“But why do we have to meet up with HER?!?!” You jerk your cellphone away from your ear with a grimace. You sigh as you bring your phone back to your ear, and continue to walk through the old samurai compound you call a home.

“We’ve been over this Kazue,” you chastise. “Hiroko and I need to go over some student council stuff. It’ll be easier for all of us if we just meet up at the library. Besides, maybe she can help us out.”

“I wouldn’t ask her for help if I was on fire, and she was carrying a bucket of water,” Kazue growled.

“Don’t say that,” you sigh as you open your bedroom door. You walk into your modestly furnished room, and immediately sense that something’s off. Nothing seems to be out of place, but you can’t shake this uneasy feeling.

“I can say what I want!”

“I know. You’ve been doing that for a while now. Hiroko’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad?! She called me a mangy fox he other day!”

“IN response to you calling her a dirty river snake,” you rebuke as you subtly scan your room. You finally recognize this feeling. It’s the feeling of being watched.

“Y-you heard about that?” Kazue asks, sounding embarrassed.

“I saw it,” you correct. “I was in class when that whole incident went down. Nice right hook by the way.”

“Y-you w-were t-there?! How come I couldn’t see you?”

“You know I’ve barely got any sort of presence.”

“That’s just a fancy way of saying that you’re a dirty sneak~,” Kazue teases.

“That’s not very nice,” you reply with faux indignation. “It’s not like I tease you about how you look coming out of the shower.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kazue lies.

“Whatever. Well, I’ve got to go now. So I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“At the train station at nine right?”


“Alright. Bye!” You hang up your phone, and place it on your desk. You saw that your closet door was slightly ajar when you scanned the room earlier, and you determine that whoever’s watching you is in there. In one swift motion, you grab a sharpened pencil off your desk and throw it like a kunai knife. The pencil hits something, and makes a metallic ‘tonk’ sound. “That’s weird…” you mutter as you walk over to your closet. You open the door to find some sort of a dummy made out of a box, a couple broomsticks, and a frying pan. You try to get a better look when you feel something poke your back, and you freak out. You quickly turn around to see your older kunoichi sister, Shinju. She’s slightly shorter than you with doe-like brown eyes and pale skin. Her silky black hair is in a ponytail which comes down to her waist. Her ninja uniform did little to hide her DD cup breasts or her delicious thighs, and was colored gray and black. Certain parts of her uniform were embroidered to look like scales, and her mask made her look like a snake bearing its fangs. Her tail ended with a heart-like spade, and it moved silently back and forth.

“Shinju! You scared the crap out of me!”

“I thought I told you to stop calling me that Otouto-kun,” Shinju said in a monotone, although you could tell that she was annoyed.

“I have to use your codename at home too?”

“Yes. You never know if anyone could be listening.”

“But… It’s so lame…” you complain.

“So you think you can come up with a better codename than our clan leader?”

“Considering mom called herself the ‘white mouthed viper’, I probably could.”

“I doubt that Otouto-kun,” Shinju sort of sighed. “So please refer to me as Kurohebiko.”

“Can I call you Kuro instead?” you ask.

She thinks about it for a moment before saying, “Very well. It is a suitable compromise.”

“Alright. So what brings you out of the shadows?”

“I would like to help you with your mission,” Kuro answered matter-of-factly.

“What mission?”

“Your mission to improve out clan’s standing.”

“I still have no idea of what you’re talking about,” you confess.

“If you wanted to keep your mission a secret Otouto-kun, you should work on making your motives less obvious,” Kuro sighs. You blink, and suddenly she’s reading a scroll. Where she was hiding it, you’ll never know. “Mori Kazue-chan, the inari daughter of the Midori no Mori shrine’s miko, and Kawaguchi Hiroko-chan, the ryu daughter of the Fukai Kawa shrine’s miko. You plan on wooing both of these girls to marry our clan to both prestigious families.”

“I-it’s not like that!” you protest. “We’re all just friends! Besides they’re…”

“Going to be very difficult,” Kuro finishes for you. “It is common knowledge that there has been bad blood between the Mori and Kawaguchi families for generations, and these two seem to dislike each other even more than any of their forebears. After some observation, I have concluded that their dislike for each other is more than just a rivalry between shrines. Both girls seem to see the other as a rival for your affections.”

“But that’s impossible,” you say incredulously.

“Why would it be impossible?” Kuro asks. “You’re a handsome and kind young man Otouto-kun. So much so we’ve had to take extra measures to keep you from being assassinated by kunoichi from rival clans.”

“But that doesn’t matter since-!”

“Of course it matter Otouto-kun,” Kuro interrupts. “Your charms are the reason both girls like you, but I agree that they might not be enough to get them both into your wedding bed. Which is why I will be helping you from now on, starting with your date tomorrow.”

“It’s not a date!” you say, only to realize that she has already left. “This is going to suck…”

The next day, you and Kazue get off of the train and make your way to the fountain plaza. Your inari friend was looking quite attractive today with her sky blue t-shirt, and matching skirt. Her golden blonde hair came down to the small of her back, and was tied at the end with a blue ribbon. Her ears and tail were the same color as her hair, while her tail ended with a tan tip. She looks over at you with her golden eyes, and smiles.

“Are you checking me out?” Kazue asks jokingly.

“N-no!” you deny as you avert your gaze.

Kazue giggles and says, “I don’t really mind, although if you want to look you should help me out later.”

“With what?” you ask.

“I need someone to help me pick out some new bras. The one’s I have now are feeling a little tight, so I think I’m a D-cup now!”

“Congratulations!” you say with a smile.

“Thanks! So do you want to help me shop after we’re done with our project?”

“I thought I told you yesterday that I need to go over some student counsel stuff with Hiroko.” You see Kazue tense up, and she begins to laugh awkwardly.

“I guess you did. Ha. Ha. Ha,” Kazue says with an awkward smile. Kazue doesn’t talk much until you reach the plaza. There you find Hiroko sitting patiently on her long, red fur crested, serpentine tail. Her long lavender hair blows elegantly in the wind as she scans the crowd with her golden yellow eyes. Her tasteful button up sweater, which she kept open to reveal her cute white sundress clashed contrasted with her powerful, draconian claws. You notice that her sundress had spaghetti straps, and you wondered how they were able to hold contain Hiroko’s HH-cup breasts. You hear Kazue tsk when the Hiroko spots you, and starts to wave.

“Hey Hiroko!” you say as you approach your ryu friend. “Have you been waiting here long?”

“Since early this morning,” Hiroko responds.

“Really? Why’d you come so early?”

“A dirty fox told me we were going to meet up later,” Hiroko explained with a humourless smile. “And like my grandmother always says, ‘those who trust foxes always wind up in boxes’.”

“Yeah? Well MY grandma told me ‘Don’t trust a ryu, for they will always deceive you’!” Kazue argues.

“I’m sorry to say this Mori-chan, but it sounds like your grandma’s a bigot.”

“And yours doesn’t?!” Hiroko suddenly grabs you and hugs you tightly, burying your face into her bosom.

“Did you hear that Yamashita-kun?” Hiroko whines adorably. “The dirty fox called my grandmother a bigot! How mean~!”


“But you called her grandma one first…” you say into Hiroko’s breasts, although you doubt either of them heard you.

“Did you hear that Mori-chan? Yamashita-kun agrees with me,” Hiroko brags.

Kazue growls before saying, “No he didn’t! He was agreeing with me!”

“Why would he ever agree with you?” Hiroko asks with disdain.

“Why would he agree with you?!” The girls continue to go back and forth, and you find yourself running low on oxygen. You start tapping Hiroko’s claws before you run out completely.

“Hm? Oh sorry Yamashita-kun!” Hiroko says as she loosens her grip on you. You pull back and breathe, but Hiroko keeps you from getting too far away.

“That’s fine Hiro-” you begin to say before you see something flash between you and Hiroko. Hiroko’s spaghetti straps give out immediately afterwards, and her breasts cover your face once again.

“Hey! What’re you doing?!” Kazue complains.

“I’m not doing anything!” Hiroko shoots back.

“Like hell you aren’t! You’re always looking for ways to shove your tits in his face!”

“Just because you can’t do it with your itty bitty Bs doesn’t mean that I’m doing this on purpose!”

“They. Are. D-cups!!”

“Bs. Cs. Ds. They’re all the same to me,” Hiroko says with a sly grin. You can hear Kazue growl as you continue to struggle for air. You begin to feel like you’re blacking out before Kazue manages to pull you away.

“Air! Sweet delicious oxygen!” you say as you catch your breath. “Thanks Kazue!”

“Don’t mention it!” Kazue says with a blush.

“What about me?” Hiroko asks as she covers her exposed breasts with her claws.

“Why would he thank you?” Kazue scoffs before she approaches the ryu. “Let me help you with that.” Kazue begins to fix Hiroko’s straps.

“Please don’t… I’d rather get Yamashita-kun to help me…”

“Like I’d let him do this!” Kazue snaps. She goes back to fixing the straps and says, “That’s weird. It looks like something cut these.” You start to feel suspicious, and look around to try to find the culprit. It doesn’t take long for you to find Kuro sitting on a nearby bench while wearing a trench coat. She gives you a thumbs up before vanishing from view. “There. That should do it!” Kazue announces as she finishes repairing Hiroko’s dress.

“It feels a little tight…”


“Ok!” you quickly interrupt. “How about we make our way to the library?”

Both girls scoff, “Fine.” Before you all walk to the library. The girls walk on either side of you, wrapping your arms with theirs, and glaring at each other.

“So what student counsel matters could be so important that you needed to impose yourself on our date?” Kazue asks eventually.

“What kind of date involves going to the library and doing homework?” Hiroko asks.

“A study date obviously.”

“There’s no such thing!”

“Of course there is! Now answer my question!”

Hiroko pouts and says, “Yamashita-kun missed our last meeting, so I’d like to go over what we discussed without him.”

“That’s it?” Kazue asks incredulously.

“What do you mean ‘that’s it’? Yamashita-kun is our vice president, so he needs to keep informed on what we discuss at our meetings. And as the president, it’s my duty to inform him when he misses one.”

“Sorry for making you go to all this trouble,” you apologize. You remember that you wanted to go to the last meeting, but some of your rebellious cousins had tried to kidnap you that day.

“Don’t worry about it Yamashita-kun~,” Hiroko says dreamily. “It honestly doesn’t feel like work at all~.”

You feel Kazue squeeze you tighter as you ask, “So what kind of stuff did you go over?”

“Well… The highlights are: the food vendors are having issues with rowdy students, the ittan-momen club needs to be re-examined after that stunt they pulled in the boy’s locker room, and our continuing delinquent problem.”

“Delinquent problem? You don’t mean Xun-san?”

“That name sounds familiar…” Kazue says as she tries to remember who the name belonged to. “Who is he again?”

“You might know him better as the Great Lion.”

“Whaaaaat?! You don’t mean that hairy giant from the Mist Continent?!”

“The very same,” Hiroko confirms. “He hasn’t done anything yet, but he’s a known delinquent, and Shinobu-chan insists that he’s trouble. Not that I blame her since his presence puts everyone on edge, and rumor has it that he’s started a gang!”

“That’s not good…” you mutter.

“It’s only rumors so far, but he has been seen with a group of werewolves, a unicorn, and a hinezumi.”

“I hope that Shinobu and the disciplinary squad can handle it…” you say as you begin to climb up the library steps. The three of you enter the library, and find a quiet spot to work. It doesn’t stay quiet for long.

“I keep telling you you’re wrong~,” Hiroko chimes.

“And I keep saying you’re full of shit~,” Kazue sings back.

“It doesn’t matter if you think I’m full of shit. You’re still wrong.”

“Actually I got the same answer as her Hiroko,” you quietly say.

“Really? I guess you’re right for once Mori-chan,” Hiroko admits.

“Do my ears deceive me?” Kazue asks. “Did Kawaguchi-chan just admit that I was right, and she was wrong? Has she finally admitted that I’m better than her?”

Hiroko stared at Kazue before saying, “And here I thought you couldn’t get any more annoying…”

“Say what you want, but a genius like me will never let the words of an IDIOT like you get her down!”

“Why you..!”

“Wait…” you say as you take a closer look at the math problem you were working on. “Sorry about that Hiroko. You were right. I forgot to carry the two…”

Hiroko starts to look smug and says, “Oh my~! To think that Mori-chan would brag so much, even though she’s the idiot~! How embarrassing~!”

“S-shut up!” Kazue growls as she begins to blush. “Besides you changed your mind really quickly when Yama-kun disagreed with you. Why would you do that if you’re so smart?!”

“It’s because my Yamashita-kun is so smart,” Hiroko haughtily explained. “If he disagrees with your answer, then it’s only natural to think things over at the very least.”


“Could you calm down girls?” you ask. “We’re still in the library, so we should be quiet so we don’t bother everyone else.” The two girls turn away from each other to pout, and the momentary silence is almost immediately interrupted by the hakutaku librarian’s lustful moans. “I guess the librarian’s having sex again…”

“G-geez! That’s the third time since we got here!” Kazue complains as her face turns red. Her ears and tail also begin to twitch.

“Honestly! I know she just got married last week, but she can’t just abandon all sense of professionalism!” Hiroko complains as she tries to hide her blushing face. She plays with her hair for a moment before announcing, “I-I’ve got to go powder my nose!”

She gets up, and picks up her bag as you say, “Ok. Take care then.” Hiroko smiles at you before hurrying off.

“She’s totally going to the bathroom to masturbate,” Kazue says after a moment of silence.

“Definitely,” you agree. You both return to your homework, while doing your best to ignore the librarian until she climaxed.

“Hey Yama-kun,” Kazue suddenly says.

“Yeah Kazue?”

“I’ve been wondering about this for a while… Why did you join the student counsel?”

“That’s easy. I joined because Hiroko asked me to,” you answer quickly.

“So it’s not because you like her?”

“Well of course I like her. I like her as much as I like you.”

“Y-you like me too?!”

“Yeah. How could I not like my closest friends?”

“Oh! Friends… Right…” Kazue said while looking conflicted.

“Something wrong?” you ask.

“No. I was just thinking that answer was just so… you Yama-kun,” Kazue explains with a smile. “But I guess that’s why I lov-” The librarian begins to moan again, and Kazue begins to tremble in anger. “THAT HORNY OLD COW! SHE COMPLETELY RUINED THE MOOD!”

“Yeah. She’s making this place sound more like a brothel than a library,” you agree. “It’s actually making it hard to concentrate on my homework…”

“That wasn’t what I meant, but that’s a good point!”

“What did you mean then?”


“If that wasn’t what you meant, then what did you mean by ‘ruining the mood’?”

“W-well… Y-you see,” Kazue stammers as she twiddles her thumbs. You gasp when you realize what she meant.

“Were you planning on confessing to someone?!” you ask excitedly. Kazue’s face turns deep scarlet as she nods absent-mindedly. “That’s awesome Kazue! Sooo, who is it? Are they someone I know?” you ask, although you think you already know who it is.

“Uh… Y-you know what, I-I’m going to go give that cow a piece of my mind!” Kazue announces as she stands up. You sigh in disappointment as you watch her walk away. She doesn’t get far before she suddenly trips and falls to the ground.

“Kazue! Are you ok?!” you ask as you get up to help your inari friend. As you get closer to her, you feel someone push you over, and you land on top of Kazue. You get on your knees, and look behind you to find Kuro. She silently motions for you to be quiet before disappearing behind a bookshelf. Kazue manages to get on all fours, and you feel her bare butt press against your exposed penis. Wait what? You look down at Kazue, and find that someone had pulled up her skirt. The fox girl never wore underwear, so now there was nothing hiding her sexy booty. You suspect that Kuro was behind this since her and mom were the only kunoichi you knew who could do that AND pull down your pants and boxers while you were falling. Kazue’s tail hits your face, and you accidently grab her ass to balance yourself as you push it away.

“Ah! N-no!” Kazue cries out, although you can’t tell if she actually wants you to stop.

“That feels sooo much better!” Hiroko says as she turns the corner. “Now to get back before that dirty fox gets her claws into…” Hiroko notices the two of you on the ground, and stares at you in shock. It was then that you realized what it would have looked like you were doing to Kazue.

“Please don’t freak out Hiroko! I can explain everything!” you quickly say.

“W-what’s going on here?!”

“What does it look like we’re doing?” Kazue asks with a smug chuckle. “Stupid snake! You thought that you’d be the one to take Yama-kun’s virginity, but it was I, Kazue!”

“Lies!” Hiroko yells before picking you up with her tail. She tries to examine your crotch, but you cover yourself with your hands. Your attempts at modesty a meaningless however, as Hiroko easily overpowers you. “You liar! Yamashita-kun’s half flaccid!”

“That’s because he already came inside of me!” Kazue gloats as she stands up. She begins to affectionately rub her stomach and says, “I bet I’m already pregnant with his baby!”

“You lying fox! Do you really think I’m that stupid?!” Hiroko spits.

“I don’t think anything of the sort. I know you’re an idiot!” Kazue says with a sneer.

“Y-you bitch!”

“Well if you don’t like it, you can just leave. It’s not like anyone wanted you here anyway!”

“What are you talking about?” Hiroko asked angrily. “Yamashita-kun had already agreed to meet with me before you asked to do homework together!”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s not that hard to figure out idiot,” Hiroko said with a sneer of her own. “I asked Yamashita-kun if we could get together after he missed the meeting on Monday. I had everything planned out before you talked him into doing homework with you!”

“Like hell that’d ever happen!” Kazue argued angrily. “You came up with that student counsel crap to force your way into my alone time with Yama-kun!”

“It just looks like that because you spend so much time with him!” Hiroko explains. “The whole reason I invited him to join the student council was so that we could have some quality time WITHOUT you!”

“Uh girls? C-could we maybe calm down a bit?” you ask nervously. Both girls look at you, and you suddenly become aware that your pants are around your ankles.

Hiroko smirks and says, “I don’t know what you were trying to do, but your foxy mischief has provided me with the perfect opportunity to show you how much he prefers me to you!” Your ryu friend brings you closer to her as she begins to tickle your exposed genitals with the tip of her tail. “We already know your bare bottom barely got a reaction, but what about these?!” Hiroko pulls down on the bottom of her dress to show off more cleavage, while squeezing her breasts together with her arms. “What do you think Yamashita-kun?" she asks as she watches your erection grow rapidly.

“That’s not fair!” Kazue protests. “We both know that he’s only like that because you’re tickling his testicles!” Hiroko ignores the fox girl as she lifts you up until her face is level with your crotch.

“Yamashita-kun, I’m suddenly feeling very hungry~. Could I eat some of your daikon~?” Hiroko asks as she wipes some drool from her face.

“S-sorry, but they’re not fully grown yet,” you say as you try to ignore the sexual undertones of her question.

“Are you sure? This one looks like it’s ready to eat~.” She moves closer, and takes a whiff of your man meat. She licks her lips and says, “Itadakimasu~!” before trying to swallow your cock. Kazue tackles her before she can, and Hiroko accidentally lets you fall to the ground. You quickly get up and pull up your pants as the ryu yells, “What are you doing stupid?!”

“You’re stupid if you think I’m just going to stand by while you try to take my Yama-kun!” Kazue roars as they begin to wrestle.

“You’re gravely mistaken if you think Yamashita-kun’s yours to keep!”

“Dirty river snake!”

“Mangy rabid fox!”

“This isn’t good…” you lament as you watch your friends fight on the ground. You notice that they’ve begun to rip off each other’s clothes, and turn away to give them some privacy. You’re startled when you find Kuro suddenly standing next to you.

“I agree,” your sister says solemnly. “I was hoping that the ‘accidents’ and the recording of the librarian having sex would push them into having a threesome. To think that they hated each other this much.”

“Recording? That was you?!”

“Of course. Unfortunately I seem to have made things worse. I’m sorry that I’ve put your mission to marry them both in jeopardy.” The two nearly naked mamono you call your friends stop fighting to listen in on your conversation.

“I keep telling you that I’m not trying to marry either of them!” you complain. “Besides they wouldn’t want to marry someone like me anyway.”

“I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to marry a fine male specimen such as yourself?” Kuro asks with a slightly annoyed tone.

“That’s exactly why they won’t!” you argue. “They’re both gay!”

After a moment of awkward silence, Kazue and Hiroko ask, “What?”

“Could you please explain how these two mamono, who obviously have feelings for you, are gay Otouto-kun?” Kuro asks, sounding confused.

“It’s because they obviously love each other,” you explain.

“But why would they be fighting all the time then?”

“Because they’re both obviously tsundere for each other. They both have a hard time expressing their feelings, so they act aggressively towards each other.”

“Ok… Then how do you explain why they both act so lovingly towards you?” Kuro explained worriedly. “They were literally fighting over you, and Kawaguchi-chan just tried to suck your dick!”

“Maybe it’s to try to gauge for some sort of reaction? Maybe they’re trying to make each other jealous,” you explain. “As for the rest, I’m sure your antics wound up aggravating their mamono instincts. I’m sure none of this would have happened if you hadn’t worked them into a frenzy!” Another awkward silence falls upon your group. Hiroko and Kazue look at each other, and Hiroko covers her nearly naked breasts defensively.

“What are you doing?” Kazue asks.

“Covering up of course,” Hiroko answers. “While I’m flattered that you think of me like that, but I can’t stand the idea of having a perverted fox leering at me!”

“I am NOT leering at you!”

“You have to be! I trust Yamashita-kun’s intuition, and I know that I’m not gay. So that leaves you.”

“I’m not gay!” Kazue argues. “And how do I know you’re not a sleazy lesbo dragon?!”

“Oh please! You’re obviously hiding in a really tacky closet!”

“It’s not tacky, and I’m not gay! You’re gay!”

“No, you’re gay!” As the two girls start gearing up for another fight, Kuro walks past you and stops in front of them.

Kuro clears her throat to get their attention, and bows as she says, “I apologize for my otouto’s idiocy.”

“H-hey!” you protest.

“As his elder sister, I realize that we have failed somewhere in his upbringing, and that has caused you both great emotional harm. I shall bring him home so that we can begin training to correct this, so please forgive us!”

“I’m not an idiot!” you continue to protest.

“T-that’s fine,” Kazue assures. “We already know that he can be a bit dense.”

“Stop ignoring me!”

“It does explain why he’s never really fallen for our charms,” Hiroko contemplates. “Although the biggest mystery is why he’d think I’d settle for someone like Mori-chan.”

“What do you mean settle?!” Kazue asks irritably. “I think you’d be pretty lucky if we were a couple!”

“Sorry to say, but I can definitely do better with looks like these.”

“Looks don’t mean anything if you’re a terrible lay.”

“Are you trying to imply that I’d make a terrible lesbian?”

“All I’m saying is that you’d wind up with a mouthful of drapes trying to munch rug!”

“That’s rich coming from the girl who gets outfoxed by zippers!”

“You! If you think you’re so hot, let’s head to that love hotel down the road and see who’d make the better lesbian!”

“You’re on!” Kazue and Hiroko pick themselves off the floor, and begin to make their way out of the library.

You turn to your sister and say, “Told you.” Kuro sighs before stabbing you with one of her throwing needles. You feel your body go numb, and Kuro catches you before you fall to the ground.

“You really are an idiot…” Kuro sighs as she throws you onto her shoulder.

“I’m not an idiot…” you protest as she begins to put away your stuff.

“Of course you are. You have to be since it’s the only reason I can think of that you’d assume two lovely young mamono are gay instead of interested in you that doesn’t break my heart thinking about it. So I’m going to bring you home, and everyone’s going to help train you so that you can recognize other people’s feelings.” Kuro finishes putting your stuff in your bag, and picks it up before dashing out of the library. You feel like she’s going slower than usual, but that’s probably because she’s carrying you.

“T-training?” you worriedly ask.

“Yes training,” Kuro affirms. “And I swear Otouto-kun, it’s going to be the most rigorous training you’ll ever experience.” A sudden chill goes down your spine, and you begin to worry about what your future will hold for you.


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