This is quite the dire time, the beginning of spring. It is a bitter-sweet feeling spring. Crops flourish for a perfect harvest, flowers blossom and animals come out to play but…. There are some animals that I would prefer not to play with, monsters they call them. Anthropomorphic creatures, some look like women with bat wings and horns, some snatch you from the ground and into the sky, some larger than a grown man with strength fivefold of any man. These monsters always come out frequently in spring so you need to keep a look out.

I am a simple barkeep, serving drinks and exchanging stories with my customers. This bar has been passed down through generations of my family and by my twenty-second birthday it was a bitter sweet feeling to receive this magnificent place of wonders, the only downside is my father is gone, now both of parents are dead and my brother disappeared out at sea. Rumour has it he got snatched up by a large sea monster called a kraken. It has been a year since I received this bar and I am not intending to lose it anytime soon, I open up every lunch time for the lunchtime rush hour. I walk in to smell a rich combination of alcohol coming from behind my long counter with the bar seats facing the eighteen tap I have installed, alcohol from all over the world. I flipped the closed sign to open and customers were coming in before I was even on my side of the counter. “Good afternoon Hector,” said a familiar voice. “Good afternoon Hayami,” I said to him. “A half pint of the stuff you got from your homeland….I forgot it's name, remind me, the really strong stuff,” he said trying to guess the name of Whiskey. “It is called Whiskey. If you are going to start ordering it frequently you better start to remember it,” I replied a bit annoyed. I grabbed a half pint glass and pulled a tap and watched the freshly imported Whiskey stream out of the tap into the glass, once it was full I put it in front of Hayami. “1 ounce of silver Hayami,” I said, this was a phrase I said to him a lot after he got hooked on Whiskey. “Thank you Hector,” He placed a large flat silver coin on the counter, I took and placed it in the safe.

After I had served 9 more thirsty customers, Hayami began to speak up, “So Hector, I heard the higher ups of the village council are making this place pro-monster,” he said calmly. “Pro-monster?! You mean those monsters are just going to waltz into the village, let alone my bar?” I said rather un-calmly. “Yes, shocking I know, but I heard there are these monsters called Oni, the red and blue ones specifically. I hear they are real drunkards that live up in the caves in the mountains nearby, by my understanding they should bring you a lot of business,” he replied as he sipped his Whiskey. “I guess you are right-,“ I stopped mid-sentence, Hayami turned to see what my confused stare had locked on to. We both had our sights locked on a group of tall buxom women, very tall, some red, some blue, all had luscious silver hair and all of them had two yellow horns coming out of their foreheads streaming into the bar through the front doors. “Do these creatures happen to be blue and red Onis?” I whispered to hayami. “I was not told they were so buxom,” He whispered back but it was a bit too loud because a red Oni turned her head towards him, looking down at him from the bar seat next to Hayami she just sat on, faintly I could see it ever so slightly buckling under her weight……Wow.

That for me was a que to shut my mouth and walks over to some of the new attendants. As I served a blue Oni a plum sake I could hear Hayami and the red Oni talking “So after all the years of not being allowed into this village, the first remark you make about us is that we are buxom? Well aren’t you a succinct one with what you want, eh?” The red Oni said in a rather husky voice for a female but then again was very tall and muscular but at the same time very curvaceous. “Umm…,” Shivered Hayami nervously, he didn’t exactly know what to say because his brain was sizing up if she is going to beat him, buy him a drink or kiss him. He gulps and regroups “Well buxom was one of the many of the descriptions we put on you just heard buxom” He said confidently but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear his dignity dripping down his leg in yellow streams by now. “Go on” Said the red Oni, now resting her head in her folded arms on the counter, her head still facing him. “Um….” Though Hayami desperately “Strong, healthy, independent, beautiful and eager for a drink!” Hayami took a quick glance at me and I mouthed ‘good answer’. The red Oni sat up and looked at him deviously “You’re quite the smooth talker aren’t ya? How about a buy you a drink or two?” She said rather flirtatiously. “Huh, wow, thanks! But not too much, I might get shitfaced if I drink to much though,” He said gratefully to the Oni. “It is settled then, barkeep! Four glasses of what this handsome fellow loves best,” She said to Hayami’s surprise but he was grateful he was getting free drinks. I poured Whiskey and other beverages that Hayami favoured into four half pint glasses and placed them on the Table. “5 ounces of silvers please,” I asked the Oni politely. “Only 5 ounces of silver? Jeez, this place is the best!” She said as she placed 5 silver ounces on the counter before I stored them in the vault.

Hayami began to sip his drinks down while conversing with the Oni, after his third glass we was piss drunk but he got even more of that shitfaced feeling when he downed the fourth with ease. “Jeez Hayami-Kun, you look like you had too much to drink,” Said the Oni. They had apparently during their conversation had exchanged names, her name was….Yumi I think? (YES, I eavesdropped, but if you were in my shoes you would be getting bored as well!) “I am absolutely FINE! OKAY?” He said to Yumi, you could pretty much hear the Whiskey and other alcohol in his voice. “No you are not, how about you come back to my place until you sober up?” She said to him softly. “Um……Kay?” Hayami said back groggily and just like that Yumi lead him out of the bar and towards the mountains nearby, I don’t know what she is going to do to him, is my best friend and frequent client not going to come back alive? Shit if I know!

As the day became the late afternoon different species began popping up, some with the upper body of a green lady and the lower half looking like a…..furry spider? Some had hair that was extremely long and soft, so I heard and there were many more toomany to count. Hayami was right, these monsters were good for business, so then I reached for my note book and wrote three pin points, 1. Refill the taps 2. Get a bigger vault (the old one is getting overflowed) 3. Make some expansion (e.g more tables, more glasses and new taps etc.) So one thing stood out to me about these monsters, each and every conversation I had, had something to do with something lewd like cosplay, bearing a human male’s seed etc. I wonder why but then I thought of Hayami, what was he up to? Maybe he and the Oni are doing the dirty. Who knows? Maybe he might never come back, maybe he might come back with his virginity missing or maybe even an arm missing I don’t know. Now I am starting to begin to wonder why I was so fussy over the fact this village is pro-monster now, I am starting to get used to it, hell, some of these monsters had some good stories to tell and I had a couple to exchange myself but things got a bit weird when things got dark. At least 2 ladies, both wearing kimonos suddenly had a lower body of a spider burst out from underneath them. Okay….maybe some of them have been living here before anti-monster rule was lifted. This day keeps on getting weirder and weirder. By closing time it was the bar was completely packed, it was a lot of work getting drinks to everyone at every table or at the bar itself so I added another pin point to the list: 4. Hire some servers The clock struck twelves and then I noticed a long lock of hair from one those laddies with the incredibly long hair extend to my face with a paper envelope, I took it not knowing what it was before she briefly left. I exited the bar after blowing out all the candles and locking all the doors. I walked home to my home a couple of blocks away. I entered and took a huge breath in, what an odd day. I walked upstairs to my bedroom, lighting the oil lamp and beginning to work on the recruitment sign for the bar. I am decent enough at art so I believed it can catch a couple of eyes. After I finished I undressed myself down to my skivvies and put on my nightwear, some silk pants (don’t judge, I don’t wear them out of the house) then I opened the letter the long haired lady gave me.

Dear Hector (Yes, I know your name, I have been visiting your bar long before all monsters were let in) since the ban on monsters has been lifted, I can finally make a name for myself without having to worry about too much attention, yes, I am a monster myself known as a Kejourou. So back on topic, I am opening a clothing store, why might I be asking you? Because I have taken in what you wear after doing some study, you wear mostly North-Western clothing, as my first customer I want to try replicate your clothing for a more bar environment, formal clothes is what I am trying to get at so meet me firth thing tomorrow morning where the old general store used to be, I working on the store right as you read this, unless you are reading this in the morning. See you there! - Ayumi~

Hm, Zipangu clothing styles is not to my taste, I guess I do need this, just….. Tomorrow…… I thought sleepily as I trudged to bed. Pretty sure I feel asleep as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next day to clanging of hammers against wood. I sat up in bed and looked drew back the curtains to see several new houses and establishments were in the process of being built. Well, this new pro-monster rule is here, things will be changing.

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