You find yourself in front of the stove, putting the finishing touches on supper and paying no attention to the ever worsening weather outside. After making sure that the potatoes were properly mashed and the sausages were fit for consumption, your thoughts turn to your family. Or, for accuracy’s sake, their absence. Your parents had left that afternoon for a “romantic romp” in the park, leaving you alone with your younger sister, who was currently watching TV in the living room. You knew they were going to the park to have sex on one of the benches, but they had promised that they’d be home by now.

“Damned public sex fanatics,” you mutter to yourself, wishing they were a little more responsible. As the thought crossed your mind, the kitchen’s cordless phone begins to ring. You casually approach and answer the phone with a, “Hello?”

“HEYA SPORT!” You try to calm yourself at the shock of your dad practically screaming in your ear. After recovering, you realize that you can hear something clawing and moaning on the other end of the line. You conclude that it’s probably your mom. “You okay there son?”

“Yeah. You just startled me is all,” you admit.

“Sorry about that. Honey, can you stop that for a bit? Yes it feels good, but I’m on the phone right now. Anyway sport, what’s going on over at your end?”

“Well Glaw’s watching TV and I just finished making supper.”

“Sweet! What’s on the menu tonight?”

“Well I made some mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and,” you pause for dramatic effect before continuing, “Pork. Sausages.” From the sounds of things, your mom must be going crazy on the other end, which makes sense since pork sausages are her absolute favorite. You smile at your bit of mischief as you ask, “So when are you two coming home?”

“Well… That’s kind of the reason I’m calling sport. Your mom and I got caught out in the storm, so we won’t be able to make it back tonight,” your dad explains.

“I see.” You look out of the kitchen window and finally take notice of how bad the storm has gotten. “You should have brought the car,” so say in an annoyed tone.

“I know, but you know how your mom gets without her walkies.” You laugh at your dad’s joke despite yourself, but you laugh even harder at the sound of your mom growling. Clearly she didn’t find it as funny as you did. The growling is replaced by the sound of ripping pants, which tell you that your dad’s going to be punished for his transgressions. He quickly says, “Don’t forget to lock the door before you got to bed! Be nice to your sister and we’ll see you tomorrow bye!” before her hangs up.

You stare at the phone for a moment, trying to determine if you’re disgusted or amused, before putting down the phone and heading over to the living room to fetch Glaw. You find your hellhound sister much like you expected her to be, in front of the TV and wearing nothing but her pinks panties with the paw prints on her buttocks. You weren’t all that surprised by her near nakedness since she didn’t really liked wearing clothes, and usually tore them off at every opportunity. You do find it a little odd that you’ve gotten used to seeing your little sister naked, which was going to make her journey through puberty rather awkward for you. Luckily, that was still going to be a few years away.

You clear your throat before saying, “Hey brat, listen up.” Glaw turns and glares at you, her intense red and black eyes making her a little intimidating. You remind yourself that you’re still larger that she is.

“Don’t call be brat, dweeb!”

You give her a scowl before replying with, “Don’t call me a dweeb, squirt.”

“Don’t call me a squirt you bastard!”

“Don’t call me…” You stop mid-sentence and pinch the bridge of your nose to try to keep your temper. “Listen up. Mom and dad aren’t going to be able to get home until tomorrow, so I’m in charge till then.” The only response you get is a derisive snort as Glaw turns back towards the TV. “By the way, supper’s ready so come get some before it gets cold.” Without turning away from the TV, she waves at you.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll come during the commercials.” You sigh as you leave the room, thinking about how she would be a lot cuter if she didn’t have such a crappy attitude. Reaching the kitchen, you quickly go about getting plates of food ready for the both of you. You try to give yourself an equal amount of everything you prepared while preparing a more meat heavy dish for your sister. Grabbing some forks and knives from the cupboards, you quickly go about setting the table before sitting down to eat. When Glaw comes in, you pay her no mind until she picks her plate off the table and begins to leave the kitchen.

“And where do you think you’re going?” you ask with as much of an authoritative tone as you can muster.

“I’m eating in the living room. There’s a When Good Pet Girls Go Bad marathon on and I don’t want to miss a minute!”

“Or you can eat at the table like a normal person.”

“Or I can eat in the living room and watch my show.” You sigh in exasperation.

“Why are you being so difficult? You listen to mom when she asks you to do stuff.”

Glaw sneers before answering, “That’s because she’s mom and you’re not, so you can’t boss me around!”

“Fine. Do whatever you want,” you say in defeat. You honestly don’t even know why you bother to try. Glaw giggles before heading back to the living room, leaving you to eat your meal in silence. After finishing, you put the leftovers into the fridge. With that out of the way, you turn you attention to the dirty dishes. You place them into the sink before adding the soap and water. All set to start washing the dishes, you realize that you forgot the ones that Glaw took to the living room. Hoping she didn’t make a big mess, you head back to the living room and find her completely engrossed in her show. It was a story about a group of werewolves, unhappy with their chaste relationship with their master, who stole some girtablilu venom and mixed it into his drink so that could satisfy themselves. You thought it was kind of weird that Glaw was so interested in this particular story, but you figured it must be because werewolves and hellhounds were so closely related. You weren’t sure you were too enamored with Glaw really liking that particular story.

Moving on to less… worrisome subjects, you quickly find your sister’s plate and grab it. You give it a quick look over and notice that it seems to have been licked clean. With Glaw being such a notoriously picky eater, you can’t help but swell with pride that she ate your cooking with such gusto. Although, now that you think of it, you were pretty picky when you were younger too. Maybe mom’s just a bad cook?

You decide to stop contemplating your mom’s culinary skills and head back to the kitchen without Glaw ever realizing you were there. After you finish cleaning the dishes, you look outside and watch the pouring rain. You decide that you should find something to read before heading upstairs to your room. You peruse your bookshelf before picking up an old favorite of yours and return to the living room once again. Glaw ignores you once again as you enter the room and sit in your favorite recliner. The two of you ignore each other for the most part, although you begin to peak over your book as the night wears on. After a while, you notice Glaw’s head begin to nod, the telltale sign that she’s falling asleep but trying desperately to stay awake. You stop reading to keep a better eye on her, but you don’t have to wait long as she’s soon snoring away peacefully. You put your book down and get out of your chair to turn off the TV and carry Glaw upstairs to her room. Once inside her room, you find yourself thankful for the fact that she prefers to be naked as you slip her into her light pink night gown without having to strip her. You tuck her in and proceed to watch her sleep for a moment.

“She’s so much cuter when she’s unconscious,” you say to yourself before leaving, turning the off the lights and closing the door behind you. You return downstairs to make your rounds around the house to make sure all the windows are closed and all the doors are locked. With that done, you retrieve your book from the living room and begin to turn off the downstairs lights. You head back to your room, turning off the hallway lights as you go, and close your door before you continue reading at your desk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for you start feeling tired as well. With a yawn you mark your page before stripping down to your boxers, turning off the lights and hoping into bed. You close your eyes and fall into the blissful embrace of sleep.

Or you would have if it weren’t for that loud booming noise. Jolting awake, you quickly sit out the window to see a great flash of lightning that proceeded more thunder. You sit in awe of how bad the storm has gotten. You lay back down and double your efforts to get some sleep. However, as you close your eyes, you hear your door creak open. You turn to see what’s going on and find Glaw peaking at you from behind your door, however she seemed radically different than usual. The little hellhound’s eyes still glowed red, but they seemed more timid and unsure with no trace of their usual cocky gleam. Her usually perky and attentive ears were drooped which gave her a rather sad appearance. Her tail, normally wagging with pride, was now hiding between her legs as if it were ashamed. You could hear Glaw whimpering, but it was barely audible over the pouring rain outside. Looking at her now, you couldn’t help but think of her as a scared puppy.

Convinced that you’re probably asleep, Glaw quietly sneaks into your room. She gets halfway to your bed when another bolt of lightning strikes causing her to yelp and rush to safety under your blankets.  She doesn’t move for a moment, but she eventually inches herself forward until she’s face to face with you. You’re not quite sure what to make of all this. You never expected Glaw, one of the most independent and aloof kids you’ve ever known, to sneak into your room because she was scared. As you ponder the absurdity of the situation, Glaw’s quiet whimpering and tear filled eyes awaken your big brother instincts. With a sigh you reach over and pull her into a hug, causing her to yelp.

“Y-you’re awake! I-I mean, what are you doing dw-dweeb?” she stammers.

“That’s a lot of attitude coming from someone who snuck into my room because they’re afraid of thunder,” you chide in response.

“Sh-shut up!” she growls. “I’m not scared of-!” More thunder interrupts Glaw’s rebuttal, causing her to cling to you. You try to calm her down by petting her head. She doesn’t try to resist, so you continue in silence, interrupted only by the sounds of the storm outside. After a while, Glaw mutters, “I’m sorry…”

“For what?” you ask slightly surprised.

“F-for everything! You’re always trying to take care of me, even though I treat you like dirt! I’m always calling you names and stuff even though you make me yummy food and do stuff like this!” Deciding you’ve had enough of her apology, you begin to scratch behind her ear causing her to coo and wag her tail.

“I wouldn’t worry about it Glaw. I’m not exactly a perfect brother either.” Glaw tries to protest, but you scratch her ear a little intensely which stops her before she can. “Siblings don’t have to get along all the time, as long as they’re there for each other when it matters,” you continue. “Sure it annoys me when you don’t listen, but knowing that you enjoy my cooking and that you’re comfortable coming to me when you’re scared makes me very happy.”


“Really. You don’t have to do anything different. Just remember that I’m here to help if you need me.”

“It’s… a… promise… then…” Glaw mutters as she succumbs to sleep once again. You smile and continue to pet her head before sleep finds you as well. The following day was rather uneventful. You stayed home and played with Glaw in the puddles outside. You also had to help her clean up, but you had fun regardless. After supper and some TV, you put Glaw to bed a little earlier than usual. You muse that she must have tired herself out with all of the playing. Realizing that your absentee parents haven’t called since last night, you pick up the cordless phone and call your dad’s cell.


“Hey dad, I didn’t wake you up did I?” you ask.

“… No. Just taking… a breather. We broke… a personal high score… today…” your father explains.

“That’s really gross dad… Anyway, I’m assuming you two aren’t coming home tonight either.”

“Sorry about that sport… It’s just that this hotel has the most sex toys I’ve ever seen!”

“That’s… That’s good to know dad… I just wanted to make sure you and mom are both okay, so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Ok sport. Thanks for the call! Bye!” You hang up the phone, lamenting on how irresponsible your parents are. You retrieve your book from your room and head to the living room to continue reading. Sitting in your recliner, you pick up where you left off, but you don’t get far when you feel like someone is staring at you. You look from your to see Glaw doing just that.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” you ask, however she doesn’t respond. She just keeps staring at you. “Alright then…” you mutter as you go back to your but, you’re unable to read a word as Glaw slaps it out of your hands and into the air. In a panic, you reach out to try catching your book. Glaw has other plans however as she uses you as a springboard and catches it instead. Landing behind you, she makes a break for her room. You curse under your breath as you give chase. Arriving in her dark room, you spot your book lying in front of her bed. Bending over to pick it up, you are caught unprepared as Glaw tackles you from behind. You land in her bed and turn to face your attacker, but she has already jumped into bed with you and covered the two of you in her blankets. You ask, “What are you doing?” as she cuddles up beside you.

“Last night I realized that I sleep better when I have something to snuggle with. So you’re my teddy bear now,” she explains with a smile.

“I can’t be your teddy bear,” you say as you try to get out of her bed. “I can buy you one later.” Glaw pulls you back down and starts to pout.

“I already have one! You! So stay!”

“But Glaw, I can’t be your teddy bear!”

“So what you said last night was a lie?” Glaw gives you a look that screams disappointment. “You said you’d be happy to help me if I needed anything!”

“I-I guess I did,” you stammer, not liking where this is going.

“Weeeell, I need you to help me sleep. So what’s it going to be?” You lay there silently for a moment before sighing in defeat.

“Fine, but only for tonight.” Glaw squees at your answer, which you swear is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. You hope this arrangement will only be for tonight as she cuddles up next to you and falls asleep.

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