach. Even on all fours her head come roughly to my mid chest. How is she so dam big?

The question didn’t have quite the effect I was hoping for. But at least she stopped. “Oh an educated man arrrrre we? We must set down some rrrrules firrrst dearer.” she coyly drawls still purring. I look to see the yellow staring back at me but I can also see quite the view of her cleavage just underneath. Down boy, this is not the time nor the place. You will only encourage her. Thankfully she sits back down in her cat like position and pats the sand next to her. She is probably warm, and soft. Just look at those- no don’t look don’t give her any leverage.

I walk back to the fire. It takes everything in me to turn my back to her. But she seems to be willing to at least have a battle of wits. I throw the last two logs- or well sticks onto the embers and relish in the heat of the small revived flame. My last defense funny enough is what is screaming for sleep I muse silently cross legged by the fire as the sphinx comes up behind me.

“Rules you mentioned?” I call out trying to regain my tough guy attitude, but internally I’m still shaking from fear. I jump as she nuzzles my shoulder sitting down just behind me and to my right. “Yeeeeees” more purrs as she seems content to rub my ruined leather and cloth sleeves.

Dang she is comfortable. I might just fall asleep if she doesn’t answer soon. Wait is that what she wants? “The rules” I demand pulling away to see a pout even if the purring is still present.

“So eagerrrrr” I love the way her R’s are drawn out. No stop serious, it’s the sleep talking not me. “Its simple rrrrreally, we will take turrrrns asking rrrriddles. They must be rrrriddles though. No questions.” she scowled slightly at this. Purrhapst she was cheated in the past. I laugh quietly, I’ll have to use that pun later. If there is a later. “If I cannot answerrrrr then you may tell me to do whateverrrrr you like, leave, orrrr stay.” dose she ever stop with the cute faces. Serious you’re making it hard to concentrate. “But if you cannot answerrrr then you do whateverrrr I say. But you might want to loose on purrrpose. I can prrrromise you’ll like what I have in mind.” Oh great she is making puns now too.

“Okay agreed, but the time limit for answering is five minutes and only until dawn.” I needed a time limit, otherwise she would just never leave “If I can last until dawn then I win with the same conditions.”

“Verrrry well darrrrling” She holds out a hand-er paw and I take it shaking once. It’s surprisingly squishy. The pads must feel nice, I want to feel them with my bear hands. I take off my gloves before I can come to my senses and grasp her paw again in both hands this time. They are warm and leathery, but almost like fine cotton with how soft they are. It goes right along with the unimaginably fluffy down in-between her digits. “My, my. So eagerrrrr, arrrrre you surrrrre you don’t just want to play with me now?”

I finally get a hold of myself. “N-no. My riddle what is the answer” I stammer releasing her paw much to her disappointment. But the warmth returns as she ponders my earlier words. A small time glass appears between her and the fire already half full on the bottom and emptying rapidly. At least she plays by the rules.

The Cheshire smile is back “Why how cleverrr with the letterrrrrs dearrrr. You take the H out of thrrrrree and you have a trrrree!” she claps her front paws sending a small shower of sand off onto the ground. Crap no one had ever guessed it out right. This is going to be hard. She settles down on her stomach her paws to either side of her face as she looks at me with those unnerving yet beautiful yellow eyes.

“Now my turrrrn. I am warrrrm and rrrround and beautiful without comparrrre. Yet you should not look at me and cannot touch me even though you can see me anywhere.” Dafuq, warm and round? “O and it involves yellow and blue. A hint just forrrr you” she winks again kissing the air. She can’t mean… no way it’s a trick… Why are her breasts covered in yellow and blue? They are probably warm, and most defiantly round the way she is squishing them together.

No stop that is exactly what she wants me to think. What about the rest. I can’t touch it, I can’t touch her? No that is wrong she wants me to touch her. Why can’t I touch it? Will she hit me? No not that. Is it far away? Then how can I see it everywhere…… blue and yellow. “Answer 1?” the sand in the timer stops.

“Yes” she whispers. Success! One down, dawn can’t be far off now. But my heart falls as the moon is almost directly overhead. This is going to be a long night. I need to end this quickly. “Yourrrr turrrn” she sighs slightly as if bored. But I can tell she is enjoying herself by her purrs starting up again.

“Ummm… there once was a man who was taking a trip.” the sand timer starts from scratch again “he came to a river and had to cross it. There was a boat but he could only take one thing with him at a time. But he had three things. A dog, a cat, and a chicken.” she seemed to perk up and pay close attention at this part. “He couldn’t leave the dog with the cat, because they would kill each other. Nor could he leave the cat with the chicken because it would eat It.” how could he get across with his goods by only taking one thing at a time, and having nothing die?” this was not a very good one. My first one was better, but it was short notice. I’ll think up another while she is thinking it over.

“Well firrrst he takes the cat.” that didn’t take long “Then he leaves the cat on the otherrr side and rrreturrrns to get the chicken.” Here we go this is where people make the mistake. “Then exchanges the chicken forrr the cat on the otherrr side and rrreturrrns to swap the poor cat out forrr the smelly dog. He leaves the dog with the stupid chicken and rrreturrrns to fetch his beloved cat beforrre continuing on his way.”

Well that was short lived, it didn’t even take half a minute. I need to make her think at least a little longer. “Now imagine this; some arrre tight and you have to pound harrrd. Otherrrs are shiny like they are wet, and you have to blow them. Some you must carress gently and use long devices to lovingly saw at them. But something wonderrrful cums out all of them if you handle them rrright.” Dose everything she talk about have to sound like one of her body parts?! Serious the way one of her hands disappeared under her is not helping at all.

Cum on. No come, it’s come not cum. Erg why is that so hard. No not that. Well that is hard but it’s not my fault. Concentrate… there are many different kinds. The same thing comes out of all of them. But some are tight and you have to beat them… why does that sound like a vagina? I could almost cry they all sound like vagina. But I know that is not what they are. Almost half of the time is gone now. Think, think! They all sound like same thing, or ways to make the same thing at least. And it come out of them… it sounds like… sounds like… sound? “Are they Answer 2?”

“Sooo cleverrr” she coos “I thought I had you all wrrrapped up in that one.” more purrs “maybe laterrr” another wink. Shake it off. A good one this time. Simple is best, it’s hard to think about when there is less information.

“Give me food and I will live, give me water and I will die.” I try and keep my eyes off the remains of the fire at all costs. I look her directly in the eyes. Maybe it will be a distraction to her. But she stares right back in an almost hypnotizing gaze. I feel so tired, but cold as the fire gets lower and lower. Leaving the moon light far above shining down to give her another worldly beauty. My lids are so heavy over my eyes. Thankfully the nigh air works to my advantage and I sneeze throwing thoughts of rest from my head as the wind chills me once more.

She seems stumped enough so I look for my abandoned gloves to cover my numb fingers. They are right next to the time glass, already well on its way to being full. I didn’t think it was that hard. But I might have hit a blind spot in her psychology, purrrhaps the fur keeps her purrrfectly warm… I’ve got to stop the purr puns. Speaking of witch I am sure I can feel them through the air as I am stretching out my hand for the gloves. She is a constant purr machine.

O crap. My hand is pinned by one of her wide paws. The puzzlement is gone and the smile is back. Not quite lewd thank God, but mischievous all the same. “Come now dearrr, I think you owe me a hint.” I find myself being pulled closer in her comfortable yet unyielding grip. I struggled and try to pull away but feel the tips of claws, they don’t dig in but make their presence clear.

“What about t-the g-game?” I gasp. I’m forced to crawl forward being led by my captured arm..

“You just look so cold though my cleverrr little desserrrt spring.” I have to admit she is just the right temperature, especially with the newly rediscovered cold of the night wearing on me. Before I know what is going on both her warm fluffy arms are wrapped around me. My chest armor having been discarded before I even have the chance to protest as she plants her toned but on my lap. “Ahhh ha”

“~meow~ you surrre know how to make a girrrl feel wanted” Shit where are my hands. The feeling is rapidly coming back as the warmth streams into them. I flex my fingers just to see if I can register the motion but draw a gasp and a renewed stream of intense purring and her nuzzling into my neck. There is the feeling of a warm cloud firmly squished in either hand…… A girlish cry escapes my lips alongside another sensual meow from her as I squeeze just a little tighter trying to push her off.

“OH dearrr it seems I’m almost out of time. And you still haven’t given me a hint.” her arms are too tight around me to even think of getting out. As she begins to nibble on my nape, somehow clothes kept disappearing without me noticing. For all my efforts all my struggles seemed to do was kneed her breasts even harder and coax more lewd sounds out of her busy mouth. I was a fool for getting close, but what could I do? I can’t run, I can’t fight, hell I can’t even stop myself from rubbing her chest like my life depended on it. All I can do is hope the timer runs out and hope she cares enough to do anything about it.

I can see it out of the corner of my eye, barely visible over her fragrant hair and in-between twitching ears. Mere seconds left. Curiosity killed the cat, but this time mine saved her. She followed my glance “By the way the answerrr is firrre.” another giggle “to easy” the timer once again stopped, nothing but a few grains of sand left in the top portion.

“N-no” I plead as she pushed me down onto my back in the cool sand. It didn’t bother me so much now that I was warm everywhere else. Little more than my pants remained on me, thanks to the buckle on my belt no doubt. Now it’s her turn, I don’t know how much more I can take of this. All I really want to do now is achieve maximum cuddles with the unbelievably soft cat girl in front of me.

“You keep saying no, but yourrr body keeps saying yes.” Dam that beautiful laugh, and those heavenly eyes. And Oh- “Ohoooommm” and that bewitching tongue tickling my lobe. Yeah… “Black and white, on eight by eight, no escape I shut the gate” her paws grip my wrists pinning them to the ground to my disappointment “Majesty trapped, no moves left…”

I know this kind of riddle. I have to finish the rhyme. What rhymes with gate…? Date? Mate? Copulate? OMFG I can’t stand that smile traced on those forbidden pillows barely open and letting her breath show on the night air. Her smell like that of lavender and roses. My hands yearned to feel her again and explore every curve and line of her body. Her agile tail snaked around her side to trace shapes on my bear chest.

I this is it, I’m beaten. I can’t think. Either that or I don’t want to. My mind is a pink blur with the angel of a lioness at its hazy warm center. She is my world, no more dark cold nights, and no more long treks to nowhere to do nothing. Why do I want that, I know that people who end up being taken are happier than ever before. I know that they live life’s of bliss without the pains that assailed them before. Why could I possibly want anything else?

I want her, I need her. She wants me too I can see it in her half lidded eyes, I can hear it on her labored breathing... I try to reach out again to touch her amazing body but I find my hands still gently restrained. The effort doesn’t go unnoticed by my captor though as she moves her grasp to my chest allowing me free range of her taunt stomach and perky breasts as she straddles me.

I am in heaven. Ash to ash, dust to dust, and holy mother of lightning groin to groin! The last thing going through my mind was whatever riddle she had last. That is until she backed off leavening an ache where she had been holding me. An empty space where she fit just perfectly.

“Wha- why?” she turned back towering above me with the same predatory gaze, but this one sporting a blush to shame an Oni. Even through half lidded eyes she still bore a hole to my heart, exposing every thought and trick. And she grinned wider at what she saw.

“Nya~ times up.” popping the last sound lewdly as she licked her lips. I had been stone for what felt like ever, but now I could pierce dimensions. But the only hole I wanted to rip in all the universe was a few feet away, red and puffy and bare as the day it was made. “The answerrr is… Check…” Even through the unbelievable pleasure that racked through my being I my brain managed to get a laugh in. Looks like is wasn’t far off. She screamed her answer long into the night and next day. “Mate”

Well I don’t know how non smutty that one really was. I just kind of went where the two of them took me. I was trying to mimic the lord of the rings riddle scene in some regards. Most of the riddles are my own design so I’d actually like to pose a challenge of sorts. I’m thinking of a zombie, a mad hatter, a holistaur, or a fairy for my next fan fic. The first person to message me the answer to both riddles that I left the answers blank to can choose from any of these, or make a request if they really want. So hope you liked it and give me a shout out on those riddles.