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 Tokyo, Japan

At night, a young eleven year old African-American boy with blue eyes and black cornrows was sitting on a bench near a bus stop. He wears a black hoodie, blue jeans, red and black tennis shoes, yellow sunglasses with red lens, red cap, and red and black combat gloves. When the bus arrive, people who are at the bus stop walk in the bus, execept for the boy. 

'Well today is my bro's nineteenth birthday, and still I haven't found a perfect gift for him.' The young boy thought to himself with his right arm on his chin, looking like he's about to give up his search.

"Are you okay?" said an elder Asian man wearing a white collar shirt and black pants, who sat on the same bench. "Something is troubling you, care to explain." He asked the foreigner.

The elder man in black suit stop his thinking and talk to the asian elderly man. "It's my son's nineteenth birthday...and I still didn't get him a gift. What should I give him, sir?" He said to the elderly with respect. The elderly man sighed at the young boy, knowing to well how to get out this situlation. "Did you ever ask him what he wanted, like a game for example." the elder qustion the young boy.

"No I havn't." He reply.

The elderly man gave him another question. "Does he read books?"

"Yes, but only monster ones." He reply, before another bus arrive. Everyone front of the old man and the boy walk to the bus, while their still on the bench. The elderly gave the man a sly grin before getting off the bench and walking toward the bus.

"Follow me." The elderly said to the foreigner, which he followed, but confuse from the old man's happy expression.

When the young boy was in the bus, the bus driver shut the door and drive to the nearst location to drop off the passengers.

Tokyo's Bookstore

After a fifteen minute ride for dropping off passengers, the bus driver drop the two men at a bus stop near a bookstore called "Tsutaya Books".

"So you are the owner of this store, sir?" The young boy question the elderly man, who was trying to find his key to the bookstore.

"Yes," The elder reply, he eventually found his key in his right pocket. "So tell me, what's your name and your brother's." He asked.

"My name is CJ, and his name is Brian." Jimmy said sitting on bench, waiting for the elderly open the door. "My name is Akio." He replay after he open the door.

CJ got out of the bench and enter the store. Inside the store, he was amaze that Mr. Akio has halloween declarations around his store.

"Well find two monster book you need CJ, their for free." Mr. Akio said getting a bow from CJ. "Oh thank you, Mr. Akio. But you don't have to make it free, I got money." CJ said.

"Young man, it's your brother's birthday so you should take this offer." Mr. Akio said.

"Okay, Mr. Akio." CJ said giving him another, then he begin his search to find two perfect books for his brother and him.

15 minutes later,

The boy was not having good luck so far. He found books that are not right for him and his brother reading level. While he was searching for books in that time, Mr. Akio was fast asleep due to Jimmy's timing picking good books.

'There must be a good books somewhere.' CJ thought himself, already in the back of the bookstore. He was getting tired and sleepy of searching for books. After about a minute, he lay on the floor to get some rest from walking to much.