Mamono: Unicorn

*Prompt provided by: Mad Larry

*Story/Reply by Aux10


You are wandering through a forest and you come upon a clearing .In the middle is a unicorn with four bandits surrounding her. Her gaze meets yours and you can see her fear. One of the bandits makes a move towards her. What will you do?


            Before I got married I used to work for a mining company that specializes in rare ores and gems. At the time, their mines were starting to run dry they were in need of some new veins to excavate. Being a small company we didn’t have the money to buy any ore rich land so the owner decided to land a stake out on the frontier. The problem though, was that with the land being unexplored, no one knew where to start digging so we had to survey the land ourselves. I was chosen to be on the survey team and was assigned to survey a distant forest.

            After several months of fruitless searching I came across a huge snow capped mountain range. Now as pretty much anyone knows, mountains tend to be a hot spot for mining rare ores and gems. Getting excited at the prospect of my job finally bearing fruit, I hurry to the foot of the mountain and set up my equipment. After only a few hours of working and checking samples I’m filled to the brim with glee. As it turns out I happened across an extremely rich vein of Mithril! After marking the location on my map, I pack up and just as I’m about to leave I hear a blood-curdling scream.

            I immediately drop my pack, get out my enchanted sword, and rush towards the source of the sound. As I come across a clearing I stop in my tracks out of shock. In the center of the clearing there is a beautiful white unicorn with a red gash leading down her side, which was bleeding profusely. Surrounding her are four burly bandits dressed in crimson red uniforms with golden trim. On their backs there is a symbol consisting of a devil with a dagger in his chest lying in a coffin. I recognized their uniforms almost immediately; they were members of Monts’co, a monster-hunting guild that sells rare delicacies and items harvested from monsters. These guys weren’t simply going to take her horn, they’re going to butcher her like a cow and sell her as meat!

            As I’m thinking of what to do, my eyes meet hers and they’re filled with nothing but shear terror. Suddenly one of the bandits raises their dagger and lunges for her chest. Not being able to let this go on any longer I draw my enchanted sword and immediately cast a knock-back spell pushing the charging bandit to the ground. Taking the opening, the unicorn then rushed towards me and just as we’re about to make a run for it, one of the bandits casts a barrier spell trapping us in the clearing. Since there’s no other option at this point I face the bandits and take a defensive stance with the poor Unicorn cowering behind me.

            With the first bandit still in a daze and their mage busy maintaining the barrier, the other two bandits charge at me. I knock the first one aside with a spell and parry the second one’s axe with my sword. As he prepares for another swing I swipe my sword up and leave a shallow slash up his abdomen. He jumps back wincing in pain just in time for his friend to stab me in the leg with his pole arm, knocking me to the ground. As he brings down his weapon for a finishing blow, I roll to the left and take a swipe at the shaft of his weapon with my sword, cutting off its blade. With his weapon ruined, he attempts to retreat but before he can get back I roll off the ground and use my momentum to stab him right through the heart.

            Enraged with the death of his comrade, the axe-wielding bandit lets out a furious roar and brings his axe down at my side. I deflect his axe and kick him in the chin with my knee stunning him. With his neck wide open I swing my sword cutting open his throat leaving him to bleed to death. As I turn to face my next opponent the mage paralyzes me with a spell and I fall to the ground. Having come back to his senses the third bandit looks down at me and says: “You monster loving scum! You can go rot in hell!” He then raises a spear and stabs me in the chest, puncturing my vital organs. As my life slowly leaves my body he gets up and raises his dagger at the Unicorn.

            Suddenly the unicorn becomes enraged at the sight of my dying body and lets out sad, high-pitched wail. As the bandit makes his second attempt at the Unicorn she stands up on her hind legs and knocks him to the ground. She then slams down on his head with her hoof, crushing it and killing him instantly. The unicorn then turns to attack the mage but not wanting to end up like his friends, he drops the barrier and makes a run for it. The unicorn then chases after him with her eyes full of rage and murderous intent. After she disappears into the trees, I peacefully drift off to an eternal sleep.

            Much to my disbelief, I awaken several hours later after sun set. As I start to regain my senses I feel a heavy weight resting on my chest. Preparing my self to see the worst wound I’ve ever been inflicted, I raise my head and I’m shocked by what I see. Not only was the wound gone, in its place the unicorn I saved earlier was sobbing into my chest. Sensing my movement the unicorn looks over to my face with her sad tear filled eyes. Seeing that I was awake her eyes fill with glee and she gently lifts me into her embrace and holds me tightly to her chest. Her intensifying sobs slowly change from tears of despair to tears of joy. I return her embrace and after what feels like hours she finally calms down.

            After calming her down I get up on my feet, offer her my hand, and try to help her get up. When she tries to stand up she suddenly winces in pain and falters to the ground. Worried that she may be injured I look her over and find that the gash on her side was still there and was bleeding pretty badly. Knowing a shallow wound like this should be nothing in light of her powerful healing abilities, I leant towards her to get a closer look. After a quick inspection I notice that this was no ordinary wound. It seems that she was cut with a cursed blade that prevents her wound from healing and slowly eats at her life force. After attempting to use some healing magic, it becomes apparent that I don’t have enough power to break the curse. It’s puzzling though because it’s not a very strong curse and a pure unicorn such as herself should have no problem breaking it herself with her horn.

Looking down at my chest I notice that her healing magic was flawless. There was no scar where the wound was and not a hair was out of place. It seems she spent too much magic healing my horrendous wounds leaving none for her self. Not willing to let the girl I worked so hard to save and who later saved me die; I knew there was only one thing to do. I needed to give her some spirit energy so she could heal herself. I then drop my pants and whip out my virgin dick. Realizing what was happening the unicorn spreads her vagina open and offers it to me. I then bend over her and plunge it in, working furiously to save her.

After Cumming in her several times, and infusing her with a large amount of spirit energy, she holds her horn up to her wound and slowly heals it. As soon as she’s done she faints from exhaustion and her head falls into my lap. Not wishing to disturb her, I lay back on the ground and we spend the night together, sleeping under the stars.

Still having a mission to fulfill I wake up early the next morning before she awakens and set out to meet back up with my survey team. After telling my team about my findigs, we joyously march back home the mining company with the good news. After hearing about the massive mithril vein I found, the owner of our company immediately gets to work, laying our claim to the land. A few months later we then set back out for the mountains with hundreds of workers and several massive wagons of supplies and equipment. After arriving we build a large mining camp and start digging our first shaft.

One evening while walking back to camp, I hear a distant squeal of joy behind me followed by the galloping of a horse. I turn around and to my surprise; it’s the unicorn I saved from the bandits during my survey mission a few months prior. There was something different about her though… As she gets closer to me I soon see why, she’s pregnant! When she reaches me she sweeps me up into her arms and gives me an extremely tight hug. “I knew you’d be back!” She exclaimed. “There’s no way you’d miss the birth of our daughter!” She then tells me to wait for her tomorrow morning and hurries off into the woods. Standing there dumb struck with the news of my soon to be born daughter I try to come to terms with what just happened. After I settle my thoughts a smile spreads across my face and I start to feel so excited about the news I couldn’t sleep at all that night.

The next day when I leave the camp, the Unicorn trots up to me and asks me to hold out my hand. In it she places a beautiful devil gem encrusted ring. Sensing her warm, gentle energy pulsing from the ring I immediately knew why she gave it to me. This wasn’t just any ring; this was an engagement ring! She then grabbed my other arm and started tugging it excitedly; leading me to the camp’s chapel where a dark priest was waiting for us. Once inside, I see that the chapel is full of my friends from the camp and strangely my family is there too. The unicorn guides me down the isle strait up to the altar. The dark priest stands behind the altar, sets down her tainted book, and opens it. She looks at us and starts to speak: “Dearly beloved, we gather here today to witness the marriage of…”

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