You’re sitting at a picnic table next to the playground with your friends Brady and Dylan. You’re not doing anything in particular, just hanging out until your parents come to pick you up after a painfully dull day at middle school. You’re having a good time until a ten year old centaur approaches you.

“H-hey! D-do you want t-to play cowboys with me?” the centaur shyly asks. You quickly look up at your friends, and frown when you notice them struggling to hold back their laughter. Not that you can really blame them. You’ve always been cursed with a small stature and a youthful appearance, so people thinking that you’re younger than you actually are is painfully common.

You sip some of your Minotaur Milk brand Bulk-Up Milk before saying, “Sorry, but you should probably go play with someone your own age.”

“Why?” the she asks. “You can’t be that much older than me.”

“She’s got you there,” Dylan chuckles. “She is almost as tall as you.”

“Kids should play when they’re still young,” Brady adds. You punch him in the arm, and your friends begin to roar with laughter.

“Sorry, but I’m still a middle schooler even though I look like this,” you explain. “Why don’t you play with those kids over there?” You point to a bunch of mamono kids playing at the jungle gym.

“Them? But they’re girls!” the centaur protests.


“So they only want to play girly stuff like house, or pretend it’s a penis!”

“But aren’t you a girl?”

“Yeah, but I don’t like that sissy stuff!” You groan when you realize that you’re dealing with a tomboy.

“Maybe you should play with her a bit,” Brady suggests. You glare at him, and realize that he’s being genuine. He was giving you a look that said, She looks lonely. What would it hurt if you played with her for a bit?

“Yeah. You can ride on her back or something,” Dylan joked. You’re about to punch him when you notice a large S.U.V. pull into the parking lot. You quickly chug the rest of your Minotaur Milk, and toss it into the trash as your mom squeezes out of the driver’s seat. She’s a Montbeliarde holstaur, and she stands at a massive 7’11” tall with red and white pied hair that matched the fur on her bovine legs. However what usually caught everyone’s attention were her V cup breasts which threatened to burst out of whatever shirt she wore no matter how loose it was. She stretched her back, and everyone’s eyes were on her and her nipples which were clearly visible through the visibly strained blouse. She never cared if people stared at her, but you always found it mortifying.

“Have I ever told you that your mom’s hot?” Dylan asks.

“Enough that I wish you’d stop,” you groan in reply.

“Not on your life,” Brady argues. The young centaur is too shocked by the sight of your mom to say anything. She instead begins to look from your mom to you as if she couldn’t comprehend how you could be so small if your mother was so large. You can’t really blame her. You often wonder the very same thing. The only person that you’re aware that was ever as small as you was your great-great grandfather on your father’s side, and even then…

After your mom finishes stretching, she begins looking for you. She spots quickly spots you, and begins to wave as her face breaks into a big, beaming smile. You wave back wearily before she moves to open the back passenger door. Your little sisters Tina and Gina then hop out of the S.U.V. Both young holstaur twins were a head taller than you, and had the same white and red pied hair and fur as your mom. Both girls boasted a pair of E-cup breasts which helped make them look older than you as well. Gina and Tina were almost identical, but Tina had green eyes like your mother while Gina’s were blue like your dad’s. You also knew that Gina’s fur had less red blotches that Tina. Your mom pointed you out, and the twins turned to face you with a smile. That was when you began to run away. Unfortunately their height and natural athleticism helped them quickly close the distance between you, and they tackle you to the ground.

“Big bro!” they shout in unison as they hug you. While it is cute, you can’t really appreciate it considering how tightly they’re squeezing you. However you fear what’s coming next most of all.

“I missed you so much big bro!” Tina squeals.

“I missed you more!” Gina argues as she pulls you closer.

“No! I missed you more!” Tina says as she pulls you back.

“No me!”

“No me!”

“No me!”

“No me!” They continue to play tug-of-war with your body until your mom catches up with you.

“That’s enough girls,” she gently scolds. “You don’t want to hurt your big brother. Again.”

“Ok…” they both sigh as they dejectedly let you go. You moan gratefully in relief.

“So how’s my little guy doing?” your mom asks. “Are you ok? You’re not hurt are you?”

You sit up and say, “I’m fine.” However your mom seems unconvinced.

“Are you sure? You look awfully pale… Maybe you should drink some milk just to be on the safe side…” Your eyes go wide once she starts pulling up her shirt. Dylan and Brady start to get really excited, while the centaur tomboy looked like she could sense what little femininity she held dear was about to be mercilessly crushed.

You jump up and say, “I-I said I’m fine mom!”

“I-I see…” she stammered. You know that rejecting your mom’s offer to breastfeed hurt her feelings, but you needed to be hard on her so that she would stop treating you like a baby! You repeat that line in your head when you notice how sad she looks.

“S-so are we going home?” you ask in an attempt to change the subject.

“Not yet. I need to do some grocery shopping first,” she says as she starts to fuss with your hair. You let her since you know it will cheer her up a bit. “I was hoping you could watch the twins for a while.”

“Sure,” you quickly agree. The twins are usually well behaved, but they had a bad habit of filling the shopping cart with candy. They can also throw some pretty big tantrums as well, so you realize how much your mom appreciates you watching over Gina and Tina while she shops.

“I knew I could count on you,” your mom says as she flashes you a grateful smile. She turns to your sisters and says, “Now you two better behave, and listen to your big brother when he asks you to do something.”

“Ok~!” Gina and Tina answer cheerfully. Happy with their response, you mom gives you all one final farewell before heading back to the S.U.V. Once she’s gone Tina asks, “Hey big bro, want to play hide and seek?”

“No!” Gina rejects. “Big bro wants to play house!”

“We always play house,” Tina whines. “And you always get to be mommy when we do!”

“That’s because I’m the most like mommy!” Gina argues as she squeezes her breasts together.

“Only by a millimetre!”

“Actually could you two play by yourselves?” you interrupt. “I was hoping to keep visiting with my friends.”

“But mommy said that you have to watch us!” Gina whined.

“And that means you have to play with us!” Tina finished.

“I can watch you just fine from the picnic table,” you groan. The young holstaurs begin to pout, which would be cute if it weren’t so annoying. You scratch the back of your head as you try to come up with a way to get them to leave you alone for a while.

“Can I play hide and seek?” the young centaur asked before you could come up with anything. Your sisters close in to investigate, and the centaur’s ears fold back from all of the attention. To her credit she manages to stand firm until the twins nod in approval.

“Sure! I’m Gina!”

“And I’m Tina!”

“My name’s Blair,” the centaur says proudly, and the three young mamono run off to play.

“This is going to be SOOOO much fun!” Tina says loud enough for you to hear.

“YEAH! I bet we’ll have so much FUN we’ll forget about our STINKY big bro!” Gina agrees. You scoff at their obvious attempts to make you jealous, but their implications that you stink make you a little paranoid.

You check if your pits stink just before Dylan asks, “Why’d you stop your mom from taking off her shirt dude?!”

“Yeah! That would have been the single greatest moment in my entire life!” Brady concurs.

You glare at your friends before saying, “Because I don’t want you checking out my mom, and I don’t want anyone seeing her trying to breastfeed me!”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Dylan says as he and Brady get a dopey look on their faces.

“Then I guess it’s ok to eat your mom’s scrambled eggs Brady. Or sneak into Isabell’s room during the day” you sneer. Brady’s mom was a harpy, and Dylan’s adopted sister Isabell was a vampire with a well-developed figure. You smile as you watch as their faces contort in disgust.

“Y-you can’t eat those!” Brady protests. “Those come out of her va-jay-jay!”

“And Isabell sleeps in the nude!” Dylan adds. “She’d kill me if I’d let either of you into her room!”

“Then stop trying to see my mom’s boobs!” you demand.

“That’s something completely different dude,” Dylan objects.

“Yeah! You’re mom’s boobs are like a wonder of the world. I’d be a crime to keep them covered up!” Brady explains, and your conversation devolves into childish, playful bickering. Your friends eventually leave with their parents, and you proceed to watch your sisters play with their new friend. They seem like they’re having a lot of fun. It almost makes you wonder if they’ve actually forgotten about you. While the idea of them not squeezing the life out of you anymore sounds appealing, you also can’t help but feel a little bit lonely at the prospect of being forgotten. At least until you hear your sister’s scream. You quickly jump up to run towards them, but then you spot them charging at you. Gina and Tina were crying their eyes out, and didn’t look like they’d be able to stop even if they wanted to. You brace yourself, and they tackle you to the ground. They then hug you tightly before you can recover, and continue to cry.

“Big bro! Save us!” Tina bawls.

“I’m scared!” Gina cries. You try to calm them down, but it’s hard to say anything while being smothered by their breasts. You try to move, but you can only flail pathetically in your sisters’ iron grip.

“Why are you two freaking out?” Blair asks as she approaches you. “It’s just a dragonfly.” She tries to show your sisters the insect, but they scream before sitting you up. They try to hide behind you, and you feel like this looks ridiculous. They’re both so much larger than you, and were perfectly visible despite their attempts to hide. You groan as you remind yourself that they’re both very cowardly despite their size.

“Can I get a closer look?” you ask.

Blair’s face lights up as she says, “Sure!” She comes closer, and your sisters begin to tremble in fear. You ignore them, and take a closer look at the dragonfly sitting in the young centaur’s palms. The insect is actually quite pretty with a striking neon blue and black body, and matching bulbous eyes. Its four wings were translucent, and they shimmered as they moved.

“That’s a pretty cool looking bug,” you admit.

“Isn’t it?!” Blair squeels. “This is the first one I found with such a pre-… Super cool shade of blue!” The centaur blushes after almost saying something “girly”, but you ignore it so that she can save face. You’re also more interested in the fact that Gina and Tina were now peeking over your shoulders.

“See. It’s not so scary,” you assure the young holstaurs. You try to ignore that their breasts were pressing against you as they tried to look at the bug. You hope that you can peel them off of you before something embarrassing happens. “Don’t you want to get a closer look?” They leave your side after a moment, and approach Blair.

“Wow…” Gina gasped when she got a good look at the dragonfly.

“It’s actually kind of pretty…” Tina admits.

“See. I told you it wasn’t scar-” you begin, but your sisters scream when the dragonfly takes flight. They tackle you to the ground, and you groan in pain as they crush you once again. Blair is too busy laughing at your situation to help, so you spend the next few minutes trying to pry the twin holstaurs off of you. The fact that your face is buried between their breasts doesn’t help. It takes a while to free yourself from your sister’s grasp, and Blair’s father comes to pick her up once you escape. Gina and Tina give the young centaur a noticeably softer hug goodbye, and Blair blushes before offering to come play with you and your sisters again. Your mom arrives as Blair leaves with her father, and she helps you into the back of the S.U.V. Gina and Tina sit next to you, and fight over who gets to hold you during the trip. You manage to get home before they pull your arms out of their sockets. Again… Home was near the edge of town. It was a two story house with a garage attached to its side, and a large porch that overlooked the yard. Your mom parks the S.U.V. in front of the garage, and everyone gets out of the vehicle. Well you try to, but your mom picks you up before you can make the attempt. You hope that she’ll put you down, but something tells you that she’s going to try carrying you into the house.

“Mom… Could you put me down..?” you ask.

“Huh? Oh sure sweetie,” she says with a bit of melancholy evident in her voice. She puts you down, and you head to the back of the S.U.V. to help carry the groceries. “You don’t have to worry sweetie! Your sisters and I can get that!”

You turn to her and say, “I WANT to help.”

“O-ok… Just be careful so you don’t hurt yourself…” Your mom opens the back of the S.U.V., and passes several bags of groceries to you and your sisters. You stubbornly insist on carrying more bags than everyone else, and you struggle to keep up with them as they climb onto the porch to enter the house. Your mom begins putting the groceries away, and you head to the living room to relax. However Gina and Tina lift you into the air before you can reach the couch. You struggle as they carry you upstairs to their room.

“What are you doing?!” Let go of me!” you protest.

“We didn’t get to play with you at the park because we were busy playing with Blair!” Gina excitedly explains.

“So we’re going to play as much as we can before mommy finishes dinner!” Tina finishes.

“But I was going to take a nap…” you complain, and are subsequently ignored. They toss you onto their bed (they’re both too afraid of the dark to sleep in their own bed) once you reach their room, and they quickly shut the door. You slip off of the bed, but Gina and Tina have already picked out one of their pretty pink dresses. “I am not wearing that,” you quickly decline. They don’t seem to care what you want, and advance on you as they giggle creepily. You are powerless to stop them as they hold you down, and slip their dress onto you. They then put some of their toy jewelry on you before standing back to look at their handiwork.

“You were right Gina,” Tina says. “The pink pearl necklace really does suit him better than the moon charm one.”

“I know, but I still think something’s missing…” Gina notes. After thinking for a moment she excitedly shouts, “A hat! Big bro needs a hat!” Both girls rush to their tickle trunk, and begin to dig through their costumes and toys until they found a wide-brimmed hat with plastic flowers on the side. Tina puts it on your head before they examine you again.

“It’s perfect!” Tina exclaims.

“I know! Big bro looks so cute now!” Gina agrees. You however feel mortified. You don’t know what’s worse: being dressed up as a girl, or the fact that they were able to comfortably fit their dress over your clothes. IT EVEN FEELS LOOSE! The twins herd you to the other side of their room, where they have a small table with their plastic tea set on top. They sit you down in front of the round table before taking their places across from you. Tina begins to pour pretend tea into the plastic teacups as Gina says, “It’s so nice to be able to attend another one of your tea parties Ms. Hereford.”

“I’m glad that you enjoy them so much Ms. Simmental,” Tina says as she passes out the cups. “I do enjoy your company. I see you’re also brought a friend. Who might she be?”

“Her name’s Ms. Jersey,” Gina explains. “She’s new to the area, and I thought I’d introduce her to some of my friends.”

Tina pretends to drink her “tea” before asking, “Is that so? It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Jersey. Could you tell us about yourself?” You glare at your sister, and refuse to comply. However you find your will to resist them ebb away as they look at you with their pleading calf eyes.

“There isn’t much to tell really,” you say in an exaggerated falsetto. Gina and Tina giggle as they drink some of their “tea”. You sigh before saying, “My family came into some money recently, and we purchased the property on the hill.”

“On the hill? I was unaware that it was for sale.”

“It surprised me when I heard it as well,” Gina agreed. “I guess Pauline’s family just left everything behind.”

“Now why would they do that?” Tina asked.

“Perhaps it’s because the house is haunted,” you suggest. You smile slyly when you notice the twin flinch.

“H-h-haunted?!” Gina stutters.

“A-as in g-g-ghosts?” Tina asks as she tries to keep them from trembling. “W-what m-makes you t-think it’s something silly like t-that?” They’re trying to maintain their composure! How adorable! You decide to mess with them a little more.

“I don’t know for sure,” you begin. “We’ve been staying at the house for about a week now, and every night I’ve heard someone walking down the halls at two in the morning. I don’t know who it could be, but their heavy footsteps always wake me up. But the hallway is always empty when I go look. And when I close the door it…” You stop when you notice that Gina and Tina were almost in tears and trembling.

“B-b-big b-b-bro! P-please s-s-stop!” they both whine, and you decide to give them a break.

“My apologies ladies,” you say apologetically. “I got carried away with my story. So what do you do Ms. Hereford?”

“M-my family owns the biggest dairy farms in the area,” Tina says as she tries to calm herself down. The three of you continue your tea party until your mom calls you down for dinner. You quickly take off your sister’s clothes before following them down to the dining room. You enjoy a couple hamburgers with a side of the salad that your mom and sisters eat. You head up to your room to do your homework once you’re done eating, and you don’t come down for a couple of hours. You notice Gina and Tina are busy watching cartoons in the living room, and decide that you’ll join them after getting a drink of water from the kitchen. You step into the kitchen and find your mom talking on the phone, and you can’t help but notice that she seems worried.

“What if he hates me now Angus? What if..?” Your mom pauses before saying, “I know he’s growing up Angus, but he’s still my l-… Alright. Ok. You’re still my cowboy as long as I’m still your heifer. Ok. I’ll see you this weekend. Bye.” She hangs up the phone before noticing you. “Oh! Hello there sweetie. Did you need anything?” she asks with a smile.

“I was going to get some water,” you answer.

“Alright. I’ll get you a glass,” she says before grabbing a cup from the cupboard. She begins to hum a happy tune as she heads to the fridge to grab a jug of cold water.

“So how’s dad?” you ask as she pours some water into the glass. Your dad was a businessman who sometimes had to be away from home for a week or two at a time, and he always called home every night he was gone.

“He’s anxious to get home for the weekend,” your mom explains as she brings you your water. “He’s been missing you and your sisters quite a bit.”

“So what were you talking about?” you ask.

“Oh just the usual stuff.”

“You looked awfully upset for just the usual stuff…”

“I-is that so?” she asks as if she were unsure of what you were talking about.

You wait for a moment before asking, “Were you talking about me?” Her eyes widen in surprise, and you know that you were right.

“Why would talking about you make me upset?” She asks with a laugh. It sounds awkward, and you raise an eyebrow. Your mom sighs and says, “You’re just way too sharp kiddo. Sometimes I wonder where you got those smarts.” She smiles at you, but you continue to grimace. You know you must have done something particularly bad to warrant her telling dad. You’ve been acting out a bit sure, but you can’t remember doing anything especially serious. Your mom picks up on your anxiety and asks, “Is something wrong sweetie?”

“Did I do something wrong?” you finally ask.

“Huh?” Your mom seems legitimately confused by your question. She then gasps and drops the glass she was holding before dropping down to her knees so that she could get closer to your eye level. “Of course you didn’t do anything wrong! Why would you even think something like that?!”

“Then why did you have to talk to dad about me?” you ask.

“I didn’t..! I swear you didn’t do anything wrong!” she said before suddenly hugging you.

“W-what’s going on?!” you cry out in surprise at the sudden contact. You also blush when you notice that your mom’s gigantic jugs are pressing against you.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you worry!” she cries. “You didn’t do anything! You’re just growing up, and I’m just too much of a mad cow to accept it!”


“It’s only natural that a calf stops wanting to drink milk when it grows up, so why did I think that my little baby boy would be any different? I really am such a selfish mother…”

“MOM!” you shout.


“I-I’m sorry too…” you stutter. “Y-you were trying to help me, but I was acting like a real ass… I didn’t want to make you feel bad…” You try to hug your mom back, but her grip on you makes it hard to move your arms. You also hope that you aren’t accidentally stroking her nipples.

“Thank you,” she says as she hugs you tighter. “What did I do to deserve a baby boy like you?”

“I’m not a baby mom…”

“Right! Sorry, I should try to get used to calling you my little man now,” she says as she lets you go. She pets your head before getting up, and turns to find the glass she had dropped. “Oh darn it… Let me clean that up before I get you another one!”

“Mom…” you say hesitantly. There’s one thing you can ask for that will make up for how you were acting, but you don’t really want to do it.

“Yes?” You look away in an attempt to hide your embarrassment.

“I-I-I-I was h-hoping t-t-to have s-s-some m-m-m-m-milk… P-p-please..?” you struggle to say as your face turns a shade of red. She looks at you for a moment before smiling.

“Just give me a minute to clean up first,” she says as she goes to grab a mop. You wait for her to clean up the floor, and watch nervously as she sits on a chair. She exposes one of her breasts, and beckons you to come closer. You hesitate for a moment, but you eventually approach. She lifts you up, and cradles you in her arms. You stare at her exposed breast, and you start to wonder if you really want to go through with this. “Go ahead. Drink up!” You lean forward, and begin to suckle her nipple. It isn’t long before her delicious milk fills your mouth. Its familiar creamy taste calms you down, but you try not to enjoy it too much. Your mom begins to hum a soothing tune, and you feel all of your anxiety melt away as you relax.

“No fair mama!” you hear Gina complain. You stop suckling, and turn to see your little holstaur sisters glaring at your mom jealously.

“I want big bro to drink my milk!” Tina whines.

“Me too!” Gina quickly agrees.

Your mom chuckles and says, “But you girls don’t have any milk yet.” Your sisters whine in protest, but your mom just continues to laugh. However you are completely mortified. You quickly squirm out of your mother’s grasp, and run out of the kitchen. “Wait! You need to drink from the other one for a bit too!”

“Big bro! Drink my milk!” Gina shouts as she and Tina begin to chase after you.

“No! Drink mine!” Tina shouts. You mom watches you all rush off, before chuckling to herself as she pulled down her shirt. She goes about her business as you race around the house. You try to run to the safety of your room, but Gina and Tina easily tackle you to the ground. Gina begins to pull up her shirt, but Tina shoves your face into her own breasts.

“No fair!” Gina complains. “I wanted him to drink from mine first!”

“You snooze, you lose,” Tina sneers smugly as you try ineffectively to get away. “Drink as much as you want big bro!”

“He can’t drink through your shirt!” Gina says as throws her shirt to the side. She grabs you, and pulls you towards herself. She presses your face into her soft, warm, large breast and coos, “You need to do it like this.”

“No you don’t!” Tina argues as she pulls you away. You take this chance to catch your breath before Tina suffocates you with her own breasts.

“Give him back!” Gina cries as she pulls you away from Tina, and buries your face between her bare breasts. They continued to take turns smothering you as you fight to escape until your mom comes to break you all up. After lecturing the three of you about going too far, she sends you all to bed. You get into bed after changing into your pyjamas, but you just can’t fall asleep. You stare at the ceiling hoping that you’ll eventually fall asleep out of sheer boredom. At least until you hear Gina and Tina screaming. You quickly sit up, and you hear someone running through the hall. Your bedroom door slams open, and your holstaur sisters run inside before jumping into your bed. They cling to you as they whimper in fear.

“W-what happened?!” you ask.

“Tina-started-making-milk-and-you-both-got-married-and-left-me-all-alone-and!” Gina rambles incoherently.

“A-dragonfly-lady-was-kidnapping-you-and-I-was-fighting-her-but-she-screamed-really-loud-and!” Tina cries fearfully. It takes you a minute to figure out that they had had a nightmare, and sigh.

“You fraidy cats…” you say as you hug them both. It’s a little awkward since they’re both bigger than you, but you hold them tight until they’re done whimpering and crying. Once they quiet down you ask, “Feeling better?” Neither of them answer, and you realize that they had both cried themselves to sleep in your arms. You wonder if you should wake them up, but their adorable sleeping faces quickly change your mind. You carefully lay them down, and they cuddle up next to you.

You wake up the next day when you notice that you’re having hard time breathing. You quickly realize that Gina and Tina have begun to hug you in their sleep, and your head is now trapped between their breasts. You try to break free, but your sisters are too strong for you to escape. You try to shout for help, but their breasts muffle your screams. You start to feel light headed when you hear your mom come into the room.

“Good morning~! I hope you’re hungry for pancakes~!” she sings before spotting you. You wave your arms pathetically, and your mom gasps. “My baby!” she shouts before prying you free from your sisters’ grasp. You take in one breath of sweet, sweet air before your mom hugs you tightly to her bosom. “I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner! Please be ok!” Your mom’s panic manages to wake up your sisters. Gina and Tina spot your mom hugging you tight, and they begin to pout.

“No fair mama!” Tina complains.

“I want to hug big bro!” Gina shouts. They jump out of bed and try to pull you away from your mom, who was getting ready to try breastfeeding you. It was then that you realized that it was going to be another rough day.

The End

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