Response to Shadeshadow227

You are a female knight riding off to investigate rumors of people disappearing. You shyly wave to your friend, get on your horse, and gallop away.

You stop upon reaching...something strange. Slime covers the path, dripping from the trees, coating the ground, basically everywhere. You get off your horse, and it bolts, dashing back towards town. You hear a rustling in the bushes, and a pink slime oozes out, suddenly leaping towards you. You dodge, slicing it in half, and the parts flow back together. Your sword and crossbow don't seem to affect make matters worse, the slime on the ground somehow got...stickier, making it hard to maneuver as it attacks you...and more and more tendrils are wrapping around your armor.

What do you do?

My Response aka POV:

My name is Caitlyn Becker; a young Squire recently turned Low-ranking Knight assigned to investigate rumors of disappearances happening at the nearby small town of Pinebury. I asked the townspeople what they knew about these disappearances, but they unfortunately had nothing to go on. They say that all they knew that anytime anyone went into the woods, they would mysteriously vanish. Oddly enough, it was mostly women that disappeared in those woods, so a Mamono crossed my mind as being the main culprit. At least that tells me the rumors weren't rumors after all. Riding my trusty horse, Collin, I reluctantly galloped into the forest. I stopped for a moment to wave at my friend Ryan, who shyly waved back, and galloped once more into the forest.

It had been at least twenty minutes since I galloped into the forest. From I gathered from the people, whoever went into the forest would disappear after a good half hour, which didn’t help my anxiety. With a twirl of my raven-black hair, my grey-brown eyes gazed at my surroundings, senses alert for any sign of danger. It later became pointless as Collin stepped into something…strange. With quick reflexes, I looked down to see some pink slime on the ground, coating the ground and forest at almost every inch. A shiver traveled up my spine as I got off of Collin and ordered him to gallop back into town. I didn’t want my horse to get mixed up into what was going to happening. As Collin’s gallops faded into the background, pink slime leaps out of the bushes, much to my surprise as I was unprepared for that, but I managed to roll out the way in time.

I sliced and sliced away at the abomination, but it formed back together, its small smiley face almost mocking me every time. I tried my Heavy Crossbow but it proved to be ineffective after wasting all of my bolts, much to my annoyance as I toss it aside. The slime moved in motion that seemed to resembled crouching, which I reacted by back stepping away. But the moment I did that, I noticed that the ground below me got stickier, making maneuvering hard to accomplish. The damnable slime oozed tendrils from the slimy ground to attempt to trap me and do whatever it pleases. To make matters WORSE, my armor and the clothing underneath started dissipating from its touch, revealing my tanned skin to the world. Dammit, those garments were handed to me during my Accolade!

As I tried to get away from the slime, I realize what it was doing and threw a black fireball at it. It seemed to work as it staggered enough for me to get out. Slimes were commonly known for despising fire as they would temporarily lose their corporeal-like form. There was no way in Hell I was letting it turn me. Dashing into the forest, I notice a river nearby and I had a thought run through my head. I turn to see the parasite slime rushing towards and without hesitation; I dive into the river, hoping the slime wouldn’t follow me. An added bonus was the slime on me was washed off when I dived into the river, leaving me completely free about any worry of corruption. Taking a breath of air as I reemerge from the water, I see the slime wasn’t following me into the water, wary that it would dissipate into the water and unable to form a solid-like form. It didn’t stop it from following me on land. I growled in response of its persistence. Even an Amazoness knew when to give up she saw her prey getting away, far out of their reach. Oh well, that matters very little.

With reluctance, I find footing to grab and pull myself on land. I can faintly hear rushing towards me in the distance and quickly, I take some black charcoal-like pine resin from one the pouches of my belt and apply it to my straightsword. With a sword on fire and some firebombs, I feel confident that I can defeat this beast. Or at the very least, drive it back. Leaping towards me from the bushes, the slime attempts to cover and corrupt me in its foul pink gunk.

With a battle cry, I slice it in half with my flaming sword, setting a small bit of it ablaze. I could have sworn that it screeched in pain in response, but I let it fly into the wind as I mindlessly slashed away at the slime, my sword still blazing and my firebombs blasting away any gunk that try to get near me. With reluctance of letting its prey go, it finally flees into the forest, never to be seen again from the villagers for the time being. With a huff of breath, I slowly walk back to town to report the source of the people’s disappearance. I just hope the people sent to dispatch of it are competent enough to get rid of it. For now, I had to get back to Ryan and ask him if his sister Enri had clothes she didn’t mind letting me borrow.