Minotaur, the bovine nightmare of anyone who wears clothing with the color of crimson.


Wurm, the strongest member of the dragon family and the feminine embodiment of a juggernaut.





Both monsters are known for their ferocity during sexual intercourse that there is a real risk for their partners that their bones might break, even if they become an incubus (though the risk is much lessened). Other than that, there is no significant similarity.

But in order to quell our doubts who will win if these beasts clashed against each other, we must run a test of their strength.




Battle Simulation

The battle begins with a man wearing a red shirt being chased by a minotaurus, but he veered to the forest, hoping to lose the Minotaur. After seconds of running, he managed to lose the Minotaur and then seeks shelter in a cave. Unfortunately, the cave is a den to a sleeping Wurm, and the latter had sensed the man entering her den. Gleefully, she gives chase to the man, but he managed to keep distance from her until he reaches the grassy plains again, where he sees the minotaur frustrated at not catching him, but she sees him as well, in timing for the Wurm to emerge out from the trees.

The minotaur and the wurm saw each other, only the man between them. Furious at having a competitor of being the man’s mate, the minotaur and the wurm charge at each other, the minotaurus preparing her great-axe to swing it at the wurm, but the speed of the wurm’s charge, combined with her dragon strength, overwhelms the minotaur in just one slam and rendering her unconscious. Without stopping, the Wurm has also turned her attention to the man and managed to catch him. The battle ends with the Wurm taking the man to her cave to make him her mate.

Winner: Wurm

Expert's Opinion

1. Even the Minotaur is surely a fierce foe in combat; the Wurm’s draconic strength is more feared than the rest of the Dragon family.

2. As long as you do not wear a red shirt or have anything red on you when encountering a Minotaur, you should be fine, but there is no preventive measure against a Wurm unless giving her another man in your place or never venture on the Wurm’s primary habitats at all.

3. Also, since their scales protect them from every weapon known in the MGE timeline, it also gives them an edge over the Minotaur’s weapon of choice, the great-axe. Finally, they can also assume their previous form during the former demon lord’s reign.