You stretch yourself out on your couch as you half-heartedly watch some kid’s cartoon show. You don’t really know what it’s about since you’re more preoccupied by Diriel’s, your little big baphomet sister, continued absence. You look away from the cute little bunny girl and her frolicking to look at the time.

“I guess it’s not too bad,” you say to yourself. “She’s just ten minutes late, so we should still be able to get to her thing in… What the fuck?” you say as you turn your attention back to the cartoon. Instead of finding the bunny girl picking flowers, you see her getting brutally raped by six burly incubi with impossibly large penises. You can’t figure out what’s more surreal, the sudden genre shift or the odd animal costumes being worn by the incubi. You continue to due to your shock and morbid curiosity. Suddenly your home phone starts to ring, so you turn off your TV before answering it. “Hello?”

“We’re here,” the familiar commanding voice of Diriel announces. “Let us in.”

“Sure. Just give me a second,” you say before you punch the seven button on your phone. You then hang up, and go to the door to peek into the hallway. After a couple of minutes, you spot Diriel and Sasha, her witch assistant, turn the corner. Diriel was wearing a long (for her) backless black dress with a halter top, and matching fingerless gloves that came up to her elbows. Her usually shoulder length, chocolate brown hair was done up in a professional looking bun with a silver pin that matched the small, silver chains tied around her horns. She also had a beautiful pearl necklace which you think used to belong to your mother. Sasha on the other hand wore a simple white dress with noodle straps, and a tiara that replaced the witch’s hat she usually wore. Her long, golden hair was braided into a ponytail, and was decorated with ladybug hairclips. She also wore a gold necklace with a ladybug made of rubies, and white shoes with stiletto heels that made her look taller than her boss for once. Both girls looked elegant, although the fact that they looked like they were ten year olds hurt their efforts a bit. You thank the demon lord that they didn’t put on make-up since it would have looked very silly. It doesn’t take them long to notice you, and you begin to wave at them.

“Hey you two! How’re you both doing?” you greet with enthusiasm.

“I’m doing great onii-chan,” Sasha replies cutely while twiddling the end of her ponytail.

“I’m actually a little nervous…” your sister admits.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine Diriel,” you assure. “All you have to do is accept and award, and make a speech.”

“But it’s the ‘Most Influential Member of the Year’ award, which is given out by Lilia Flimlight herself! And then I’ll have to give a speech to a room of my peers! What if I me-”

“You won’t mess anything up Dririel-chan,” Sasha interrupts as she places a reassuring hand on the baphomet’s shoulder. “You’ve practiced your speech a bazillion times by now. So you’ll do fine as long as there isn’t a freak accident.”

“Thanks,” Diriel says with a little smile.

“Well now that that’s settled, do you two want to wait in here while I finish getting ready?” you ask.

“You’re supposed to be ready now,” Diriel complains.

“I’m sorry onee-chan, but I didn’t think you’d be so late,” you tease.

“I thought I told you to stop calling me that!” she puts as you and Sasha begin to laugh.

After you calm down, you ask, “Now that I think about it, why were you so late? I gave you directions and everything.”

“We did follow your directions onii-chan,” Sasha explains. “But Diriel-chan was convinced that you didn’t live in such an old apartment building.”

“Well I’m sorry for living in such a crappy, old apartment onee-chan,” you say as you step aside. Diriel growls as she walks past you with Sasha following close behind her. Once inside she looks over your apartment with a disapproving glare. You follow them inside.

You close the door behind you as Diriel complains, “It’s small.”

“Well so are you, but you don’t hear me complaining,” you say with a sly smirk.

“Stop joking around! It’s bad enough that you don’t have your own house, but I hoped that you’d have enough pride to make sure you had a nicer apartment.”

“Oh great. You’re starting to sound like mom again…” you say sarcastically. “Look, this is the best I can get with my salary, and it isn’t even as bad as it looks.”

“Then you should get a better job, or move back in with mom and dad,” Diriel quickly retorts.

“Wow… You really are starting to sound like mom…” you sigh. “Besides I don’t want to go back after all the hassle I went through convincing them to let me live on my own.”

“If that’s the case, then why don’t you move in with me?” Diriel asks. “There’s more than enough room at my place.”

“E-excuse me!” Sasha suddenly interrupts. “While I’m certain this discussion is very important, but we’re already running late!”

“Ah! Thanks for reminding me Sasha! We’ll save this discussion for later, so hurry up and get ready!” your sister commands before making her way to your couch.

“Alright! Don’t make yourself too comfortable,” you warn as Diriel plops herself down in front of the TV. “I shouldn’t be too long!” You head to your room, and lock the door behind you in case Sasha suddenly decides to start acting like a perverted old lady again. You strip down to your boxers and put on some cologne, before you turn to your sky blue tuxedo. It used to be your father’s, but you found it the last time you went to your parent’s mansion and had to hide from the mob of mini moe maid mamono. It’s pretty old, but it was well kept and it didn’t take you long to get it looking like new. Better yet, it was a lot cheaper than renting a new suit! You quickly put it on, and head back to your living room to show it off. When you get there, you find Diriel and Sasha watching that weird bunny girl rape cartoon.

“Fufufu! And here I was worried that you weren’t interested in little girls brother,” Diriel cackled under her breath.

“I still have a chance!” Sasha said cheerfully as she wiped the happy tears from her eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy!” Curious, you look at the screen to find the bunny girl, who’s now covered with enough semen that you almost mistook her for a slime, is still getting fucked by large number of dicks bigger than she is. She’s also making an ahego face that creeps you out a bit.

“Well Sasha-chan,” Diriel begins as she turns to the witch. “If you play your cards right, maybe I’ll…” She trails off when she notices you, her face showing an expression that falls somewhere between disgust and pure horror. “What are you wearing?”

“Do you like it?” you ask in response. After Sasha turns to see you and goes pale you explain, “It’s one of dad’s old tuxedos!”

“I thought mom destroyed that in the late eighties!” Diriel cries out. “Where did you find it?”

“In a closet!” you announce with pride.

After a long pause Diriel says, “You’re not wearing that to the ceremony.”

“What?! Why can’t I?!”

“The fact that you need me to explain it to you scares me little brother,” she groans. “Could you please just go put something else on?”

“I could, but this is the only suit I own.” A long silence falls over the room as the two lolis look at you with what you think is pity.


“Yes Diriel-chan?” the witch answers.

“I think you know what to do…”

“Of course!” Sasha says before mumbling under her breath. A green staff with a ladybug-like gem on its end suddenly appears, and the gem glows as she raises it up. You wonder at what she’s doing before you look down to find your suit changing into a fancy black tuxedo.

“Much better,” Diriel says as she nods with approval.

“Thank you Diriel-chan. It was a pleasure.”

“But I liked the color…” you whine pathetically.

“Oh grow up!” Diriel chastises. “It looks way better like this. Now quit your moping, and hurry up or we’ll be late!”

“Did… Did you just tell me to grow up?!”

Your sister snaps, “Move! Now!” and you clam up. You follow Diriel and Sasha out of your apartment, and lock the door behind you. The three of you then leave the apartment complex, and pile into the back of a black, luxury limousine. The girls sit on both sides of you, and the limousine begins its journey to where the ceremony will be held. While the trip itself is uneventful, you begin to think that there was a conspiracy going on. You noticed that, every once in a while, Diriel would say something to draw your attention to her. When your focus was on her, you swore you felt a hand stroking your leg or, more alarmingly, your crotch. You tried to see what was going on, but you never could find what it was. Your confused face must have been quite goof looking since Sasha would giggle whenever you turned to look.

“We’re here!” Diriel announces as the limousine pulls in front of the town hall. The town hall was originally an old manor that had been refurbished, and looked very grand and stately. While it seemed a little extravagant for local government, the town hall was also a historic site that had guided tours, and had a large ballroom which was often rented out for large events. You look at the entrance of the town hall, and you notice several loli mamono heading inside. A few were dressed adorably, but most were dressed either elegantly or provocatively. You thought that was kind of weird, but you guessed that even Sabbath members want to act their age once in a while. Interspersed within the crowd you see some finely dressed men and non-loli mamono. They easily stand out from the rest of the crowd due to the height difference, although you notice that none of the regularly sized mamono have breasts larger than B cups. The three of you exit the limo, and make your way to the entrance. Once inside, you follow the crowd to the ballroom, where everyone lined up so that they could be shown to their tables. You wait patiently, or as patiently as a hungry man can wait for food, until it’s your turn to be seated.

“May I see your invitations please?” a loli werewolf wearing a frilly pink dress with a large pink bow between her ears asks you. Diriel hands her an envelope, which the werewolf opens to read the note inside. “Welcome to the annual Sabbath Dinner and Award Ceremony Diriel-chan! Please follow me to your table.” The werewolf then proceeded to show you to a round table not too far from the stage, although she struggled to keep from running ahead. As you approach the table, you notice that two of the seats are occupied by another baphomet and a loli jiangshi. The baphomet wore a glittery red, form fitting, backless dress that had a cut along its side that came up to her thigh, and red velvet bands covered in rubies over her horns. The rubies were only slightly more brilliant than her wavy red hair, which she had kept short. The jiangshi wore a black cheongsam with embroided leaves made of white thread, and a matching hat which hid her short, black hair. A talisman was attached to her hat, and hid her deathly pale, devious face.

“Lady Allu!” Diriel squealed as she ran up to the other baphomet.

“Diriel! You finally made it!” Allu said as she stood up and hugged your sister. “We were worried that you weren’t going to get here on time.”

“We just had a couple of issues getting here,” Diriel said as they stopped hugging to look at each other. “It’s been too long!”

“Much too long,” Allu agreed. The jiangshi then loudly cleared her throat.

“Oh, you’re here too Bao? I thought I smelt rotten fish.”

“That’s funny from someone who’s obviously wearing the latest Eau de Putrid Garbage perfume,” Bao retorted as she shot Diriel a dirty look.

“Well we can’t all be as fashionable as you Miss I’m-so-cheap-that-I—still-wear-the-dress-my-mom-bought-me-a-hundred-years-ago!”

“Girls!” Allu scolded. “Not only is this the first time we’ve seen each other in decades, but it’s also an important Sabbath event! I will not have you ruin it with your petty squabbling!”

“Yes ma’am,” both girls said dejectedly.

“Umm… Excuse me?” the pink dressed werewolf awkwardly asked. “I need to go back to my duties, so is there anything I can help with before I go?”

“When’s dinner going to be ready?” you ask. Your stomach begins to growl as if to press the issue.

“The food will be served shortly sir!”

“Thanks,” you say as you begin to pet her head. She seems to like it since she closes her eyes, and starts to wag her tail. You stop petting her and say, “Have a good night!”

“Huh?” the werewolf asks as she looks up at you with a look of pure confusion. Her ears droop, and she begins to scowl as she says, “Y-you too sir…” You smile at her, and take your seat at the table. You think you hear someone mutter, “Fucking tease,” before the werewolf leaves.

“I guess it’s time for introductions,” Allu said once everyone was seated. “My name is Allu Eld. I was one of the higher ups at the main Sabbath branch before I retired, and I personally taught both Diriel and Bao back in the day.”

“Wait, you’re Allu Eld?!” Sasha asked excitedly. “I can’t believe I’m actually sitting at the same table as the vassal of infernal flames herself! I’m a huge fans of yours! Ah! S-sorry…”

“That’s fine dear,” Allu said as she grimaced. “It’s nice to meet you too, but could you just call me Allu? Being called the vassal of infernal flames brings back some bad memories…”

“Of some sort of battle?” you ask, remembering that you’ve heard that particular title a few times back in your high school history class.

“Nothing like that. It’s just that I was a little… odd back then,” Allu explained as she began to blush. “I get a little embarrassed when I think of what I used to act like. Would you like to continue Bao?”

“Alright. I’m the internationally renowned director Bao Hou,” the jiangshi brags.

“Really?” you ask. “Sorry if this seems rude, but I can’t seem to recall hearing your name anywhere before. What kind of stuff do you direct?”

“Let’s just say that I direct movies that don’t rely on a lot of dialogue.”

“So you film action movies?”

“Well, you’re not too far off. My movies DO have a certain amount of action of a sort,” Bao coyly explains. “Actually, you don’t look too bad… What would you say if I told you that I was interested in making you famous?”

“He’d say no,” Diriel says before you have a chance to answer. “He’s not going to have anything to do with your clichéd smut.”

“First of all: my smut is anything but clichéd!” Bao defends irritably. “And second: he’s a big boy. I’m sure he can make his own decisions.”

“That may be true, but I’m not going to let my brother be a porn star!”

“Brother? You’ve got a brother?!” Bao asks incredulously.

“Congratulations Diriel! I always knew you could do it!” Allu cheers. “So how long have you known each other? How did you meet? You must tell us everything!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like we even need an onii-chan!” Bao pouts as she eyes you jealously.

“Actually I’m her younger brother,” you correct. There is a brief pause before Bao starts to laugh uncontrollably. Allu on the other hand looks upon her former student with great concern.

“Oh Diriel… I know single mamono can get desperate, but I expected more from you…” Allu sighs.

“NO! He’s my actual little brother!” Diriel quickly defended. “He came out of mother’s vagina and everything!”

“Really?” Allu asked, sounding perplexed. “Then how come I haven’t heard about you until now?”

“Weeell, I’m a relatively recent addition to the family,” you explain. “Mom and Dad also kept me secret to try to keep me out of trouble.” You laugh nervously, suddenly hyperconscious of your age.

“If that’s the case, I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better,” Bao purred.

“Well he’s not interested,” Diriel says as she glares at the jiangshi. “And if he is interested, then I swear by the demon lord’s succulent ass that I’m going to disown him!” You take your sister’s warning to heart, and look away from Bao’s attempts to seduce you with her pre-pubescent body.

“I could take care of you,” Bao mentions in a tone that’s much more seductive than her child-like body should allow. “Very good care.”

“I keep telling you he’s not interested, so stop trying to tempt him before I break you no-”

“Um… Is it my turn to introduce myself yet?” Sasha interrupts.

“Go ahead dear,” Allu approves as she gives her former students an evil look.

“Might as well,” you agree.

Sasha smiles and says, “I’m Sasha Utkin, and I’m Diriel’s receptionist as well as her assistant. I was also one of the top students when I graduated from the Witches’ College in Net Grudi.”

“That’s very impressive. I know the witch who first built that school,” Allu said as she nodded her head in approval. “You need to be a pretty good mage to even get in there, so it isn’t that hard to imagine what a top student would be capable of.”

“Y-you’re too kind,” Sasha stammered as she began to blush.

“That does sound pretty amazing,” you admit, which causes Sasha to blush even more.

“Of course it’s amazing,” Diriel brags. “I wouldn’t have hired her otherwise!”

“Well it’s obvious why you hired her,” Bao groaned. “What I want to know is, if you’re so amazing, why are you working for a dork like her?” She pointed at Diriel to emphasize her point.

“Hey!” your indignant sister squawked.

“Well I originally wanted to become a researcher, but there weren’t any job openings at the time. To make matters worse, I was overqualified for most jobs,” Sasha began. As she tells everyone the story of how she met your sister, you realize that you haven’t introduced yourself yet.

“Sorry to interrupt,” you say as politely as you can manage. “Would I be able to introduce myself? I’d prefer it if none of you only knew me as Diriel’s little brother.

“You didn’t introduce yourself yet?” Allu asked. “Sorry dear, I guess we forgot about you for a minute. You can go ahead as long as Sasha doesn’t mind.”

“It’s fine. I was pretty much done anyway,” Sasha admits.

“Great!” You say with a smile. “So you can call me..!” Suddenly you’re interrupted by someone tapping on a microphone. You all look towards the stage to see a witch with a cute little blue and white dress with fairy wings, and matching hair.

“Hello everyone, and welcome to the one hundred and thirty second annual Sabbath Appreciation Ceremony!” The witch in blue waits for the applause to subside before continuing, “The one night of the year where we come together to celebrate those who make Sabbath the best organisation in the world! I’m Jewel Saphieri, and I’ll be your MC for the evening! As some of you may have noticed, dinner is currently being served. We’ll start giving out awards after you’re done eating, so enjoy!” Sure enough, as soon as Jewel finishes her speech, a sharply dressed incubus waiter arrives with a few plates full of food. You briefly wonder why there weren’t any loli waitresses, but you quickly conclude that they might be too small to serve the food.

“I guess they must’ve needed to call in some more help since they were short staffed,” you joke with a big grin on your face.

“I wonder how they convinced Jewel to come back after last time,” Sasha wondered aloud.

“They probably offered her a lot more money this time,” Allu theorized.

“Actually I heard that she got herself an onii-chan, and he convinced her to do it,” Diriel mentions.

“She got an onii-chan?” Bao asks. “Dang. I was going to ask her if she wanted to star in my next ‘Choke It Down’ movie. Although I guess I could find an enlargement potion...” You realize that you have been completely ignored, and you begin dejectedly pick at your food. Halfway through the meal you realize that you still haven’t properly introduced yourself, but it’s now much too late to do so.

When you finish your dessert, you lean back into your chair and sigh in contentment. You ponder on if you should undo your belt to lessen the pressure on your stomach, but you decide against it. There’s a time and place for everything, and undoing your belt in a room full of crotch height mamono would be asking for trouble. The servers come and take the last of the plates away, and the room begins to buzz with excitement. You can hear people from the other tables discussing the awards, and who they think deserves which. You hear someone from the next table over claim that Diriel’s a shoe in for the ‘Most Influential Member Award’, and you swell with pride for your little big sister.

Eventually the band begins to play, and the room quiets down to watch the coming spectacle. The lights go out, and small balls of blue and white light begin to appear. You can only see a handful at first, but they quickly multiply until the whole room is bathed in their soft glow. You reach out to touch one, but it moves out of the way so it can join the other lights as they surge towards the stage. They touch the curtain, which disintegrates into golden dust and begins to blow around the stage. The dust then begins to form large, golden statues of witches, familiars, and a baphomet with her hands held in front of her chest. Once the statues finish forming, the lights gather on top of the baphomet’s hands and come together to become Jewel Saphieri. When she’s fully formed, Jewel grabs some errant gold dust out of the air and blows it towards the audience. The dust forms an elegant golden staircase, and Jewel begins to climbs down it. Once she reaches the stage, the staircase turns back into dust before gathering in front of Jewel to form a podium with an image of the golden baphomet statue engraved into the front. The excess dust then flies above the crowd, and explodes as if it was a bunch of particularly beautiful fireworks. The crowd erupts with cheers and applause as Jewel steps closer to the podium, and a familiar dressed in a black lycra suit brings her a microphone.

“So how did everyone enjoy their dinner tonight?” Jewel asked once the music stopped. She waited for the applause to die down before saying, “Then before we get started, let’s give the wonderful Ladies of Inari a round of applause. What do you say?” The crowd erupted in more applause when a magical screen featuring a group of human women, whom you suspected were actually kitsune-tsuki, appeared above Jewel. The kitsune-tsuki waved to the crowd until the applause died down once again, and the screen disappeared. “Thanks again ladies for your hard work. It doesn’t look like any of you decided to join our little girls club, so I guess we’ll just have to try again next year. So with that out of the way, let’s get this thing started! Now, tonight’s the one hundred and thirty second Sabbath Appreciation Ceremony. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. We’ve been doing this for a hundred and thirty two years! I know a few of you think of it like we just started doing this yesterday, and for a couple of you it literally was yesterday, but it still amazes me that we’ve been doing this for so long. But even though we’ve seen the world change around us, we’re still dedicated to spreading the joy and debauchery of little girls!” Jewel pauses once again for the cheering to die down. “And the reason we are here tonight hasn’t changed either. Even after one hundred one hundred and thirty two years this night is still dedicated to honoring those who’ve gone above and beyond their duty to spreading the gospel of Sabbath to the world. Now, to move things along, I present to you Marina Aquino who will be giving out the awards for best musical album, best single, and best performing artist!”

The rest of the evening played out like you’d assume an award ceremony would go. A Sabbath celebrity would announce the winner, they’d go up to the podium, accept the award, and give a speech. Rinse, repeat. You didn’t recognize a lot of the award winners since you didn’t really follow Sabbath news. Which was odd now that you thought of it, considering that both your mother and sister were prominent members. A few winners did catch your attention however. Bao managed to win best director of a pornographic film for ‘Choke on This 9’. They showed a clip from the film, which showed a loli grizzly sucking on an erection that would make a horse green with envy. The grizzly, named Cleo CiDaprio, won best adult actress for the same film, which Diriel said was a long time coming. After a few hours, Jewel calls Lilia Flimlight to the podium. The baphomet came onto the stage wearing a black dress that you could only describe as obscene. You think you see some sort of gooey white substance on her face, but she wipes it off before you can figure out what it is.

“Good evening everyone,” Filia begins as she reaches the podium. “The Most Influential Member of the Year award is one of our most prestigious awards we give out. The individuals who win this award not only leave a deep, lasting impact upon our organisation, but upon the rest of society as well. There are many of our members who qualify for this award each year, but only one can stand above the rest. This year the lucky winner is a baphomet who, on top of running the local Sabbath branch, owns and edits for the Sabbath Today magazine. She’s also an accomplished writer, who has written countless articles and opinion pieces over the last year that have entertained and informed many, both inside and outside of Sabbath. Please put your hands, or paws together for Diriel Abate!” The crowd erupts as Diriel gets out of her chair, and practically skips onto the stage and to the podium. Fillia gives her a big hug before handing her the award. Fillia steps aside so that Diriel can give her speech. Diriel scans the crowd, and smiles when she spots you before she begins.

“First I’d like to thank everyone for selecting me as this award’s recipient. It is an honor that I can’t quite put into words. I’d also to thank my parents, who couldn’t be here tonight due to a scheduling conflict, and all of my friends. Without your encouragement and support, I probably wouldn’t be here today. Finally, I’d like to thank my brother, who helped me win this award.” This declaration causes you to raise your eyebrow. You wonder what she meant by that. “I honestly believe that, if my brother hadn’t reconnected with me, I wouldn’t have been able to win this award. This time last year I was in a rut. I got so caught up with my work that I wound up putting a lot of things off for later. I know it happens to the best of us. Why not put things off for another day when decades can go by in the blink of an eye. But it’s still not a good way to live. We miss out on things much more important than work, and I think that is one of the greatest tragedies we can bring upon ourselves. If my brother hadn’t come to me, if he hadn’t thought to include me in the short amount of time he has in his life, then he may have passed by me unnoticed, and I would have been poorer for it. So don’t be afraid of doing what you want to do. We may have all the time in the world, but the world is constantly changing. You never know what you might be missing. Thank you.” Diriel her award, and raises it above her head to thunderous applause. She then makes her way off the stage and back to your table. You get up and met her halfway, and you lift her into a hug.

“That was a beautiful speech onee-chan,” you say before you carry her over to your table.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Diriel says bashfully. “But call me that in public again, and I’m going to strangle you.”

“So I can call you that in private then?” you tease.

“You’re really trying your hardest to ruin this moment, aren’t you?” You ignore Diriel’s question as you arrive back at your table. Sasha and Allu congratulate her, while Bao opts to damn her with faint praise.

The ceremony ends not too long after, and the onstage decorations disintegrate back into dust before reforming the curtains. Most of the attendees hurry out of the ballroom to try to beat the traffic, but a few stay behind to wait for the hustle and bustle to die down. Before you leave, you have a brief conversation with Jewel, who tells you that she doesn’t have an onii-chan and offers you the position. You politely decline before you leave with the rest of your group. Once outside, you bid farewell to Allu and Bao before getting into the limo with your sister and Sasha. The three of you talk excitedly about the evening on the way to your apartment, but Diriel and Sasha fall asleep before you arrive. You decide to let them stay the night, and carry them into your apartment after you arrive. Once inside, you gently set them on your couch so that you can set up your guest cot in the living room. Afterwards you take off their dresses and jewelry, before dressing them in some of your t-shirts. After you tuck them in, you head to your bedroom to get ready for bed. The next day you realize that you forgot to lock your bedroom door when you find Diriel and Sasha curled up naked on either side of you. It was not the start to a good day.

The End.