So last time I went for the third person marathon of a one shot. Idk if you guys like that or the more common second and first but I sure like writing like that more. But I felt like there where to many scene changes without a break or change in perspective. So today I’ll go for a couple scenes and make the most out of the limited space. If I pull it off get ready for a hit in the feels and a hopefully a good read.



“A. S. H. L. Y” Finally satisfied with her work on writing her name Ashley put her oversized writing pad down on in the tent beside her and started getting ready for the day ahead. She stretched and yawned, her hands reaching the top of the white triangle that sheltered her from the wind. Cranking her neck to either side she let out several load pops and sighs of relief taking note that she should brush her air tomorrow. “Ya’ll ways sticken up funny when the boss looking, ya brat.” giving her unruly silver hair an annoyed tug.

Her current abode was really little more than a tough sheet draped over a rope tied between two trees. But it was what she had known as home for the past two months. And she didn’t mind so long as he was nearby. He didn’t notice her yet because she was uneducated and not very lady like. But that is why she was learning to read and write. She was sure that when she could read, and add, and write her name out on a letter then he would take notice. He had always said “If I am to settle down, it must be with a proper lady.”

“So I’m just gona have to be one of those, so he’ll agree to be my husband!” It had sounded easy at the time but it seemed like she was making no progress at all. But having the traditional husband catching strategy fail, she didn’t see much of a choice.

She smiled as she threw her writing pad and into her rat’s nest of a pack only to get another from a waiting stack and grab her pencil. She took these and moved outside to check how she looked. The cold air of dawn would have struck a chill in most but it felt nice on the exposed green skin of and ogre. Because that is exactly what Ashley was. Long silver hair and supple green skin, along with a good two feet on every man in camp and wicked looking horns protruding from her fore head. And her love interest? None other than the “most hansom little suit man she had ever met” as she had called him at their first meeting. She smiled as she recounted it being over two months ago when she was beaten in some card game and took a likening to the adorable little man who used the big words.

It was too bad for her that he had already conscripted the help of a salamander to keep him safe. “That bich is the only reason I can’t have him.” she thought for the hundredth time that night. But she couldn’t be too hard on her she thought as she walked around the camp ground in the still haze of the morning. It was after all her idea to become a lady so the master would like her. Patting the writing pad under her arm she made her way over to the chow wagon.

Carefully she approached the mobile store room for the food, winking mischievously at the donkey tied up and grazing next to it. He would have made a racket for anyone else but for her he seemed to wink back and continue gnawing on a mouth full of green. Slowly she opened one of the wooden flaps and retrieved a mug. Then around to the back where the ale was kept in barrels… yes quietly filled and quietly away. Just the thing to cure an all-nighter. Until the inside of the chuck wagon lit up brightly illuminating the grey morning through the cloth top of the wagon.

Ashley stepped on the balls of her feet quickly putting distance between her and the light while trying not to shake the ground. Making it behind a tree she peaked back around to see the lantern girl step out of the wagon looking around suspiciously. Lumi was in charge of the food while her husband was asleep. But thanks to her relationship with the watch mule Scot, she had yet to be caught. Ashley watch her shrug and going back inside, not a small amount of jealousy was in the gaze she gave her back.

But enough of that, the next stop was one of only a few friends she had. He would… should be up by now anyways, it’s only an hour or so till the suns would be up. Downing the ale and tossing away the evidence she set off to the singles tents.

“David…” she whispered to one of many tents in a line. It was actually impressive how many men the master had banned together in under a year. She was only able to tell it where her friend/tutor was by the stain she had left on his pop tent when she threw up on it one time. She was not having a good morning that day, but at least it earned her someone who wouldn’t run when she talked to them… only when she started burping.

She insisted several more times to the tent with the bleached out smudge, before she undid the opening and stuck her large upper body through the front of the man sized compartment. It was just big enough for one person to sleep in, the couples being given larger tents at the other side of camp. So the only place for her to be was right on top of him. She crawled up the bed made of some kind of roll up cushion and old quilts trying not to step on him with her hands. It was an awkward job given that she was still holding the writing pad under one arm.

The idea was to get up to his face and blow in it until he stirred then tell him about her progress. Then he’d help her to get ready for today when the master gets back. But then she saw it… the fabled taboo of all taboos. An unimaginable work of art and horror at the same time. David slept on his back and about half way up his form she came face to face with her first ever morning wood. Her big green irises shrunk to pin points in concentration, eyeing the tent beneath the quilts with a mixed sense of awe and confusion about what she should do. But she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Now the morning although nice for an ogre was somewhat chilly for a man that was asleep in his warm nest of blankets. David, the very one who was being eyed for his lumber was experiencing a chill on his toes causing him to open his sleepy eyes to fix the sheets. But instead he was met with the topless form of his semi-friend, lets call her an acquaintance at work. Did I mention that she was topless? Oh by the way she is topless. Her big green orbs hung free almost touching his knees while she stared with a monsterly look at the tent he pinched inside his tent.

Now very awake he picked couldn’t help but stare at her. The firm and touchably soft lure of her skin, even the tattoos on her muscular shoulder worked in a way to make her sexier. But that look in her eyes spelled only trouble, like bone breaking dick shriveling trouble. “Uh…” he drew her pinpoint gaze up to his face as she saw him stir.

“I can write ma’ name” The same look on her face, totally serious. It was way too much to wake up to, way too many signals and what the heck was she talking about?


“David, you up?” Her eyes coming back to the natural big green on pearl white that he knew. At least that was over, but she was still naked and in his tent.

From her view it simply looked like he was still half asleep so taking another breath and letting it out slow she repeated herself for her little friend. “You’re such a baby when you wake up. I Wrote My Name. Did you get it that time?”

He blinked twice his eyes drifting lower to her swaying chest and the writing pad gripped under one arm. “yo- your name?” he slowly seemed to be waking up out of a trance. Honestly she doubted that men should be actually aloud to live on their own sometimes.

“Yes” She nodded sending her chest into more mesmerizing jiggles. “Now geet up I need your help.” She retreated from the tent shaking off the weird feeling of seeing his erection.

“And why are you naked?!” David demanded in a hushed voice. 

“I got my pants on, you big baby. And you do it all the time so don’t even start on me.” At least he was up if the rustle of clothes being tossed about was anything to go by. For all his whining he was actually a pretty good drinking buddy. He stuck around until late and always knew the stupidest jokes. She smiled just thinking about the one he cracked last night about Ushi-Oni at a Sabbath meeting.

“That’s cause I don’t have a chest the size of a ale barrel ya halfwit.” He shot back, not at all afraid of the love tamed behemoth. He made his way out of the tent and tossed a shirt at her that was obviously too large to fit himself. He considered offering her a pair of pants to replace the roped together excuse for a skirt she was wearing. But she always had it one so its best not to stir her up any more than she already is. “Cover up or we’re gona have problems when everybody else wakes up. Now what is this about your name?” trying to get past the fact that the “pants” she was talking about where in fact leather panties.

She looks at the shirt with what can only be described as a pout, David turned away to try and calm the swelling in his pants again. Seeing this Ashley relents and pulls the shabby piece of material over her head. Being a little irritated that he couldn’t keep it under control around a soon to be married monster, but at the same time a little flattered that she could make him spring one so easy.

“Aak!” An audible rip sounds as she forces her large horny head through the hole meant for a man sized head. “Have anything smaller for me? Next time I’m going shirtless.” She says with a tone of playful banter they usually had. “Now look” She said as she thrust the writing pad into his chest. He held it more out of reflex than anything as she shushed him from trying to protest.

“A. S. H. L. Y. Ashley.” She wrote each letter out in big clumsy handwriting as she spelled out her name. “I figured it out when you taught me how to spell fire words yesterday!” She rarely showed excitement for writing or anything other than booze and sex for that matter. So David was having a hard time deciding if he should say something about her misspelling it or not. She had taken the word “ash” and just added “ly” on the end.

“Uhh” He sure was acting strange. Sense he was the one teaching her to write, she thought he would be really pumped up over this. But he was acting like there was something wrong. Ohh no, could it be that she had actually wrote it wrong. “Ashley, your name actually has an E in it right before the Y” The feeling of horror was quickly replaced by one of anger. At herself mostly, but she didn’t think yelling at herself would do any good. 

“Who says?” She demanded snatching away the pad leaving David to regain his balance from the sudden motion. “I don’t like E’s. They make my eyes go funny when I look at em.”

“Well I guess you can spell your name like that, but I seem to remember someone telling me about their favorite word the other day.” A smile cracks across his face as she recalls her drunken stupor of a monologue a few days back. “Believe it went something like-” he is cut off as she smacks the back of his head. Not full force as that would have laid him out, but enough to knock his head forward.

“Who asked you to remember that?” They started walking down the line of tents poking fun at one another for what they said or did. There was plenty to laugh about over the last few months they had known each other, seeing as how they both had the misfortune to be very happy, and very honest drunks.

“So what does the scholar need help with today?”

“Well sense you’re so good at bich work I figured this would be right up your alley.” He couldn’t help but see the corners of her mouth twitch as she desperately tried to keep a straight face and make the insult seem real. He debated bringing up the story of when she confessed to wanting to be a house wife, but that was a little low. Instead he went for the offended routine.

Feinting a gasp and throwing his hand against his chest he breathed the words “Ashley!” Smile containment at 80%. “And after all this time I thought we were friends.” 70% “You should know my now that language like that hurts my feelings.” He said worse things in his sleep, and most of what Ashley knew originally came from his vocabulary to start with. 50%. Now faking a sob and covering his eye he went on “Woe is me ~sob~ a one mighty soldier! ~sob~ reduced to ~sob sob~ bich work”

By the last pitiful sob she was in tears doubled over trying to get air out of her throat through the laughing fit. A good thing that they had passed the main group of tents by the time she finally caught her breath. “O my Demon Lord, what the hell man? Can your shut up for five seconds so I can frikin breathe?”

Finally at her tent, all the way on the edge of camp she told him to stay put so she could get something. What she brought out though caught David by surprise. “A- a dress?” He cracked a smile and would have make a joke but the serious look in her eye held him back enough to at least hear her out.

“I picked this up a few towns back and have been fixing it up ever sense” She explained with a proud smile, holding her prize up for inspection. It was a simple thing, blue with a yellow floral print. It would have been a full length dress for any normal woman. But for Ashley it only came to her calves, so something like a sun dress.  He could see where she had altered it to fit around her chest and hips, with lack of more patterned material she used some kind of yellow that matched the flowers. It actually looked pretty dang good for an armature’s work.

“It’s a nice job, but it looks done what you need me for?” Her smile from having been praised lowers to an embarrassed grin. David wished she was always as cute as she was now.

Stepping in place and staring at her feet she mumbled “I ..d at h..p .. d..s”


“ta elp me .ess”

“Serious you goat talk louder. I’ve heard door mice make a bigger racket.”

“You Jerk!” She swung at him hard. Good thing he was light on his feet, he might not have recovered so easily from a blow like that. “You want me to friken scream it?! Okay. Fine. I need ya ta help me get dressed. I can’t reach the back of it and stuff needs to be fit into place.” He was stunned for a moment by how direct she had been, and what she was asking him to do. Sure he had seen her naked at least a dozen times, as she had a hard time keeping her clothes on when too drunk. But it was usually Sara that called it a night at that point and helped Ashley to bed.  The thought of actually dressing her was a little overwhelming. “So are ya gona help me or are you gona stand there drooling like a pervert?”

She had already turned her back and took her borrowed top off. He swallowed the lump that had been forming in his throat and moved to pick up the dress.

I would love to explain to you all the tucking and squeezing it took to get an Ogre into a dress, but I think you would better get the picture if I explained exactly how she had altered the Sunday dress. For one the bust size was the first thing to be taken out. The normal square and quite modest neck line had to be torn all the way down to where it met the skirt at the navel. Then hemmed the edges. To hold it together she put metal studs in like for a shoe, so that had to be laced all the way up while trying to keep the green heaven fruit from spilling out. The result was quite a bit being visible through the lace all the way up her front. Luckily she had let the sides out to make room for the main event up top.

That part was rather PG compared to what came next. Because the same shoe lace style of strapping had to be done all around her waist of the skirt. Her hips being much wider and her rear far more plump and round than the original owner. She had been forced to make the skirt attach separately. Besides what man doesn’t love to unwrap his wife? But that left the wrapping to David. He was under the skirt right next to the firm lady lumps calling his name as he fed the lace up through the holes and held it tight while Ashley fed it back down and told him to keep his eyes where they belong. It was hard with the mounds of kissable soft flesh just barely jiggling as she moved.

It somehow ended up with her stuffing his face full of vagina. “I told you not to look you frikin sicko. Now suffocate, and see if I care about your shitty excuses.” She of course was only joking and just loved to get some harmless torture in on him. Besides tonight she would be a married monster and not be able to fool around. But what she didn’t expect was the ticklish and extremely nice feeling of a lick.

Off she jumped from holding David’s face to the ground, an uncharacteristically girlish yelp escaping her lips. “Dang it Ashley sometimes you go to Far.” he started a half joking tangent still licking the earthy burning taste of her on his lips. But he was stopped short by the feverish mask that Ashley was wearing.  “Hey you okay” responding quickly to the tears welling at in her eyes.

He had seen it twice before during his time with the fearless ogre, and it never got easier to see her cry. “Whaaaa~” she bawled “It was j-just a joke, ya di-di-didnnn’t have ta do that” David mentally kicked himself for forgetting that it was the full moon tonight and all the mamono where working overtime to keep it in check. He hit the green button and now she was right on the edge desperately trying to hold out. She bit her lip to stifle the urges and looked at the ground. Honestly she asked for it, but it was hard for him to see what amounted to his best friend so frustrated.

He did the only thing he really could at that this point and booked it. Not a word in case that pushed her over the edge. He felt bad but she had told him before the two rules to not getting raped. Number one: don’t go in her tent. Number two: if she is moody or in heat, just get the fuck away.

© © © ©†©

“Dear~©” The lizard woman trailed her long forked tongue across her husband’s collar bone enticing a giggle as he slowly stirred into the world of the living. “Good morning handsome~” going back to licking his neck and upper chest from her perch atop him.

“It is with you around to wake me.” He said back with his usual blunt honesty. No matter how many times Sara heard him say sweet things it still made her blush. “How is my beautiful wifu today?”

“Ready to eat you right up.” She smiled coyly then sighed getting up and letting her husband Avery sit up. “But sadly we have work to do first. Jeffory has something planned and the responsibility of babysitting his patch of trees was up to them. “Don’t worry though” catching the disappointment in the younger man’s eyes “tonight is the best night of the month” She winked as she fitted her leather bra on and pushed out of the tent.

It was chill and crisp, just the way mornings should be. Old Jeffory should be along in about an hour so she had to get the camp rolling. First stop was the chuck wagon. She was pleased to see Lumi and… what’s his face… she could never quite remember the name of her husband. Anyways they were up and already frying large pans of potatoes on the make shift cook top they had fashioned over a fire.

“Up bright… and early today huh Lumi?” The lantern girl just smiled sweetly looking up at her husband as he stirred in some sausage to the mix.

“As always Sara, here come your early birds after my stir fry.” He smiles and laughs a jolly rumble enticing a giggle from the comparably tinny girl at his side. Sara didn’t know why she couldn’t ever get a hold on his name. O well he mostly goes by cook anyways.

Sure enough as soon as the smell of cooking meat was in the air three harpies landed in a sleepy pile. It was the same every morning and yet they still had to be told every day. “Come on girls. You know the drill….” no response “The boys are waiting for you to wake them up…” the blue twins just cuddled closer as they lay on the ground snuggling for warmth while the brown and white hawk harpy drools a little and snores from atop the pile. Sara wondered why she had to yell first thing in the morning, it really didn’t improve her mood for the rest of the day. “WAKE UP OR NO BREAKFAST!”

That got them up. Standing in a line one of the twins was nodding her head so hard Sara was worried it might fly off… okay bad bird joke but she thought it was funny as she sent them off to the different wings… of the camp to get the rest of the camp moving. By the time people started showing up for food she had already come up with 4 or 5 more bad puns. Luckily the morning crowd was spared her dry humor by husband showing up.

The meal was as usual with about 75 men and monsters coming and going for 30 mins. The food was all you can eat until Cook rang the last call bell so he and Lumi could get a bit in before cleaning up. Strange enough she didn’t see the biggest eater that morning. She was usually the first in line after the harpy sisters, but today she was strangely absent. Maybe Ashley had let the full moon get to her this time and took David out to the woods.

She smiled at her own cleverness for setting them up. If only Ashley wasn’t so obsessed with the boss. Oh well that might all be in the past now anyways. But wait. That is David right there! She stood up ignoring something one of the stable boy’s was saying.

“Where is Ashley?” she demanded. He didn’t turn to face her as he was competing with four others to get a little more breakfast on his plate before it was all gone. She waited for him to lose more than half of what he tried for before he turned and faced her still panting. “Why are you so out of breath? Did your lover finally get the balls you take yours?”

“We can always tell when the full moon is here Sara.” David ignoring the question all together, “Your lame jokes are even worse than usual.” He was still breathing heavily from his sprint. He knew Ashley would be heartbroken if she had her first with anybody but the boss. Even if he wouldn’t mind deflowering that tease.

His comment earned him a knock to the back of the head “You know I set you up to help her forget about him. Keep her occupied tonight, I don’t care how but if she gets a hold of the boss.” Here she smiled unsettlingly with her razor sharp teeth. She leaned in close putting a restraining hand in a vice grip over his shoulder when he tried to pull back. “That would mean my warrior’s oath would be sullied. And I just so happen to know a hive of honey bee’s that live nearby.” He swallowed loudly, recalling his run in with a Giant Ant colony before he joined with Jeffory’s miniature army. Bug’s where defiantly not his taste.

“Y-ya, no problem” all the while he was picturing that look in her eyes, the one where she was barely holding on. Then the one of betrayal if he followed through with Sara’s plan.

“That’s a good boy” She released her iron grip on his shoulder and pat his head a few times. “Now you better eat your hash before it gets cold.” She was not joking at all with that one. He stood there stunned as most of the breakfast crowd was fanning out. He hadn’t even had his breakfast and already he was faced with a life altering decision to make.

“Why can’t the drama wait utile after breakfast?” He wined to the lizard woman’s back as she scooped her husband up in a princess carry and bounded off somewhere. He stalked over to one of the empty tables and stared a hole in his full plate of fried potatoes and sausage gently steaming in the still cool morning air. The heavenly meal no longer looked appetizing with the world suddenly dumped on his shoulders.

What should I do? If I do what Sara says then Ashely will be heart broken. If I do what is best for Ashley and help her get the boss then I’ll be covered in insects by next week. His mind was reeling so hard that he totally missed the normal late comer settling in across from him. The light green eyes of the giant slug quietly watched him as she nibbled on her salad. She could tell something was bothering the little creature across from her.

Thinking herself clever she wrote on a napkin with salad dressing and slid slowly slid it across the table. “HI”

Deep in self-pity and panic David almost missed the napkin. Even when he saw it he took a moment to comprehend the meaning behind it. Jolting out of his stupor and sending the napkin falling to the ground. Expecting either Ashley or Sara he was relieved to see the light green face of Turbo smiling sweetly back at him while her antenna waved lazily in the gentle breeze.

The irony of her nickname totally evaded the gentle being because no one could pronounce her real name. And it just so happens that this was the one bug in the world that didn’t scare the living day lights out of David. “Oh” she said as his heart slowed back to a regular pace. “Hey Turbo.” her only response was to smile a little more and close her eye’s happily for a moment.

“Hey~” she said slowly. “Why you sad~?” a look of concern found its way into her eyes as she slowly blinked and set her smooth round chin on her palms, her elbows resting to either side of her still full plate.

Why are all the women around here so strait to the point? David just can’t get why they are all so upfront about their feelings, it just makes life hard for everyone. But in this case he welcomed it as he told her of his predicament. Either he listened to Sara and destroyed the relationship he had with Ashley, which he didn’t want. Or he helped Ashley and ended up in a hive of honey bees witch he didn‘t want either.

“Or you could marry me~<3” she grinned “Just kidding~.” Honestly David thought, a small smile returning along with her’s. He could have a conversation with her facial expressions alone. “You’ve told what you don’t want. But what do you want?”

He thought about this for a moment. “Dang Turbo you’re like a legit guru. That’s some deep shit right there.” She seemed to ignore the compliment as she started back into her late breakfast. He seriously thought, it hurt his head a little but he finally seemed to come up with an answer. And it required a full stomach.


“A. S. H. L. E~. Y.” That looked better. Again writing her name in practice she sat along the road leading into camp. The boss is sure to come along here she thought. She didn’t know how long she’d have to wait, but she’d be here all night if she had too… She just wished David was there.  B-because he had a watch and stuff, not like she wanted his help with this. She totally had a handle all by herself. She was just far enough away from the camp not to be heard or seen and as soon as she saw the boss round that corner he was as good as- “Yelp!”

A hand had grabbed her shoulder as she was deep in concentration making her cry out in surprise. The one behind her erupted into a sputtering laugh interrupted in intervals by gasps. “O My Demon Lord. You just yelped!”

“DAVID! YOU WANABE DARK ELF’S BOOT LICKING, SLIME FUCKING SON OF A EUNUCH! What the Hell!” She could feel the anger and worry burn in her from not only being scared then laughed at, but also that the boss could literally show up at any moment while David was laughing his dick off.

David on the other hand was about to die from lack of air from laughing so hard. “Slime fucker? Really? How did you come up with slime fucker?” before he lapsed into another fit of laughter.

She was just about to tell him in great detail how she was going to stuff him halfway into a werewolves’ den and watch as they violated him, but then she saw what he was carrying. “Hey.” she glared at him until he stopped laughing and whipped the tears from his eyes. “What’s with the gear?” pointing to the heavy and out of place back pack that he was supporting with heaving shoulders.

“Hahaha~” still recovering from his amusement with a big dopy grin on his face “uh a little trouble- nope make that a lot of trouble in camp. Luckily I’m only a paid merc and not a debtor though. So better than trying to sort out an orgy of angry sister wives I’m just gona skip town.” He gave a smile before shedding his pack against a tree and rolling his shoulder. “But before that don’t we have a man to catch?”

Anger forgotten she picked him up off his feet in an ogre hug, unconsciously smothering his head in-between her exposed breasts. Much to his private delight though. “You crazy little ass hole!” she smothered him until he finally tapped out signaling that he was about to pass out. “I swear after the full moon I will help you out with whatever you need!” She set him back on the ground panting and doubled over as she slapped him on the back side to straighten him up. “Come on now I need ya to distract him when he comes down the road, so geet out there and look pathetic or something.”

He staggered obediently into the middle of the beaten dirt road. Silently wondering why she even needed a distraction with how dense the trees were. Meh he figured he was more there for moral support anyways. So the silence of hunters settled across the couple. Waiting for prey that even now was in an entirely different world and sadly was never going to show up.

Around noon when the sun finally started its decent David was starting to worry and Ashley was getting impatient. “Why the hell is he taking so long?” she asked for what must have been the tenth time in four minutes.

“I didn’t know forty seconds ago and I sure as hell don’t know now.” He snapped, already regretting the words seeing Ashley half way between crying and uprooting the tree she was sitting against. The green skin under her eyes turning a puffy red she finally opted for the first option. She quietly wept across the road from where David was sitting catching him completely off guard. He was expecting an angry cry like the ones in her drunken state but was instead met with very small and girl like tears from the giant green forest woman before him.

“H-he now.” trying to patch up whatever damage he had done my mistake “I didn’t mean to snap he will be here soon I’m sure.” He smiled and crossed the road towards the sniveling mess of an ogre. She turned away from him trying to hide here tears even though they still came pouring out. Hum, this presented a bit of a problem, but luckily he knew her weakness. And he just so happened to have a bottle of liquefied weakness in his stuffed bag that had been lying next to Ashley.

Reaching into his bag to retrieve it he found that it was in Ashley’s hand instead, already empty as she was trying to hide it and her face still. Well there goes that plan, plan B? Not the time for krapy jokes. Skip the rest of the bad plans and go straight for the source of the problem. “Ashley...” softly as he laid his hand on her quivering shoulder. She just continued to sob.

“H-he isn’t coming back.” She said dejectedly through sobs. “Why? Why, why whywywhywhywhywhy… Why can’t I be good enough?” She was either drunk from a single bottle of ale (unlikely) or the full moon was starting to take effect. He hoped the boss was on his way otherwise he might have to book it again. But before he jumped to drastic measures he could at least try and calm her down.

“That’s not true Ashley. You’re beautiful and sweet, and how many times have you made everyone in the camp laugh so hard they cried? The boss included I might add.” he smiled reassuringly into the wide tear filled eyes that usually held so much strength.

“But… I’m all big and muscly and so dumb I can’t even spell my name right~” and more ogre sobs. It hurt to watch her beat herself over the cheating prick that lead her around for months with false hope of becoming her husband. The bastard doesn’t even care to see the one person in the world that would not only forsake her most base instincts to please him, but even go through what must have been hellish training to simply catch his eye. Hell if I had someone like you then I’d trade everything to make you happy and never leave you alone to cry in the woods… Wait did I say that out loud?

The look of shock and wonder in the now innocently childish eyes told him that he did in fact say it out loud. Before he could even think of an excuse the look of love in Ashley’s eyes banished the thought from his mind. Not even lust, or desire, just absolute hearts and revelation as the tears once again came in streams. “Waaaaaaah~” she reached out and grabbed the front of his shirt pulling him into an ogre hug. Not the erotic one’s she teased him with, close and intimate while she sniveled and sobbed into his neck. This was it he thought, there was no way out. He had pretty much confessed to a Mamono just before a full moon. There are defiantly worse people to be stuck with though, after all he really did mean what he said.

But then the last thing he expected happened, she let him go. Not forcefully, and not keeping him within her arms just to reposition. She legit let him go. “T-thanks Dave. But you really don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a brute like Me.” she sighed in defeat, having been tamed over trying to break down everything she was and rebuild a round tower on a square foundation. “I’m sorry I can’t help you with whatever back at camp, but you should probably get going before the moon comes out.” She looked desperately into his eyes with passion unbefitting her words. An intense need burning but with it a resolve, no a fighting spirit, not to be the monster people said she was.

David understood this in the short time they knew each other. He loved when she would show up to “drag” him around to do study not so diligently, or to punch her frustration out on a tree. He looked away from the green cherubim’s gaze and to the shaggy and over stuffed pack that was the alternative. He knew there was no going back either way he choose to go. But the creature before him was his everything. He hadn’t noticed before but every waking moment she had been on his mind, ever sense she decided to show up and make his life interesting. He was a traveling sword, a nobody with nothing. But with her…

She saw his hesitation through tears of shame. She had been chasing the wrong man for what felt like years when perfection was right in front of her. And now he might walk away too. If he did she would have nothing, no one. She thought back to all the men she has had before, and how without fail every one of them ran for their lives the moment she turned her back. But their David was standing, being torn, by what? What was so precious that she was second to it? What was so great that it was better than her everything? They got along right? And had fun and drank, she even showed him that she can learn to be whatever he wants her to be, with time. She can still be a lady if that’s what David wants.

“Ashley.” O no here it comes, he looks sad and like he is moving away. Come back, I’ll never let you cry again please don’t leave. “I… You… want to get out of here? I wana’ unpack before moon rise.”

Let it be said that although Ashley is usually painfully honest, David cried her name all night and she loved every second of it. The next day around noon they moved into a couples tent, which was only a little bigger than the one Ashley was in to begin with. The boss never came back as it happens but Sara and her husband evolved into a kind of governor of the band of men and monsters, eventually establishing what will come someday to be known as the town of Woaris. And in this town there was an unusually high population of Ogre who had the novel trait of having unheard of intelligence. Making it an ideal place to recruit mercenaries.

And there you have it, I skipped the smut because I felt that it would ruin the vibe we had going. I meant for this one to be mostly fluff and giving detail for a setting that I might reuse for telling the story of one of the other characters. Not sure if I rushed it a little at the end but heck I’m ready for another idea already. I’ll be working on a surprise for the next one but while that is in the works I want to hear requests from you, if you really want to see something please let me know, but I’ve got really good ideas for a fairy/dragon story an alp/succubus story, and a solider beetle because who don’t love kundere? So let me hear what you’d like to see, if anything from me. And I’ll see you in the nexus… wrong sign off lol. PEACE!