Nesting problems.


Good morning MG fans around the globe. Here is my second one shot even though it is right on the heals of the first i figure the more spaces my name takes up the better chance I have of getting it read by some bored reader. So hold on to your boxers cause I’m gona try some smut today, and who doesn’t love some kinky binding and web rape. Presenting the queen of all things long and sticky the arachne. I’ll try and keep my grammar in check today cause I get roasted so bad all the time for that kind of stuff. So without farther a due lets go to our setting. Enter the bar tender!




 “Look miss I don’t know what our game is but I’m not available, I’m not in need of cloths, and I’m not a charity so pay your tab!” And with that the little mean bearded man stomped away in his adorable little boots. How I wished I wasn’t so drunk at that point. I’d have told him that I could pay it off in soooo many wonderful ways. But instead I just said something charming to his back that sounded like “moorfed” and that was officially the signal that I should probably make it over to my own home while I could still count my legs.


 So off i stumbled into the night leaving the pub behind with all the night life this small town could afford to offer. Normally I’m not much of a drinker but I heard that there where some hansom mercenaries passing through town. Thinking I’d take a shot at using my feminine whiles to snare one I strolled in seductively only to find one groping an Oni and telling how he had saved the town from a memory thief. Not a good start, and the others where already entranced by either a woman or a monster of one sort or another. This town was so dead short of men it was sad to even think about it.


 So the only other options where to play cards with the MadHatter in the corner booth and loose what little money I had, or get drunk and loose what little money I had. I was to embarrass to simply walk out when everyone’s eyes came to rest upon me. Little mean people, always staring ay me.


 Not that I could really blame them that I stuck out like a Ushi-Oni at a Sabbath meeting. My eight legs and extra set of eyes would cause me to stand out in most crowds, but add to that the pure white that made up most of my body except for a few red stripes. I was an attention magnet in all the wrong ways. I had to leave the forest because I never could sneak up on any men, they’d always see me coming and make a run for it. Plus I was decidedly less gifted in the art of spinning webs into interact traps.


 It’s all my mothers fault I thought as I tried to keep track of my legs she never taught me near as well as my  darker colored siblings. White arachne where considered bad luck, so I was ignored by all except my father. Who lucky enough was a tailor before he met mother. Something that arachne where born to do it seems as once I opened a clothes store the entire town immediately back ordered me for all types of women’s cloths.


 But here I had arrived at my humble abode; a two story stucco house with little in the way of beauty on the outside. But the dawn and dusk light shied away from the windows and it was close enough to the center of town for customers to walk so it was as homey as home could be.


 I often found it difficult to find the key hole with this much of a buzz under my belt so I opted to go in the back way. The back way being a hole in the side of the building that I had never gotten around to fixing after an especially displeased dragon had knocked it down. I could feel the blood surface of my face recalling the events leading up to it. But quickly pushed past the few sticky threads that barred the way into the large storage/living space.


 I looked dully over the contents of the room like I had done countless times before. There were the orders for next week half done hanging haphazardly from lines across the ceiling. And there was the partaly spent jugs of dye on the table carved by one of the trades men in town. “I should really get rid of it” I thought, it had always depressed me after I had lost him to a harpy. She had just up and hauled him off one day and I’d never see him again.


 Pushing thoughts of heartache and strife out of my mind I slumped into the collection of pillows and blanks that made up my bed. “I’m not lonely” I told myself as I cuddled around the soft sheets I had made for a husband that got away. “I-I don’t n-nee-eed a man” I sobbed into the luxurious pillows of the finest silk spun for the one I had set my heart on. “I‘ll be fine the way I am forever…” I cried myself into the second most horrible place I knew, even here the men would see me and cringe before running away in fear.


 I awoke the next day with a monumental yawn. Stretching out all eight of my lower bodies legs and brining myself to my full height I was glad the back room stretched into both levels of the building. The first order of business was to get food in my belly. And after a night like the one I had before I needed comfort food. Eggs would be just the thing, paired with the rabbit that I had gotten fresh from the market the day before.


 I dragged myself into my kitchen and pulled two whole skinned rabbits off of web lines that they hung from taking a bite out of one as is. I set them down on the solid sided table and opened what most would call a bread box. But I don’t much care for bread so it was what I used in place of cupboards. I called it a kitchen but the corner of the back room farthest from my bed and nearest the hole in the wall was little more than where I kept food stuff. It had a table pushed into one corner with the bread box and just to the left of it under a window and almost outside thanks to the hole was the water barrel.


 I looked dully over the kitchen and wondered if this was the same as what human women had. I had just popped an egg into my mouth whole to toy with it before I broke the shell and slurped up the gooey insides. When all of the sudden I heard a noise that I both need and despise; the front door was being knocked on. Rolling all four of my eyes I was once again reminded that I live by selling cloths and buying food instead of stalking and catching it.

  I hoped that they where unimportant and hadn’t ordered anything yet so I could ignore them. To check I climbed the stairs next to my bed up to the loft over the shop portion of the building and looked out the window over the street to see who it was. I looked out and saw a human woman with short sandy hair and clear blue eyes. She was quite cute by human standards, but she was banging on my door holding a piece of wood.


 Then I realized two things at once. One that they where holding the sign that I put up for help wanted, and two that it was a man! “O shit!” I spat the egg out hitting the floor with a splat, but I could care less about the expensive treat that I had lost. One much more valuable was right at my door step.


 “Hullooooo? I’m here about the job offer” he called banging on the door once more. He was on the verge of giving up and turning away when my brain finally caught up with me.


 “Just a moment!” I called out the window careful to hide myself. “I’ll be right down please come in!” the man seemed relived that someone was home. A good thing I didn’t keep the door latched. He went inside casually, I was already getting the fitters from having him in my home-er layer.


  Just to make sure that he wouldn’t get away I opened the double wide window and crawled carefully down the outside towards the door. I could still smell him as I knitted sticky string carefully around the frame of the door, sealing it tightly to the frame. I may not have been good at making traps to capture man or beast. But when it came to sewing shut the escape routes of my soon to be husband there was no one who could top me.


 I could here him inside stomping around like a child it was so funny, he had absolutely no idea that he was getting married today. I could smell his energy pure and clear like an oasis to quench my love parched soul as well as my empty belly. I sucked in deep almost falling over at the unmistakable smell of a virgin. “Ungh, My sweet is going to have his first time with me” I moaned quietly drawing a knowing gaze from a passing Holastaur. The presence of another monster warned me that he wasn’t yet mine and I glared murder at her easy grin. I knew by her sent that she was married, but it still made me uneasy.


 I limberly found my way back into the loft through the window and the backroom from there. Worried that he might be growing restless I called out, “One more moment please! I’m just getting dressed.”


 “Take your time mam.” came from the other side of the curtain. “Oooo, he is young and full of life, I just can’t wait” But I knew that if I wanted to keep him I needed to at least half way cover the hole. But I just ended up haphazardly wiring all kinds of thread over the front. I stripped off my plain shirt that I wore to bed last night and put on my best kimono.


 Finaly I was standing just beyond the curtain. It might as well have not been there. His sent filled my nose and drove me crazy. “Slowly, slowly now.” I calmed myself the best I could, but knew it really did nothing but to drive me even farther into heat. “you are a creature of the night, calm and graceful. A hunter needs only look at her prey and it will willingly submit to its fate.” I repeated what my mother said often when teaching my sisters. “it’s time.”


 I walk through the curtain one seductive stride at a time. I knew instantly that I nailed the entrance, he was rooted in place with his mouth wide open. He was even cuter up close. His face was very feminine, that must be why I mistook him for a girl. He wasn’t even old enough to grow a beard. But he was a man, my man. Oh he looked so delisious I could have just eaten him up. He must have seen it im my eyes though. I had expected him to run, but the way he screamed whe he saw me in my loose black kimono clash with my white skin made me blush.


 The wooden sign he had bee holding flew at me through the air like a wooden missile. I stepped to the side as it bounced harmlessly off my armored lower body. He banged desperately at the door but it held tight as he screamed again. It sent shivers up my whole body to hear that scream. Oh how I wanted to hear it over and over again, I would make sure he screamed plenty all day and night.


 I sauntered closer and closer trying to think of something seductive to say but was just drawing a blank. It seemed like me just getting closer was exiting him though, I could see every beautiful expression that crossed his cute little face. They all made me want to see them again and again. I could almost reach out and touch him when I finally found my voice. With what I imagined was a predatory domineering smile, “Hi there Husband-Kun” O the wonderful scream hi let out almost made me trip.


 He gave the door one last and tremendous shove with his food. Summoning strength from somewhere I couldn’t imagine my husband to be broke the door clean in half down the middle. It wasn’t a very strong door but still I was startled by the show of strength. My hunters instincts took over though as he tried to squeeze through the door hanging by threads. I leaped forward and put my arms around his chest pulling him firmly into mine.


 He felt sooooo good. I could only moan as he yelped again. I berried my nose in his golden hair breathing in deep and taking in his sent, memorizing it at the source. Everywhere I touched him my body felt like fire coming in contact with ice letting off big clouds of steam and leaving me flushed a deep pink.


 I couldn’t help but giggle as his hair tickled under one of my lower eyes as I moved my mouth down to his ear. Such a cute round button now a very red color. Oh how I wished I could just eat him up right there. “ummmm” I moaned into his ear, saying the first thing that came to my mind “You broke my favorite door, naughty little boy.”


 “I-I I’m s-sorry” Oh Demon Lord his voice is to die for, “P-please just let me g-gooooaaaaaahHHHH” umm but his screams where still better.


 “now now. What kind of boy goes and smashes a nice spider-chun’s door and just runs away?” I ran my tongue over the little round bud again, tasting the beautifully sweet sensation of his spirit energy.


Disclamer: sorry to break the mood but if you don’t want to read smut then stop here with the assurance that they lived heavenly ever after. And made plenty of little white spiders. His name was… um lets call him Joe!


 I ran one of my hands down his chest finding the hem of his pants and slipping inside. My delicate tailor’s hands working his unbelievably soft sack right below an increasingly hard rod. “Looks like I’ll have to teach you some manners. Someone needs some pu-nish-ment” I smile at the cliché line my mother would use for my father.


 By the time I had pulled him into the back room his clothes where in taters on the floor and his pretty blue eyes where safely covered beneath a band of smooth silk tied around his head. I was in a daze as I spun more and more webs around him anchoring them to the floor the ceiling or anything else that was near by. He started off flailing around like a baby, so cute! Then when he could no longer move with the countless strands of smooth, sticky, strong silk suspending him in the air, he withdrew his efforts to crying and giving incoherent please for mercy.


 It all made me so hot to see him held at a strange angle my web covering large portions of his body with holes seemingly at random but making sure to expose the important parts quite well. I had also managed to string strange things into the impromptu nest. My egg box was strangely stuck to the ceiling along with several pillows floating around. But I could care less what a mess it is. “Now is where the fun starts Husband” He tensed up and made a great face. I made a mental note to remove the blind fold later so I could see the look in his eyes.


 To start with I dance lightly along the webs until I am above his head. “First I want him to lie down.” I thought “so if I pull this one and twist the it should-” I pulled said string and he did a flip mid air coming to rest with his head faced down yelling out again in the cutest way. “oppsy” I giggle. “This might work though” thinking as I orient my human half facing the same direction behind him.


 I slowly run my tongue across the back of his neck as he shivers. He sure knew how to make a girl feel needed. I teased his neck some more before moving to his ears and then around front taking once of his nipples in my mouth. I kept watching all the great faces he gave as I swirled that salty sweet taste of his little nub around in my mouth.


 His face was getting redder and redder as I went. I turned him on to his back still in mid air as he shivered and pleaded. But I could feel the desire in him growing with my teases. His rod stood tall as I tracked slow circles on his chest. I wanted so bad to make him mine but every face he made was just to wonderful to pass up. Every whimper to delicious to let go of. But it was just about time for the main event.


 I rubbed my heated chest against his feeling a wonderful tingling as he let out a happy moan. His tears had long sense dried as a ran my tongue across his cheek tasting the salty residue along with his normal sweet. Now for the first kiss. I had tasted him almost every where but two places. I removed the silken strap from his eyes and they opened with no more fear in them but torture none the as I knew he was painfully erect right now. I noticed that I was quite aroused as well. My folds must have been dripping sense we started with all the girl juice that was everywhere especially pooling around his own twitching meat spear.


 I looked deep into his beautiful blue pools filled with need and desire through half lids as he panted heavily. He was completely entranced with my own hazy red eyes. I could see that he wanted me, desperately wanted every part of me. I watched him lustfully gaze at my bear sizeable chest I had long ago discarded my kimono and what little light from the already fading day was wonderfully flattering to my flat muscular belly. I was no longer the pure white I was a deep shade of red going even redder as his eyes followed down to my dripping honey pot waiting expectantly over his swollen member.


 I tipped his chin back up to face me, and kissed him deeply. Exploring all over his mouth. I felt his little tongue try and fight back, but it was hopeless against my new found skills. His eyes went wide first then slowly closed. “You are mine” I thought, lovingly feeling his teeth, the roof of his mouth, the back of his throat. He gagged a little but never rejected me, never fought to keep me away. He needed me just as much as I needed him right now. The desire was so overwhelming I almost did it right then as he was thrusting up. But the bonds held tight and kept him at bay until we both were out of breath and pulled away gasping.


 “Patience, p-patience.” I thought to myself through a fog. “He will ask soon, I have to be strong.” I hoped that I was right because if he didn’t I would take him by force soon enough. I leaned back in to tease his nipples again when an especially violent thrust by him grazed my opening. We both gasped as electricity shot through us both. It caused me to become a waterfall and his twitching member to be even more coated in the warm girl juices rolling off onto the floor.


 Then the word I had been hoping for finally came, weak and pitiful and soooooo cute “p- please” Oh Demon Lord how that made me feel I almost forgot to answer.


 “Oh. What was that?” I said all the while thinking “CALM CALM, DEEP BREATHS!!! Keep it under control, it’s finally happening don’t ruin the moment!”


 “Pleeeease” he moaned as I lightly brushed him again with my folds once again releasing such a charge I thought I would cum from just being near him.


 “Please what?” in more of a dreamy tone than the seductive one I had tried for. “Be specific darling, what do you want me to do?”

 “PLEASE LET ME CUM!” his voice was absolute ecstasy form me, I giggled at the 180 his screams and pleads had taken.


 “Well if you want me that badly.” this was it, the moment I’d been longing for for so long. I took him all at once impaling my puffy vagina on his hard hot incredibly filling penis.


 I I felt so much at once I almost passed out. My hole beind spread so wide for the first time, his heat, my lubercant mixed with his, the slightly painful feeling of something ripping and giving way. But it was all topped as my mind was painted white along with my womb. Burst after burst filled me up to bursting the heat, the sweetness, everything caused my whole being to grind to a halt as a world shattering orgasm overtook me. All the pent up need from the last 12+ hours of teasing, the desire of years of neglect and failure, the shame of being forced out of my home by my own family. It was all washed away in pure unadultured white.


 I must have shaken about unbelievably hard as the whole nest fell to the ground in a ground shaking thud. Luckily we my weight was more than his and we twisted to the side landing with him on top of me and on top of my excuse for a bed. But I hardly noticed having recovered from the orgasm that was brought on by taking him in only once. I pulled him out slowly my bottom half not wanting to let go of the prize it had waited so long for. But is soon replaced it. He had not grown soft, he had infact become harder than ever his dick made of iron penetrated me over and over feeling soooooo good.


 I gasped again when he took and active role grabbing hold of my breasts and squeezing them till it almost hurt. But looking at the pure joy on his face brought tears to my eyes. His big dumb grin replacing the fear. I had lived all my life to see this one moment, and now I would make it last forever.


 Over and over I pounded him riding orgasm after sweet orgasm until he passed out. Having milked him for everything and then some I held him tight against myself “I’m not lonely” I told myself cuddling into the soft sheets with my arms around him. “I don’t need anyone else” I cooed into the luxurious pillows now occupied by the love of my life. “I’ll be fine the way I am forever…” I cried myself into the second happiest place in I knew, even here my husband melted into my arms, and my heart into his hands.






Well how was my first attempt at smut? I tried to make it so she was unskilled at using her web so much but I think I grazed over that a little too much. But it was getting friggen long so sacrifices must be made. I almost broke my own heart with the second time she differed off to sleep. But what matters is what you the readers think! Tell me! Hope to see you again soon, until then happy fappin- er a reading. 

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