You wait at your school’s entrance for your friend Amber. She’s been having trouble with her arithmetic, and you offered to help her study for the next test. You had both agreed to study over the weekend at your place, which was why you were waiting for her. You check the time on your watch when someone furry jumps onto you, and you feel a familiar pair of B cup breasts press into your back.

“Miss me?” Amber purrs into your ear.

“Almost,” you tease as the werecat slips off of you. You turn to face your short, lithe, calico catgirl friend, and find that she’s wearing a pair of black spandex shorts and a loose fitting white tank top. You can see down her shirt, and unsurprisingly discover that she isn’t wearing a bra. “So are you ready to go?”

“Of course! I can’t wait to get to your place, and spend the weekend kicking math’s ass!” You doubt your weekend’s going to be that exciting, but you find Amber’s excitement to be quite contagious.

“Well then we better hurry up so we can catch the bus,” you say before you start heading to the local bus terminal. Amber suddenly grabs your hand, and starts running. You almost fall over, but you manage to keep your stride as you now hurry to your destination. You both stop to catch your breath when you arrive at the bus terminal before you lead Amber to one of the smaller buses. You pull out your bus pass as you climb aboard.

“Heya kid,” the overweight, balding bus driver greets. “How ya doin’ today?”

“Pretty good,” you answer as you flash your pass. “What about you Benny? How are you doing?”

“Let’s just say TGIF, and leave it at that,” Benny answered solemnly.

“That bad huh?”

“Could be worse. At least Chika’s got a party planned for tonight. Her sistahs are commin’ ovah with their families to get their drink on.” Benny ponders something for a bit before saying, “Come ta think of it, mah nieces will be there too. You should come ovah and meet em!”

“Sorry Benny, but I’m studying this weekend,” you apologize. “Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m too young to drink.”

“Ya don’t know what’s good for ya kid,” Benny teased. “So who’s dis pretty little pussycat?”

“I’m Amber, and I’m his study partner!” she answers energetically.

“Are ya now? No wonder you don’t want to come ovah to my place. If I wus you, I’d be too busy ‘studying’ too!” Benny laughs. You groan, and try to cover your blushing face.

“So how much to ride the bus?” Amber asks.

“Don’t worry about it dahlin’,” Benny says with a warm smile. “Any ‘study pahtnah’ of da kid is a friend of mine!”

“Oh wow! Thanks mister!”

“Please dahlin’, call me Benny!” Benny laughs, and you hurry to your usual spot on the bus.

“He seems nice,” Amber comments as you both sit down.

“He is,” you quickly agree.

“So why don’t you want to go to the party? He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’d force you to drink.”

“No, but his wife is,” you explain. “He’s married to an oni.” Since the two of you rushed to the bus, you needed to wait for the bus to leave. Luckily Amber was always fun to talk to, and you both spend the time chatting about anything and everything that came to mind. As you spoke to each other, the familiar faces of the orcs, dwarves, and cockatrices who usually rode the bus with you began to get on and take their seats. After a particularly cowardly cockatrice ran to her seat screaming, Benny closed the door and drove off. You and Amber watched the world outside as it went from city to suburb, from suburb to forest, from forest to rolling hills, and from hills to rocky mountains. Eventually the bus comes to a stop next to a weathered old bus stop in the middle of a small mountain town, and Benny opens the doors. Everyone waited for the excitable cockatrice to rush outside before they began to disembark, stretching and groaning as they did. After you and Amber get off, and you wave goodbye to Benny as he drives home.

“I can’t feel my butt anymore…” Amber complains, her energy and enthusiasm gone. “Why do you live so far from town?”

“Family reasons,” you say simply. “Anyway, we’ve still got a bit of a walk. Hopefully you can your feeling back by the time we get there.” Amber groans, but she follows you to the edge of town. You eventually come to several tall towers with open rooves and perches, with several avian mamono flying about. You enter one of the larger towers, and notice that there isn’t anyone there to greet you today. You’re suddenly inspired to do something amusingly dramatic, and gesture to Amber to keep quiet as you carefully close the door. She looks at you quizzically as you pull out your smartphone. You scroll through the list of songs until you find ‘the Ride of the Valkyrie’. You then face the stairs at the end of the room, throw out your arms, and announce, “I’m HOME!!!” as you begin playing the song. As the music builds, so does the sounds of excited squawking, gleeful cheers, and flapping wings. The noise grows until a multitude of black harpies of various ages, sizes, and states of dress pour into the room. They surround you as they try their best to either hug you, or perch on you. Eventually the song ends, but you scarcely notice over the sound of young harpies clamoring desperately for your attention.

“Hi! I missed you all too! Thank you! That’s a very cute drawing you got there! O-ok that’s enough! S-settle down please! Can we calm down a bit?!” Unfortunately the flock must have really missed you today since they continue their rowdy behavior uninterrupted. If you don’t do something quickly a fights going to break out! Again… “You don’t have to get to get so excited girls! There’s more than enough of me to go around!”

“ALL OF YOU SETTLE DOWN!” a stern voice suddenly calls out. Everyone turns to look at the stairs, and finds a black harpy carefully walking down them. She’s a few years older than you, and she’s wearing an old yellow t-shirt which has had its sleeves removed to accommodate her wings, and a black mini skirt. Her short hair is black with yellow streaks, which is a stark contrast compared to her pale skin. She looks over you and the flock with sharp red eyes as she reaches the ground floor. It was then that you noticed the small, feathery bundle she was carrying in her wings. It was another black harpy, except she was two years old, and was wearing a sky blue dress with spaghetti straps. Her hair was short, black, and incredibly messy, and her beautiful brown eyes brimmed with curiosity. “I know you’re all excited that our brother’s home, but you don’t have to start fighting to get his attention. Now get off of him before someone gets hurt!”

“Ok Serena…” the flock melancholically answers. They all let go of you and give you a bit of space, except for a black harpy with long, stringy black hair who defiantly remains perched on your shoulder. She’s nine years old, and is wearing a black tube top and a pair of denim shorts that used to be your favorite pair of jeans.

“That means you too Melody,” Serena says gently.

“But I never get to perch on big bro’s shoulders…” Melody whines.

“I know, but it’s not fair that the others have to get off of him while you get to stay on.”


“It’s fine Serena,” you interrupt. “She can stay up there as long as she wants.”

“Thanks big bro…” Melody says with a soft smile.

“Don’t mention it.”

“You really shouldn’t spoil her so much,” Serena sighs.

“Sorry, but I can’t help it,” you say with a smirk.

“I guess not,” Serena sighs again. She then glares at you. “However, that doesn’t excuse you from announcing your presence every time you come home! I’ve told you time and time again that it works everyone up, and someone’s going to get hurt because of it one of these days!” As Serena begins to rant, the young harpy in her wings notices you. She begins to struggle in Serena’s grasp, and caws loudly. “I guess that’s all the scolding you’ll get for now, since someone else wants her big brother to spoil her!”

“Looks like it,” you say as you start to make your way through the flock. Melody squawks at your sudden movement, but she manages to stay perched on your shoulder. You scoop the little black harpy out of Serena’s wings, and she begins to coo when you hold her close. “Hey there Aria. Did you miss me?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” Serena says as she stretches her wings. “She managed to sneak into your room this morning, and cried for a half hour when she realized you were already gone.”

“Oh man! Sorry to hear that Serena!”

“Well it didn’t bother me too much,” Selena admits.

“She woke me up five hours early…” Melody grumbles.

“Well maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad if you’d go to bed at a decent time!” Selena scolds. You play with Aria as you wait for Selena to finish her ‘Go to Sleep!!!’ speech, but then you realize that her ranting seems to have ended early. You look up to find her trying to look over your free shoulder. Curiosity seizes you, and you turn around to see Amber standing awkwardly by the entrance. “Hello. Who are you?”

“Oh dang! I guess I forgot to introduce you in all of the excitement!” you explain. “Amber, these are my sisters. Sisters, this is Amber. She’s a friend from school!” The moment they hear the words ‘friend’ and ‘school’, the entire flock begins to glare at the uncomfortable catgirl. A few of them leave your side to circle around her, while the rest whisper menacingly amongst themselves.

“N-nice to meet you,” Amber stammers, trying to be friendly. “S-so these are all of your sisters?”

“Some of them are,” you explain. “Some of them are step sisters, some of them are cousins, and a few have no relation at all. I just say they’re all my sisters just to make things easier since black harpy familial relations can get pretty complicated. Isn’t that right girls?” The flock continues to be eerily silent, except for Aria who’s cawing angrily.

“I-I see…”

“So brother, I’m assuming you brought her home for some reason,” Serena said in a tone that gave you chills. “What could it be I wonder? I hope it’s nothing… Perverse…”

“N-nothing of the sort,” you manage to stammer. “Amber will be staying with us this weekend to study for some tests.”

“The whole weekend?”


“I’m sorry! I’m really bad at math, so your brother offered to help me out,” Amber apologizes with tears forming in her eyes. You begin to watch Serena closely. As the eldest sister in the flock, she has very strong maternal instincts, which she seems to be struggling with at the moment. Amber must have realized this as well since she turns up the werecat cuteness with a, “Please nyaa.”

“F-f-fine! Y-you c-can stay the weekend to study,” Serena stutters. You’re honestly surprised that Amber’s plan seems to have worked. “But if we catch you trying anything with your feline charms, we’re carrying you back to town by your tail! Understand?”


“Good. Now you’ll need a place to stay…” Serena said as she began to think.

“Couldn’t she stay in Diva’s room?” you ask. “It’s on the same floor as mine, and there should be enough room for another person.”

“That could work,” Serena admitted. “Ok girls, I’ll need you all to come help me get Diva’s room ready for Amber.” The room filled with squawks and complaints from the flock. “Don’t be like that! The room needs to be cleaned up, and if you all help out it’ll get done that much faster!” The flock groans again, while a few muttered curses. “Now that that’s been settled, could you take care of Aria for me?”

“Sure!” you quickly respond.

“Good. Alright girls, time to go!” Serena announced, and most of the flock flew dejectedly out of an open window. Melody however seems to have decided that she’d rather stay on your shoulder. “That means you too Melody.”

“But I want to stay with big bro…” Melody murmurs.

“I know you do, but you know how dirty Diva’s room can get. I really need every bird off the ground here.” Melody mumbles something, and seems to droop. Guess it’s time to step in. You do your best to balance Aria onto your one arm to free up your hand. You then reach up and begin to caress one of Melody’s legs.

“It’s ok Melody,” you say calmly. “If you want, you can sit next to me and Aria at dinner as a reward for being such a good girl.”

“But that’s my spot!” Serena complains. She looks like she’s about to go on a long winded rant, but she stops and regains her composure. “And, as the responsible elder sibling, I’m willing to let you have it. But only if you help clean Diva’s room!”

“R-really?!” Melody asks excitedly.

“Of course,” you assure. Before anyone can say another word, Melody launches herself off of you and flies out the window at top speed. “Geez… I keep forgetting how she gets when she’s motivated to do something.”

“If only we could get her that excited about school or chores…” Serena laments. “So you two can go get started on your studying, and I’ll send someone to get you for dinner.”

“Thanks Serena!”

“Thanks for having me over,” Amber says as you start to make your way up the stairs. Serena shoots Amber a venomous glare, and the uncomfortable werecat hurries after you before Serena flies out the window. You both climb the stairs to the third floor, and make a quick stop by Aria’s room for some toys before continuing on to your room. After closing the door to keep Aria from wandering off, the two of you begin to study. You start off by going over the stuff Amber’s been having trouble with, and showing her some tricks that could help her. You both make good progress, even though the atmosphere of your room has gotten quite oppressive. Aria, instead of playing with her toys on the floor, had decided to stay perched on your shoulders with her favorite teddy bear. Normally you wouldn’t mind, but she would start to squawk and crow angrily if Amber got too close. After a while you also began to notice other members of the flock spying on you through your window. You closed your curtains, but you could still see them trying to peak through the gaps.

After a few hours of this, Amber whines, “Meow… I’m tired… Can we take a break meow?” You take a look at the clock to find that it’s almost time for dinner.

“Sure,” you say as you close your textbook. “We’ll take it easy until after dinner.”

“I can live with that~!” Amber stretches herself out before going limp with a sigh of contentment. “I’m pooped!”

“Me too,” you complain. You feel the need to stretch your shoulders so you ask, “Aria, could you play on the floor for a bit?”

“No!” the young black harpy immediately squawks.

“Please~?” you ask again.

“No! No!” Aria squawks again. She begins to flap her wings in agitation, and Amber begins to laugh at the spectacle.

“I’d give it up if I were you,” Amber advises. “I don’t think she’s leaving until the big scary cat lady’s gone.”

“Probably not…”you sigh. Amber laughs again, but this time you join in.

After a while Amber asks, “So how did you wind up living with a bunch of black harpies? You didn’t come out of a big egg right?”

“Now that would have been funny!” you admit. “Unfortunately the true story’s not as interesting. When I was five, or was I four? Yeah, when I was four my mom passed away.” Amber’s eyes open wide with shock.

“O-oh shit! S-sorry! I didn’t mean to bring up something so…”

“Don’t worry about it,” you assure the werecat. “It was a while ago, so I’ve gotten over it more or less. Anyway, my mom and dad used to come to these mountains a lot when they were dating, so he came here once in a while after she died. One day Serena’s mom carried him off, as black harpies tend to do, and my sister Diva was conceived that night. Since he was obligated to stay here until the egg hatched, I was brought here the next day. And we’ve been here ever since.”

“So you both must have really liked it here.”

“Well I did. It was a new place with tons of stuff to check out, but I’m pretty sure dad hated it here,” you admit. “He was pretty resentful at first, but he changed his mind after the harpies helped him come to terms with my mom’s passing. By the time Diva hatched, he liked this place so much that he made sure to get four of my step moms pregnant at the same time!” You begin to laugh when you remember the look on Serena’s mom’s face when she found out that she didn’t get pregnant that night. Amber begins laughing not to long after you do.

“That’s awesome!” Amber manages to say between bursts of laughter. “Although I think I have a better story!”

“Oh? Now that sounds like a challenge,” you say with a grin. Let’s hear it!

“Ok get this, after my mom’s first year of college she got super drunk,” Amber begins. As she regales you with the story of how her firefighter father rescued her mother from a tree, you think you hear someone stomping towards your room. Your suspicions are confirmed when someone starts banging on you bedroom door. “What the hell is that?!”

“Brother!!! Open this door NOW!!!” a familiar voice screams from behind the door.

“It sounds like Diva,” you say as you try to calm down Aria, who has begun to cry.

“Brother, you will open this door IMMEDIATELY, or I will BREAK IT DOWN!!!” You manage to get Aria cradled in your arms, and sigh as you head towards the door. You open the door and find a twelve year old black harpy glaring at you. She had dark orange hair that came down past her shoulders, and was full of light blue and white beads. Today she had decided to wear a white blouse with noodle straps, and light blue panties. Attached to her panties were white and light blue ribbons that sort of hid her legs, and were also attached to a pair of anklets. Diva also wore a cape made of white peacock tail feathers, possibly to make her ensemble even more ridiculous since they contrasted so much with her black feather. “It’s about time!”

“Nice to see you too Diva,” you greet in a monotone which causes Diva to bristle.

“Don’t take that tone with me!” she warns. “Especially after what you’ve done!”

You sigh and ask, “So what did I do now?”

“It’s what you didn’t do!” Diva snaps. “Not only did you bring a FEMALE home without telling anyone, you decided to let her sleep in my room without getting MY permission!”

“Well I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Of course I’d mind! Especially since you got the others to clean my room!”

“And the problem with that is..?”

“My room didn’t need cleaning! Everything in my room was already perfectly organized!” Diva whined before pretending to cry. “Now how will I be able to find my makeup?!”

“Maybe you could look for it,” you offer with a shrug.

“If it were that easy, I’d have done it already!”

Amber walks up to the two of you and says, “If that’s the case, maybe I could help you later. I’m pretty good at finding stuff, and it’s the least I can do if you let me room with you. I’m Amber by the way.”

“I’m Diva,” your sister says as she sizes up your friend. “You don’t shed do you?”

“Diva! You’re being rude!” you scold.

“So what? I can’t let any of my stage costumes get covered in cat hair!” Diva argues.

“It’s fine~,” Amber assures you. “I don’t shed, but I’m curious. Why do you have a bunch of stage costumes?”

“That’s easy, I’m going to be the greatest pop sensation of ALL TIME!” Diva declares. “The sirens will swoon in jealousy of my heavenly voice, and the gandharva will do anything they can to work with me! The whole world will know and love Diva: the bird of paradise!” She then does a silly, but cute pose.

“That’s amazing!” Amber explains. “To think that I’d meet a future pop icon!”

“You think she’s actually got what it takes to make it big?” you ask.

“Of course! She’s cute AND she’s got style! I have no doubt that she’d be number one in no time!”

“But you haven’t heard her sing,” you argue.

“Please! Since when has being able to sing had anything to do with being a pop star?” You try to make a retort, but Amber’s comment leaves you dumbfounded.

“D-do you really mean what you said before?” Diva asks shyly. “You know… A-about me being stylish.”

“Yup, yup! My only complaint is that your hair color doesn’t really match the look you’re going for,” Amber explains.

“I know!” Diva agrees. “It was supposed to be blonde, but the bleaching didn’t work properly!”

“Your hair colour must be too dark then. I could help you lighten it up later if you want,” Amber proposes. Diva’s eyes light up as she flies up to Amber’s face.

“You’d do that for me?!?!”

“I’ve got to pay you back for letting me stay in your room for the weekend,” Amber says with a smile. Diva squees as she gives Amber a big hug. “W-whoa! Fluffy~”

“Brother, I give you permission to make this mamono your mistress!” Diva proclaims.

“No!” Aria cries out as she clings to you. You try to calm your sister down, but you swear you hear someone say, “You can’t!” from the hall.

“There, there Aria. It’s ok, I’m here,” you say in a soothing manner. “Wait… Why are you giving her permission to be my mistress? Why can’t she be my wife?”

“Obviously it’s because I’m already your wife!” Diva says as if she’s explaining common sense.

“We were playing Diva,” you explain for the millionth time. “Besides, your friends can’t perform actual marriages!”

“What kind of game do you play that involves pretending to get married?” Amber asks.

“It was a really in depth game of house,” you quickly explain.

“Love isn’t a game brother!” Diva stubbornly proclaims.

“I agree! Love isn’t a game~,” Amber teases.

“Ok. I think I’m done with this,” you scoff. “I think I’ll bring Aria to go see if dinner’s ready.” Amber and Diva laugh as you leave the room with Aria. However you find Melody waiting next to your door before you can get too far. “Hey Melody. What’re you up to?”

“I-I came t-to tell you that d-dinner’s ready…” Melody mumbles.

“What was that?” Diva asks. “Speak up!” Melody flinches, and repeats what she just said, although now she’s mumbling so much that you can’t hear her either. “Can you please stop talking like you’ve got a mouthful of dicks so we can understand you?”

“EEP!” Melody squeaks as she clings to you. She starts to cry a little bit, but it doesn’t quite keep you from noticing that she’s burying her face in her crotch.

“I think that’s enough Diva,” you say as you rub Melody’s head to calm her down. Thankfully it’s enough to get her to stop crying. “You really need to stop bullying her.”

“I was NOT bullying her!” Diva protests vehemently. “I’m trying to get her to talk properly. How’s she going to sing on a stage with me if she can’t even talk properly?!”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to sing?” you offer. You turn your attention back to Melody and ask, “Are you doing ok?” Melody nods her head, and you smile. “So do you want to ride on my shoulder until we get to the dining room?” She looks up at you, and gives you a big, toothy grin. You swear that you don’t have a favorite sister, but you do admit that you like to see Melody smile the most.

“You’re getting her ride on you AGAIN?!” Diva whines. “How’s she going to be able to fly on her own if you keep babying her like this?!”

“B-but I-I c-can already f-fly on my own,” Melody mutters.

“TOTALLY not the point!” Melody squeaks again, and quickly perches herself on your shoulder. You rub her leg to reassure her as you begin to carry her and Aria to the dining room. “You sneaky little crybaby!!” Diva yells.

“So what’s the big deal?” Amber asks as she starts to follow you with Diva.

“He’s spoiling her!” Diva answers with an annoyed grunt. “The more he spoils her. The more she’s going to keep running to him whenever she’s in trouble. I just can’t stand the idea of any of my sisters turning into spoiled brats like that!”

“I see. I guess you really do love your family,” Amber says knowingly.

“Of course I do!” Diva agrees. “An idol loves everyone, so what kind of idol would I be if I didn’t love my own family?”

“I don’t really get what being an idol has anything to do with it, but whatever.” Everyone walks in silence for a moment before Amber gets a mischievous grin on her face. “Although I wonder if there’s more to the story than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well from where I’m standing, it almost looks like the reason you’re getting upset when you see your brother giving Melody attention is because you’re jealous.”

“That’s absurd!” Diva scoffs. “Why would I be jealous of my little, crybaby sister?”

“I don’t know~. Maybe it’s because you call him your husband, but he gives all of his attention to your younger sisters. He carries them around all over the place, but I suspect that he doesn’t carry you anymore. I know I’d be really jealous if my brother always ignored me, but did everything he could to make my sister feel better.”

“T-that doesn’t mean anything…”

“Does he let you sleep in his room if you have a bad dream? Does he pet your head like he does with Melody?” Suddenly Diva flies towards you, crying her eyes out. She crashes into you, and grabs onto your back with her wings and legs. You struggle to remain standing due to the sudden shift of weight, which isn’t helped by Melody and Aria flapping their wings and cawing.

“What’s going on?!” you ask in confusion as you finally regain your balance.

“WAAAH! Big brother! Your feline’s being mean to me!!!” Diva cries. You turn around to find Amber standing there with a smile that a Cheshire cat would find smug.

You groan and ask, “What did she do?”

“She’s implying that you don’t love me anymore!”

“Is she now?” you ask as you give your friend a dirty look. Amber looks away, clearly not as proud of herself as she first appeared. “I don’t know what she told you Diva, but I still love you.”

“But you don’t act like it! You don’t sing with me! You don’t let me ride on your shoulders anymore! You don’t even pet my head!”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t love you though,” you sigh. “Besides you’re a big girl now. I thought you’d like it if I treated you like one.”

“B-but Melody!”

“What about Melody?” you ask.

“I-I think s-she’s t-trying t-to say that I-I’m not that younger than she is,” Melody mumbles. “Maybe she thinks it isn’t fair?”

“Is that true?” you ask as the pieces finally start to come together.

“Yes…” Diva mumbles into your back. You sigh, and mentally kick yourself in the ass. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened with the flock. You were the only brother, and feelings of jealousy over your affections were only natural with so many sisters. You never expected stuff like that from Diva though.

“Sorry Diva! You usually act pretty mature, so I didn’t realize that I was neglecting you. How can I make it up to you?”

“Let me sit next to you for dinner.”

“No!!” Aria and Melody caw immediately.

“Maybe we can work something out…” you say as you start to make your way to the dining room once again. However after a few steps you realize that trying to carry three young black harpies wasn’t as easy as you first thought. “Hey Diva, could you get off of me for a bit?”

“No!” Diva stubbornly refuses.

“Alright then…” you sigh as you continue to trudge down the hallway. Meanwhile Diva turns to look at Amber. The mischievous werecat gives your sister a wind and a thumbs up, which your sister returns as best she can.

After an awkward walk, you finally arrive at the dining room. The room itself is incredibly large with two large tables inside of it. At the other end of the room is a very large, open window that allows a pleasant breeze into the room, as well as a few black harpies that may have been running late. One of the tables is obviously for children, while the adults sit at the other. You think about introducing Amber to your parents, but you quickly change your mind when you notice your dad getting a blowjob from one of your aunts. You decide to introduce everyone later, and make your way to your seat at the kids table. You sit down in your usual spot with Diva and Melody sitting on either side of you, while Aria sits on your lap. Amber sits across from you with Serena, and you’re starting to see a problem. Normally you and Serena would sit next to each other since you’re both the oldest at the kid’s table. This usually left one seat next to you up for grabs as a reward for good behavior. Serena seemed to have expected to have gotten the reward for giving up her usual seat if the curdling look she’s giving Diva is anything to go by. Unfortunately for her, as per the official seating arrangement rules, you have final say in who gets the second seat, and you had already promised to let Diva have it. Ironically Serena was the one who made the rules that eventually proved to be her downfall.

“S-so how’s your day been Serena?” you ask as you try to help Aria eat.

“I’ve had better,” Serena responds coolly.

“This food’s pretty good!” Amber randomly comments. “Did you make it Serena?”

“I helped. There’s too many mouths to feed for just one person to cook,” the older black harpy says in the same cold monotone. She then continues to glare daggers at Diva, who promptly ignores her. Actually, you realize that Serena isn’t the only one looking on with jealousy. Now that you’re paying attention, you realize that there’s several members of the flock glaring in your general direction. You get the feeling that you’re currently sitting on a powder keg surrounded by lit matches, before suddenly remembering that you need to make sure Aria isn’t making a mess. “So how’s your studying going?” Serena asks as you inspect the two year old harpy.

“I’d say it’s going great,” you answer absent mindedly. “That’s good Aria, but what about your veggies?”

“No!” Aria caws defiantly.

“C’mon Aria! You love broccoli and cheese!”


“And yet you’d drink it like it’s water if it were broccoli soup…” you mutter.

“Need some help?” Serena asks.

“No that’s fine. I can do this,” you assure Serena. “Please Aria, eat them for me please.”

“No!” was Aria’s predictable response. You sigh, and Serena giggles at your failure. You dislike being laughed at, but it beats have her glare at you.

“Maybe you can try feeding her,” Serena eventually suggests.

“Would that even work?” you ask.

“Maybe. We could try it out first if you want.” Serena then turns towards Amber and asks, “Are you going to eat your broccoli Amber?” The werecat tenses up, and begins to smile awkwardly.

“O-Of course! I-I was just saving them for last!” Amber lies.

“Are you sure you want to lie to me Amber?” Serena asks calmly.

“S-sorry!” Amber apologizes surprisingly quickly. “I’m a feline mamono, so I can’t stand green food!”

“Thanks for being honest with me Amber. Now would you eat it if someone like my brother were to feed you?”

Amber looks at you and blushes before saying, “W-well… Maybe if he were feeding me grapes or yogurt covered strawberries inst-” Serena deftly grabs some of Amber’s ignored broccoli, and forces it into the werecat’s mouth as she was talking. Amber immediately started coughing and gagging as if she ate something absolutely vile. “W-what the hell?!”

“I have a feeling that it might work,” Serena said with a motherly smile, completely ignoring the werecat’s complaints.

“I-I guess I’ll give it a shot…” you say as you grab your fork. You spear some of Aria’s broccoli, and bring it close to her face. To your surprise, Aria leans in to eat the hated green stuff. In fact she blushes and moans as if she were eating cake. After she finishes eating, Aria opens her mouth wide as if she’s eagerly waiting for the next piece. “Well that was odd…” you mutter as you spear another piece of broccoli.

“Big bro..?” Melody asks quietly. You turn to ask what she wants, and find her blushing with her eyes closed and her mouth open. “Ahh!”

“What..?” you ask flatly.

Diva chuckles before saying, “Silly Melody but you need to take center stage if you want brother to feed you!” She then forward to eat the broccoli, but you move it away from her out of reflex. “Hey!”

“Sorry Diva, but this is Aria’s food!” you argue. You then catch Melody trying to sneak the broccoli off of the fork.

“No! Mine!” Aria caws loudly as she begins to thrash about. You do your best to calm her down, but with everyone scrambling to eat the broccoli you feel like you’re just making things worse.

“A little help here!” you request, although you worry that it may be too late. You can sort of hear Amber and Serena volunteer, but the racket is making it hard to hear. Your two saviors make their way around the table, and they pull the two troublemakers away from you.

“Sorry Melody, but if you want to take my seat you’ll need to behave yourself,” Serena gently scolds. You think you hear a bit of smugness in Serena’s voice, possibly due to the fact she might get her spot back. Melody mumbles something, and stops her struggling. Diva on the other hand, redoubles her efforts.

“Let me go!” Diva shouts. “I want my big brother to feed me!”

“Believe me Diva, I can see the appeal. But your brother needs to feed Aria!” Amber says as she struggles to hold the young white washed black harpy. “Maybe you can get him to do it later?”

“No! I want to do it now!” Diva managed to worm her way out of Amber’s grasp. This seemed to come as a surprise to her as well, since she’s unable stop herself from falling forward. You manage to stop her, but your lips accidentally collide with hers. It takes Diva a split second to realise what’s happened, before she wraps her wings around your neck and starts kissing you audibly. You’re too shocked to react, but you can tell that the room has gotten deathly quiet. The atmosphere seems to have changed as well, almost as if a taunt chain suddenly snapped. When she finally finishes kissing you, Diva dreamily coos, “You’re even better than in my dreams…”

“T-thanks,” you reply, not quite sure how to respond.

“C-can I have a k-kiss big brother?” Melody mumbles. This simple question creates a cacophony as the flock begins to argue over who gets to kiss you.

“QUIET!!!” Serena screams to quiet the flock. She quickly looks over the flock before continuing, “We are not going to debase ourselves for our brother’s affection! You need to remember that he loves us all equally, and no amount of hugging, or kissing is going to change that!” You’re about to join in when she announces, “Besides if there’s anyone who gets to kiss him, it’s me!” You can hear some of the more vocal members of the flock voice their objections, and you realise that you’re going to have a bad time.

“You can’t kiss him!” Diva objects. “I’m big brother’s wife, and I won’t allow it!”

“That’s funny considering I’m the only one who can actually marry him,” Serena gloats.

“You take that back!” As Serena and Diva begin to squabble, you feel Melody pulls on your sleeve.

“Big brother, c-can I please have a k-kiss?” Melody asks shyly.

“Kiss! Kiss!” Aria demands as she tugs at your shirt. Great… She learned a new word… You look around the room, hoping that you can find someone to help you. You eventually spot Amber blushing with a goofy smile on her face.

“While everyone’s getting you to kiss them, could you kiss my pussy lips?” Amber asks before you could ask for help. Serena caws loudly, clearly incensed at Amber double entendre, and tries to grab you. You gently toss Aria at her, before running away. As you reach the hallway, you become painfully aware that the whole flock (and Amber) are chasing after you. Luckily you have a decent head start, and you manage to make it to your room without being caught. You close and block your door just in the nick of time, and prepare yourself for the siege ahead. This doesn’t happen often, but experience tells you that you might be stuck here for a very long time.

“I guess that’s it for studying this weekend…” you grumble as you spot some agitated looking black harpies staring at you from outside.

The End