Operation King Cobra: First MSLA victory against the Ancients

Satyarovsk Forest, Drakunistan

August 13 20xx

A small group of insurgents, led by Supreme Commander Kurata Saito, was hiding amongst the bush in the forest as they sensed that the Imperial (Order) troops are coming. One of them is an insurgent sniper named Kusakabe Shinhoto, Saito’s buddy who’s one year older than him and has the rank of Master Sergeant. Their voices are down to whispers.

Saito: Nii-san, get to the treetop, get ready to pick them out.

Shinhoto gave him a grim look…

Saito: Nii-san, are you deaf?

Shinhoto: Commander, are you sure we gonna win this? We’re completely outnumbered.

Saito was surprised on what he’d heard, but then turned his attention back to the path.

Saito: Let’s see.

Shinhoto: Roger that…

Shinhoto swiftly climbed up to the treetop like a leopard, and upon consolidating his position, he prepares his spear gun and then looked around with his scope.

The Imperial patrolling team is now on sight, with a Panhard AML-245. Good, Shinhoto thought, not one of those “Crusader” tanks.  He sighted for the unit commander, who’s up in his Panhard’s turret hatch and is seemingly radioing orders. Such a fool to take out his patrol entirely in unfamiliar terrain, the unit commander did not realize that his life had only seconds left before Shinhoto pulled the trigger.


A whizz…the harpoon went straight at high speed into the commander’s left eye, piercing through his skull and the tip eventually emerging behind his head, before he fell inside the Panhard, scaring its crew.

Then another whizz was heard and an RPG-7 rocket zoomed towards the Panhard. In seconds, the vehicle was engulfed in flames. The driver bailed out as his body burned, he rolled himself to the ground to smother the fire.

The Imperial soldiers on the ground scattered out of the formation and tried to take cover on the side of the road, but some triggered the explosive booby traps the insurgents planned earlier, forcing the others to hesitate. Either way, they have no choice but to die, as the insurgents sprayed their RPKs on the shocked and disoriented fascists, shredding their bodies as a knife slicing through butter and making them fall down like dominoes. The last soldier to be hit managed to scream out one word: “Dookhies!”

After the shooting gallery is over, the insurgents quickly pillaged the convoy, avoiding their own traps as they proceed to their kill…

Saito: Alright, brothers, if they’re regulars, it seems that their supply depot is nearby. Let’s find it and take whatever we need!

Insurgents: Oorah!


At the same time, at a fortified elven village near the depot, elven militias armed with Northwood R-76 Submachine Guns are patrolling the village’s border, which is marked by barbed wire.

A Valkyrie Regimental Airborne Trooper (human; the Valkyrie is just a name) then arrives on front of him, her adrenaline rushing.

Elven Militia: What in gods’ name is your problem? I grow tired of seeing you human warmongers.

Valkyrie Trooper: Did you see Her Highness here?

Elven Militia: Inside that command bunker… (Pointing to the door to the underground command bunker)

The Valkyrie Trooper hurried into the command bunker and entered to meet with Princess Nova.

Valkyrie Trooper: Excuse me, your Highness, but we’re in an emergency situation.

Nova: What happened?

Valkyrie Trooper: We’ve lost contact with one of our patrols in the southwest. The last message from them is this… (takes out the radio)

Radio Recording: *radio squelch sound* Dookhies!

Nova was shocked for what she’d heard. Only one name came to her mind.

Nova: Saito…


While sneaking towards their target, one of the insurgents heard a sound of a jet


Hearing the warning, the insurgents scrambled to the bushes and behind the trees, under the protection of the dense forest. Some of them even covered themselves with branches.

Then the birds showed up, but mysteriously, the air units do not have Order symbols; their design looked more bizarre than the Order gunships. Their voices are down to whispers.

Rookie Insurgent: Could they be…

Insurgent Demolitionist: Yes, son, they’re the Ancients…

Insurgent Rifleman: Wow (looking mesmerized) seems like they can’t even see us…

Shinhoto: Maybe because we’re not their target, but seem like they’re heading towards the same direction as us.

Insurgent Medic: Fallen God’s mother, what the hell are those demons doin’ here?

Saito: Dunno, but the longer we waste time theorizing this shit, the more chance things will get worse. Alright, brothers, let’s move, keep what you learned back in the dojo and keep discreet.

They continued sneaking through the forest.


Radar Operator: (makes a curious face and then gets to radio) Your Majesty, we’ve got 3 unidentified aircraft moving towards our position. I suggest we need to-

An incendiary missile out of nowhere struck the radar site, waking the whole place from their usual activities. Nova was stunned; she knew that even an MSLA drone would not have the capability to deliver such a weapon.

The answer eventually came in the form of an “army of machines and running corpses” that soon steamrolled into the Order defense line. But even though that the sentry guns and Grand Cannons are doing their job well, soon the defenses will eventually be overwhelmed.

One section of the line as breached and the Imperial and Elven militias struggle to keep the breach sealed, but the Ancients kept pouring like a leak on a water pipe.

Nova: (to radioman) Broken Arrow! Tell Command to send every bird they’ve got!

Radioman: Affirmative, Your Majesty! (comn-chatting) Broken Arrow! I say again! We have a Broken Arrow!

Meanwhile, throughout the Drakunistani airspace,

Apollo Pilot: Copy that; Broken Arrow.

Apollo Fighters and Vindicator bombers break out of their patrol routes and sped to the area…


The insurgent raiding party soon arrived at the southern outskirts of the field of slaughter. Climbing on treetops for observation, they witnessed an Ancient Toxin Tank spray the green goo on the Order fortification.

Saito: Mother of Fallen God.

Shinhoto: It seems like it’s too late, sir.

As all of this is happening, two Vindicators responding to the call dive-bombed at the Flame Tank and the surrounding hordes. Now that the Order has brought its air power to bear, it seems that the tide is turning when…

Insurgent Sniper: Sir, you gotta take a look… (Gestures to his back)

Saito and Shinhoto complied and from there, they saw MORE of the Ancients coming. Some Ancient Hellfire gunships are engaged with a vicious dogfight with the Apollos, both taking significant casualties. In this rate, even the Order’s air superiority won’t be enough.

Insurgent Radioman: What shall we do, sir?

Saito: Contact Commander Rea, tell her we need the MMC reinforcements. Airborne, artillery, cavalry, whatever we could get. This is gonna be a bloody battle.

Insurgent Radioman: (comn-chatting) Mama Bear, this is Rattler-2, we need reinforcements, every kind of them. Location: Satyarovsk Forest, pryom.

Rea: (on radio) Copy that, Rattler-2. ETA: 30 minutes.

Saito jumped off the treetop to the ground…

Insurgent Support Gunner: Sir, where are you goin’?

Saito: Just save the VP. Nii-san, keep in touch with our sisters.

Shinhoto: Hai! (Yes sir!)

After Saito left, 5 infected stalkers tried to climb up the tree, but not before Shinhoto noticed them.

Shinhoto: Runners! Below our feet!

Quickly alerted, the insurgents aimed for the stalker’s heads and pulled triggers. One stalker managed to reach the radioman when his AKM ran out of bullets, but instead whipped out his Saiga-12 shotgun and blew the runner’s head into bits before it could land a bite on his boot.

Insurgent Radioman: (hyperventilating) That was close!

All of the sudden, sounds of jet engines broke out above their heads. Shinhoto looked up to see what makes such a sound, for the sound is of stark difference from the Imperial Apollos.

Black Harpy: Sorry for keeping you waiting, brothers. Demon Wings got your back!

Then a rain of fireballs came from the horizon and streaked toward the scene of battle.

Insurgent: At last! Brothers, sisters! In the name of freedom, ATTACK!

Insurgents: OOORAAAA!!!

As they chanted their battle cry, female voices joined the second time. They felt their adrenaline rush when they saw their MMC cavalry units whose voices they heard. Then they rallied to battle alongside their sisters-in-arms.

Saito’s POV

Along the seemingly endless line of trenches and sandbag walls, the young insurgent with glasses kept running forward, hoping his “VP” was safe.

All of the sudden, something grabbed his left leg and make an inhuman groan.

He quickly realized what it is. Then, as it was said that insurgent’s blades faster that their own words, he quickly stabbed its skull with his kukri knife. And kick it off him. He didn’t look back at that monster and keep running forward. Despite his sense was unclear, the only thing in his mind was, if the commander of this Order forces fall into the hands of the ancients, all that he planned will be ruined.

Until he reached the “what was supposed to be” the Order HQ…

Saito (think): Here we go!

He climbed thought the window and sneaked into the main office. Then he slowly peeked in the gap of the door. Then, he was stunned, because his sense was right.

The fearsome-face cyborg being was struggling against two knight girls. One of them was the person he seems familiar with, the girl who was dumped him and bullied him when he was a first year high school boy, his next target after this supply raid, princess Nova.

Instead of rush toward both of them, he used another tactic. He unpinned his m67 grenade, wait for the proper time, then throw it on the cyborg. Then the explosion blast severe its right arm. He then quickly pointed his suppressed makarov pistol on its face and pulled the trigger before it could even react. The small hole appeared in its left visual scanner before it relapsed and fall on the floor.

Luckily, Nova doesn’t have any injured, except the little fragment scratch on her left cheek. The trooper however, has one on her shoulder.

Nova: Thank you for your… you sonofabitch!

Saito: You seem to remember me well, don’t you?

All of the sudden, another infected stalker jumped toward him. However, something went through its head in a flash, knocked it away from him.

The body lied on the floor, with harpoon pierced its back head…

Saito: You disobey my order, nii-san.

Shinhoto appeared from another window. Then pull his harpoon out of the runner.

Shinhoto: You don’t know how much valuable you are, sir?

Saito: We must continue fighting for our freedom no matter what, with or without me, nii-san.

Shinhoto: Understood, sir.

Saito: Now, get her to our retreat.

Shinhoto: Are you serious, sir? She’s their leader. Maybe we should…

Saito: I have a good reason why, nii-san. I’ll tell you later.

Valkyrie Trooper: What about me?

Saito: If you become obedient from now on, we’ll get you to safety.

Valkyrie Trooper: Thank you, sir. How can I repay your kindness?

Nova: What!?

Valkyrie Trooper :( whispering) This battle is lost, your highness, all we could do is stay alive.

Nova:*sigh* you’re right.

Then he radioed to Rea…

Saito:(Comn-chatting) Commander Rea, do you read?

Rea:(On radio) Loud and clear, sir.

Saito: What is our status?

Rea:(On Radio) 5 wounded, no casualties, over.

Saito: Good, call in the retreat, we have our second target.

Rea: Copy, getting the portal open and pulling back, Rea out.

They soon got out of the HQ, but soon encountered the Ancient toxin tank.

Saito: Holy shit! Where the hell is it coming from?

Then it start attacked them with a stream of green goo. However, they managed to find and hide in cover in time, but that wouldn’t keep them unseen for long…

Shinhoto: Sir, go with the prisoner. I’ll blow this bastard right up.

Saito: Are you sure, nii-san? I can’t order you to do that.

Shinhoto: I know what I’m doing, sir. Please hurry.

Saito: No matter alive or die, you are and always be my big brother, nii-san.

They both bow to each other, Saito drag the rest to the retreat. There was nothing between Shinhoto and his target, the toxin tank. He then grabbed the IED from his backpack and sprint toward the tank from behind…

Then he climbed on the top, forced unlock the hatch with his kukri knife, throw the IED inside, and jump off it back. However, he was slipped and fell on the ground. Then, he got knocked unconscious…

He soon awakened when the voice of the girl echoes on his ear…

Girl voice: Master, please. I can’t live without you, please!

As he opened his eyes, the face of the young long-red-haired khepri is in front of him.

Khepri: Master, you’re awake!

Shinhoto: A…Akila?

She then hug him tightly, her face also covered by tears.

Akila: I’ve thought I’ll never see you again, master.

He patted her head and gleefully replied

Shinhoto: Oi! I’m not that delicate, Akila. Anyway, where am I?

Akila: The Akulan HQ medical center, master. Aziza and I bring you here.

Shinhoto: So that’s why…Wait!…WHAT?! You get across the battlefield and drag me here?!

He shocked at what he’d heard. He couldn’t believe that they’ll ignore his worry to keep him safe.

She looked away as her face blushed.

Akila: Yes, master.


Akila: But master…

Shinhoto: But what?

Aziza: So you don’t have a faith in our ability, master?

Shinhoto: I do have a faith in you. But I can’t risk the life of anyone I love anymore. Losing my parents is enough already.

Aziza: It’s the same here, master. And that’s why we decided to drag you out.

Shinhoto: *sigh* That can’t be helped then, because of you two’s bravery, I’ll grant your wish. So, what do you need?

Akila: 3 days full time get laid!

Shinhoto: Aww… man, please ask other stuffs. You’ve asked me all the time.

Interrogation Room, MSLA military HQ, Akulanistan…

A young blonde hair girl awakened in the small room, she soon realized that she was tied up on the chair. She then tried hopelessly to untie herself, until the door opened and the young black haired insurgents in glasses walked toward her…

Saito: Aha! Look what we’ve got here.

Then he walked around the tied girl for a moment. She also kept an eyes on him, with very upset looks.

Nova: How dare you keep me like this!? DO YOU REALIZE WHO I AM!?


Nova was shocked, her once most favorite toy is now become the one who had her at his mercy, and he was looking at her with a furious glare, a sign of the soon-begin roaring rampage of revenge. Despite she secretly likes him. She started to shiver when she saw his kukri knife that he put it out from his belt.

Nova: M…My sister will know this!

Saito: LET HER KNOW! So she’ll march to our warm slaughtering welcome while the Ancients eat your people alive.

She soon realized that she has no choice but negotiate with him. He’s not in mood of receiving any insult from her anymore. He’s not a nerdy looser she used to see him. He’s now a leader of a bunch of badass bookworms even they don’t have any sign of badassery in their looks at all.

Nova: If you release me, I…I’ll ask my sister to give all of you an amnesty.

Saito: Amnesty? You offer us a prohibiting of our free will and forever violation and expect us to accept? You’ve gotta be kidding me…Uh oh! I almost forget that I once a chew toy for you to smackin’ and stompin’. You always dream that I’ll be at your feet, don’t you? Keep dreamin’, it will never happen, not anymore.

For some reason, his sentences pierced her feeling. The young princess’s tears started running from her eyes her body started to quiver. And for some reason, Saito was stunned; he can’t stand the cry cute, no matter friend or foe.

Saito: Don’t… don’t use this method against me… crap… fine!

Realizing he would soon drop the knife, he quickly put it back on his belt.

Instead of trying to escape, Nova started speaking in tears…

Nova: Why? …Why you’re doing this to me?

Saito: It’s fuckin’ obvious! You made my life worse when my life was already hellish enough. What do you feel when no one left love or care about you and almost everyone you know just use you for their profit?!

Nova: But… I love you.

Saito: What? do you even know what love is?

Nova: I’m picking on you because I just want to be close to you. I just can’t say it directly.

Saito: Then where are you when I lost all reason or willpower to continue living. WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED SOMEONE THAT WILL MAKE ME FEEL BETTER IN THE DARKEST HOUR IN MY LIFE!?

Nova sniffed…

Nova: I’m sorry, Damian. I don’t know that…

Saito: You don’t know or you don’t care. At least you should saw when I’m in grief. But you still not notice, or you overlooked.

Nova: I’m sorry, for everything. But I should be just me, why also the Order?

Saito: Do you really think I can forgive for what they’ve done with my real parents? Do you really think that I’ll let them take away my friends and family like they did in the past!? ARE YOU THAT NUT!?

She began to turn back to normal, but her voice still in the crying state.

Nova: If you think it’ll make everything better, kill me.

Saito: Kill you? I still have a reason to keep you alive.

Her voice soon became shocked.

Nova: What!?

Saito: I’ll keep you as a hostage, so we can force your sister to sign in seize fire agreement.

Then he began to walk away from her, before she asked.

Nova: Seize fire? Don’t you hate the Order of the Chief God so much as you seems to be?

Saito: I always hate the Order, but I’m not fettered. I’ll do everything to be free and protect my loved ones. No matter of what. I’m not a hero; I’m the insurgent, the ghost of the past, the protector of freedom and justice, and the worst nightmare for all tyranny.

Then he walked into the corridor, and slowly out of her sign.