Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Armin. He is your simple farm boy, except that there’s a big problem with him: he swears a lot. Every day…

Every time…




He had gotten this goddamn problem by imitating what adult people fucking do; their fucking traits, fucking mannerisms, what they do, etc., said fucking bad habit included. Not later, he picked up the habit of using fucking bad words in everyday life. It was so fucking ingrained in his ox-shitty life that even being disciplined by his parents does fucking nothing at all on making Armin get the fuck over his bad habit. That fucking habit became the source of his fucking joy, because for him, he fucking feels like an adult and he fucking likes it. A fucking lot.

One day, he was ordered by his mother to run an errand for him and he have to pass by a stream. But before that, he was warned by his mother not to speak any bad words while passing by there.

Armin trudged his way through the path and eventually he came near the vicinity of said stream. As he passes through the shallow part of the river, he lost balance and fell down on his butt.


The undine, who is the embodiment and one with the stream, almost jumped out in shock, having never heard of a human, especially a young boy, swear so much.

Meanwhile, the other mamono who had heard Armin say bad words had brought a lot of pain on their ears.

“Mommy, my ears hurt.” A young Harpy complained to her mother as they cover their ears.

“What in the Chief God’s name!” An angel taking a vacation was disturbed by hearing a young child learning such vulgar vocabulary.

“It felt as if my ears are being drilled by a jackhammer…” A lamia remarked as she shakes her head, disapproving of what Armin just said.

“What’s fuck ?” a fairy asked her other friends. “Err… I don’t know what’s fuck , but I don’t think that sounds good.” A sylph answers.

A Sahuagin tries to remain stoic; not letting the pain in her ears beat her kuudere personality, but eventually blood flowed out of her ears, nose and eyes and she fainted.

A Mandragora even waked up from her long sleep and pushed her head out of the ground and checked if what she heard is right and prayed it is not the thing she does not want to hear.

Even the Liliraune busy pleasuring each other were stunned by hearing bad words that they opened up their petals to see who just said bad words.

Having not noticed the mamono living by the stream, Armin kept on cursing because his clothes got wet, and those are only he got because today is washday.


That was the last straw, and the Mandragora’s worst fear was confirmed.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” the Mandragora screamed sky-high in fear of bad words, arousing all the mamono in the vicinity.


Having not come back for three days, Armin’s father assembled a mob of villagers to help search for his son in the forest. When they went to the stream, they saw a mountain of mamono, piled as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and exhausted from three days of non-stop sexfest: harpies, sahuagins, kappas, liliraunes, arachnes, cockatrices, werewolves, dryads, fairies, honeybees, hornets, lamias, pixies, slimes, kakuens, wyverns, you name it, they find it. And on the bottom and center of that pile…

…an exhausted and extremely catatonic yet spooked Armin was found “I will not say bad words again. I will not say bad words again. I will not say bad words again. I will not say bad words again. I will not say bad words again. I will not say bad words again.”

The moral lesson? Don’t say bad words. You do not know what you may get if you hurt a person with your words.