Chance was feeling miserable. He had been feeling sick since yesterday in fact, but that hadn’t been enough to keep him from going to Angus’ Bar with his friends. Or drinking all that beer. Or eating all of those nachos Pasiphaë had made. He was certain that she had accidentally poisoned him, although that only really explained the nausea. The headache, sore throat, stuffed nose, and exhaustion was most likely caused by a magical combination of a disease and a hangover. So today he was sitting in his recliner, wrapped in his most comfortable blanket, and watching TV with the volume on low while sipping on some honey lemon tea. It would have almost been relaxing if he weren’t feeling so sick. He was trying to watch some show about redneck goldminers trying to survive in the Alaskan wilderness when his doorbell rang. He got out of his chair with a groan, and slowly trudged to the front door. He looked through the window before opening the door, and was surprised to see Jay and the rest of the Songbirds waiting out front. Today Jay was wearing an oversized wife beater with a bra to keep herself decent, and a pair of cut-off jeans. The backwards facing blue ball cap she was wearing matched her feathers and hair, while her black cowlick stuck out of the hole in the front. Cheri was wearing a simple white sundress, and cute hair clips on the white sides of her hair. Ruby wore a short black skirt, and a black t-shirt with a strange red and yellow symbol that matched her hairclips and patches of feather on her otherwise black wings. Sienna was dressed better than when Chance had last seen her, which wasn’t really saying much since she was naked at the time. Regardless she was wearing a lacy bra and panties that matched her crimson wings and hair. They also seemed to be semi-transparent once Chance had gotten a closer look. She also looked like she had just gotten out of bed thanks to her disheveled hair, and tired looking eyes.

“Good morning!” Jay announced as Chance opened the door.

“Good morning…” Chance groaned before coughing into his sleeve.

“Is this Chance?” Cheri asked as she looked him up and down. “Is he supposed to be this pale?”

“It’s him all right,” Ruby confirmed. “But he doesn’t sound that great either…”

“Heee looooks liiike heee’s goooing tooo huuurl,” Sienna lazily commented.

Jay gasped and asked, “Are you sick Chance?!”

“Unfortunately…” Chance moaned. “I’ve been feeling crappy since yesterday…”

“Oh no! Maybe we should come ba-…” Jay began, but she stopped when Ruby tapped on her shoulder.

“Emergency meeting,” the black harpy said before pulling Jay into a huddle with the others. Chance watched them talk amongst themselves, and was growing concerned when he noticed them randomly looking up at him.

Eventually their huddle broke and Jay asked, “You don’t happen to have anyone taking care of you today?”

Chance coughed before saying, “No. Mom’s too busy, and Mrs. Richardson went to a family gathering so I’m taking care of myself today.”

“That’s no good!” Jay squawked. “You can’t get better like that! So instead of getting you to help us, we’re going to be helping you!” Chance shivered, although he couldn’t tell if it was because he was sick or scared.

“You don’t have to do that… I can take care of myself Jay.” The lavender harpy’s smile twitched in irritation.

“But you need to take care of sick people…” Cheri said.

“Cheri’s right. You’ll get better a lot faster if someone nurses you,” Ruby agreed.

“No… You really don’t have to…” Chance desperately repeated.

“Cooome ooon Chaaance,” Sienna prompted. “Yooou’ve gooot fooour seeexy chiiicks waaanting toooo taaake caaare ooof yooou. Yooou shooould beee feeeeling haaapy abooout iiit.”

“I am, but…” Chance said before Ruby and Jay picked him up, and carried him back into his house. Cheri and Sienna quickly followed them inside, and shut the door behind them.

“You should just accept it if it makes you happy!” Jay chastised. Chance was about to protest when he noticed Cheri was giving him an adorable pleading look.

“Fine…” he finally surrendered, and the harpies cheered at their successful infiltration. They flew into the living room before letting him go.

“By the way, why did you girls come here in the first place?” Chance asked as he sat back down in his recliner. “You said something about me helping you with something?”

“Did you forget?” Ruby asked.

“Ha-ha! Chance forgot his promise! What an idiot~!” Cheri laughed. Chance quickly grew irritated, but that went away when Sienna began groping Cheri’s breasts with her wings. “Eeek!”

“Liiike yooour ooone tooo taaalk Cheeeri,” Sienna lectured. “Weee haaad tooo reeemind yooou abooout hiiim thiiis mooorning.” The scarlet harpy then winked at Chance knowingly as Cheri continued to squirm under her grasp.

“You promised you’d help us with our singing career!” Jay finally answered.

“I did?” Chance asked as he tried to remember. “When did I do that?”

“A couple of days ago!”

“Are you talking about that stuff you screeched after you finished delivering my mail?” Chance asked. “Because I couldn’t understand anything you were saying. You were just too far away to hear.”

Jay began to blush as she said, “A-anyway that’s all in the past now! J-just be happy that we’re here to take care of you now! S-so do you need anything?!”

Chance thought for a moment before saying, “I guess I’m feeling a bit hungry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to handle anything too solid. I should have some cans of chicken noodle soup in the pantry, so could you warm some up for me?”

“Alright! You can leave everything to us! Ruby: stay and keep Chance company!”

“Why do I have to keep him company?” Ruby complained.

“Because I need Cheri’s help, and Sienna can’t be trusted,” Jay explained.

“Whaaat aaa meeean thiiing toooo saaay…” Sienna whined.

“You say that as if you didn’t start kissing him the minute you got the opportunity!”

“Fiiine…” Sienna pouted before flying to the kitchen, muttering something about it just being a kiss.

“I’ll do my best!” Cheri announced before following the scarlet harpy.

“Just sit tight Chance, and we’ll have your food ready before you know it,” Jay said before heading to the kitchen herself. “Does anyone remember how to use a microwave?” And with that, an awkward silence filled the room. Chance looked over at Ruby, who looked a little annoyed.

“S-so how’re you doing today?” he eventually asked.

Ruby sighed and said, “Honestly, I didn’t really want to come here today.”

“That’s funny considering you looked pretty eager to get in here the last time I saw you.”

“That was different! I was going crazy because it was our breeding season. The only thing I wanted from you was your dick,” Ruby explained.


“Granted I’d let you scramble my eggs if the opportunity presented itself, but that wouldn’t be fair to Jaelyn.”

“H-how so?”

“If I got you first, then I’d have to take you back to my flock,” Ruby explained. “Unfortunately my flock is really lacking in men, so Jaelyn wouldn’t be able to spend any time with you even if she joined. But if I can hold back until she can claim you as her husband, then I can join her flock.”

“I see you’ve thought this through…”

“It didn’t take much thought,” Ruby said with a smile. “I probably wouldn’t get much time with you if you joined my flock, and I really like Jaelyn.”

“So you don’t really care who you have sex with as long as Jay picks him?” Chance asked.

“Pretty much.”

“Wouldn’t you prefer finding someone you love?”

Ruby thought about it before saying, “Well… It would be preferable, but… We black harpies form flocks, and so communal husbands are really common. We don’t always love the guys that enter our flock at first, but everyone grows closer over time.”

“I see…” Another awkward silence fell before Chance asked, “So Jay was saying that you girls wanted me to help you with your music career?”

“Yeah,” Ruby affirmed. “Although I don’t know how.”

“I’m not really sure either,” Chance admitted. “I guess I could get you started on YouTube or something.”

“YouTube?” Ruby asked with a raised eyebrow. “What’s that?”

“It’s a website where you can post videos,” Chance explained. “There’s a lot of amateur musicians on there, and you can use it to make a bit of money too.”



“Show me.”

“Alright. Let me get my laptop,” Chance said before trying to get out of his chair.

“Sit down Chance. I’m supposed to be taking care of you so I’ll get it.” Chance pointed at the side table next to his sofa, and Ruby grabbed his laptop computer. She brought it over to Chance, and plopped onto his lap.

“Why are you on my lap?”

“Why do you care? Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No. I just didn’t realize we were this close.”

“We’ll be even closer once you marry Jaelyn,” Ruby chirped. “Besides this’ll be easier than trying to look over your shoulder.”

“You say that, but…” Chance trailed off once he realized that he could feel the black harpy’s butt rubbing against his crotch. He quickly opened his laptop in an attempt to distract himself. He spent a few minutes showing Ruby YouTube. They saw a variety of videos, although they focused mostly on music videos. After a while he asked, “So what do you think?”

“And you can make money off of this?”

“I think you need to be pretty popular for it to be worthwhile, but you can sell music on other websites too.”

“And this will help us get famous how?” Ruby asked.

“Well, if everything goes according to plan it can potentially give you a worldwide audience,” Chance explained. “Of course you’d still have to keep doing shows around town, but I think it would help.”

“Amazing… I think my opinion of you has improved a bit,” Ruby chirped.

“Just a bit?” Chance asked.

“Yeah. I now think you’re better than pond scum,” Ruby teased.

“Really? That’s a relief,” Chance said with an exaggerated sigh. “I was worried that you didn’t like me, but it’s good to hear that you like me better than pond scum.”

“Only a little bit,” Ruby giggled.

“Why you!” Chance growled as he began to tickle the black harpy, who began to laugh as she begged him to stop. Eventually they settled down, and laid on the recliner panting.

Eventually Ruby asked, “You said that we can get a worldwide audience right? So we can communicate with the outside world?”


“So have you ever tried to contact someone?”

“I did once,” Chance confessed with a sigh. “I tried to tell people what had happened about a week after ‘the Opening’ when I realized that we still had internet, but…”


“I think it’d be easier to show you,” he said as he scrolled down to the comment section of the Katy Perry video they had just watched. He typed a brief message about how the city had been taken over by monstrous women before posting it.

“What the?” Ruby asked when she saw that the message Chance had just posted now read ‘TITS OR GTFO’. “Why’d it change?”

“I think it has something to do with the magic that’s been keeping us separate from the outside world,” Chance explained. “You can still post stuff like normal, but anything referring to mamono gets altered somehow.”

“And it’s not just text?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah. Audio tends to come out garbled, while videos of mamono look like cartoons.” Chance remembered the awkward day he found that out. Ling Ling had filmed a lesbian foursome a few months back, and proudly showed it off to everyone at work. Whether they wanted to see it or not… The content of the video now haunted his wet dreams, but he remembered that it looked like one of Lucia’s animes.

“That’s crazy…” Ruby said as she looked at the computer screen. A YouTube notification suddenly appeared, and Ruby asked, “What’s that?”

“Let’s see,” Chance said as he clicked on the notification icon. “Looks like someone’s replied to our comment.”

“Really? Can we take a look?” Chance argued with himself over whether he should take a look at the comment before refreshing the page. After the page reloaded, Chance scrolled down so that Ruby could happily read the comments. Her eye began to twitch in anger by the time ‘Roar’ began to play again. “We are not trolls you ignorant crotch sniffer! No, you go fuck yourself BJ4U! You want me to kill myself?! Well maybe I’ll go find yourself first 2hung2bgay, and turn it into a murder FUCKING SUICIDE!” Chance quickly closed his laptop, instantly regretting his choice. “Why’d you do that?! I need to show those assholes a piece of my mind!”

“I don’t think they’ll hear you shouting at my computer…”

“Then type for me! Nobody gets to say, or type, that to me and get away with it!”

“But if I do you’ll just get more upset!” Chance pleaded.

“I AM NOT UPSET! I’M…” Ruby shouted before suddenly stopping. She held her breath for a few seconds before exhaling. “Sorry about that…”

“It’s alright. The internet has that effect on people,” Chance assured.

“Is that so? It’s not just because I have a quick temper?”

“It doesn’t exactly help, but I don’t blame you for getting angry. Some people can say some pretty nasty stuff online.”

“So how do you deal with it then?”

Chance thought about it for a moment before saying, “I guess the best defence is to ignore the ones that are being nasty to you. You can always block or report people who are being particularly annoying, but usually it’s best to ignore it.”

“Thanks,” Ruby said as she started to blush.

“You’re welcome.”

“You’re actually a lot more reliable than you look,” Ruby muttered as she tried to hide her blushing face. “I’m starting to see why Jaelyn likes you so much…”

“Thanks?” Chance wasn’t really sure how to take that, but it at least sounded like a compliment.

“S-so you better hurry up and marry her! As soon as you can!”

“Yeah that’s…” Chance began, but he was interrupted by Jay flying into the room.

“Is everything ok?!” the lavender harpy asked excitedly. “I heard yelling!”

“It’s ok,” Chance assured. “Ruby just got a little excited. You don’t have to worry about a thing Jay.”

“My name’s not… Why are you sitting on his lap?” Jay asked as if she had just noticed that Ruby was sitting on Chance.

Ruby began to blush again as she stuttered, “H-h-he w-was j-j-just s-showing m-me s-something on t-the internet!” Jay stared at the two of suspiciously for a moment before shrugging.

“Whatever, but you better get off of him now. His soup’s ready!” Jay turned as if she were expecting someone to make a dramatic entrance, but no one came into the living room. “Huh? I thought they were right behind me.” Eventually Cheri slowly walked into the living room carrying a tray with a large bowl of soup and a glass of tomato juice. Sienna hovered around the other harpy, ready to help if the tray proved too difficult to carry. “There it is!” Ruby got off of Chance to help, and it wasn’t long before he was trying the chicken noodle soup.

“Oh wow! This is better than I was expecting!” Chance praised. “What did you girls do to make it taste so good?”

“Aaask Cheeeri. Sheee’s theee ooone whooo diiid mooost ooof theee cooking,” Sienna said lazily.

“I didn’t do much,” Cheri admitted. “We just needed to warm up the soup, but I added some chives, vegetables, and herbs to it.”

“Chives and herbs?” Chance asked. “I didn’t think I had any of that.”

“You didn’t even know what you had in your kitchen? Are you stupid or something?” Cheri asked smugly. She began to laugh derisively until Chance leaned over to pinch her nose. “EeeeK!”

“Hm? Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that,” Chance said unconvincingly. He let of the squirming harpy’s nose, and Cheri quickly hid behind Ruby.

“Are we sure that this Lucky guy is a nice person? Cheri tearfully asked as she glared at Chance.

Ruby sighed and said, “Yes, and his name’s Chance.”

“Looks like you lost Cheri’s trust Chance,” Jay teased.

“Yooou shooould haaave piiinched heeer niiipples insteeead,” Sienna advised. “Sheee’d enjoooy iiit mooore.”

“No I wouldn’t!” Cheri protested. “It always feels weird when people touch my boobies.” Chance focused on eating his soup in an attempt to ignore the argument. When he finished he realized that the Songbirds were looking at him expectantly.

“Thanks for the soup,” he said after a moment. “It was really good.”

“So was there anything else you needed help with?” Jay asked. “We’ll do anything you want!”

“Aaand byyy thaaat, weee meeean aaanything,” Sienna said as she licked her lips. Ruby and Chance began to blush at Sienna’s implications, while Jay and Cheri looked confused.

“I just said that!”

“W-well… Today was supposed to be laundry day,” Chance said as he ignored that particular perverse tangent. “Could you do that for me?”

“Of course!” Jay shouted. “I even remember where the washing machine is!”

“And I know how to run it,” Ruby added.

“Then we’re all set! Alright Cheri, It’s your turn to keep Chance company this time.”

“I have to do what with who now?” a bewildered Cheri asked.

“III haaave aaan iiidea!” Sienna suddenly announced. “Waaait heeere fooor aaa seeecond!” The scarlet harpy flew out of the room, and quickly returned carrying a small brown bag. She handed it to Chance saying, “Yooou caaan uuuse theeese toooo geeet ooon Cheeeri’s gooood siiide agaaain.” She then sped out of the room saying, “Theee laaast ooone theeere doooesn’t geeet to sniiiff Chaaance’s diiirty underweeear!”

“What are you saying you pervert?!” Ruby said as she raced after Sienna.

“I want to sniff!” Jay cried out as she followed her friends, leaving Chance alone with Cheri. She glared at him suspiciously, and Chance was feeling awkward once again. He decided that it might be a good idea to see what Sienna had planned for him, and looked into the bag she had given him. He was surprised to find that it was full of the flavored sunflower seeds he had bought the other day.

“Are you going to eat those?” Cheri suddenly asked, now inches away from him. Chance flinched in surprise, and almost dropped the bag. He luckily managed to keep a hold of the bag, and noticed that Cheri’s eyes were glued to it. She also seemed to be drooling.

“Uh… Sure I guess?” he asked, not quite sure of what was going on. Cheri cheered before taking her place on Chance’s lap. She picked up the bag, and tried to force her face into the bag. She struggled to eat the seeds for a moment before looking up at Chance with tears in her eyes. “How about I help you out…” he said he reached into the bag, and pulled out a handful of seeds. Cheri cheered again before eating the seeds from his hand. He would pull out another handful of seeds once she had finished, and the process would repeat. However Chance was becoming increasingly aware of Cheri’s ass. She was on the chubby side so it was noticeably larger than the other harpies, and it rubbed against his steadily hardening cock whenever she squirmed and squealed in delight. He hoped that she wouldn’t notice his erection, which didn’t seem possible considering she was sitting on it. To his surprise Cheri just continued eating until the bag was empty. “L-looks like that’s it for the sunflower seeds,” Chance said as he crumpled up the bag, and placed it on the side table.

“That was delicious~!” Cheri sighed in contentment. “You really are a nice person Chance!”

“So you remembered my name this time?”

“Of course! Momma said that you should always remember the names of nice people! Especially when they give you food!” she announced smugly.


“Yeah. There wasn’t a lot of food back home, so we were really happy when we found some,” Cheri explained. “And it was a big deal when someone shared their food with you. You’d be super best friends forever at the very least! That was even how Momma and Poppa first met!” Cheri suddenly sighed.

“I take it they didn’t come with you?” Chance asked.


“You miss them?”

“Yes…” Cheri sighed. “I doubt you noticed, but I’m a bit of a dumb dumb. Momma and Poppa were always there to help me out. They taught me how to tell the difference between good people and bad people. Poppa taught me how to cook a bit. Momma showed me how to make friends and fly! They must be so worried…”

“That sounds really lonely…”

“It was, but then I met Jay and Ruby!” Cheri said with a smile. “They’ve been helping me out a lot, and I think I’m a lot more independent than I was back home.”

“A little chubbier too from the sounds of it,” Chance teased.

“I can’t help it! There’s so much yummy food here!” Cheri pouted, and Chance chuckled to himself.

“Hey, what about Sienna?”

“What about Sienna?”

“You sounded so thankful for Jay and Ruby, but what about Sienna?”

“Eh… I don’t know…” Cheri said as she grimaced. “She likes to poke, grab, and kiss me like a bad person, but she does a lot good stuff too. So I don’t really know.”

“What kind of good stuff?”

“She likes to keep everyone happy, and she likes to teach me stuff,” Cheri explained. “Like she taught me that the thing I’m sitting on is called a boner, and that it means a guy likes you.”

“R-really?” Chance stuttered nervously.

“Yup! Sienna also said that something tasty comes out of a boner if you play with it, but I’m already full of seeds.”

“I-I see…”

“I know you really wanted to play with me, but you’ll have to till next time. I’ll play with you as much as you want then.” Cheri’s smug tone irritated Chance to no end, and he groped her breasts despite himself. “Eeeep!” Cheri squirmed as he squeezed her, but she made no attempt to escape his grasp. Her ass continued to rub against Chance’s painful erection, but he felt compelled to continue massaging her soft bosom. “W-what’s going on? Why do I feel so tingly? A-a-AAAAAAAAAH!” Cheri began to twitch as she came before collapsing against Chance. He watched her cute, flushed face as she tried to catch her breath before he realized that he should probably let go of her breasts. “W-wha?”

“S-sorry! I-I didn’t mean it!” Chance stuttered once he came to his senses. “I don’t know what came over me!”

“It’s ok…” Cheri happily sighed. “It felt good, so I don’t mind…”

“I-I see…”

“You’re such a… Nice person Chance…” Cheri sighed as she fell asleep. Chance watched her as he tried to figure out why he was suddenly compelled to grope the plump harpy, but he quickly fell asleep as well.

After a while he heard Jay mutter, “Dang it Cheri! I wanted to do that first!”

“Theyyy suuure looook cooomfy…” Sienna commented jealously. “III waaant toooo dooo thaaat toooo…”

“Keep it in your pants Sienna!” Ruby scolded. “Although it does look kind of nice…”

“M-maybe I can just squeeze in…” Jay said, and Chance could hear her sneak closer.

“Sorry Jay,” Chance said with a yawn. He stretched himself out, and accidentally woke up Cheri. “Two people’s already a bit much for this chair.”

“Awww,” Jay complained. Meanwhile Cheri grumbled as she looked around the room in confusion. “What’s up Cheri?”

“Where am I?” the chubby harpy wondered aloud. “This isn’t my room…”

“You’re at my place,” Chance reminded her. “Remember?”

“Myplace? Where’s Myplace?”

“You’re at Chance’s house…” Ruby groaned. It took the chubby harpy a moment before she realized where she was.

“Ah! That’s right! We’re helping Chance because he’s sick!” Cheri suddenly announced.

“So do you think you could get off of him?” Jay asked. Cheri sat silently for a moment before hoping off of Chance.


“It’s fine.” Jay gave Cheri a quick hug before turning to Chance. “It took us a while, but your laundry’s all done!”

“That’s great,” Chance said with a smile. “Thanks for the help.” Jay began to blush, which made her attempts to play it off look adorable.

“W-well we did say we were going to help you out today! So what do you need us to do next?” Chance fell silent as he tried to come up with something for the Songbirds to do. He didn’t have much to do besides the laundry, so he couldn’t really think of anything.

“Maaaybe weee shooould giiive hiiim aaa peeeep-shooow?” Sienna playfully suggested.

“Please don’t.”

“Whyyy nooot? Dooon’t yooou waaant tooo seeee Jaaay naaaked?”

“I’ve already seen you all naked,” Chance answered bluntly to dodge the loaded question. Everyone but Sienna began to blush.

“Oooh riiight~! III aaalmost fooorgot abooout theee maaating seeeason~! III hoopoe yooou liiiked whaaat yooou saaaw.”

“S-so did you think of anything for us to do?” Ruby quickly cut in. It seemed she was eager to get back on subject.

“Sorry. I can’t really think of anything,” Chance admitted.

“Well… It’s getting pretty late, so why don’t we get started on dinner?” Jay suggested.

“Alright, but I’m not feeling very hungry,” Chance said.

“That’s because you’ve been laying around all day,” Ruby said.

“And skipping meals isn’t good for you,” Cheri warned. Chance didn’t like the idea of getting scolded by Cheri, but she was right about this at least.

“Then I’ll leave the cooking up to you again,” Chance finally relented.

“That means you’re up Cheri,” Jay announced. “Let’s go make something light!”

“On it!” Cheri happily agreed before flying to the kitchen.

Ruby followed after her as she said, “I’ll go help!”

“Aaand III’ll keeeep Chaaance cooompany,” Sierra said as she plopped onto Chance’s lap.

“No fair! It’s my turn!” Jay protested. “Besides you can’t be alone with Chance anyway!”

“Oook. III caaan goo iiif yooou waaant tooo miiiss yooour biiig chaaance.”

“… What do you mean by ‘big chance’?” Jay asked suspiciously.

“Iiit’s oook iiif yooou waaant tooo relyyy ooon Cheeeri, buuut III thiiink aaa wiiife shooould tryyy tooo leeearn hooow tooo cooook.” Jay thought about what Sierra was implying for a moment before quickly flying out of the room.

“Ibettergomakesuretheydon’tneedhelpbye!” was all the lavender harpy said before leaving Sierra alone with Chance.

“That was pretty clever…” Chance admitted.

“Waaas iiit?” Sierra asked as she began to rock her hips. Chance’s erection came back in full force as she rubbed her ass against his cock. He did his best to hide his reaction, but the scarlet harpy smiled deviously as she felt his manhood stiffen and grow against her.

“S-Sierra! W-what are you doing?!”

“Geeeting yooou oooff,” she said confidently. “Cheeeri’s gooot aaa greeeat booody, buuut III diiidn’t reeealize thaaat sheee’d beee sooo seeelfish.”

“B-but we d-didn’t..!”

“Yooou diiidn’t, buuut iiit smeeells liiike Cheeeri deeefinitely caaame. Yooou poooor boooy~!” She stopped moving once Chance’s cock was so hard that it hurt and asked, “Sooo dooo yooou waaant tooo uuuse myyy mooouth, puuussy, ooor aaass? III dooon’t miiind whiiich, buuut yooou’ll neeeed tooo taaake respooonsibility iiif III geeet preeegnant.” She thought for a moment before adding, “III gueeess III cooould uuuse myyy wiiings ooor sooomething, buuut thaaat doooesn’t sooound aaas fuuun.”

“W-why are you d-doing this?” Chance groaned. “I t-thought you were supporting Jay like the others.”

“Ooof cooourse III aaam,” Sierra said, sounding hurt that Chance would think otherwise.

“B-but t-then…”

“Sheee wooouldn’t waaant thiiis,” Sierra explained as she turned to face Chance. “Aaal maaamono looove seeex, buuut sooome thiiink thaaat theeeir fiiirst tiiime shooould beee speeecial. Jaaay wooouldn’t waaant heeer fiiirst tiiime tooo beee becaaause heeer friiiend tuuurned yooou ooon. Sheee’d waaant…” Sierra stopped to think for a moment before smiling. Sheee’d waaant tooo dooo sooomething rooomantic liiike haaaving yooou laaay heeer dooown ooon a beeed wiiith saaatin sheeeets aaand rooose petaaals. Kiiissing heeer paaasionately aaas yooou hooold heeer tiiight uuuntill sheee beeegs yooou tooo peeenetrate heeer.”

“That’s awfully specific,” Chance noted.

“Whaaat caaan III saaay? III looove thaaat saaappy rooomantic stuuuff,” Sierra admitted with a slight blush. “III looove geeetting dooown aaand diiirty, buuut I wooouldn’t tuuurn myyy noose uuup aaat a rooomantic niiight ooof looovemaking wiiith theee maaan III looove. Nooow theeen, caaan III geeet staaarted nooow? III kiiind ooof waaant tooo staaart suuucking yooour diiick.”

“But what if Jay catches us? Aren’t you afraid that she might start hating you?” Sierra’s smile faded, and she sighed.

“Ooof cooourse III dooon’t waaant heeer tooo haaate meee. Sheee’s myyy friiiend,” Sierra admitted. “Buuut III waaant aaal ooof myyy friiiends tooo beee haaappy. Incluuuding yoou.”

“We’re friends?” Chance asked, sounding more than a little shocked. He didn’t think they were that close since he rarely saw the scarlet harpy, and she treated him like a potential one night stand when they did meet. She noticed his surprise, and pouted.

“Ooof cooourse weee’re friiiiends! Aaany friiiend ooof theee Sooongbirds iiis aaa friiiend ooof miiine!”

“And the reason you keep hitting on me is?”

“Yooou aaalways looook sooo streeessed wheeenever III seeee yooou, aaand III fiiind seeex tooo beee aaa greeeat streeess relieeever,” Sierra explained.

“That’s it?”

“Oook. Yooou aaalso haaappen tooo beee myyy fiiirst guuuy friiiend, aaand III waaas hooping weee cooould beee friiiends wiiith beeenefits,” she shamelessly admits. “Jaaay caaan keeeep yooou aaas looong aaas III caaan haaave a taaaste ooonce iiin aaa whiiile.”

“You pervert,” Chance teased.

“III’m aaa maaamono. Thaaat’s liiike caaalling waaater weeet,” Sierra said before they both began to laugh. “Speeeaking ooof whiiich, caaan weee geeet staaarted nooow?”

“I don’t know… I don’t really think we should.”

“Yooou’ll feeeel aaa loot beeetter thooough,” Sierra cooed. His cock throbbed painfully, and Chance sighed in defeat.

“J-just this once,” Chance finally said.

“Tryyy saaaying thaaat aaafter III’m dooone wiiith yooou,” Sierra said as she gave Chance a sultry look. He tried to ignore it as he reclined in his chair. The scarlet harpy positioned herself so that her butt was in Chance’s face while she looked at his erection hungrily. Chance pulled his cock out, and Sierra couldn’t help but whistle in admiration. “Wooow~! Caaan Jaaay eeeven haaandle thiiis thiiing ooon heeer ooown? III’ll haaave tooo heeelp heeer ooout laaater!” Sierra then leaned forward to suckle on Chance’s cock head. He moaned gratefully, which spurred the scarlet harpy to take more of him into her mouth. It wasn’t long before he could feel his cock pressing against the back of her throat, but Sierra was able to easily continue until she reached his hilt. She began to pull him back out, and Chance almost came from the sensation. She let his cock slip out of her mouth, and kissed it before admiring it in all of its spittle covered, erect glory.

“F-fuck…” Chance moaned. He shivered, but he wasn’t sure if it was because of the cold air on his dick or her hot breath. Sierra smiled at his reaction before resuming her blowjob with an energy and enthusiasm that Chance didn’t realize that she was capable of. As he fought the growing urge to cum, Chance noticed a growing moist spot on the crotch of Sierra’s panties. He quickly decided that he needed to get his mind off of her machinations, and reached up to pull her panties to the side.

“Hm?” Sierra moaned curiously as he looked at her moist entrance, but she didn’t stop her felatio until he slipped a finger inside of her. She gasped in surprise before resuming her blowjob, albeit with less focus than before. Meanwhile Chance was marveling at how her vaginal walls gripped and massaged his finger. He enjoyed how desperately she squeezed him, so he rewarded the harpy by slipping in another finger. Sierra stopped again as she moaned in surprise.

“W-what’s wrong Sierra?” Chance asked with a chuckle. “Doesn’t this make you happy?” Sierra ignored his teasing, and resumed her now sloppy blowjob. Happy with her reaction Chance slipped in a third finger, and began to wriggle them about. Sierra moaned gratefully, and abandoned all semblance of technique to greedily suck Chance’s cock. Chance continued to poke and prod the harpy’s insides as he gasped for air. Eventually her vaginal walls clenched down on Chance’s fingers, and Sierra squealed as she orgasmed. Chance came immediately afterwards, and Sierra eagerly drank his seed. She let his softening dick slip out of her mouth, and they both laid back as they tried to catch their breath. That was… That was…” Chance sighed before he was hit with a wave of fatigue and fell asleep once again.

When Chance woke up, he found all of the harpies sitting in his living room eating sandwiches. He looked around in confusion until he met eyes with Sierra’s. She smiled, and he suddenly remembered what they had done. He then quickly checked himself over, but he couldn’t find any evidence that they had sex. It seemed that Sierra had cleaned everything up, and the only thing out of place was the plate on his coffee table that held a sandwich and a bunch of potato chips.

“Cheeeri, caaan yooou eeeat theee reeest ooof myyy saaandwich?” Sierra lazily asked.

“Aren’t you hungry?” the chubby harpy asked in response.

“Nooot reeeally. III haaad aaa snaaack eaaarlier.”

“Ok.” Cheri eagerly took the rest of Sierra’s sandwich, and began eating it happily.

“So what did you eat?” Ruby asked suspiciously.

“III dooon’t knooow whaaat iiit waaas, buuut iiit waaas taaasty,” Sierra said as she gave Chance a playful wink.

“Really? Is there any more?” Jay asked.

“Sooorry, buuut III thiiink III aaate theee laaast ooof iiit,” Sierra lied as she continued to smile mischievously.

“Oh? That’s too bad. I kind of wanted to try some.”

“III beeet yooou wooould,” Sierra muttered. The other harpies looked at each other in confusion as Sierra chuckled to herself. “Oooh looook. Chaaance’s awaaake!” The other harpies turned to face him, and he waved at them sheepishly.

“Chance! How was your nap?” Jay asked.

“Pretty good, and I think I’m feeling better now,” Chance admitted.

“That’s great!”

“I made you a sandwich!” Cheri announced proudly.

“I saw that. Thanks,” Chance said before grabbing his plate off the coffee table. The sandwich had been made with several slices of sandwich meat, some cheese, and some crisp lettuce. “Where’d you get the lettuce?”

“Your fridge?” Ruby asked in response.

“I had lettuce?” He looked back at his sandwich with curiosity. It seemed that he had a lot of food that he didn’t remember buying. Had his mom dropped some off when she last visited?

“Geez Chance. How are you able to live if you don’t even know what you have in your house?” Cheri asked smugly.

Chance quickly checked his clock before saying, “That’s big talk for someone who took an hour and a half to make a bunch of sandwiches.”

“Hey! Do you know how hard it is to make sandwiches with wings?” Jay argued. She looked outside before Chance could respond, and squawked in surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

“Look at how dark it is!” Jay said as the harpies flew to the window. “How are we going to fly home now?”

“Momma and poppa told me to never fly at night…” Cheri said anxiously.

Ruby noticed that Chance seemed confused and said, “Most harpies are night blind.”

“Thiiis suuucks…” Sierra whined. “III waaant tooo gooo hooome tooo sleep iiin myyy cooomfy beeed…”

“I could drive you back,” Chance suggested as he looked outside as well. It wasn’t that dark yet, but it wouldn’t be long before even he would have trouble seeing without help.

“No way!” Jay quickly declined as she glared at Chance. “Sick people should just focus on getting better!”

“But I’m already feeling better! Besides driving isn’t that intense of an activity anyway.” Jay was unmoved by Chance’s justifications, and simply continued to stare him down. A moment of silence passed before he realized that the lavender harpy wasn’t going to relent, and he sighed in defeat. “Fine. The four of you can stay here for the night if you want.”

“W-w-w-what?!” Jay asked in surprise. She clearly wasn’t expecting Chance to make that sort of offer, and needed a moment to register what he had said. She began to blush as she began to understand what he was offering, and she stuttered, “Y-you want us t-t-to stay t-the n-night?! I-I-I guess we c-c-can s-stay s-since y-you’re offering! J-just d-don’t be t-t-too rough! U-unless! Unless you’re into that… sort of… stuff…” And suddenly it was Chances turn to be confused.

“Ok… Jay seems to be on board I think, but what about you girls?”

“III’m fiiine wiiith anyyythiiing aaas looong aaas III’m saaatisfied byyy theee eeend,” Sierra answered with a satisfied grin.

“Let’s just say the Order calls a group of black harpies a murder, and leave it at that,” Ruby said cryptically as she averted her eyes.

“I’m ok with anything as long as there’s food,” Cheri said proudly. Chance looked at her quizzically for a moment. He wasn’t sure if the plump harpy was going along with the joke, or had missed the point entirely. It was honestly hard to tell.

“Well that was uncomfortably informative. I guess get some blankets and pillows, and we could watch a movie or something?” Chance suggested. This earned him another glare from Jay.

“Or you can tell us where they are, and we can go get them. You’re still sick you know,” Jay reminded him.

“Yeah, but I’ve been stuck in this chair all day, he argued. “Besides I really am feeling a lot better. I should be able to carry a blanket at least.” Jay once again stared him down, and he once again relented with a sigh. “They’re in the closet at the end of the hall upstairs.”

“Alright! We’ll be right back, so pick a movie you think we’ll like while you wait!” And with that the harpies all flew upstairs. It wasn’t long before they came back down carrying various blankets and pillows that Chance kept for when Lucia and Gloria stayed the night. Unfortunately Chance hadn’t managed to pick a movie, and an argument broke out over what they should watch. They eventually settled on the movie Tangled that Chance had bought for when the goblins came to visit. It was Godiva’s favorite after all. Jay proudly took her place on Chance’s lap before the movie started, and soon everyone was enthralled by the animated retelling of the story of Rapunzel.

When the movie was half done Jay whispered, “It looks like everyone’s asleep. Should we stop the movie?” Chance quickly glanced at the other harpies, and saw that they were all asleep.

“We could. I didn’t realize that everyone was so tired,” Chance said. “What about you? How are you holding up?”

“I’m way too excited to sleep,” Jay admitted. She quickly realized what she had said, and added, “B-because I really wanted to see this movie! It’s not b-because w-we’re so close…”

“I see…” He knew that the movie was pretty good, but he was sure it wasn’t the real reason for her excitement. “Thanks for helping me out by the way. I don’t know what I would have done without you girls.”

“I’m glad that we were able to help. You’re always helping me, so I felt like I needed to do something to pay you back. What are friends for after all?”

“Yeah, but you really went above and beyond today. I might actually owe you now,” Chance said. “Is there anything I can do to pay you back?”

“I don’t know…” Jay said before falling silent. She thought for a moment before blushing and saying, “A k-kiss would be nice.”

“A k-kiss?” Chance stuttered.

“So having sex with Sierra’s fine, but kissing me is just too much?” Jay scoffed.

“That’s not what I meant… Wait… How’d you know about that?”

“I didn’t, but we left you alone with Sierra for more than five minutes,” the lavender harpy explained. “I’d be more surprised if nothing happened.”

“I-I see… I mean I should…”Chance muttered as he tried to think of what to say. He knew that Jay had feelings for him, but it wasn’t like they were an item. However he knew it could be seen as a major betrayal. Eventually he settled on saying, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. Sierra’s one of those mamono who’s answer for every problem is sex, so she was probably just trying to help. Besides I was planning on sharing you with the others anyway, so…”

“You still sound like you’re upset though,” Chance noted.

Jay sighed before saying, “Of course I’m upset! I mean I… But I agreed to share you, so I shouldn’t get that mad… I guess I’m just a crappy friend…”

“I don’t think so,” Chance assured. “I think it’s normal to feel at least a little bit jealous in this situation.”


“Yeah. And if it makes you feel any better, Sierra just gave me a blowjob.”

“Why would that make me feel any better?!” Jay squawked. The other harpies stirred at the sudden noise, but none of them woke up.

“I guess it wouldn’t…” Chance sighed. “I guess there’s only one thing that I can do to make you feel better.”

Jay yawned and asked, “And what would that be?” She chirped in confusion as Chance spun her around until they were facing each other. “W-what are y-you d-doing?!”

“J-just giving you what you asked for,” Chance said as they both began to blush. Without another word he leaned forward, and kissed her. The lavender harpy resisted in her confusion, but quickly gave in. She wrapped her wings around his neck, and clung to him as if he would vanish the moment they separated. They eventually broke their kiss, and spent a moment gazing into each other’s eyes.

“T-that was…” Jay timidly stuttered. “I think Sierra would be jealous of me now…”

“I didn’t think I was that good at kissing,” Chance said as he felt a wave of exhaustion wash over him. “So are we good now?”

“N-not yet!” Jay squawked. She took a moment to screw up her courage before saying, “C-Chance! I-I-I-I l-l-lo-love y-“Chance fell asleep before she could finish, and Jay found herself losing consciousness as well. She sleepily cuddled against the man she loved before closing her eyes. Jay thought she saw a lilim standing over them as she fell asleep, but she didn’t find it too important by then.

Aleena stood over Chance and the harpies, and watched them sleep in silence. This was the second time that a mamono after Chance’s affections had interrupted her game, and she was beginning to feel annoyed. She continued to watch Jay sleeping happily when a curious thought occurred to her. “I couldn’t be feeling jealous, could I?” the lilim asked aloud. It didn’t seem possible. She had played this game of hers countless times before, but this was the first time she had ever felt like this. “How strange… Could I have finally gone and fallen in love? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see my pet. Now as for these chicks… They may have interrupted my game, but I don’t think I can bring myself to punish them like I did the fox…” She watched Chance sleep peacefully for a moment before smiling devilishly. “I guess I could do that. I hope that you’re able to sleep well tonight my love, because you’ll be busy with these chicks tomorrow!”

The next day Chance was busy talking on his phone. “Really? That’d be great Mrs. Richardson! I’d go myself, but I can’t really leave.”

“Chance? Chance!” Ruby called out as Mrs. Richardson tried to respond. He couldn’t quite hear what she said, but he thought he heard something about soup.

“That’d be great! I need all the help I can get!”

“Can you get more Kleenex Chance? Achoo!!” Cheri asked, drowning Mrs. Richardson’s farewell out with a sneeze.

“I’ll see you later too!” he said before hanging up. He sighed before going back to finishing the lemon tea he had begun to brew.

“You better hurry up Chance!” Jay warned loudly. “Sierra looks like she’s going to throw up again!” Chance sighed again as he carried the tea into the living room just in time to see Sierra puke into an old ice cream pail. It was just his luck that all the Songbirds would have gotten sick after helping him yesterday, leaving him to take care of them alone.

“Kiiill meee…” the scarlet harpy groaned once she finished vomiting.

“Maybe later,” Chance said as he handed Ruby the lemon tea.

“Thanks…” Ruby said, her voice hoarse thank to her sore throat and the yelling. Especially all the yelling. Cheri sneezed again, and Chance moved a box of tissues closer to her.

“Thank you…” Cheri said between sniffles.

“Don’t worry about it,” he assured as he headed over to collect Sierra’s vomit filled pail. “You girls got sick helping me, so it’s the least I can do. Thankfully my neighbor’s on her way with some medicine and some soup, so we should be ok.” He began to head towards the bathroom to dump the pail’s contents into the toilet when he saw that Jay seemed confused. “Something wrong Jay?”

“Did we do something last night?” the lavender harpy asked groggily.

“Did we?” Chance thought they had kissed, but it might have just been a dream. Jay must have had the same idea since she blushed.

“N-never mind! It was probably a dream!”

“If you say so.” Jay watched Chance as he left the room. She was a little upset that he didn’t seem to remember their kiss, but she knew that it was something she would never forget. How could she forget anything that made her so happy?

“Did something good happen last night?” Cheri asked once she saw Jay blush.

“W-what? No! Nothing happened!”

“Aaare yooou suuure?” Sierra tiredly asked.

“Definitely!” Jay quickly denied.

“Denying everything that quickly with a stage four blush? Looks like something juicy happened girls,” Ruby announced hoarsely.

“Really? What happened?” Cheri asked again.

“I already told you! Nothing happened!” Jay denied again, her blush growing darker.

“Looooks liiike weee’re aaat staaage fiiive,” Sierra noted. “Maaaybe weee caaan fiiigure iiit ooout iiif weee staaart gueeessing?”

“No don’t!”

“Where did Chance touch you Jaelyn?” Ruby asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

“He didn’t! I mean he did..! Shut up!” The Songbirds continued to tease their leader despite her protests, and didn’t stop until Jay was truly mortified.

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