Mamono: Jabberwock

Prompt provided by: Madlarry

Story by: Aux10


You are traveling through Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat you had met earlier. As you come around a bend in the path you see a Jabberwock with her back to you. As you turn to go back the way you came the Cheshire Cat yells at her and disappears. You turn to see the Jabberwock coming towards you.

What will you do?


            About a year ago, my boss asked me to go on a business trip to Wonderland in order to negotiate some trade contracts. Everything went well and the contracts were signed in less than a week. On my way back I had to travel through a thick forest with pathways that were laid out like a maze. The paths were setup in a way that made it easy to get into Wonderland but it’s extremely hard to leave without a guide. Needless to say, I quickly got lost.

            Before long I heard a loud snap and I practically jumped out of my skin as I felt a furry creature hop on by back. As scared as I was I slowly craned my neck around to get a look at my attacker. Behind my shoulder I saw the grinning face of a Cheshire Cat looking back at me. “Why hello there bad boy.” Said the Cheshire Cat in a sexy voice. “You look like you’re a little lost. Would you like me to show you the way?” I knew she was up to something but I was desperate by that point so I reluctantly agreed to her offer.

            Along the way the Cheshire Cat proved to be one chatty character. I was surprised to find that she didn’t talk about sex at all. She just talked about things such as the weather, food, hobbies and the like. Despite that, her words strangely had a lewd undertone causing me to become aroused. It doesn’t take long for the Cheshire Cat to notice the painful hard-on that grew in my pants.

Upon seeing the pulsing bulge in my pants, she giggled deviously and rubbed her cheek seductively against mine. “Looks like someone’s feeling naughty!” She said in a telltale voice. She then unwrapped one arm from around my neck, reached around my waist, started pawing my crotch and spoke teasing comments in my ear. Needless to say the experience was so lewd and pleasurable it wasn’t long before I came. Despite having blown my load, she didn’t stop and the post-orgasmic sensitivity made her pawing hard to bear. I begged her stop it but she just giggles devilishly and said: “I can’t do that you stud. I have to get you ready for what’s ahead you know.” It started to dawn on me that she wasn’t leading me out of the forest.

As I contemplated what to do (and cumming in my pants several more times) we came around a corner only to see the back of a Jabberwock blocking the path. After freezing in my tracks I started to turn around to get away. I as I turned, I felt the weight of the Cheshire Car lift from my back. Filled with a sense of dread I cringed as she yelled to the Jabberwock. “Hey Jessica! I found the perfect man for you!” She then gave me a mischievous smile and disappeared with a snap.

I spun around to see the Jabberwock seductively walking towards me with a lustful look on her face. My mind raced trying to figure out how to escape and I remembered reading somewhere that Jabberwocks become disoriented for a short time when confronted with a man’s erect dick and the thick smell of semen. I then undid my fly and boldly whipped out my rock hard cock. Thanks to the Cheshire Cat’s constant prodding, my dick was covered in a thick veil of strong smelling semen. Excited by the situation the Jabberwock’s face grew expectant and she motioned me towards what was likely her den.

I surprised her instead by rushing towards her and she reacted by opening her arms ready to receive me. Before she could embrace me I jumped up in the air and twisted my waist, dickslapping her across the face. Once I landed I turned to face her to see I was right on target. Just under her nose I painted her face with a sizable wad of semen. The effects on her were immediate. Once she breathed the smell in, she became dizzy and collapsed on the ground in a daze. Not wasting any time I quickly ran away and I didn’t stop until I somehow made it out of Wonderland.

At first I though that was the end of my mamono troubles but ever since then some weird things have been happening around me. Oftentimes on the street it felt like someone was watching me with a sharp piercing glare. Whenever I turned to look for the source I saw nothing bit a thin puff of pink vapor. Also occasionally some of my underpants would disappear from the laundry. For some reason when I come home I often find my bed messed up and my dirty cum rag sitting on my pillow. I was considering telling the city guard that I seem to have a stalker but before I could do so, “it” happened.

One stormy night while I was indulging in some naughty self-pleasure, I could feel someone staring at me. I quickly looked out my window and saw a puff of pink vapor floating outside my window. Realizing that my stalker was right outside I jumped up in a panic. Not caring about my decency I scrambled around the house in my birthday suit making sure all my doors and windows were locked. I then locked myself in a closet and hid under the spare blankets that were stored there.

Before long I heard someone knocking on my front door and heard a woman call out “Black Dragon Delivery Service! I have a parcel for you!” Knowing that it was a trick I didn’t make a sound. “I know you’re home! Please answer the door!” She calls again. After as short time she yells: “Damn it! You’re not going to make this easy for me are you?” I then heard a loud crash followed by the shattering of glass. From the sounds of it, my front door likely just crashed through one of my rear windows.

I then hear the sound of stomping and wood splitting. As the stomping and sounds of destruction grew near curled in a fetal position scared for my life. It doesn’t take long for the stomping to stop outside the closet door. “I know you’re in there.” She said “why don’t you be a good boy and come out?” After a minute passed she said: “Well since you’re not coming out I guess I’ll have to make you!” She then rips the door out of the frame and discards it behind her. She then tore the blankets away from me revealing my hiding place. Upon seeing my terror filled nude body she said: “ Aww, how cute.”

I reluctantly opened my eyes to see who it was. Unfortunately, it was the Jabberwock I encountered while in Wonderland. She then grabs my neck and drags my tense body out of the closet. “Why hello there honey…” Said the Jabberwock in a sarcastic tone. “Did your parents ever tell you just how mean and degrading it is to dick slap a woman across the face?” I shook my head. “Well then, did they at least tell you how rude it is to hype up a woman’s expectations only to disappoint her? You made me so wet and horny, but you just ran off and left me hanging.” Once again I shook my head no. “Well then, it looks like I’ll have to punish you and teach you some manners.” She then covered my nose and mouth with a rag soaked chloroform. Shortly after I lost consciousness.

When I woke up found myself sitting up in a cool damp cavern. I felt something cold and tight around my neck.  Grabbing at my neck, I soon found out that I was wearing a steel collar that was chained to the wall. As I regained more of my sense of touch, I began to feel a soft warmth against my back. Before long I also noticed that the source of the warmth was moving up and down and could feel two large mounds against my shoulder blades. I turn my head to see that I’ve been sleeping against the Jabberwock’s voluptuous body.

As if noticing my fidgeting, she started to stir. She then wrapper her arms around my body and held my tightly to her chest. Her head then fell forward and her chin rested on my shoulder. My ear was filled with the sound of her soft breathing and my nose was filled with the sweet smell of her pink breath. As if overtaken by a drug I started to feel hot and excited and before long I had a painful, towering erection. I also started to lose my ability to think strait with my mind becoming clouded with lewd thoughts of what I could do with her.

I soon hear a devious chuckle in my ear. “Aww honey, am I turning you on?” She asked while she lightly nibbled the shaft of my cock with the mouths of her two tentacles. “Yes!” I replied my brain short-circuiting. “In fact, I want you to take care of this painful throbbing sensation and show me the true meaning of Wonderland!” “Aww honey, are you confessing your love to me?” She asked running one of her claws up and down my chest seductively. “My dear, I love you so damn much I feel like my heart’s goanna explode!” I then give her a nice long kiss on the lips. When I finally pulled away, she squealed with delight and we started our life long journey together of red hot, lewd passion.

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