Mamono: Lich

*Prompt provided by: Mad Larry

*Story/Reply by: Aux10


You are walking thru a graveyard in the middle of the night (not by choice) when you come upon a dilapidated mansion. As you are looking at it you notice a Lich watching you from a window. She beckons for you to enter the mansion. As you start to back up you hear unearthly moans behind you. Turning around you see two Zombies and a Skeleton behind you. What will you do?


I rush into the mansion in a panic to get away and quickly get lost. While looking for a way out I hear something creeping up behind me. Before I can turn around to see what it is, I feel something heavy hit the back of my head and black out. 

When I come to, I find myself nude in a dim, wet, freezing cold room. As I regain my senses I try to get up only to be met with resistance. I quickly realize I'm tightly tied to a large stone table. I look around and see that the room appears to be part of an underground dungeon and it's filled with dusty worktables covered in all sorts of strange looking tools and flasks of ominous liquid.

Before long I hear a door slam shut and the unmistakable sound of footsteps echoing from the hallway followed by an eerie, purple glow. As the steps get closer, fear starts to swell up in me and my heart starts beating like crazy. Before long I see a dimly glowing figure wrapped up in a dark black cloak standing in the doorway. It walks into the room and slowly moves over to a workbench out of my view. 

Finding what it needs the dark figure starts to walk towards me holding something in it's hand. As soon as I see what it is my eyes go as wide as saucers and my fear reaches a fever pitch as I start struggling to get out of my restraints. In the figure's pale gray hand is a gigantic syringe the size of a two-liter bottle, filled with a boiling, glowing green liquid. The figure giggles at my futile struggle and stabs the syringe deep into my pelvis, injecting its immense contents into me.

Soon after I lose all my strength and my fear disappears. My body is quickly filled with a powerful heat and my mind is invaded by extremely lewd thoughts. Almost immediately, my dick rapidly swells up and I'm now experiencing the largest, most painful, throbbing erection in my life. Next the figure gets up onto the table and stands directly over my crotch. It then throws off its cloak revealing it's true identity; it's the cute Lich I saw in the window earlier. She stares down at my crotch and giggles deviously at the sight of my massive erection dancing around with every heartbeat. She opens her cold dead lips and says: "Let the experiment begin!"

And that's the story of how I met my wife. Now if you excuse me she has some more potions she'd like to test.

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