Chance was pleasantry dreaming in his room before the worst possible thing imaginable happened. His clock radio turned on and Justin Beiber’s “Baby” filled the room, much to Chance’s annoyance. He moaned and groaned as he desperately fought to stay asleep, but Justin Bieber was relentless. The battle waged on until Chance realized he was losing and surrendered. He rolled out of bed and went to turn off his clock radio on the other side of the room. As he walked/stumbled to his radio, Justin’s song ended and was replaced with “Long Cool Woman” by the Hollies. Enjoying the sound of this new song, Chance opted not to turn off the radio and instead decided to open his blinds to get a good view of the morning. What he got instead was a good view of Mrs. Richardson, the elderly widow from across the street, twerking naked in front of his bedroom window. Although she didn’t look all that elderly any more. Ever since “the Opening”, Mrs. Richardson’s wispy white hair had changed back to the long strawberry blonde of her youth. Her skin was wrinkle free, her body was curvy, and her breasts and ass were mouth wateringly large and only sagged enough to look like a milf. Chance tried his hardest to ignore Mrs. Richardson’s big beautiful butt, which would sometimes press against window, and instead focused on the succubus’ dark magenta horns, tail and wings, which allowed this erotic display to occur in front of his second floor bedroom window.

“Why good morning Mrs. Richardson, pleasant day isn’t it?” Chance asked as he began to talk to himself in a bored monotone. “Thanks again for that casserole you gave me the other night. You really shouldn’t have…” Chance stopped his one sided conversation and closed his blinds. With a sigh, he trudged over to his bathroom to shower and deal with his erection, wondering how his life turned out this way.

His life had been so normal before. Chance worked as an IT guy for a local company, lived in a cozy one bedroom home that his parents helped him buy, he went out with friends once in a while. It wasn’t anything too exciting, but Chance loved it just the same. That all changed when more than six months ago when “the Opening” happened. A great big hole in time and space opened up downtown and a bunch of monster women came out. They called themselves “mamono” and proceeded to attack the town. Or perhaps sexually molesting the town would be a more accurate description. Lead by the lilim Aleena, the mamono caught and had sex with any man or woman they could catch. Anyone who didn’t manage to escape the city participated in a huge orgy in the center of town, except for Chance. That day, Chance was sick in bed with the flu and, for whatever reason, none of the mamono bothered to check his house. He still didn’t know if that meant he was lucky or not. Regardless, during the orgy the hole in space/time closed, trapping the mamono here. Aleena then appointed herself queen and everything continued on from there. On the surface, everything seemed to remain the same with normal women replaced by mamono. Except for Chance who had become the last single man in town. Few people actually knew of this, for which he was thankful for. Considering how some of his neighbors, friends and co-workers acted towards him nowadays, he didn’t really want that kind of attention on a city wide scale.

After finishing his shower, Chance got dressed for work, turned off his clock radio and went downstairs for breakfast. He shut the curtains for the dining so he could eat breakfast without having to watch Mrs. Richardson press her big milf breasts against the window, and prepared a simple meal of eggs and toast. After finishing his meal, Chance got up and grabbed his coat before stopping in front of his door and looking at his watch.

“Three… Two… One…” he counted down. When he reached zero, a great crashing noise came from outside accompanied by a shriek and a squawk. Chance opened the door and found Mrs. Richardson collapsed on his door step with a harpy in a postal worker’s uniform and carrying a mail bag on top of her. The harpy had lavender blue feathers and hair, with a few black and white feathers on the edges of her wing and the tips of her hair. She also had a black ahoge sticking out of the front of her head. Her bird-like legs were also black as pitch. “Morning Mrs. Richardson. You too Jay.”

“Good morning dearie!” Mrs. Richardson called back.

“Quit calling me that!” protested Jay the harpy. “I keep telling you, my name’s Jaelyn!”

“Whatever you say Jay,” Chance said as he helped up the downed harpy. “Did you need help too Mrs. Richardson?”

“No that’s fine! I’ll just lay here for a moment…” she replied.

“Ok… So do I have any mail today Jay?”

“The name’s Jaelyn!” Jay shouted while flapping her wings and stomping her feet. “J.A.E.L.Y.N!”

“Alright, alright, sorry! So do I have any?” Jay stopped flapping about and searched through her mail bag. She then grabbed a few envelopes and handed them to Chance.

“Just a few bills!” she said with a smile. Chance groaned as he brought them inside and placed them on his table, before leaving the house again and locking the door behind him. “So you’re going to work now?” Jay asked.

“Yeah,” he affirmed.

“Got any plans for tonight?” Jay asked, sounding nervous.

“I will be at the bar by six o’clock to see the Songbirds musical debut. Just like I told you yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that!”

“Well sorry,” Jay pouted. “I just wanted to make sure you remembered.”

“Honestly, it’s more likely that you’d forget,” Chance teased.

“I only forgot your name once!”

“For a month!” he retorted. Jay blushed before she returned to the air.

“A-anyway, just make sure you’re there!” was all Jay said before flying off, forgetting the rest of her deliveries. Chance smiled before going to help Mrs. Richardson off the ground. Luckily for him, she was in too much pain to continue her attempts to woo him and headed back to her house with the help of a couple cait sith wearing nursing caps. He hoped none of them caught him staring at Mrs. Richardson’s luscious ass. Chance waited until Mrs. Richardson was safely inside her home before he jumped into his car and headed off to work. He turned on his car radio.

“Alright, now we’re going to start this next ninety minute non-stop music marathon with a song dedicated to Chance. It’s Shania Twain’s ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good’. Sounds like someone’s got a secret admirer. You lucky dog!”

“Dammit…” Chance muttered as he got a bad feeling about the day ahead. Later that day, He was called to fix a computer.

He was surveying the damage when someone asked, “Can you fix it?” Chance turned to the source of the voice and saw Cindy the jinko. Formally a human, Cindy was now a head taller than Chance with a body that could put a professional kickboxer to shame. Her short hair was a dull golden color with black stripes, which matched her powerful new feline limbs and tail, and was topped with a pair of cute, fuzzy cat ears. Her clothes, a grey business suit with a matching skirt, were now too small for her new body, but managed to show off her delicious abs, thighs and breasts. Her golden eyes darted back and forth in a nervous manner.

“Maybe,” Chance contemplated. “I could update the OS, replace the video card, and clean up the motherboard and it should be good to go.”

“Really?” Cindy asked, sounding rather hopeful.

“Of course not!” Chance shouted. He motioned towards the broken mess that was once a computer and said, “You literally punched through the monitor and threw the tower to the ground and curb stomped it to death! How did you expect me to fix it?”

“S-so you’re s-saying you can’t fix it?” the nervous jinko stammered.

“Yes. I’ll need to go buy a new one, but I need to pass it by finances first.”

“I-I see,” Cindy said while a deep blush appeared on her face. Chance noticed that her breathing had become heavy and that she was drooling slightly.

“You doing ok Cindy?” Chance asked concerned. Cindy didn’t respond and instead just wiped away some of her drool with her paw and continued to stare at him. Not liking Cindy’s sudden change in demeanor, Chance decided it was time to go elsewhere. “W-well, just look at the time! I better get going now. Bye!”

“I-I can’t,” Cindy mumbled.

“You can’t what?” Chance asked. He still felt like a defenseless prey animal, but he couldn’t help being worried for his co-worker.

“I… CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” Cindy shouted as she ripped her tight business suit in two. Now topless, Cindy leapt at the stunned, and very distracted, Chance. They fell to the floor, and Cindy wasted no time getting on top of him and grinding her eager womanhood against his crotch. She began to quietly and lustfully moan as she slowly quickened her pace. With Cindy focused on her own pleasure, Chance desperately began punching the jinko in the stomach. He mostly wound up hurting his fists against her solid abs, but he eventually managed to hit a tender spot. Cindy doubled over in pain, and Chance somehow managed to throw her off. He crawled out into the empty hallway, but his freedom was short lived as Cindy quickly caught him and rolled him onto his back once again.

Chance shouted, “HELLL-“before Cindy cut him off with a kiss. Her tongue exerted its dominance over his own before she pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva connecting them.

“I love it when a guy tries to fight back,” Cindy said as she moved her sharp claws towards his pants. “Don’t stop. Keep going. Make me work for it.” Chance realized that he was both literally and figuratively fucked before he heard a loud TWACK! “OW! Who did that?!” They both looked to their side to find Ling Ling, the company’s sole ren xiongmao and sexual harassment officer. Ling Ling kept her shoulder length, white hair in a double bun and carried a large bamboo shaft in her fuzzy, black bear paws. Born a mamono, Ling Ling cared little for dressing professionally, which was exemplified by the fact that she wore a very small, black micro skirt and kept her black business suit’s top open with her generous bust hanging outside of it. The only thing keeping her decent was the black bikini that barely covered her nipples.

“Now, now. Employees raping co-workers in the hallway makes me a saaaad panda,” Ling Ling warned.

“Buzz off bamboo breath,” Cindy growled before turning back to her prey. “Now where were we? OW!!” Another TWACK resounded in the hallway as Ling Ling once again hit Cindy with her bamboo.

“I said it makes me a sad panda! So knock it off!” Ling Ling warned, her tone much more stern than before. Cindy quickly stood up and took up a fighting stance.

“I suggest you get lost before I make you a dead panda,” the jinko threatened. Both women stared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. Chance tried to use this distraction to escape, but the tension in the atmosphere left him immobile. "Fine. Whatever! I’m going!” Cindy said as she dropped her stance. She looked at Chance and purred, “I’ll see you later Chance. We can pick up where we left off then, without the sexual harassment panda to bother us.” She then left, leaving Chance and Ling Ling alone in the hall.

“Thanks,” Chance said as Ling Ling offered him her bamboo shaft. “I thought I was going to be a goner for sure!” Chance grabbed the bamboo and Ling Ling effortlessly pulled him to his feet.

“You’re just lucky that I was already looking for you. Jinko can get pretty crazy when they’re in heat. I doubt I’d have been able to stop her if she got her claws in you,” she explained.

“I still appreciate it. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“Well,” Ling Ling pondered. “You could start wearing skinny jeans to work. Or those really short shorts. Anything that shows off your butt really.”

“Isn’t that sexual harassment?” Chance complained.

“Well, since I’m the sexual harassment officer, I have the final say on whether anything can be considered harassment,” she explained.

“That doesn’t sound right…”

“Those pants are sexual harassment.”

“Ok! Dropping it! Anyway, you said you were looking for me?” Chance asked in a desperate attempt to change the subject.

“Oh right! The boss lady’s looking for you!”

“Really?” Chance asked incredulously. “Well shit. What did she want to see me for?”

“Dunno. You should go and find out,” Ling Ling said non-chalantly. “Maybe you could ask her to give you some time off till Cindy’s mating season ends.”

“And how long would that take?”

“About a week or two I think. Regardless, go see the boss!”

“Alright. Fine,” Chance said as he began to make his way to the elevator. “Thanks again by the way!”

“No problem!” Ling Ling replied. She then turned her attention to Chance’s butt and started to imagine him wearing super tight skinny jeans. She licked her lips and muttered, “No problem at all.”

In the elevator, Chance did his best to ignore the orc having sex with her husband next to him. Their moans and pleasure filled squeals made the long, slow ride to the top floor a test in patience and restraint. When he finally reached the top floor, Chance left the amorous couple behind and made his way past the rows of offices that lead to the boss’s office. The hallway was rather quiet, but Chance knew that if he listened carefully he’d hear the sounds of people having sex in a few of the offices. Eventually he reached the end of the hall and a reception area, with a dormouse named Gale sleeping peacefully behind her desk wearing pink pyjamas covered with little cheese wheels. Ignoring Gale, Chance approached the large double doors next to her desk and gave them a knock. He waited for a moment, but received no response. He tests the doors and finds that they weren’t locked and enters the office. Inside he found his boss, Miss Hisakawa, sitting back in her chair with bare feet on her desk and her legs spread. Although he couldn’t see what the youko was doing behind her grand desk, her arching back, curling toes and pleasure filled moans made it an easy to guess what she was up to. Unlike many women turned mamono, Ms. Hisakawa had changed very little in appearance. She was a shorter woman, but her face was stern and sharp which made her quite intimidating regardless while her stylish, square framed bifocals hid her brilliant emerald green eyes. Her waist length black hair was luxurious and was quite the sight to behold, although now she had a matching set of fox ears and tails. Her petite body hadn’t changed much either, but Chance noted how tantalizing her modest handful sized breasts looked through her sweat soaked white blouse. Her black business jacket was laid across the back of her chair and was partially hidden by her three tails. According to the rumour mill, Ms. Hisakawa would go to an employee’s home every weekend for a visit and would end the night with an energetic threesome. Chance thought it was a stupid rumour, but he conceded that it explained how the career driven youko could have gotten her two extra tails.

Chance cleared his throat before saying, “H-hello? Miss Hisakawa? I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Ms. Hisakawa sat up and adjusted her bifocals before answering, “Ah, Mr. Blythe. Just the man I was hoping to see. Take a seat please.” Nervous, Chance quickly sat down in one of the office’s plush chairs while Ms. Hisakawa cleaned herself off with some tissue paper. When she finished, she crumpled up the tissue and threw it at the nearby trash can that already had a small mountain of used tissues inside. Naturally the tissue bounced off of the small mountain and landed on the floor. “So Mr. Blythe, can I call you Chance?” she asked.

“S-sure Miss Hisakawa!”

“Please, call me Yuuka,” Yuuka said with a smile. “So Chance, how long have you been working with us?”

“T-the better part of five years,” he nervously answered.

“Really? And you’ve been working in our IT department this whole time?” Yuuka asked. Chance nodded his head in confirmation. “That’s quite impressive. Now I’m assuming you’d like to know why I’ve called you up here.”

“I-I would actually.”

“Don’t be so nervous Chance, you’re not in trouble,” Yuuka assured. “The truth is, I’ve been looking through your records and employee evaluations and I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen. You rarely call in sick, you work plenty of overtime and you conduct yourself like a professional. You’re quite the model employee.”

“T-thank you!” Chance said becoming slightly embarrassed.

“Now, I know that I can be a hard ass at times, but I’d like to think that I can be generous as well. You’ve been doing such a good job that I’m going to give you a nice, big raise with an office to match.”

“Really?!” Chance exclaimed, quite surprised. “T-that seems a bit much…”

“Nonsense. You deserve it Chance,” Yuuka assured. “And I’m not the only one who thinks to. Just listen to these employee performance reviews that your co-workers submitted.” Yuuka pulls a stack of papers from her desk. She begins to thumb through the stack while reading certain segments out loud. “Work is high quality and has a professional attitude. Friendly and eager to help. Able to finish requests in a timely manner. Has an ass that I’d love to grab…” An awkward silence filled the room. “That last one is Ling Ling’s in case you were wondering.”

“No,” Chance admitted. “I kind of figured it was her…”

“Regardless, most agree that you’re a wonderful co-worker and that you deserve a reward for your hard work,” Yuuka said as she continued to look through her reports. “In fact, I’m beginning think you deserve a bit more than just a raise and an office.” After she finished going through her papers, she lined them up before placing them on her desk. “Now what can we do… Ah, I know. Have you ever been to ‘La Viande Pourrie’?”

“No, but I hear it’s pretty expensive,” Chance admitted.

Yuuka smirked and said, “Well isn’t that a shame. They have the best French cuisine in town. How about I bring you and buy you supper with all the alcohol you can drink?”

“That does sound tempting…” Chance admitted, although he felt a little suspicious of Yuuka’s intentions. “When would we be doing this?”

“We’d have to go tonight. My schedule’s getting rather… busy, so tonight would be the last time I’d be able to do something like this for a while.”

“Oh… I’m sorry Yuuka, but I already have plans for tonight. A friend of mine asked me to come watch her perform at our local bar tonight,” Chance explained.

“Now that is unfortunate… Would you like to try again some other time?” Yuuka asked as her ears and tail drooped slightly.

“Of course! Just let me know when you’re able to and I’ll be there!”

“That’s good to hear,” Yuuka said as a small smile reappears on her face. “Would you look at the time? It’s almost quitting time. You should go finish up whatever you still need to do before you leave.”

“Thanks! Have a good night Yuuka!” Chance said as he got up to leave. He reached the double doors and stopped as he remembered something. “Oh! Almost forgot. Cindy’s in heat, so Ling Ling says I should take a couple weeks off. Is that ok?”

“I’ll think about it. Goodbye.” Yuuka waved to Chance as he left the room. She then picked up her stack of reports and looked at them for a moment. Her serene smile slowly disappeared as she began to snarl. Her tails swished about violently and her hair stood on end as the stack of papers burst into blue flames in her hands. She forcefully pressed one of the buttons on her intercom. “GALE!” She waited until she heard Gale’s soft snores come from the intercom. “I want you to tail Mr. Blythe! If I have any competition, I want to know yesterday!” The intercom emitted mores snores. “Don’t tell me to calm down you narcoleptic rodent! Now I have to go to that fucking restaurant by myself now!” She heard a few more snores. “Find out what I asked you to. THEN you can join me. NOW HOP TO IT!”

The rest of Chance’s work day was rather uneventful, with the notable exception being when he found Gale taking a nap on the hood of his car wearing forest camo pyjama’s while he was leaving. He carefully put her one someone else’s car before driving back home. When he arrived, he was greeted by the sight of Mrs. Richardson’s ten cait sith waiting by his front door. He brought out some milk for them to drink and pet them a little bit before he went back inside to get ready for the night ahead. When he got back to his car, he found Gale curled up in his passenger seat. He took her out of the car and left her next to the driveway to be mercilessly licked by the young cait sith as he drove to the bar. As he entered the bar, he found Angus Farrell, the bar owner, busily working behind the bar with his red and blue oni wives, Akane and Edna. Chance approached the bar and sat in one of the stools that gave him a good view of the stage. He then ordered himself a beer, much to Akane’s disgust.

“You should be getting a real drink, like sake,” the red oni grumbled as she served him.

“Maybe next time Akane.” Akane, clearly unhappy with Chance’s response, went back to work with a huff. With nothing better to do till Jay and her group started their show, Chance took a swig of his beer and watched the trio work. After a while he heard a jingling noise from behind him. He took a close look at his drink and said, “Angus, I think someone’s tampered with my drink. Can I have another one?”

“Dammit!” someone behind his cursed with an angry, gruff voice. “How’d you know?!”

“Well, you’re about as subtle as a bull in a china shop,” Chance said as he turned to face the seven and a half foot tall minotaur standing behind him. Her hair was a thick, dark brown mop that came down to her deep blue eyes, but couldn’t hide her large horns and cow ears. Her muscles kept her white t-shirt taut against her tanned skin. She didn’t wear any pants, which wasn’t uncommon amongst the other worldly minotaur, so there was nothing to hide her ruddy brown furry legs which ended with hooves and cow like tail. She also wore a broken pair of handcuffs like bangles and a silver chain around her neck, which held an impressive assortment of god luck charms made of various materials that jingled as she moved. “No offense Pasiphaë?”

“Naw,” Pasiphaë said as she sat next to Chance. “Hey, something’s wrong with this stool.” She stood up and they both examined the stool and found Gale uncomfortably sleeping on top. “Just my luck… You think she’s alive?”

“Probably,” Chance answered. “She a dormouse from work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her conscious.”

“Oh.” Pasiphaë carefully picked Gale up and placed her on the bar counter, which elicited a snore of approval, before she sat back down. They all sat in relative silence until Angus brought Chance his replacement drink.

Chance took a quick sip of his drink before saying, “Sooo… I didn’t think you’d be the type to use roofies.”

“They aren’t roofies,” Pasiphaë protested. “They’re medicine made from honeybee honey and kesaran parasan fluff.”

“But you still tried to drug me…”

“It doesn’t sound as good when you say it like that…”

“How many ways are there to say it?”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s a few that aren’t so negative!” Chance sighed as he took another large gulp from his drink.

“So why’s you do it?” he asked. “From what I can tell, minotaur don’t really like being that sneaky.”

“Well, I just thought I’d have better luck trying something different than usual,” she explained with a sigh. “But it looks like my luck’s just as bad as always…”

“While I don’t mind you not getting lucky in your attempts to know me over and fuck me senseless, could it be your just clumsy?” Chance inquired. “I mean, last time you tried to tackle me, you tripped over your own feet and head butted the side of a garbage truck.”

“No, it’s all bad luck. You see, when I was little a few of my friends and I went on a rampage, and I wound up trashing this saleswoman’s cart. Turned out she was a witch and she cursed me with bad luck,” Pasiphaë explained.

“I still think it’s you being clumsy.”

“You know that garbage you mentioned?” Pasiphaë asked. Chance nodded his head before she continues. “My horns got stuck in its side and I got dragged all the way to the dump before anyone realized I was there.” Chance began to stare at her in disbelief. “They then charged me for the damage I did for the truck. Then, because all my rent money went to fixing the truck, my landlord kicked me out of the crappy little apartment I was renting, and I’ve been living on the street for the past two days.”

“Wow… That’s… Maybe you are cursed…” Chance finally accepted. “You need some help?”

“Naw, that’s fine,” Pasiphaë lazily declined. “Angus here is letting me stay at his place. In exchange I have to break up the occasional bar brawl.”

“You sure you don’t need anything?” Chance insisted.

“A pity fuck in the bathroom would be nice.”

“How about I buy you drinks instead?” Chance offered. “I wouldn’t want to damage your minotaur pride.”

“Thanks,” the minotaur says with a chuckle. She orders some beer for herself, which elicited another scowl from Akane. As she tried to drink it, her glass broke and the subsequent cascade of alcohol drenched her shirt. “Just my luck…” Her drink was quickly replaced and Chance watched in amazement as she consumed five beers for every one he drank. Unfortunately, Pasiphaë became weepier and weepier with every drink she finished. “And after the healer pulled it out, I still couldn’t sit down ‘cuz it hurt so much. So everyone called me Pasiphaë tender tush for a year!”

“That’s pretty bad…” Chance said meekly as he put a comforting hand on Pasiphaë’s muscular shoulder.

“And that’s not even the worst thing that’s happened to me!”

“I-it gets worse?” Chance asks incredulously.

“A lot worse!” Pasiphaë said as she grabbed Chance’s hand and placed it firmly on her chest. “There’s nothing there! Nothing fucking there! My mom and my five sisters all got fucking tits the size of watermelons! Fucking melons the size of melons! And here I am, looking small for fucking Sabbath standards!”

“T-that’s too bad…” Chance said as he fruitlessly tried to pull his hand away from Pasiphaë’s drunken clutches.

“And that’s not even the worst thing!”

“T-there’s still worse?!”

“Yeah! Because of my bad fucking luck, I’m still a vir-“

“May I have your attention ladies and gents?” a man on the stage interrupted. The bar quieted down, and Pasiphaë released Chance before the announcer continued. “Thank you all for coming and drinking Mr. Farrel’s booze. He needs all the help he can get to stop being a tired Irish stereotype! Isn’t that right Mr. Farrel?”

“Ah go fock yerself Colin!” Angus shouted from the bar, which caused the bar to burst into laughter. When the crowd died down once again, Colin continued.

“Yes, it’s good to see you all, especially on a night like tonight. Y’see tonight we have a band so new, they’ve still got bits of eggshells in their hair. So please put your hands and paws together for Jay, Chicky Dee, Cardinal and Blackbyrd aka the Songbirds!” The crowd cheered as four harpies flew onto the stage. Chance recognized Jay, who had traded in her uniform for a white, short sleeved blouse, a lavender blue vest, and tan short shorts. The second harpy, Chicky Dee, had short, spiky black hair with white sides. Her wings had gray feathers on the back and both white and rusty brown feathers on the front. She was wearing a white t-shirt with “The Songbirds” written on the front surrounded by small birds and a pair of ripped denim shorts. Cardinal could only be described as aggressively red with her brilliant crimson short hair and feathers. She was also the most provocatively dressed, wearing nothing but a skimpy black bra and a red G string that blended in perfectly with the black and red body paint on her chest, thighs, crotch and buttocks. Upon closer inspection, Blackbyrd was actually a black harpy with short, smooth black hair that was held back using red and yellow hair clips which matched the red and yellow patches of feathers on her wings. She wore a black halter top with a matching miniskirt that showed off her pale, smooth stomach.

Jay stepped up to the microphone and said, “Thank you everyone for coming to listen to us sing! We don’t have eggshells in our hair, but this is the first time we’ve ever sung for a crowd! We hope you enjoy the show!” Jay returned to her spot in the group and motioned to Colin to remove the microphone. Chance looked on in confusion as he couldn’t see any instruments or back up musicians, but all of his doubts disappeared the second the harpies began to sing. The whole crowd was mesmerized by the magnificent melodies and were stunned into silence. Chance didn’t recognize any of the songs that they sang. He didn’t even know if they were singing in any language known to man, but he couldn’t help but think that they sounded like angels. So enraptured by the Songbirds performance, no one at the bar knew how long they sang. No one was sure how many songs were sung either, as each song segued into the next perfectly and the harpies never stopped singing. When they finally finished, all four harpies bowed and waited for their applause, which the stunned crowd was slow to give. Chance was the first to stand up and applaud, but he was soon joined by Pasiphaë and the rest of the bar. The Songbirds let the din of the crowd wash over them before they began to sing, dance, fly, laugh and cry in celebration of their success. They soon left the stage and the clamor eventually died down to regular levels of bar noise. Before sitting down, Chance looked over to check up on Pasiphaë and Gale, and found the former on the verge of toppling over and the latter missing. He helped the drunken minotaur sit down and ordered her some water before sitting down to continue nursing his drink. Suddenly Chance felt someone tap on his shoulder and he turned to find Jay and her group, still in their stage costumes.

“Hey! Great show girls! You really killed them out there!” Chance congratulated.

“But we didn’t kill anyone…” Chicky Dee mumbled.

“He didn’t mean we actually killed people Cheri,” Blackbyrd chastised. “He meant everyone liked our show.”

“They did?” Cheri asked, sounding a little confused. She looked Chance in the eye and asked, “Did you?”

“I did,” Chance admitted. “You did a good job Cheri.” Cheri backed away from Chance and hid behind Blackbyrd.

“He knows my name! How does he know my name Ruby? Is he a bad person?”

The black harpy sighs before answering, “Because I just called you by your name you tit!”

“And Chance is a good person,” Jay continued. “He’s a bit of an idiot, but he’s a nice guy!”

“I’m not the one who took three days to learn how to use a microwave,” Chance argued.

“Oh so you’re Chance!” Cheri exclaimed as if it was some great revelation. “Jay’s told us all about you. You seem to be doing very well for yourself even if you’re stupid!” Chance suddenly felt really angry for some reason.

“Don’t you start calling me that too!” Jay complained.

“Why not Jay?” Cheri asked innocently.

“Because it’s not my name!”

“It isn’t?” Cheri asked, sounding very confused. Chance couldn’t help but laugh until he noticed the scantily clad Cardinal looking him over with hungry eyes.

“So what do I call you?” he asked before she perched herself on his lap.

“Hmmm~. Youuu can caaall me loveeer~,” the red feathered harpy lazily replied.

“Get off of him Sienna!” Ruby scolded. “Jaelyn saw him first!”

“Buuut maaating season’s in a mooonth~,” Sienna pouted. “I waaant a diiick to bounce ooon~!”

“Wait, maiting season?” Chance asked. He didn’t really like the sound of that.

“Well maybe you can get Jaelyn to share?” Ruby responded, completely ignoring Chance’s question.

“Buuut I dooon’t waaant tooo~!” Sienna whined.

“Well I don’t want to either, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are only five guys for our whole flock! I’ll be lucky if I even get a turn!”

“Cry some more…” Pasiphaë mumbled in her semi-conscious state. Ruby turned on her with fire in her eyes.

“DID YOU SAY SOMETHING PUNK?!? Let me tell… you… what…” Ruby paled at the sight of the large, muscular, drunken minotaur and quietly backed away. Taking advantage of the distraction, Sienna wrapped her wings around Chance’s neck and pulled him into a sensual French kiss. Chance could feel her petite breasts press into his chest as she held him tight.After they end their kiss, everyone in their vicinity was staring at the two of them while blushing furiously.

“Yooou taste goood~,” Sienna said with a naughty smile.


“S-sienna… How could you?” Jay asks with tears forming in her eyes.

“Sooorry Jaaay~. Fooorce of haaabit~.”

“Does he really taste good? Does he?” Cheri asked, full of curiosity.

“Yeees, heee’s deeelis-“Sienna stopped talking and looked back at Chance with her surprise evident on her face. She began to blush as her naughty smile returned, bigger than before. “Boooner aleeert~!” Suddenly the bar quieted down and the atmosphere became stifling. Chance suddenly felt like people were staring at him and a voice deep inside told him to run. Sienna had other plans as she began to slowly grind herself against him as she licked her lips.

“Boner? Are boners tasty too?” Cheri asked as she began to drool and breathe heavily.

“You know Chance, I really should reward you for coming to watch us sing,” Jay muttered as she began to stare intently at Chance’s crotch.

“Now that I think of it, if our flock had six guys my chances of getting laid increase significantly,” Ruby muttered as she slowly began to approach Chance. She wasn’t the only one, as several mamono, frustrated with the lack of available men in the city, closed in on the now very worried for his well-being single man. Angus made the sign of the cross as his wives dragged him into a back room. Sienna ignored them as she began to kiss Chance’s neck.

“Get offa him! He’s mine!” Pasiphaë roared as she gained enough consciousness to realize what was going on. She rose from her stool and drunkenly back handed Chance and Sienna with enough force to send them flying. Chance crash landed into a couple of orcs and found his head buried between the one’s breasts while his hand awkwardly groped the pair of the second.

Both of the orcs shouted out, “Mine!” before Pasiphaë crashed into them and started a lust fueled bar brawl. Chance fell to the floor and slowly crawled his way to the door. Amidst the confusion, he got stepped on six times and almost carried of twelve times. He managed to reach the door, and quietly slipped outside. Chance then ran to his car and quickly drove away, praying that none of the lust crazed women noticed his disappearance.

After pulling into his driveway, Chance trudged into his house, saying goodnight to the pair of cait sith who were trying to hide in his bushes as he passed by. After locking his door, he made a bee-line to his bathroom and striped down before stepping into his shower. He took his time washing off the sweat and grime of the day, as well as the alcohol and errant lady juices from the bar. After thoroughly cleaning himself, Chance put on a clean pair of boxers and turned off the light before he slipped into bed. He made himself comfortable before closing his eyes to sleep.

“Good evening my love,” a sultry voice purrs into his ear. “Would you turn your gaze upon me this fine evening?” Chance suddenly became aware of a woman draping herself over him. He could feel the warmth and softness of her skin and her heavy breasts. Her hand was tenderly caressing his chest while she gently sucked on his ear lobe. He felt something slip beneath his boxers and wrap around his already stiffening cock, which he assumed was her tail.

“N-not tonight Aleena,” Chance stuttered.

“Are you sure?” the lilim asked. “I can feel someone who might disagree with you~.” Chance had only ever seen Aleena on TV whenever she needed to address her “kingdom”, but she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Her skin was pale and beautiful while her long silvery white hair looked softer than silk. Her creamy white wings and tail contrasted with the pitch black claws on her wings and her horns. Her clothes were usually also black and very alien in nature. Sometimes they were skin tight and strained to contain her ample curves and bust. Sometimes they wouldn’t even touch her skin and simply floated around her while keeping her nipples and crotch out of sight. “What about now?” Aleena asked as her tail began to gently constrict his penis. She giggled as Chance began to gasp and moan from her attention.

“S-sorry,” Chance managed to gasp out. He made sure his eyes were tightly clamped shut.

“Are you sure my sweet?” she whispered in his ear. “We’ve been playing this game for a while now. All it would take to end this is for you to look at me. Just a quick glance~.” Her hand slowly moved down his chest and into his boxers. She began to gingerly trace around the head of his penis with her finger. “Or perhaps you want someone else my pet? Would you prefer a jinko? Or perhaps would you like a harpy or two? Maybe you crave the touch of a minotaur or a succubus? Is there a youko that haunts your dreams, or is it a ren xiongmao? Or do you desire a dormouse or some cait sith? Or do you want all of them? They do all have their own charms~. With my power, you could have them all and more. Just open your eyes my love~.”

“N-noooo,” Chance moaned, his mind clouded with pleasure. He began to thrust his hips.

“Still? What a pity,” Aleena sighed. “I guess I’ll have to try again tomorrow.” Her tail released his dick, which elicited a plaintive moan from Chance. She ignored him and gently, but firmly, grasped his throbbing member with her soft hand. She rubbed the full length of his shaft with a slow, meticulous and tortuous pace. Aleena then began to alternate between kissing his neck and sucking on his earlobe. This proved to be too much for Chance as he quickly spilt his seed with a grunt. Aleena then let go of him and brought her semen covered hand to her face with a smile. “There’s so much! I almost couldn’t catch it all!” She then proceeded to greedily lick the semen off her hand, savoring it as one would savor a good meal. “Delicious as always! Thank you my pet.” Aleena kissed Chance on the cheek then slinked out of his bed.

Before she’s able to leave, Chance weakly asked, “Why?”

“What was that my love?”

Why are you doing this? Why me?”

“Well… I guess you could say it’s more fun doing things this way my sweet,” Aleena explains. “A man just has to glance at a lilim to fall for her charms. For most of us, that’s more than enough to have a good time, but I find it dreadfully boring. It’s just over so quick! I prefer to take my time, so I came up with this little game. I find a man who looks interesting and tease him every night. I even give them a little taste of what it would be like if they’d give up. If they would just open their eyes and look at me. And they always do.”

“So why me?”

“Well, you are the last single man in town. I could try with someone else, but their wives would just tell them to let me have my way with them. But you fight it. Every night I come over to tempt you, you resist me. You’re just so deliciously stubborn my pet! Every night, when I watch you close your eyes I wonder if tonight will be the night you give in and surrender yourself to me!” Chance judges from her heavy breathing that Aleena has gotten herself very excited.

“Did you know that there aren’t many men who have lasted as long have my love? Sometimes I worry that I’ll lose all control and force myself upon you! Can you imagine it? I, the great Queen Aleena, impaling myself on your mighty cock, like a lesser succubus, mad with lust and love! Truly that portal was not a curse but a blessing!” Silence fell upon the room as Chance drifted off to sleep. Aleena walked up to him and kissed him on the forehead. “It seems it is time for me to go. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight my sweet prince, dream of me my love…” She silently left the room as Chance began to wonder what the day would throw at him tomorrow.

The End.

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