5 Sons


Once upon a time in the region of Zipangu, there lived an Incubus and his pregnant “wife” an alp. They were expecting baby but what they would receive was more than what they expected and on that day, the alp gave birth to 5 baby boys, oddly they weren’t alps, not succubae but incubi. The father was displeased, he wanted no part in a family with 5 children, it was simply too much. The incubus’ wife, fearing that her beloved husband would leave her, she casted the children into the woods to please him, thinking that would starve to death but, they were found by something far beyond death. 5 men came upon them each one not your average bunch of humans. Satyr, a man who explored the highest snowy mountains. Griff, a mystic who craved the darkness. Conduit, a man who idolized life and electricity. Shifter, an assassin and professional killer and Axel a blacksmith the worked in a fiery, dangerous place known as the forge. Each one chose a child and went their separate ways to raise them as their own. Satyr’s child was named Ace after Mt. Ace, his first mountain scaled. Griff named his Venuz after a spell he made that was translated into perfect darkness. Conduit named his Lazarus after his obsession with all things living and that he was giving this child a new life. Shifter named his Jax after his favorite sword, Ferocity Jax-Jaeger. Axel named his Crucible after his description of the forge, a fiery crucible comparable to the heart of the most unstable volcano. They would raise each child in their ways and that would shape their lives forever. This is the story, of the 5 sons

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