Okay so this one is deferent from all my others and has nothing to do with the main world i work with and should be treated as such. For one thing it is set in a modern vs. medieval time and might break some character traits. But that the joy of artistic liberties right? Anyways glad to see you, how are the kids? Good? Okay moving on to the story. Lights camera… wait wait~ I need to eat something first or I’m gona die. *nom *nom*nom… okay toast has been consumed fully regenerated stamina… ACTION!

So I wait, she was suppose to be here but heck I’m not going to split hairs on the time. So I wait more…and text her and walk around the park. And after the third text I finally got a hold of her. She said she was sleeping, that is so like her I laughed to myself. Oh well she will need some time to get ready before meeting me at the park we agreed on, neither of our parents would like the idea of us meeting up so we agreed to here. I decid to tease her for running late and threatened to jump off the bridge. After seeing her great reaction I told her that it was too late and sent her a picture of the rotted structure of wood that passed for a foot bridge. I can almost picture her smiling face as she tells me to cut it out playfully.

I wait around for what seems like ever and finally text her again. She is having family problems, her boyfriend is being a dirt bag and her mom is drunk as always. Who knows what her dad thinks as he is in a separate relationship. Probably why her mom drinks. “Whatever” she messages me “it’s been like this sense forever so I can deal. But I will try and get out so wait for me okay?”

“You know I can pick you up if you need right?” I text back, completing my tenth lap of the little park. Parents giving me the creeper glare as I pass the play ground again.

“That would be great actually.” she agrees, and tells me to park at the stop sign so she doesn’t get any more krap for being seen riding in some guy’s red jeep. Finally ready to see my friend for the first time in weeks I head on over after re attaching the handle to the window pump. I really need to fix it for real but it just never comes up. But for now I just stick it in and roll the window down letting the cool breeze take away the sweat that builds when you leave a car in the sun to long.

I almost miss the turn to her grandparents, I’ve only been their once so I’m happy I remember it at all. Then again you don’t exactly forget where a succubus lives. But I think I see her now. Yeah that’s her, hard to mistake her for someone else even at a distance. I roll up  with what I think is the coolest smooth guy impression and rev the engine slightly. She giggles and jumps in.

“Sorry for making you come get me, I had a rough night.” she pulls herself into the seat next to mine with a smile and a little giggle at my act.

“No prob’ girl. What was rough about your night?” the smooth guy act not quite dropped. After all if I didn’t act like I knew what to do then I would probably be way to shy to talk to a beauty like her. Even now her green eyes draw me in and make me want to just stare, but that would be suicide to do while driving. So I settle fore a glance over her beautiful features. Her shoulder length brown/blond hair is laid across her shoulders with her bangs done up in some bobbie pins. It goes nicely with her blue spaghetti strap and more modest light blue over shirt. The lace around her neck line tries to draw attention, but her jean short shorts win hands down in that competition. They expose her long tan legs and cute toes trapped in flip flops. But dam it I’m staring.

“My grandpa got stuck in Glendo and I had to drive to get him at like 3. Great stuff.” she giggles again. I’m not sure if it’s because of the face I make when I jerk my eyes back to the road or if she is laughing at the situation. But her laugh is infectious and the day starts off great before we even make it down her street. We talk a little more about her hectic family life before we make it to the major cross roads in our little town.

“So, anything you’d really like to do?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Naw, I’m good with anything.” seeing how she is just happy to hang out with me that is probably true, but I want to take her to do something for her anyways. I even looked up 50 easy date ideas before coming up with a plan for the day. And it called for a long poll, balls, and sinking them in a hole…

“humm. Well sense your in flip flops that kind of limits our options. Do you know how to play pool?”

“Well not really” She looks at me sheepishly. I mentally high five myself, how cute can a single person be? I wouldn’t call her face exceptionally unique, but I just love the way she smiles and that Jewish looking nose~ to~ die~ for~.

“Well I suppose we’ll have to teach you.” I should have practiced my smile in the mirror before I came… ugh o well, confidence covers many flaws just ham it up.

We drive over to what little town life we have and pull up in front of the bowling alley. I have about 50 bucks in my pocket and a card witch I’m not sure if it has anything right now. So as much fun as bowling sounds it’s off the list. While I explain the rules to her I get the feeling that she already knows, but just wants to here it from me. Whatever it makes me feel special, that aside and us picking out our sticks we start our little game in the empty game room of the bowling alley.

“I’ll let you in on a secret if you promise not to tell anyone” I smile as I line up my first shot, she nudges up closer to me in response. “I don’t really know how to play either.” She laughs her melody like giggle for what I hope to be the start of many, and starts it again when I accomplish a perfect break.

“Don’t know how my ass” as we both laugh again while she lines up her shot.

“hey you want something to drink?” I ask while leaving her a chance to cheat.

“No thanks.” but gives me a teasing smile while I grab a Dr. Peeper.  I miss Coke, why is almost everywhere Peepsi any more? Oh well at least it’s cheap.

“So how many turns did you take while I was away?” Her intoxicating smile is only enhanced by her extra features. Namely her black bat wings originating from her lower back with a heart shaped tail and almost dainty curved horns.

“Just one~” O my God can she just stop the cuteness long enough for me to think strait? The stick, put the ball in the hole… not helping. Some how I get my shot to go in with what looks like practiced ease. Drawing a competitive gaze from her.

“oh it’s on.” the game gets more and more intense, only taking a little break when I push the 11 in with the queue stick. She retaliates by swining her’s around like a sword in mock anger before she pushes one of her’s in herself. In the end I win by a hairs breath the first game, but she won the second by a land slide when my shots decided they liked the pretty girl better than me and acted accordingly.

“HAHA~ Oh Colt~. Four. Four of my balls, and two of yours.” she erupts into more melodious laughter even drawing a little attention from the family of holostaurs in the main area. “you are talented I’ll give you that.”

Deciding that a tie was the best score to leave it at, I suggested we go and see the craft fair they were having at the fair grounds. She agrees and off we go down the main strip and trying to avoid anyone who knows us. We get out at one of the side gates witch involves me going to her side and letting her out. By some miracle the door I fixed a week ago decided I could be a gentleman and open the door. I’m never fixing that handle again.

We walk lazily down the road between buildings towards our destination. Laughing about nothing and playfully bumping each other. It’s in more than one way, as I get to be all over her even if it’s only a few seconds at a time. Getting to our destination we find that it is a little bit of a let down. Only about 2-25 table laid out with stuff and jammed into the small space of the cafeteria. Oh well at least its not in the sun.

We continue our playful banter and make our way through what they have to offer, nothing really catching our eyes. We leave in much the same drunken stager of leaning heavily into one another and eventually end up in ShopyKo doing much the same. But now we get to play with the stuff on the shelf. It seems to pass way to fast and we end up out of things to play with and the staff on the bring of throwing us out after catching me with a batman mask on and sitting in the lawn chairs laughing our faces off. Well she thinks they are going to throw us out, but I know better and they couldn’t even if they wanted to. If they did that to every dumb customer that came in here then they’d have none left.

We finally get to the register after many, many jokes. Each one she maid trying to get me embarrassed, from suggesting I’d look good in women’s cloths to making the sports department sexual. I took it all in a kind of humor that caught her by the tail so to speak, and she couldn’t help but almost cry laughing when I threatened to bring condoms and a plantain to the check out. I settled for a 0070 movie and a half gallon of chocolate milk.

This next part of the date-er day out if pride myself for being the only person in town able to pull off. We pull into the abandoned community college and I pull out my key. It’s Saturday and normally I would be the one to open the building and let the labs run. But today I took the day off for “family reasons” and no one would disturb us.

We make our way back to the coziest lab I can think of and I start the projector up and pop the disc in…. “error cannot read format” Dam these stupid out of date computers, I’ll wreck every one of them come tomorrow.

“haha you look so serious when you concentrate.” she chides me playfully “It’s actually really cute~” I must concentrate harder. Think about serious and numerous things. Ow, ow brain is tired, just rent the movie off of YouTub red and run it through the computer. It’s only like two bucks anyways.

We start to settle into the front row of my own private movie theatre and I leave to grab some cups so we can split the chocolate milk. I make it into the hallway before remembering that she really didn’t want any, so not wanting to waist a trip to the kitchen I turn around only to have her barrel into my chest with a yep and break into a fit of giggles. I laughed too, even as I held her tight to feel her against me. “What was that about crazy? Did you think I’d leave you alone in this scary~ place?” we just laugh some more and go back to our seats.

“I was gona push you from behi-ind” she can barely stop laughing I think she might turn into a Cheshire.

“Haha~” I say in mock arrogance “your sneak attack has failed, now suffer” still in my arms as she looks seductively at me with her unbelievable smile.

“Ooooh. What are you going to do?” I can’t help but find it funny as Jane bond beats people up in the back ground of our loose embrace. She hasn’t made a move to free herself so I assume my deodorant is still working.

“Humm.” I feign thoughtfulness hoping to get whatever face I was making at the projector. “let’s see if your ticklish!” I launch a light attack of prods and gropes to her sides and belly.

“Nope” she says in triumph and pulls away a little with a satisfied smile on her face. “Ha, did you think it’s be that easy?” This called for a change in strategy, if I couldn’t press my advantage on her. I’d make her press it on me.

“Well I’m ticklish so I just thought that I’d be fun if you where too.” I smile and then forcebly make it vanish as an adorable roguish smile spreads across her face.

“O are you now he~he~he~”

“No” yes. This is perfect.

“yes” her hands closing in on my sides and stomach. I dodge and block what I can but when she gets through… haha jokes on her, I’m not ticklish. But I still make it seem like I am. So long as it gets her arms around me. We fight for the first fifteen minutes of the movie while Jane bond dose who knows what. But eventually the prods stay in place longer and the tickles melt into strokes and rubs. Cuddles have been initiated.

The chairs are somewhat restricting even if they roll around but we find somewhere mildly comfortable and embrace for a while. She smells sweet. Almost un-noticeably so but I just cant get enough.

Off and on we tickle fight, cuddle, and try to make sense of the movie with little success. You just have to get the first part otherwise you get lost and have no idea what is going on at all. We do this once or twice always making up things to argue about so she can assult me with tickles. But this time the cuddle just keeps getting more and more intimate. I am kissing her forehead, her cheek, the tip of her lovely nose. Reluctantly I pet the back of her hair and say “you have a boy friend you know.”

“and?” she looks at me through dazed eyes. That bewitching smile making me want to scream “KAWII” at the top of my lungs. But I settle for kissing the top of her head between the horns.

“I don’t think he would like this.”  I try one last time, just to make sure this is actually what she wants to be doing. 

“I don’t think he cares.” she nuzzled up closer to me. Ah pure heaven. Well sorry what’s your face or another she is mine. For now at least. And we progressively start getting to the point where we are staring into each other’s eyes waiting for the other to do something. I start again kissing, starting with her fore head, her cheek, and the other one. And finally I tilt my head just enough and… our lips meet. Or I would like to say, but actually it felt extremely awkward the fist time. My first time ever. But hell it doesn’t get any more romantic than this right? I kiss again and again,  just the idea is intoxicating. And the third time it’s longer as her eyes flutter shut.

She is the one to take it to the next level as we switch sides and the next one doesn’t pull away. All other senses besides my mouth dim as I shut my eyes and she breaks the seal of my lips with her tongue. My God is this really happening? I am making out with the most adorable girl I have ever met. Wait no I’m not, she is making out with me. I take back the initiative and push back. She said she was competitive? Well lets have some fun then.

I don’t know how it’s suppose to be when you make out, but I want to feel every part of her mouth with my tongue as it wraps with hers. She tries to do the same but I quickly make sure I am the one in charge of my first kiss. I feel her soft palate, the silk of under her tongue, the bumps of the top of hers under mine. I even run it up the back of her teeth feeling the hard little bit’s the ridges of the roof. Then all at once after what must have been years, and at the same time the barest of seconds I pull out for a breath I didn’t know I was holding. And she follows my lead like the good friend she has already proven to be.

And she berries her head in my chest silent as I hold her there. “That was great” I say.  “thank you” o wow. That was uncool, but I guess it’s true. My first kiss, long and deep and just wow. We hold each other for a little longer before we switch positions with me behind the back of her chair, hugging one arm across her stomach, right under her perky bosom, and the other intertwined with hers. We watch with mild interest the movie for a while before the inevitable comes.

I have to end this right, and make sure she don’t get tired of me. I say I have to be home by 4. Heck where did the day go, I started waiting at 11. But reluctantly we pack up the half done movie and chocolate milk and I drop her off at the hospital, so she can get some free food from a friend who works their before heading out.

I go home and mess around, but still taste her… so I sit at my computer screen and decided this needs to be documented. So no matter what I won’t forget my first kiss. I know life won’t let us be together, and the world will soon pull us our separate ways. But like the text I sent her afterwards said; “ I’m not one to kiss and tell, that was for you and me, no-one else ;)”

No, No, No questions. I regret to inform you that the author is predisposed and cannot answer any on this. And I am not authorized to say anything except for that I cannot say anything. So I cannot say that this is a tale very near and dear to our author’s heart and should be treated as such. Feed back is welcome, and just between you and me… xD make him cry the little pussy for waiting this long to kiss a girl in a world full of women that would love nothing more than to make out for hours on end. Thanks for reading have a wonderful night.